How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 50 Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Chapter 50

Lin Leyang immediately canceled the praise, and then hugged the phone with his mobile phone. "It’s terrible. Ji Ge, I really didn’t mean it. What should I do now?”

Ji Yan wiped his face, helplessly, "Come on a microblog to clarify, say that your hand slipped, and by the way, Miao Muqing expressed support."

Clarification can, why do you have to be very mature? Lin Leyang was very reluctant, but he did not dare to say it, so he euphemistically said, "I will make a draft first, and let the people in the public relations department help me to see what is appropriate. Ji Ge, I am so big, will it look like this? Silver three hundred two?"

Moreover, Miao Muqing has been quite black since she debuted. Every once in a while, someone tore her to tear her, or to slap her style. She either slaps her big name, or slaps her to suppress new people, and says she The upper position has slept throughout the crew, and it is simply a bus. Such a dirty speech did not see her stand up and responded. This time it must be cold treatment. If she endorsed her, she might be jealous of netizens. Why can she look down on others, but others still have to hold her stinky feet?

Such a thought, Lin Leyang is even more unwilling to speak for Miao Muqing, but Ji Ge’s instructions can not help but listen, really wrong! The boss in his heart is not comfortable, but he still has to hold up a hearty smile on his face. He suddenly turns his head and suddenly realizes that he has entered a misunderstanding.

Ji Ge said that all the emotional problems are on him. Is this really true? But what did Ji Ge do recently? He dismissed Xiaoyu regardless of his wishes, and almost ousted Pengxin. Now he has deprived Pengxin of his right to work, and he has also taken away his endorsement, so that he is under his control. His good name is good for him, but he actually limits his freedom.

Now, every scene he takes, every step of his way, and even every sentence he says is a good rule for Ji Ge, and if he is slightly dissatisfied or resisted, he will become a manifestation of inferiority!

Lin Leyang wants to be more unwilling, and then regrets his own mouth clumsy. If he can understand these reasons earlier, he will tell Ji Ge in a righteous manner that day, he is not defending his "ridiculous" self-esteem, but freedom! Ji Ge has to control everything, should he be manipulated like a doll? He is poor, he has no background, but he is also human! He has the right to decide what he should do and what to say!

Lin Leyang wants to get more and more angry, but when he gets into the corner of the horn, he can't come out. He still felt that this relationship was unfair. Ji Ge was on the surface for his good name, but he did not actually regard him as an equal individual. What "you just have to concentrate on filming, all the way I have paved for you", is this more pleasant? But if you think about it carefully, it is not the case at all!

Lin Leyang was afraid that his angry expression would be seen by Ji Ge. He could only bury his head and edit Weibo, but he wrote and deleted it. He deleted it and did not finish it for a few minutes.Ji Yan originally wanted to take him out to eat quietly, but now he has no mood. "Forget it," he showed an impatient look for the first time. "No need to clarify, how do you deal with it, just how to deal with it, just I have to remind you that this public opinion war is a bit embarrassing, and it is very likely that there will be a reversal of the wind."

How to reverse? Miao Muqing was used to being black, and she never saw her clarify. What's more, there is no such thing as human feelings in the entertainment circle. Besides the idiot of Xiao Jiashu, who will stand up and speak for Miao Muqing? Luo guide, Heng Ge, even Ji Ge, not all did not respond?

Lin Leyang turned off Weibo in disapproval. After all, no words were sent.

The season pulled out a cigarette and snorted.

"Jie Ge, you promised me to quit smoking." Lin Leyang helped him with a bowl of soup, and said, "You have recently pumped more than in the past, so it is not good for your health. Can I buy you an e-cigarette?"

Ji Yan stared at him for a while and suddenly asked, "Le Yang, do you think that my tube is too wide?"

"How come? You are also good for me, you are, after all, you are coming over, eating more salt than I am eating. You can take a lot of detours when you are." Lin Leyang looked directly at his boyfriend and his expression was sincere.

"Oh..." Ji Yan whispered and said no more.

The smog in the private room was very smoky, and it seemed that even the food had changed.


Miao Muqing is indeed a black body. Because she is particularly dare to fight hard, many big directors love to find her cooperation, and she is good at drilling camps, which invisibly blocks many people's roads. So every time there is a sunspot that blacks her once on a large scale, but never Did not knock her down, but let her skyrocket, Pengcheng miles.

Struggling from the 18th line into the super line, she only spent three years, and the sunspots have made great contributions. Since then, the entertainment industry has produced a new term - black and red, black and black.

But this time, Miao Muqing is not willing to remain silent again. She wants to return all the filth she has received, and let the general public know that some people are used to keeping silent not because of guilty conscience, but because they are sitting right. Not timid.

But the timing of clarification must also be mastered. It should not be too early or too late. The influence is not big enough early. The heat is over, no one cares, and it is not too late to be high. Fortunately, Miao Muqing's black powder was very powerful. She took the photo she deliberately released and began to revel. She kept the first heat of the whole network for three consecutive days, and Xiao Jiashu was miserable.

In the president's office, Xiu Yu and Huang Meixuan put Xiao Er in the middle and prepared for a severe criticism.

"Look at these remarks on the Internet. They can also say flowers without a shadow! Now I know the cost of helping people in the first place. Luo Guide, Shi Tingheng, Ji Yan are not open, where are you talking? "Huang Meixuan took a few photos on the coffee table. "You explain how these photos are going?"

Xiao Jiashu didn't go to see the photos, but he was anxious to help Ji Ji to defend. "Ji Ge never responded to anything on Weibo, only work-related Weibo, it is normal for him not to open his mouth.""You have a good look at the photos, don't worry about the season?" Huang Meixuan reached out and licked his ears.

Xiu Changyu quickly blocked his position and persuaded him. "You should talk well, don't scare him."

Huang Meixuan is going crazy, and can only grab his own hair. Master, you can't do this in love with the house and the Ukrainian! Do you like to help Xiaoshu clean up the mess?

Xiao Jiashu took a look at the photo and then grabbed it. As a young man, he was stunned by a sports car that was hit by a bumpy car. There was a run-down body lying in his arms. Several foreign policemen took the cordon and many passers-by were watching in the distance. . The car parts and the blood sprinkled everywhere, and the scene was very fierce. That was the scene when he rushed to the scene of a car accident at the age of sixteen. He did not know who was photographed and passed back to China.

He suddenly became dumb, not unclear, but sad enough to open his mouth.

Huang Meixuan saw him squinting at his face. It seemed to be very shy. He couldn’t help but rush. "You really killed a car in a foreign country?"

Her voice just fell, the public relations department made a phone call, said that a big V broke Xiaojiashu drug abuse, car, and killed people, and now even the photos are sent out, ask the repairs how to deal with. The photo of the dead man was very clear. Not only did Xiao Jiashu and the police appear on the front, but the bodies on the ground were conspicuous. To make matters worse, his face was very young and he was underage at first glance.

How to sentence a minor to a crime has always been one of the most concerned social issues in Chinese in recent years. When the news comes out, it will undoubtedly arouse widespread concern of the people. This incident is not too small, not to smear Xiao Jiashu, but to step on him directly!

But the problem is that he has just debuted. Who will be so hostile to him?

Huang Meixuan’s cold sweat has come down, and the long Yu is still indifferent. He patted Xiao Jiashu's shoulder and said softly, "Small tree, let me deal with this matter. If you don't want to say it, don't say it, my uncle believes that you won't do those things."

"Thank you for repairing Uncle..." How Xiao Jiashu had the heart to let the elders suffer for himself, just want to tell him about the previous things, and another call came in. The other party is the CEO of Chan Yue Hot Spring Resort, claiming that Xiao Jiashu’s moral quality is flawed, they will Give up cooperation with him.

"I have already released the news. How can you repent? Even if you repent, you can't make such a statement! You are down the stone..." Huang Meixuan is about to complain, and he has hanged up the phone impatiently. After opening Weibo, the cancellation book of Chanyue Hot Spring Resort Hotel has been reprinted by netizens. “The moral quality is flawed and not cooperated” completely sealed Xiaojiashu’s star route.

That is the big brother's hotel. Is it a big brother to make such a statement? What's more, even this wind. Wave is also planned by Big Brother? He wants to break himself into the abyss, and he can no longer compete with him for property. Xiao Jiashu knew that he should not, but could not help but think like this.

A few photos of the wind and the shadows could not hit him at all, but in the end, he completely lost his fighting spirit. He now only wants to find a place to hide himself, not to read anything, and to listen to nothing.Xue Yu immediately called Xiu Changyu. He patted Xiao Jiashu's shoulder and went outside to answer. Huang Meixuan also took the phone to contact people, just want to press these black materials as soon as possible. Xiao Jiashu sneaked away from them, and climbed down the stairs. When they climbed to the 26th floor, they finally couldn’t hold on. They sat down on the ground and buried their heads in their arms. Tears.

Maybe he shouldn't come back, and he shouldn't think about the love of his father and big brother. They are a family. They and their mothers are superfluous. Without those hopes, there will be no despair.

The mobile phone keeps vibrating, there are Xue Yu’s phone, there are assistants, and even Miao Muqing, but there is no father and big brother. Xiao Jiashu waited quietly for a while and finally turned off the phone.

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