How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 53 Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Chapter 53

The reporter's flashlight is crazy about the man, he is not someone else, it is Xiao Dingbang, the helm of the Xiao family. Xiao Dingze, who was still calm in the last second, stood up in earnest and fear, and bent down. "Big Brother, how come you?"

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Xiao Dingbang ignored them. His eyes glanced at the audience. He didn't find his brother's figure. He also saw the secretary's nervous expression, and he had a bottom. He turned off the flight mode of the mobile phone and immediately found that there was a missed call from a younger brother at two o'clock. However, he was not able to receive it on the plane. He got off the plane and rushed to the hotel and forgot to look at it.

Something went wrong... He slowly walked into the venue and sat down in the main position. He did not answer the reporter’s crazy question, but opened the mobile phone to browse the news. Almost without searching, the information he needed was picked up one after another. The younger brother was driving abroad, taking drugs, killing people, and even helping a strong traitor to persecute the victim? When did this happen?

His chilly face gradually climbed up to a layer of frost, and the reporters who kept making noises were photographed by his momentum and slowly calmed down. About ten minutes later, he looked up and looked at everyone, Shen Sheng, "To introduce to you, Xiao Jiashu, my younger brother, 20 years old, graduated from Wharton Business School, and got two years ahead of schedule with the best results. Master's degree, no bad habits, no morals, no unbearable past, all experiences can be verified."

He announced that he would delete the two messages from the Zen Yue official. Then he looked at Yan Lingyi. "This lady, I don't know who you are, but I can tell you with certainty that you have gone the wrong place." If my brother’s hacking is related to you, then please prepare for the court, I will definitely pursue it."

Just now, the singer of the spring breeze is now pale and crumbling. She trembled, "You are misunderstood by Xiao..."

"Security, take her out and cancel the signing ceremony." Xiao Dingbang has always been this style of work. If you give me a bad time, I can turn your face on the spot. Yes, my emotional intelligence is low, so I will have an attack when it happens. If you have a high emotional intelligence, you will endure it for me.

In order to maintain the image, Yan Lingyi had to take the initiative to leave the venue. When she stepped down the steps, her knees were a little soft and almost swelled. Xiao Dingze gnawed his teeth. "Big Brother, what can we do after the signing ceremony? Do you have to be so ugly in the crowd? You are not afraid to damage the image of the hotel?"

"You are not afraid to reverse the black and white. I am afraid that it will damage the image of the hotel?" Xiao Dingbang said with no sorrow. "Small tree is my younger brother. This will never change." If it wasn’t for the night, the old man repeatedly stated that if small When the tree makes a scandal in the entertainment circle, Xiao will delist him and even deprive him of the 5% stake he had. This will not happen.Who is the best to force the small tree? It’s not Yi Lingyi, but his brothers, 5% of the shares can be divided into a lot of money every year. Xiao Dingbang sneered and shook his head, striding away, and ignored the reporters and the confusing company executives. Before he got on the bus, he waved his hand to the female secretary. "You were fired."

The female secretary who was thrown away regretted it, but it was already late. When he first repaired Chang Yu to endorse the contract, Xiao did not raise his head and said, "Give him." The fluttering tone is like sending a meal. At that time, she felt that Xiao always refused to see two, so he accepted four less bribes and secretly helped him to conceal domestic news.

But now she finally understands that Xiao does not care about the two, it does not care about the endorsement contract. For him, tens of millions of endorsement fees are just tools for wooing his younger brother. He didn't care about his brother, he cares too much!

After getting on the bus, Xiao Dingbang pulled out his mobile phone, but he just looked at the missed call and dared to call back. Before the age of ten, Xiaoshu had been very sticky, but he was very impatient with this younger brother. If he didn't deliberately throw a small tree and ran to find a classmate to play, Xiaoshu would not encounter the kidnapping. He has been plagued for years, but he does not know how to make up for it. He was afraid that Xiaoshu still hated him, so he did everything he could to satisfy his wishes.

Xiaoshu didn't want to work and didn't work. He played with white hair and he also raised him. Xiaoshu wanted to play and he went to play. All the pressure he came to the top. However, he never expected that his unwillingness to approach was interpreted by outsiders as a rejection of the small tree, which is simply a slip of the world!

His chest violently fluctuated for a few moments, this opened Weibo, published a message on the official website of Xiao's Pharmaceutical: @小树苗, this is my brother, interrupted the bones and the brothers!

Xiao Dingbang is known for his strong ability and high achievement in the international business circle. He is young, handsome, and talented, and there are many people who care about him. And now he has changed his style of silence, and he has stood up for his younger brother. The shock caused is huge.

Previously, Xiao Jiashu's life experience has been a mystery. Some people suspected that he was a child of Xiao's Pharmaceuticals, but there was no Xiao family to stand up and claim, so he thought that he was just ordinary rich, and the foundation was not profound. But now, the deep-water torpedo that Xiao Dingbang personally cast has suddenly exploded, and the people who killed him naturally have a large piece. Those artists who are jealous, insulting, and sorrowful Xiao Jiashu are quiet as a chicken, and they say that they will reveal the black curtain. Even the breathing is cautious.

However, the general public does not need to worry about the suppression of Xiao Dingbang. They still think that Xiao Jiashu is a derogatory dregs, and he has to accept legal sanctions for his family. It is also illegal to kill people in foreign countries, and you have to go to jail!

The public opinion fermented again, and Xiao Jiashu had no intention to pay attention. He rubbed his eyes on Weibo and was afraid that he would be wrong. "Mom, have you seen the microblog of the big brother? He said that I am his younger brother!"

"Dingbang is a good boy. He is different from his father." Xue Yu smiled comfortably. "Okay, don't play with your mobile phone. We are also preparing to hold a press conference here and go to change clothes."Xiao Jiashu promised with a sigh of relief, and then followed Huang Meixuan to do the styling. Although a lot of bad things happened, it was worthwhile to get a big brother to admit it.

On the 26th floor, Lin Leyang was in the lounge with the two teachers and sisters to watch the signing ceremony of the Chan Yue Hotel. Seeing Xiao Dingbang rushed out and hurriedly left, all the people were smashed, and the sister sighed, "Shuai! I didn't expect Xiao Jiashu's background to be so deep! I ordered the ambassador to grab the Xiao family and go to her. She is looking for death!"

The teacher didn't mean to shake his head. "Is Xiao family acting so crazy? Don't give a confession to kill the dead? If you can't clean up this black spot, the season will always be affected. Now the netizens are coming to this kind of thing. The more sensitive, the hard evidence is not good to wash white!"

On the one hand, Lin Leyang hopes that Xiao Jiashu can wash the white, so that Ji Ge does not have to be affected, on the other hand, he hopes that he will disappear, so that he will not pose a threat to himself. Just as he was thinking about it, there was another heavy news coming out. Xiao Jiashu will hold a press conference at 4:30 to clarify the previous rumors, and ask the netizens to watch the live broadcast.

"Quick and fast, fast forward to the live room." The sister immediately cut into the room, then screamed, "Ah! I, I am not blinded? Is that Xue Yu? My goddess Xue Yan?"

The teacher couldn't answer her completely because his mouth couldn't be closed.

I saw a woman slowly walked into the venue, wearing a little black dress on her body, sketching the curve of sexuality, feeling full of black hair into a romantic big wave, casually scattered on the shoulders, every move is a style. Her gorgeous five senses are outstanding, but they show a bit of domineering in the shadow of a pair of oblique eyebrows. The fingertips painted with deep red 不丹 inadvertently licked bloody red lips, and the gas field was strong enough to explode. .

As soon as she appeared, the people who followed her all became the background board. The reporter's camera only aimed at her alone, regardless of the hero of the incident.

Xiao Jiashu reveredly opened the chair for the mother, and then sat down beside her. Because Xiao’s father was resentful of Xue’s origin, she ordered her to completely fade out of the entertainment circle. Only the upper-class people knew who her husband was and what the background was. Most people thought that she went abroad, and she was lost, even disappeared.

Once again, I saw the goddess who led an era. The fans are so happy and crazy that they are even more convinced that she has not grown old at all, but she is even more dazzling under the sculptural years.

"Introduction, this is my son Xiao Jiashu," she put the slender hand on her son's shoulder and continued. "As for the series of premeditated and planned efforts to discredit my son, I will give the following explanation: First, the so-called drug abuse. This is my son's medical report for nearly three years, you can take a look." She took out the remote control to start playing PPT, one after another, with a true and authoritative medical examination The report was made into a huge slide for everyone to watch.

The reporter quickly raised the camera and slammed it."Second, the so-called fun-seeking and ruined school. This is all the transcripts, awards, trophies, scholarship certificates and diplomas that my son has studied abroad." This slide is more than before, Xiao Jiashu has won honors. One frame and one frame flashed, and every year is a full scholarship, the results have always been among the best, and completed the four years to complete the school. His excellence is beyond doubt.

This slide was played for a minute and a half before it was finished. Xue Yan slowly spoke on the side of the PPT. "Three, this is the so-called death. You can see that this is the investigation record of the case provided by the local police. The deceased The name is He Yi, the time is sixteen, which is the strong traitor in Li Jiaer's mouth. Before I explain to my son, I want to ask you to listen to a recording. The authenticity of this recording will be submitted later. The court, and ask the authorities to identify it, you don't have to worry."

Xue Yu placed the recorder under the microphone and adjusted the volume to the maximum.

No reporters asked questions aggressively. Everyone erected their ears and listened carefully. Even the audience at the screen was silent. Xue Yu was prepared too well, and the momentum was very tough. Several sets of combination punches had already beaten them.

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