How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 51 Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Chapter 51

Ji Yan was working on the documents in the office. Fang Kun suddenly walked in and sighed. "Xiao Jiashu is finished."

"What happened?" Ji Yan immediately raised his head and his brow was very tight.

"He was killed in a foreign car and the photo was blown out. The Chan Yue Hot Spring Resort Hotel dismissed the relationship with him for the first time, and also rebuked him for his moral quality. Now they have changed their spokesperson, it is Aurora Sister Ling Yi, the signing ceremony is scheduled to be held at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Many reporters have received invitations. The scene is very grand. In the end, Xiao Jiashu is not Xiaojia two? How mixed it is so bad? Xiang, Xiao Jia did not even stand up and speak for him." Fang Kun shook his head.

Undoubtedly, this is another big show for the giants to compete for production. Shaking Xiao Jiashu, forcing him to leave China, Xiao is the world of his eldest brother.

"He can't kill people." Ji Xian first called Chang Yu, and sent an e-mail to the United States according to his instructions. This was done in a coat and hurriedly explained, "I went to the top floor to see, you Let the public relations team of Guanxi Studio also control the network public opinion. There is a misunderstanding here."

"No, Ji Ge, we still don't mix this thing! Just now Li Jiaer released the words, saying that there is still a big rush to explode. It is also about Xiao Jiashu. Please go to see her Weibo at three o'clock on time. I think she wants to take the enthusiasm of Xiao Jiashu to kill her. This is a set of rings, all dead!" Fang Kun quickly catch up to stop.

"The means of Aurora entertainment is really getting more and more. I said that there will be people who go to Black Xiaojiashu for no reason. It was originally intended to compete for the endorsement of the Chan Yue Hot Spring Resort. Also, the value of tens of millions of endorsement fees, who is not jealous "Ji Yan stared at the floor monitor and sneered. "You inform the public relations department and let them prepare for the meeting. I will go to the repair center to work out a plan."

Fang Kun wants to stop and can't stop, is full of anxiety, but finds that Miao Muqing has updated a Weibo, only one sentence - a slap in the face, the whole family crematorium! @小树苗, I believe your innocence!

Oops, this is good! The sniper of the netizens was even more fierce, and the two men gathered for a wave to take them away. Fang Kun was laughed at by the two groups, but found that Ji Wei was opening Weibo to edit the text.

"What are you doing with Ji Ge? Can you put down your mobile phone? Can we calm down! Your relationship with Xiao Jiashu is just normal. Why should you take this drowning?" Fang Kun rushed to grab the mobile phone, but slowly under the contempt of Ji Yan’s cold eyes. Retracted.

"Xiao Jiashu is the most optimistic newcomer in recent years. I can't watch him fall because of these unneeded black materials." He emphasized one word and one sentence, and finished the edited text - the line is doing right, innocent Yuji, not afraid of words @小树苗.

If Miao Muqing's Weibo will only arouse the anger of netizens, then Wei's Weibo is a big uproar. Netizens are even more convinced that Xiao Jiashu’s background is profoundly rumored. He can not only escape the murder guilt, but also ask Ruishui and Guanshi’s sister and brother to wash his white, and the power is simply going through the sky. Such people are social cancers and should be eradicated!Fang Kun hurriedly glanced at the comment area, anxiously. "You look at your brother, but your fans are the most loyal. But now they all can't understand your behavior. After this incident, your reputation will definitely be seriously damaged. Even if you plan to take a picture, you can't ruin yourself like this. How can you be sure that Xiao Jiashu is being shackled? What if it is true?"

"Let you go to the public relations department, you will go, what is the waste? What kind of person Xiao Jiashu is, I know better than anyone." Ji Yan's expression is strict and his eyes are deep. As long as he thinks of Xiao Jiashu's strong belief in his love of performance, he can't sit back and ignore it. He couldn't watch a star that was supposed to be shining brightly and was swallowed up by the darkness. What's more, he knows better than anyone about what the so-called black material is all about. The victim has not yet voiced, but the injurer has shaken up, but the black and white is reversed.

The elevator slowly went up, and as soon as I saw the 26th floor, Ji Yan faintly heard a cry, not tearing the heart, not sharp, but it was very sad, like a small injured animal. He suddenly remembered the time in the hospital, so he left the elevator and walked up the stairwell. When he climbed the corner, he saw Xiao Jiashu shrinking himself into a ball. His head was buried between his knees and his arms. But did not make any sound.

But Ji Yan knows how sad his heart is, and the sense of despair is drowning him.

"What are you crying?" Ji Yan said quietly. "If you have time to cry here, it is better to find a way to clarify."

"Ji Ge?" Xiao Jiashu suddenly looked up, revealing a face covered with snot and tears.

In the season, a handkerchief was placed on the face of Xiao Jiashu and rubbed hard. "I know that you are innocent, to find out the evidence."

"You don't understand Ji Ge, I don't care if it's not innocent. What's important is who is behind the push. If it's my family, then no matter what I say, they will send me away. If even your family If you discredit you, then you will never wash it. I know this feeling, I have a good friend who is so dead." Xiao Jiashu held the handkerchief and did not want Ji Ge to see his most embarrassing side.

“Call your family and ask them who they are doing this. If they admit it, you can get a true one; if they deny, then you can get a comfort. Nothing, ask yourself Hiding in the corner, guessing is the most stupid and weakest way." Ji Qi up the phone on the ground, press the start button, softly, "Look, so many missed calls are all people who care about you, You are still far from reaching the end of the road."

Xiao Jiashu took a look at the phone and his cheeks rose red. Mom, Shu Shu, Su Shi, Mei Xuan, Zi Jin, Assistant Xiao Zhou, Luo Dao, Miao Muqing... dozens of missed calls almost made his network card dead, WeChat is more The message of comfort has exploded. There are people in the microblogging circle, the most conspicuous is the news that Ji Ge just sent out - no one is afraid of himself, not afraid of words, Ji Ge is 100% believe him. There is also Ms. Mu Qing, who also stood up to speak for him at the most controversial moment...Xiao Jiashu’s cold heart was immediately resurrected. First, he gave a call to his eldest brother. When he couldn’t connect, he stood up and firmly said, “I won’t admit defeat. I have evidence.” The car accident investigation file, and the confession of the police at the time with the police for evidence collection And the audio recorded by He Yi when he died is the best evidence. He wants to sue those who make rumors and let them lose their money!

"If there is evidence, go to the top floor. The repairing general should be in a hurry." Ji Yan took the person to the elevator and saw his chin still with some tears and nose, and he took out a toilet paper.

Lin Leyang, who rushed in, just saw this scene, and the vinegar tank in his heart was completely overturned. In any case, he can't believe that Ji Ge, who has never spoken on Weibo, will stand up and support Xiao Jiashu. This is the first time! What is his relationship with Xiao Jiashu? So sure that the other party is innocent?

Ji Ji seems to be aware of it. Looking back at him, he did not explain anything.

"Jie Ge, now the Internet is skyrocketing. You go to the public relations department to see it, they are preparing to hold a meeting." Lin Leyang stepped forward and barely pulled a smile.

"Let them go to the top floor to meet, all the public relations personnel are listening to the general arrangements." Ji Yan looked at him deeply, seems to have something to say, but did not speak.

The elevator door opened, the elevator door closed, and the car quickly went up. Lin Leyang did not go in, but stared at the floor monitor, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became bitter. How good is Xiao Jiashu if it can disappear? He couldn't help but think.

The president's office was quiet and audible, and several assistants came and went to deliver the information, but they didn't even dare to let go, and they had a sincere and fearful expression on their faces. Ruisui President Su Rui, Jiahe President Song Xingzhou, Puzhong Media CEO Zhan World Expo... These casual cough and cough can also cause people in the entertainment circle to gather together, watching the woman sitting at the window with worried eyes.

The woman's temperament is elegant, the appearance is gorgeous, and the thick eyebrows that fly obliquely into the shackle add to her the enthusiasm of killing the fruit. She is the old goddess Xue Yu who used to redeem the whole of Asia and resolutely quit the entertainment circle at the peak. She pointed the mobile phone on the table with the fingertips of the crimson, and casually said, "When Li Jiaer bursts out, I will sign the contract, we will release the hammer. Want to black my son? I Let her both lose their fame and let the Zen cherish the blood, and see who is better than who!"

Lying in the trough! Xiao Jiashu turned out to be Xue Yu’s son? This is really a big show! The assistants were amazed, and even sighed that reality was more exaggerated than film. Not so dark, my brother!

"Hey, don't worry, Ji Wei has found a small tree, and he will come up soon." Xiu Changyu glanced at the phone and immediately asked, "How does Xiao Qijie say?"

"He said that unless I remarried with him, Xiaoshu would not be his son, he would never care." Xue Yu sneered. "I don't care, I am rare? Right, this time, thanks to the season, otherwise We have no way to get the investigation file of the year so quickly.""He has some connections in the United States, and it is not difficult to retrieve the files." Speaking of Ji Yan, Xiu Changyu was also surprised. Don't look at him often carrying juniors, but like this now, the unclear tears, he never touched. He loves his feathers very much.

"I still have to thank him anyway. I often listen to Xiaoshu at home to praise him. In ten sentences, eight sentences are inseparable from Ji Ge." I heard that my son is coming, Xue Yan’s cold expression immediately becomes soft, she I am grateful to say, "Thank you for coming over to help Xiaoshu immediately. This is the case. I invite you to eat."

"Xue sister, what are you polite with us, how big is it? We still want to watch a good show." Su Rui turned on the TV and smiled with gloating. "I am waiting to see how these people will end up later."

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