How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 58 Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Chapter 58

After the press conference, Xiao Jiashu sat in the dressing room while waiting for the mother to remove makeup and brushed Weibo, and the plain expression became more and more dignified. He saw some very bad remarks, some about himself and some about He Yi. The netizen said that his ambition is heavy. The so-called "performance test" is just a show. It is a grandstanding, but it doesn't matter, because he doesn't care at all. However, the netizen said that the reason why He Yi was killed is that he is self-sufficient, who makes him stupid, even a woman can't make it. If he had to take Li Jiaer’s day earlier, there would be no such thing behind.

Some netizens said: How do you know that he does not want to be Li Jiaer? In fact, he saved Li Jiaer for the purpose of the day. She, but did not have time to start to be told by Li Jiaer. These two men are a pair of men and women, and the internal disasters!

There are still many remarks like this. No matter what the truth is, right or wrong, there will always be people who use the most malicious to despise others and attack the world, as if they can show their own uniqueness.

Xiao Jiashu knew that this would happen, so he didn't want to disclose the things of the year. The friend is dead, why bother to disturb his peace? However, if Li Jiaer can get the punishment he deserves, I believe he can also pay attention to the underground.

He circled a few particularly active sprays, warned them not to talk nonsense, and then posted a lawyer's letter on Weibo, and the comment area instantly became harmonious. A lot of good-hearted fans helped him to brush up the messy comments, and said in a loving tone, "I didn't expect that we have grown so big, and it's really a blink of an eye for twenty years!"

"No wonder I said how the saplings look so familiar, licking this eyebrow, licking this eye is simply a replica of our cockroaches! The gene of 淼淼 is really powerful, and the child born completely inherits her advantages!"

“We will give us a small sapling every day on Weibo, I hope he will grow up soon!”


Undoubtedly, these people are all loyal fans of Xue Yu. They love the house and Wu. They also support Xiao God’s microblogging hotspot while supporting the goddess. This has caused his fans to soar to a thousand in just a few hours. More than ten thousand. Xiao Jiashu picked out a few people to reply, and then ran to the microblog of the mother to pay attention.

When Xue Yugang unloaded his makeup, he saw his son pay attention to himself. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Small tree, mother’s fans are running to you to express condolences. Would you be uncomfortable?”

“Why would it be uncomfortable?” Xiao Jiashu asked in a foggy way. “Mom, when did you open the Weibo? I didn’t even tell me!” Many people in Weibo named it “Xue Wei” but did not One is true, so the netizen killed and did not expect that the new number that was opened three days ago would be the goddess himself.

"I have always wanted to open Weibo after divorcing from your dad. I found someone on the Internet who is deliberately discrediting you. This only temporarily got one." Xue Yu once again asked, "Small tree, if someone always takes me in front of you, Things, for example, you have to touch my light to enter the entertainment circle, you are all well-fed, I can get good resources, all my friends, etc., will you be upset?"Xiao Jiashu doesn't take it for granted. "Mom, isn't this all nonsense? Isn't it that I don't rely on you for the entertainment industry? Can I get good resources not by you? Why am I not happy?" He thought about it, suddenly understood, ridiculously "Mom, you think too much. If I don't mix well, it's because I don't have enough ability, what does it have to do with you? If I mix well, one is because I work hard, and the other is because I have one. The good mother who can help me, this is not the fact that anyone can erase it. We are mother and child, why must we draw a line? Do you remember? When I was young, I always wanted you to help me open a parent meeting, but my father never I disagree, saying that my grandfather is not allowed to show your face. I can only hide in the corner and secretly cry. I can’t say anything. Actually, my heart can be uncomfortable. I can’t wait to tell everyone, Xue Yu is my mother, the world. The best mom."

Xiao Jiashu ran to Xue Yu and hugged her. He said, "Mom, I love you, I am proud of you."

Xue Yan’s eyes were red, and he even beat his son’s back, but he couldn’t say a word. She was afraid that she would make a whimper as soon as she opened her mouth. Although the first marriage ended in failure, she received the most precious gift.

Su Rui secretly wiped the corners of her eyes and used makeup cotton to make up the makeup. This interrupted the hug between the mother and the child. "Well, don't get tired, everyone is waiting for you to eat."

"You will destroy the atmosphere as always." Xue Yu rolled his eyes gracefully and then shouted, "Tell your brother and let him come to eat too."

"Well." Xiao Jiashu is preparing to call Xiao Dingbang, and he sees the other person on the hot headlines, the cause is still to protect themselves.

"Mom, you know, in fact, Big Brother has been hurting me!" He stared at the video and smiled silly.

"He really hurts you. All the troubles you meet abroad are for him. The person who calls you regularly is actually his assistant, not Xiao Qijie. Your older brother is more boring, but people are not bad. You must get along with him in the future. If you say that he is also your loved one, the blood relationship is constantly cut." Speaking of this stepchild, Xue Yu's mood is actually quite complicated. That thing also had his responsibility in the past, but when it passed, she would not want to mention it again.

"Big brother is of course good. I have used him as my role model since I was a child." But Xiao Jiashu has no resentment against Xiao Dingbang. It is a bad guy who kidnapped him. Why should you blame the big brother? Isn’t the big brother always carrying him, and the kidnapping will not start? No, those assumptions don't exist.

He made a phone call to Xiao Dingbang with a nervous mood. After he got a positive reply, he was worried. "Big brother, thank you for being in my head. My grandfather is not saying that I am not allowed to play the name of Xiao's family in the entertainment circle." Are you open to our relationship or not?"

On the other hand, Xiao Dingbang, who received a call from his younger brother, was both nervous and excited. He seems to be plain. "You don't care about him. Everything has a big brother. The Xiao family is now dominated by the big brother. No one is qualified to discipline you. You can do whatever you want, without worrying about anyone.""Oh, then you remember to come to dinner." Xiao Jiashu faced the care and love of his eldest brother for the first time, and suddenly did not know what to say. He hangs up and screams.

Xiao Dingbang couldn't help but smack his lips after hanging up the phone, but he was straight in the next second, only because Xiao Qijie was sitting in his office, his face was ugly.

"What is your brother's call?"


"He asked you to eat?"


"Are you aunt Xue Aunt?"


"Do you say a few words, will you die? You won't ask them to come back to eat? If you don't go home, you still want to continue to be outside. The old man will be mad at them sooner or later!" Xiao Qijie's tone gradually changed. Get anxious.

His voice just fell, and the phone of the old man came in. He asked why Xiao Dingbang wanted to dismiss Xiao Dingze.

"Grandfather, a full dozen tons of poisonous capsules are still in the warehouse. If I didn't find out and find a new supplier early, do you think that Xiao's Pharmaceutical can still be up to now? What did the two uncles do? You know the most things in your heart, you let them be honest, don't bother me. If they dare to move the tree, I will let them roll out of China.

Xiao’s father snorted and snorted for a while. After all, he had no choice but to take this grandson and he had to retreat.

Xiao Qijie tweeted, "Dingbang, then you are the second uncle, don't do too much."

Xiao Dingbang spoke slowly as he flipped through the documents. "Dad, do you know what your biggest problem is? It's intimate. If the little tree happens so big, why don't you help him out? You still threaten Xue Yu with this incident." What do you get again? You will only push them farther and farther."

"I am not helping them? I am looking for a relationship to control public opinion for the first time..."

Xiao Dingbang interrupted his words. "Your approach is to suppress the public opinion, and then quietly send the small tree out of the country, so that Xiaojia is pushed to the cusp. Everything you do is based on Xiaojia, but it will not go. Help the little tree to clarify. Do you think that no one has reported that this matter is over? How can the reputation of Xiaoshu be restored?"

"Who will remember this thing in a few years? Anyway, those black materials are fake. Even if the police can check it, there will be nothing in the small tree. The Qing Dynasty has never heard of this sentence. Why? It’s necessary to make trouble with the city and the two uncles! I sent the small tree abroad and gave him a sum of money to open a company. Isn’t it better than being a domestic player?” Xiao Qijie did not swear .

"It's no wonder that Xue Yu would rather give up all the divorce. Daddy, you might as well move to the old house and go with the second uncle and the old man. They need you more." Xiao Dingbang put on his suit jacket, the tone is faint, "2 Nothing else is used by the uncles to ask me. I can't afford to kill them even if they don't kill them. I will keep the dozens of tons of poison capsules and bad debts, so that they don't provoke a small tree. It is a 5% stake or an important life. It's important to let them think clearly and act again."Xiao Qijie was so angry that he couldn't help but take his son. When he walked away, he took out his mobile phone and decided to look at it. His expression was extremely complicated. On the screen is playing a picture of Xue Yan holding a press conference. Her eyebrows are flying, her lips are red and she is talking about the PPT. The whole person exudes a strong and charming atmosphere, as I saw at first sight. Everyone is listening to her and involuntarily framing her, she has such charm.

He fell in love with her at first glance, so passionately loved, but forgot the incitement in the next marriage. It was only then that he discovered that Xue Yu was still the Xue Yu he loved, but they could never go back.

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