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Chapter 57 Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Chapter 57

The intensive press conference triggered a craze for the attention of the whole people, and also created a major reversal of the reputation of Xiao Jiashu and Miao Muqing. From then on, if someone puts forward the words "quality artist", the first thing that netizens think of is definitely the two.

Of course, women's concerns are often different from men's, and they quickly start discussing ads that are disguised as “false propaganda”. Miao Muqing is really a real fight, those bruises, especially on the face, covered with liquid foundation and concealer, can not be seen at all, this effect is too magical, right? Fast and fast, hurry to the counter and Tmall snapped up! It’s gone late!

The sales of Laiya cosmetics, which were still tepid, immediately showed a spurt of growth, and the company’s CEO personally sent Weibo to praise Miao Muqing. This spokesperson is really not looking for a mistake. Not only do people have more ideas, but marketing methods are even more leveraged!

When Miao Muqing saw it, she left the live room with a few words and did not answer the reporter's question. When she returned to the background to remove makeup, her agent screamed and screamed. "Mu Qing, let me hurry up! Quickly! Is this a spokesperson for a certain car?"

Miao Muqing has never taken over the car endorsement, not to mention this top with super running, only look at the picture can understand two words - luxury! Her eyes turned and suddenly smiled. "There is nothing to believe. The president of a certain treasure car in Greater China is a close friend of Xiao Dashao, and the spokesperson they chose before is Yan Lingyi. Now Yan Lingyi offended Xiao Jiashu, this The endorsement must have fallen to the head of others. It should be that Xiao Dashao is holding the line inside, otherwise people will only find super superstars, where they can see me."

"Oh, fortunately, you have helped Xiao Xiao to talk a little, otherwise there is such a good thing! I also let you delete Weibo, but fortunately you did not listen to me." The broker folded his hands together. What is this called? This is called luck and can't stop it!

Miao Muqing unloaded her makeup and smiled lightly. "I was debut when I was a teenager. I dare not say that people are 100% accurate. But the man’s eyes are not wrong. The small tree can really kill people without any flaws. I cut my head and gave it to you as a ball. Then, what happened to Lin Leyang? There is a limit to stupidity. This kind of thing dares to come and join in the fun. I am not black, he is sorry for him. This time He has a lesson, and he can remember it the next time - don't think that someone can hold it, and the season is not omnipotent."

The agent grinned and his eyes were full of ridicule.


Lin Leyang pointed to the computer screen and eagerly said, "I have you seen Ji Ge? I accidentally hit Miao Muqing, but her agent also pointed at me for a long time, how difficult it is to listen, how difficult it is to listen, I later She also repeatedly apologized to her, why did she cut these off, only let her forgive me? She is deliberately black me! This video is also her pre-seeking person to shoot? She has premeditated! Maybe this The smearing incident was her own speculation! Ji Ge, what do I do now? Many people are jealous of me!"Since standing behind the season, Lin Leyang has been smooth and smooth since he debuted. Although he was once compared with Xiao Jiashu, he was quickly supported by Ji Li’s strong support and Shi Tingheng’s support. Ranked among the best. He was full of thought that he could go smoothly, but at this moment he suffered the first crisis, and suddenly he panicked without experience.

Many netizens remembered the ridiculous praise of Lin Leyang after watching the video. They all ridiculed and ridiculed. "I rely on, the newcomer named Lin Leyang, who kicked our Miao sister and dared to praise the black Wei sister's Weibo, too. Face it! Will you respect the two words? Is there any difference between this behavior and Li Jiaer?"

Li Jiaer’s reputation has been ruined. When she mentioned her, the netizen’s first feeling was “disgusting”. They took Lin Leyang and Li Jiaer as a comparison, which shows how much dislike of Lin Leyang’s behavior. Seeing that his Weibo has been captured by Miao Muqing's fans, even his fans have turned down the bad reviews, and Lin Leyang panicked.

Fortunately, the public relations department got the instructions of the season, and he had long bought a large number of water troops to speak for him, or to explain it as hand slipping, or to shift focus, and even the band was finally controlled. However, the situation quickly deteriorated. A netizen released a lot of screenshots, and Zhang Zhang could take Lin Leyang's word of mouth to the bottom. It turned out that he not only praised him, but even Chen Pengxin was applauding, and every article he liked was related to Black Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu. There are more than forty pieces in detail. Can this be a hand slip?

Chen Pengxin is Lin Leyang's agent. To a certain extent, his views can also represent Lin Leyang's point of view. In other words, they really hate Miao Muqing and Xiao Jiashu, not the "misunderstanding" in the water army.

The public relations department can't, can only buy more water forces to guide public opinion, and then contact the major media, so that they do not focus on such "small things." As long as no one reported, under the huge heat of Xiao Jiashu and Miao Muqing, Lin Leyang’s praise event will soon pass, but the popularity will be affected by it, and it will not hurt.

After receiving a call from the public relations department, Ji Yan has only one word to describe himself - heart tired! He looked at Lin Leyang, who was pale, and dumb, "pay attention later." He didn't want to say anything more than this, but when he opened his mouth, he was speechless. Lin Leyang looks very docile. In fact, he is more embarrassed than anyone else. No matter what others say, he can't change his established ideas.

"I know Ji Ge. There are still many people who are jealous of me. It doesn't matter?" Lin Leyang was upset.

"I can only try to control the negative impact of this matter, and I can't completely block other people's remarks. In this incident, you are just an incidental one. If the heat is over, no one will go online again. But this will become you. The black history of the acting career will always be mentioned in the future, so you must pay attention to your words and deeds, and don't repeat the same mistakes." Ji Yan thought about it, and finally retelled the old saying, "This incident proves that Chen Pengxin is not a qualified broker. Man, can I help you pick the right one?""You don't need Ji Ge. Peng Xin doesn't understand the inside story, so it will be influenced by the comments of netizens. You will give him another chance! I grew up with him and said that it is necessary to have a blessing." If it weren't for my hand slipping, I wouldn't follow the trend, and it would be my fault to say it." Lin Leyang was so anxious that his eyes were red. Who is good to him, he can remember for a lifetime, who is bad for him, he will never forget. He looks soft and his bones are actually very hard.

The season 冕 冕 眸 眸 , , , , , , , 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸 眸It may be your way. You helped him this time. It may be yourself. Can you bear the corresponding consequences? As a broker, he has no vision, no foresight, and lack of crisis awareness and public opinion. Leading judgment, he is very unqualified!"

"I am begging you, Ji Ge, give him another chance!" No matter what Ji Ji said, Lin Leyang only responded with this sentence. If Ji Ge does not agree, he can give him a knee.

Ji Yan had nothing to say, and he waved. "Well, I will give him another chance to go to the training department for a few days and learn how to be a qualified agent."

"Good season brother, thank you Ji Ge." Lin Leyang happily went on, but did not tell Chen Pengxin that he was almost fired, only let him go to the training department to learn. Then a wonderful misunderstanding occurred. Chen Pengxin thought that the company should focus on cultivating oneself, but not only did not panic, but it was very proud.

Sending away Lin Leyang, Ji Yan feels relaxed. He leaned back in the back of the chair and meditated, then shook his head and smiled. The more you see through the hearts of the people, the more he reads the people, the "heart" is the most complicated thing in the world. Why did he feel very happy and happy with Lin Leyang? It turned out that he never really understood each other. Whose fault is this? Is he too arbitrarily independent, or is Lin Leyang never open to him?

Thinking about this, he couldn't help but cover his face and sigh.


The popularity of the Internet has not yet receded. A daring journalist blocked Xiao Dingbang at the mouth of the Shaw Pharmaceuticals Department and asked him what he thought about the incident. He also asked him if he was on the spot and if he was too inhuman and too gentlemanly.

Xiao Dingbang originally did not take care of himself. His own bodyguards will dismiss the reporters, but after hearing this sentence, they stopped and sighed. "So what do you think I can do?"

The reporter immediately replied, "Of course, I will talk about this after the signing ceremony. I can't face a woman in any way!"

Xiao Dingbang sneered. "In order to rob my brother's endorsement contract, she used the means of doing the same to discredit my brother, and almost let him lose his name, but I have to treat her with politeness at the venue, continue to sign with her, take me The hard-earned money is given to the culprits who filthy my brother. Do you mean this?"

He pointed to the reporter and ordered, "Give him out, I don't talk to people who are sick. I believe that someone will mutilate your family in the future, and you will treat the perpetrators with tenderness and compassion. I am yours." The family is sad."The bodyguard immediately took the reporter away, and more reporters faithfully recorded the dialogue and expressed their appreciation.

Netizens saw real-time reports applauding. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect that Xiao Dingbang would not openly say a word to the media in the past year. He even said so much to keep his brother in one breath! What is the brother control? This is ah! Xiao Jiashu’s life is also very good. There is a goddess like Xue Wei as a mother, and a hegemonic president like Xiao Dingbang as a brother. He walked with his eyes closed and no one dared to touch his porcelain!

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