How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 49 Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Chapter 49

Xiao Jiashu's life abroad can only be described in an old saying - the two ears do not smell the window, and read the sage book. He really didn't know how many assets Xiao had in the end.

"It turned out to be Xiao's business. It's no wonder that I would find a small tree." Huang Meixuan used the folder to beat Xiao Shaoye's head and tweeted. "The fat water does not flow outside the field, is it connected?"

"Receive." Xiao Jia's trunk nodded crisply and did not go to see the endorsement fee.

After the talks, the two men agreed to eat together, but they were refused. They had to leave and went to the first floor and saw the holographic screen on the wall playing an advertisement: Miao Muqing, who was filming, was bruised and wolverine. Unbearable, but must attend a banquet. The makeup artist looked around her and looked at her. She said that she could do nothing. She smiled easily, then took out her make-up bag and made herself a makeup. In a blink of an eye, she turned from a lonely woman to a glamorous goddess. The effect was amazing.

Xiao Jiashu stopped for a while and said with emotion, "These cosmetic effects are amazing!"

Huang Meixuan smiled in disapproval. "The bruises are painted by cosmetics. It is dropped with a hand. Where is it covered with cosmetics? The concealer I bought a few days ago can't cover the small acne on the nose. The current advertisement is really more and more exaggerated."

"No, bruise is true..." Xiao Jiashu also wanted to explain that Huang Meixuan was too lazy to listen to him, and perfunctorily said, "Good, all are real, hurry to pick up the car, the old lady is hungry."

Xiao Jiashu touched his nose and went to the parking lot to get the car. As a star, there is only one assistant when filming. When you are not filming, you have to be an assistant. Maybe only one person in the world is so mixed?

The two went to a private kitchen with a high degree of concealment. After finishing the dishes, they took out the mobile phone brush. Huang Meixuan is brushing the cat, Xiao Jiashu is brushing Weibo, and his expression is very intoxicating.

"Jie Ge was really handsome when he debuted! But now it is more handsome. Hey, look at this, which movie is he in?" Why didn't I have an impression?" Xiao Jiashu put the screen of the mobile phone under the nose of Huang Meixuan.

"That is the stills in "Bad Fruits". The movie has not been reviewed. It has been stuck since 2009, and you have never seen it. Rolling, don't bother me shopping."

Xiao Jiashu took back the mobile phone and shook his head regretfully. "How can I not go through the trial? If I am the leader of a certain bureau, I will let him go to every movie of Ji Ge. Ji Ge will be a boutique!" No. I liked it. After I finished the microblog of other people, I saw such an article, "The Heart of the Entertainment Circle", a total of several thousand words, all used to count how a female surname M played Big brands, how to be unprofessional, how to go on the black history of stepping on people, there are plates and eyes, high tides.

The vast number of netizens immediately pointed out that the M surname is Miao Muqing, and then turned out many photos of Miao Muqing playing big cards to prove.Xiao Jiashu looked more angry and sighed. "Mexuan sister, these people on the Internet are too rumored. Mu Qingjie's character is good or not. I don't know, but she is absolutely dedicated. Look at the one they sent. In the photo, Mu Qing’s sister fell on her leg when she was filming. In order not to affect the progress of the filming, she has been holding back, and let the assistant help her with the wine cellar every day. How can she be said to be a big-name player and not to look at the assistant? This is too exaggerated? They simply don't understand the truth. The assistant is squatting for the convenience of kicking, not forced!"

Huang Meixuan doesn't want to wave his hand. "The entertainment circle is like this. You can add countless notes to a photo. If you want to black, you will blacken you. If you want to praise you, you will boast of it. You can rely on the blogger's mouth. As long as the majority of netizens believe it, who will be What is your truth? Miao Muqing is very red recently, it should be the way to block."

Xiao Jiashu didn't talk any more, but silently turned the page and found that more and more people joined the team of black seedlings, and it was really uncomfortable. No, I have to do something, thinking about it, he copied the photo to his microblogging size and explained: Mu Qing’s sister hurt her leg when she was playing, and the assistant took the medicinal wine to her, not a big name. . She is the most dedicated female artist I have ever seen!

As soon as Weibo came out, the original black man began to take the lead again, saying that he was hot, holding thighs, etc., and that he had the ability to release his assessment video. Did you sleep with Miao Muqing so I can help her? Oh, you are really a squat, oh.

This is too much. Xiao Jiashu is in the fire, but he knows that if he can't get the evidence, he will be more and more busy, so he will open the phone and look for the video. He used to like to take some pictures of NG on the set. The NG is especially good, and there is just a real hammer.

Huang Meixuan didn't realize that the young saplings broke into the muddy water of Miao Muqing, and the gas was almost smashed. She twisted his ear and snarled. "You can really! Others are far away from the fear of lying down, you have to hit it and let people insert a knife. Do you know that we are pressing the words that are not good for you? Delete Weibo!"

"I don't delete it. We have already said when signing the contract. You can't interfere with what Weibo I send. If they are black and green, I will definitely say nothing, but they can't tarnish her enthusiasm for performance. You I haven't been to the studio, so you don't know, Mu Qing's scars are all true. She hasn't used a substitute and insisted on taking all the play. No matter how bad she is, but on the side of her dedication, she deserves My respect. As an actor, there must be artistic ethics, and the most fundamental point in ethics should not be professionalism? If an actor is not dedicated and is not good at filming, what kind of actor is it?"

Xiao Jiashu packed the video and sent it to Miao Muqing, fearing that she was upset about the phone and gave her a call to confirm her current status.

Huang Meixuan let go of his ear, crying and laughing. "How do you like this axis? Bring you, the old lady has to live for ten years!" But in the end did not say to delete the microblogging.


At the same time, Miao Muqing is enjoying a sunbathing while lying on his own swimming pool.

"Is there a blog post?" she asked lazily."I sent it out, there is no need to ask the Shuijun to have a large group of people rushing to black you." The assistant was full of admiration, "Mu Qingjie, how do you think of this marketing method? Too talented!"

"The shooting effect of the advertisement did not meet expectations, and the idea was made by me. Can I make up for the gold master? I also blame the current advertisement for the scam, I am really hurt, the audience insists that my bruise is painting. I still swear by my false propaganda! OK, then I will make things big, first black, I am not dedicated, and then release all the videos that were injured during the shooting, one for myself, and the other for the gold name. Third, the film propaganda, word of mouth and popularity will soar, no loss and still earn it!"

She was squatting on the edge of the pool, and she didn't care. "Is there a friend who has a good relationship with me to stand up and be me?"

The assistant suddenly stunned. "Mu Qingjie, not yet."

"Oh, no, there is no, what is not temporary. The current society is like this. The human condition is thinner than paper. Maybe there are people in the black who have the water army they invited..." Miao Muqing’s voice did not fall, he listened to the assistant. Surprised, "Sister, someone is quite awkward! It is Xiao Jiashu!"

"Ah?" Miao Muqing was surprised. She quickly climbed up to look at the mobile phone, and then received a compressed package, which was all the video of her injury when she was filming. After the call came in, the ringing tone was very fast.

Miao Muqing stared at the screen of the mobile phone, and the mood was very complicated. Before marketing, she expected that she would be surrounded by all sides, isolated and helpless. Anyway, it was fake. She could control and feel uncomfortable. But now, staring at the word "Xiao Jiashu", her nose suddenly became sour, but her heart was warm.

If a man is talking to her, she will suspect that the other party's motives are not pure, as netizens have guessed. But she and Xiao Jiashu live together for dozens of days, how can they not know his talent? He was only interested in filming, and he didn't care about anything else. He was so dark and didn't see him say a word for himself, but he could stand up and speak for her.

How is this person so embarrassed! Miao Muqing was crying and laughing, and was preparing to connect to the phone. The other end was hung up. Soon, another WeChat sent it and comforted: "Mu Qingjie, the video I sent you was taken on the set, maybe I have helped you. Just now I asked Luo, who said that as long as you edit it properly and don't reveal the story, you can use it."

"I know, thank you for the small sapling." Miao Muqing once had a good impression on the man in the entertainment circle, but unfortunately this man still can't climb her. She smiled for a moment and turned to her assistant. "How do I feel so good? I feel guilty!"

"You don't think so. You see, now the whole network is black, only Mr. Xiao speaks for you alone. When you release all the prepared hammers, Mr. Xiao will definitely get everyone's approval. Because only he Dare to tell the truth. This year, true and false are not clear, it is true, you must first say that you are a fake, wait until you have enough to prove that you are true, so turn and turn Someone will believe, what do you say is this world?" The assistant shook his head."The era of information explosion is like this. People receive too much information, it is not good to screen." Miao Muqing quite wants to open, cheerfully sent a few expression packs to the small sapling.

On the other hand, Ji Wei is also paying attention to the comments on the Internet. Lin Leyang sat next to him and brushed Weibo. I don’t know what kind of psychology, the fingertips stayed on the praise for a long time. He couldn't forget Miao Muqing's humiliation to him. The words that the netizens said were all true. She could only see the big coffee in her eyes and could not enter the small person.

"Is advise you not to like it." Ji Yan glanced at him. "This little wind can't move Miao Muqing. She knows the director of the whole country."

"I didn't want to like it." Lin Leyang was so scared that he accidentally clicked on "Like" and waited for him to cancel. The netizens who were quick-eyed immediately took screenshots and used them to prove those rumors. After all, Shi Tingheng and Ji Wei also had a photo with Lin Leyang. The whole network knew that they were filming "Apostles", and Miao Muqing was the heroine of "Apostles".

The young people in the same crew dare to stand up and praise Weibo, which shows that Miao Muqing is unpopular!

Things suddenly became too big, and Lin Leyang almost cried. He really didn't mean it!

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