How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 55 Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Chapter 55

After a long time to relive this scene, Xiao Jiashu still feels painful. He didn't dare to look at the huge display at the beginning, and his clear eyes gradually covered with a layer of water mist. In order to prevent the tears from falling suddenly, he had to look up at the ceiling and hold the fist tightly.

The reporter quickly shot his performance, focusing on his tearful eyes and blue fists. The netizens watching the live broadcast were silent. The truth is already very obvious. The so-called drug abuse is fake. The so-called cockroaches are also fake. Even the dead people are fake. Xiao Jiashu, the scum of the tens of thousands of people, is the real victim.

How ironic is this? How ridiculous? Who released those black materials? Isn’t this Nima playing with everyone? Think of everyone as a fool?

Obviously, behind the scenes, the black hand did not expect that things would develop to such an extent. They did not know that Xue Yu had long divorced Xiao Qijie, and gave up all the property, so he was no longer subject to Xiao Qijie's control. Now she is a lion in a rage, vowing to kill the person who hurts her child! She doesn't care about Mrs. Xiao's throne, and she doesn't care about Xiao's father's opinion. She doesn't care about Xiao's property, so she won't quietly send her son away when the black material bursts out.

Hiding the tail to be a man? For that point of inheritance right? nonexistent! If you want to fight a war, then come, she has been in the entertainment industry for many years, who have been afraid of?

Xue Yu patted his son's shoulder and continued. "The facts are very clear. I believe that people with eyes can see it. I will not explain it. I will also submit this video to the court and relevant departments, ask them to make it. Identification."

This sentence is not the first time Xue Yu said, but it was only then that someone came back to taste. She repeatedly stressed that it was not to highlight the son’s innocence, but to announce to everyone that she had already done so since she submitted the evidence. The preparation for the lawsuit. As for the defendant? Who is involved in the rumors and the behavior of Xiao Jiashu, there should be a number in my heart.

At the same time, Weibo has been cleaning up the webpage in a large area, but Xue Yu feels a little sneer. "Don't be busy, I have already deposited the certificate, please wait for the court to summon."

The most embarrassing "moral pacesetter" had a white face and almost followed the screen to Xue Yu to give her a hoe. But even worse, Xiao Dingbang immediately updated a Weibo, only one sentence - I am ready to fight the lawsuit, @薛淼, @众象律师事务所, @邢凯.

Some people with knowledge know that Zhongxiang Law Firm is one of the top law firms in China, and Xing Kai is the gold medal lawyer of the firm. It has not lost since its fame. He is the most expensive, but he is also the best.

Xing Kai quickly forwarded and circled Xue Yu’s private lawyer. The first cooperation between the two top-ranking and hostile law firms in China was for a small civil lawsuit, and the battle was really scary.

The sprayer and the water army had long known that they had to go there. Only the passers-by who watched the excitement were constantly shouting in Weibo--hey, I said that XXX, are you afraid of it? Scared to scare the urine?Fear, why not? But the fool will stand up and respond. The network that was originally noisy is now quiet, and it seems to be able to hear the sound of the cold wind.

Xue Yu didn't have time to look at the phone, and there was no way to know that the stepchild was silently supporting himself. She glanced at her son and determined that his mood was relatively stable. This continued. "Four, about endorsement. This is a screenshot of Yan Lingyi talking to some big V bloggers, and their record of purchasing the water army. Obviously, In this smear action, Aurora Entertainment is the main sponsor, and I will pursue the legal responsibility of relevant people according to law."

"Finally," she finally revealed her first smile today. "I want to clarify one thing for my son. His acting is not bad, nor can he not suffer. He is very serious and hard, he has been using the most. A passionate attitude towards your acting career."

The PPT has been shown, a video begins to play, and four young people appear on the screen, namely Xiao Jiashu, Jessie, Jin Shijun, and Lin Leyang. They went on the stage and drew the lottery. Xiao Jiashu took the tramp and then turned the camera. He wore a wig and a fake beard, dressed in dirty and worn clothes, and was caught in the middle of a group of tramps. He was a bit stunned at first, and after a while he picked an old tramp and swayed behind him like a follower. The other side sat on the ground, and he sat down with his ass; the other side turned the rubbish, and he went to turn it over; he asked the passers-by for food, and he also squatted, his eyes were humble and praying...

Xue Yiyuan thought that he was very strong, but after seeing this scene, he couldn't help it anymore. He didn't even raise his face at the beginning, lest tears fall. This time I changed to Xiao Jiashu to beat her back, and there was no channel in her mouth. "Mom is fine, sorry mom."

Xue took a look at him and forced himself to watch it.

The next day, Xiao Jiashu seemed to have experience. I didn't know where to pick up a snakeskin pocket, and collected the plastic bottles thrown on the roadside and the trash can. He didn't know where the bottles could be sold, and asked other homeless people not to tell him that they could only continue to hungry. Later, he couldn't hold it anymore. He ran to the back alley of a restaurant and rummaged through the trash to the food thrown by the customer.

A stray dog ​​ran over, staring at the half of his meat buns in his hand, licking his mouth and roaring. He was so white that he was so scared that he quickly threw away the meat buns and ran out of the alley.

Xue Yu really can't stand it anymore, immediately press the pause button, dumb channel, "This is a clipped video, the length of eight minutes, it will not be played here, so as not to waste everyone's time. If anyone is interested in the full video You can go to Xiaoshu's Weibo to find the link. Well, today's press conference is over, thank you for your attendance." She looked at her son and whispered, "Small tree, do you have anything to say? ?"

The reporters at the stage immediately shouted. "Xiao Jiashu asks you to say a few words. Being so filthy, what was your mood at the time?"

Xiao Jiashu thought for a moment and shook his head. "There is nothing to say, they are all scattered."

The mother and the son left together, behind which was a flash of the spotlight.Internet public opinion suddenly broke out after a stagnation for more than ten seconds, and countless people poured into Xiaojiashu's Weibo to view the complete video. If they didn't see it with their own eyes, they couldn't believe that a noble son could resolutely discard the affluent life and go to the streets to wander, and the purpose was only to assess acting. Compared with his truth, Jesse, Jin Shijun, Lin Leyang's performance is a hair? What self-destructive image, acting breakout, high-energy, fake and fake are all fake! Too damn superficial!

Xiao Jiashu is really incorporating into the crowd and doing his best. He is using life to experience the performing arts, unlike others who just play around. Don't say that he is a rich second generation, for an ordinary person, you go to the street for three days to try? I was afraid that I would cry early and go home.

Do not learn without surgery? Oh, I am sorry, people are learning to do! Bad personality? Oh, I am sorry, people can make a few alcoholic people fight for the performance but do not resist! He lived too seriously and was too silent, while others thought that this silence was a manifestation of guilty conscience.

After learning more about Xiao Jiashu, netizens have changed his overall situation. How much hate he used before, now he likes it a lot. Some people apologize in Weibo. In order to see him, millions of fans who have come in have not gone, but have increased. Hundreds of thousands, and the number is still rising. After this smashing of the whole network, Xiao Jiashu can be described as a blessing in disguise. From small transparency to a popular life, the popularity of the artists who debuted at the same time jumped to the top.

If there is a good work to come out, his coffee position will undoubtedly be stable between the second and third line, faster than the rocket. In contrast, Aurora Entertainment suffered heavy losses. All the artists who smeared Xiao Jiashu received the lawyer's letter from Xue Yu and Xiao Dingbang. Yan Lingyi was not able to return from the Chan Yue Hotel and was directly taken by the police to assist in the investigation.

At around 7:30 pm, the official residence of the Chan Yue Hotel issued a long article to Xiao Jiashu apologizing carefully, and attached a personnel change form: Xiao Dingze, Jill Smith, Lu Manni and other eight executives were dismissed, and a few People leave their jobs without pay and return. In short, the rise, fall, and expulsion of the rise are like a major earthquake.

The discerning person knows that the inside of the scene is not simple, and it must be related to Xiao Er’s hacking incident, but it is not only the matter in the entertainment circle, but also related to the more terrible interests of inheritance rights or shareholding changes. . But no matter what, Xiao Er, who is in the storm circle, has landed safely and benefited a lot. The black man not only failed to trample him, but instead took him up in one hand, it was really stealing the chicken.

Lin Leyang looked at Weibo and saw Xiao Jiashu’s fans increase. There were only over 8 million people, and now it’s already 10 million. Xue Yu has a lot of hardcore fans, and now all of them are rushing into Xiao Jiashu's Weibo, and a "small sapling" is called, and loving him is like caring for his own children. This is the appeal of super idols. Even if you leave for more than 20 years, there will still be many people following.Everyone is fighting, Xiao Jiashu is good, fight, fight, fight, mother, the whole family can take it out, and all of them are hanging. People really can't compare with people! Lin Leyang's more and more look is not a taste, after turning off Weibo, he will stay for a while, then he will go to Jiyu. Only Ji Jin can give him a sense of security and practicality when he is confused. Although he is not a good person, he still has a dependency.

When he pushed open the door of the office, he found that Ji Xian was staring at the computer, and judging from the sound, it was a video of Xiao Jiashu wandering outside. The smile on his face suddenly solidified.

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