How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 54 Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Chapter 54

In order to achieve the purpose of expelling Xiao Jiashu from the entertainment circle or even Huaguo, some people deliberately fabricated black materials to purchase the water army, and carried out large-scale filth actions against him in a very short period of time. Because the financial resources, material resources, and connections are very sufficient, and each black material has poked some of the most ethical points of the Chinese people, the impact of this incident is very negative and very huge.

Using three words is enough to sum up the current situation of Xiao Jiashu, that is, "all black." Looking at it all is to blame his blog and comments, it seems that he became a national sinner overnight. The behavior of Aurora Entertainment and Chan Yue Hotel has helped the netizens fall into a blind condemnation battle.

The squadron came out to hold a press conference in succession. First, Li Jiaer’s bloody complaints were followed, followed by Yan Lingyi’s endorsement. Xiao Jiashu apparently reached the end of the road. Everyone is waiting for his response and explanation, so when he decided to hold a press conference, the number of people in the live broadcast room was full, and there were many live broadcast platforms.

At the moment, the artists of Aurora Entertainment are also gathered in the lounge to prepare for their victory. Yan Lingyi is a sister of Aurora. In order to help her compete for the endorsement contract of the Chan Yue Hotel, the artists of Aurora have all stood up after the boss’s instructions. They have whipped up Xiao Jiashu, and Li Jiaer stood up to expose her tragic experience. In order to achieve the purpose of completely smashing Xiao Jiashu.

Li Jiaer, who had finished the press conference, returned to the lounge, her eyes were slightly red and swollen, and her eyes were firm. Artists who debuted at the same time gathered around to hug her like a hug.

"You're awesome!"

"Everyone will support you!"

"The past is over, you will have a better tomorrow."

"The scum will definitely get retribution!"

Everyone, you comfort me with a sentence, the surface looks very sincere, but what I think is not known. Li Jiaer is really good luck, seeing the popularity of the bottom of the valley, but by the Xiaojiashu this stepping stone climbed up. How is it raped? As long as the hype is right, this is also a point of extra points. Now netizens like this kind of person who is not afraid of power and self-reliance.

"Thank you, thank you." Li Jiaer was grateful, and then found a secluded corner to sit down, like a tear, but actually sneered. She knew that she would always have a head-to-head day! Xiao Jiashu, are you not crazy? Can you still be too mad? Behind the people is the four young masters of Xiao's Pharmaceuticals!

Deliberately reddening her eyes, she looked up at the TV. At four o'clock, the signing ceremony of Yan Lingyi is about to take place. There are 45 million endorsement fees per year. Who can get this price? If I have such a day... When she was thinking about it, the signing ceremony had a major change, and the real helm of the Xiao family came, and cast a heavy bomb on the spot. Xiao Jiashu turned out to be his younger brother. How is it possible? Didn't the children of Xiao's generation of his generation always take the "fixed" word board? What is the relationship with Xiao Jiashu?The situation was instantly reversed. Yan Lingyi, who was not recognized by Xiao Dingbang, was immediately “pleased” out of the venue. The back of her figure when she stepped down the stairs painted an imperfect ending for her acting career. Everyone knows that she is finished, grabbing the endorsement and grabbing the head of Xiao’s own family, so that it is still the means of doing so, and it’s more likely to be jailed!

The rest of the room is quiet and smothered. The artists and you look at me and I look at you. They all find the look of fear from each other's faces. In the next second, their agents called and either ordered them to close their mouths or told them to delete Weibo. In short, the attitude was more anxious than one.

Li Jiaer has been scared by this huge change, and is uneasy, but finds that things are going in a worse direction. The former Asian goddess Xue Yu was the mother of Xiao Jiashu, and she appeared in front of the public media for the first time in 20 years, but to help her son clarify the rumors.

Not to mention that she can't get solid evidence, she is the most exciting moment for many fans! They are crazy in an instant, and some people even shouted such a slogan - Goddess, don't say it, we forgive Xiao Jiashu still not? He is your son, he must be a good one!

Li Jiaer stared at these barracks without position and three views, and the whole heart was cold. Xue Yu’s influence can be seen. But what surprised her even more was that Xue Yu had even produced a lot of evidence. One of the audios just played out, and she flashed two big red characters in her mind - it was over!

Li Jiaer can win the championship of the super new generation, relying on her unique voice. She doesn't look like a normal girl's voice, but with a bit of hoarseness and chilliness, it sounds like a metal bump, which is unforgettable. It is also because of this uniqueness, almost at the moment of audio playback, reporters and netizens have already believed its authenticity.

She scorned He Yi in a scornful tone, telling her how she put it, how to play him in the palm of her hand. She told He Yi the truth of the so-called "strong rape" that could not be declared to the public. The shameless rhetoric of words is horrible. He Yi has been so angry that she can't say a word, but the recorder originally included his heavy and desperate gasp. The last loud noise came, and it seemed that something exploded, and the audio ended in intermittent noise.

Li Jiaer squinted at her face and could not even look at the expressions of the people around her. She felt that at this moment, she was thrown into the snow like a twilight, and she was ashamed and timid. She knows better than anyone - this audio is by no means fake. How can she not remember what she said? Afterwards, she learned that He Yi had been killed in the process of answering the phone. She also had a guilty fear for a while, and found that the father did not send the news back to the country, and even the ashes did not help him bring it back. .

But the facts once again confirmed one sentence - good and good, bad and evil, not not reporting. Although Li Jiaer’s retribution has been late for many years, he has not been absent.At this moment, her agent, Ou Jie, walked in with a few police officers and looked timid. "This is Li Jiaer."

Before waiting for the police to open, Li Jiaer shouted hysterically. "Xue Yu has nothing to do with He Yi, so she is not qualified to serve as the plaintiff. She does not take the plaintiff, you have no right to arrest me and go back to investigate!" She is better to " Protecting yourself is also devoted to studying the law.

"You know a lot. It seems that these years have not been pondered." A police officer said coldly. "To tell you the truth, the plaintiff is He Yi’s younger brother and sister. They are now on their way to China. I sent a power of attorney to Ms. Xue Yu and asked her to represent the lawsuit. Please come back with us to assist in the investigation."

"Where is He Yi's younger brother and sister?" Li Jiaer is still dying.

"What do you ask so much? Can't you go?" A policewoman was impatient and went forward to drag Li Jiaer. She also sympathized with her at the beginning! I didn’t expect it to be true. It’s like this. If you hurt someone, you will also extort and extort the martial arts. Is it a vicious person to this level? It is a beast!

Li Jiaer was taken back to the police station, and the paparazzi who was outside the company photographed her face and sent it online. This shocking reversal scared the netizens who were furious and angry. They felt that their three views were devastated and must be slow.

The feminist organization that has joined hands to prepare for Li Jiaer’s fairness is both annoyed and embarrassed, and has quickly removed the blog post that slammed Xiao Jiashu. What the public doesn't know is that Xue Yu has spent a lot of money in order to convince He Yi's half-brother and sister to return to China and Li Jiaer to go to court.

It is also blamed that the father’s many lines of injustice will be self-sufficient. After immigration abroad, it will be broken and finished in a few years, leaving the third and two illegitimate children to struggle. But after all, he was a monk. He also recorded several audios when he was dealing with the Li Jiaer family. He also kept the fetal slices and DNA reports in order to prevent them from being insatiable and extortionous.

Today, this evidence is enough to send Li Jiaer to hell.

All development is under the control of Xue Yu. She turned off the recorder and gave everyone half a minute to settle down. This was slowly opened. "The last loud noise was caused by a car accident. He Yi, the so-called 'strong traitor' in your mouth, was victimized. The voice of Li Jiaer’s words stunned and crashed into the pier and eventually died. This photo of my son’s death,” she pointed to the huge display screen. “It was the scene of the accident at the time.”

The photo was replaced and changed to a surveillance video. A sports car hit the pier at a very fast speed. The driver was thrown out but did not die on the spot. It was vaguely visible that he was still struggling. Several passers-by reported to the police, then ran to pick up his cell phone and made a phone call to the person he most often contacted.The video rushed in for about five minutes, and the young Xiao Jiashu appeared on the screen. He jumped off the taxi and turned over the green belt and fence at the fastest speed and ran to He Yi. He knelt down, stretched out his hands but couldn't touch him, could only helplessly lick his hair, and then shouted "help" again and again. The monitor can't record the sound, but it can include his squatting and desperate expression. His face was full of tears, and he kept shouting, apparently having collapsed.

The ambulance hasn't arrived yet, He Yi has been unable to support it. He grabbed Xiao Jiashu's hand and said a word. Xiao Jiashu turned his head and looked back. A good-hearted man immediately handed over the previously picked-up mobile phone. After another thirty seconds, He Yi did not move at all, and Xiao Jiashu showed a blank expression. He couldn't accept the fact that his friend had suddenly passed away. It was like a nightmare that could never wake up.

Xue Hao pressed the remote control to freeze the picture, and then rewinded back to play the previous photo. Obviously, the two scenes are completely consistent. There is no trace or difference from the character to the background to the time. This is the truth of the truth.

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