How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 47 Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Chapter 47

Xiao Jiashu believes in one sentence - there is no real performance without a real experience. So after getting the exam questions, he immediately asked the stylist to wear a half-length wig and a beard and mix it into the tramp. He lived in the South Gate Square for three days, did not bring a mobile phone, did not take a wallet, thirsty to go to the public toilet or green belt to drink tap water, hungry to ask the passers-by or dump the garbage bin, anyway, the tramp how to pass him How to live, completely forget that I am the second master of Shaw Pharmaceuticals.

On the last day, he was hungry and had a chest back. The whole person was lying on the floor like a dough. His skin was dirty and his clothes were stinky. There was no image at all. He looked at the bell tower erected on the side of the square, secretly stipulated the time for the assessment deadline - twelve o'clock, this experience will end at twelve o'clock. As a good actor, you have to experience different life, and each experience will become your precious spiritual wealth. Hold on to the little sapling!

In this way, he had two flames called "fights" in his eyes, but he quickly went out in the next second, and then showed the expression of the bag. Then, that person should not be Ji Ge?

Although the night was dimly lit, and Ji Yan wore a mask and a hat to hide his identity, Xiao Jiashu was too familiar with him. He recognized people only by his back and gait. He quickly picked up the snakeskin pocket on the ground and prepared to shift his position. The season 冕 turned his head and looked at it. His eyes swept over him and he naturally removed.

Slowly walked over, slowly... Xiao Jiashu warned himself while walking steadily. He was hungry and dizzy, and he did not need to install it to perform a lonely tramp. It turns out that the best performances are not imitations, but immersive. It is no wonder that actors used to conduct group training when filming before, what kind of subject matter will let them experience life, and then the effect is better than one. Unfortunately, the current film industry has long since abandoned this fine tradition, so there are no bright actors and works.

He thought a lot in his heart, and unwittingly went to the front of the season and went back. Once again, there was another figure.

Ji Ge really is passing by. He secretly breathed a sigh of relief, climbed the flyover and sat down on the side of the road. The dead fish waited for the last few hours. At 11 o'clock in the evening, there were fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road. He stood up on his back and folded the snakeskin pockets neatly under his arm. This was the first step in the underground bridge. Several drunken young people passed by him, seemingly smoked by his stench, suddenly angered, and he was a slap in the face.

Such things often happen to tramps. They have no power, no home, no home, and are at the bottom of society. No one cares about their lives and deaths, and naturally no one will come forward to discourage them.Xiao Jiashu quickly huddled and protected his head and face, so as not to be hit. These days he communicated with several tramps and knew how to deal with this situation. As long as he is not hit by the key, don't think about resisting or calling for help, it will only irritate the perpetrators. Of course, you can also choose to run away, but only if you have to run these people. If you run but you are picked up, you will be greeted with rain-like fists.

Xiao Jiashu couldn't do it, but he could only bite his teeth, because twelve o'clock had not passed. At this moment, he is not the second master of Xiao's Pharmaceutical. When one of the perpetrators lifted the bottle and prepared to give him a scoop, a tall man held the other's wrist and sighed. "I have already called the police and advised you to stop."

The few people who are still sensible have panicked and threw down the bottle and ran fast.

Xiao Jiashu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and his heart was even more moved. He was not someone else, it was Ji Ge. Ji Ge really is a good person, the road is not flat, oh wow, when the shot is shot, wow, the wind is burning in Kyushu... eh? How did your mood suddenly improve? Huh? Why are you still singing? Xiao Jiashu has been beaten, and the whole person is in a state of safari.

Ji Yan’s worried expression was slightly stagnation, and his mouth kept shaking. He seemed to want to pull down, but he did not consciously go up. How can Xiao Jiashu be so embarrassed? He sighed and sighed. He was helpless. "Isn't it hurt? Can you go? I will take you to the hospital to see?"

"I am four, teasing is a wide pain in the skull, thank you for this cauldron!" Xiao Jiashu replied with a strong Hunan accent. He didn't dare to look up, he didn't dare to stand up, and the back camel was more powerful than before, but even if he didn't hide it, others couldn't see his identity from his dirty appearance and decadent look. At least for Ji Ji. If he had a special ability, it would be impossible to find a target among so many tramps.

"You really have nothing?" Ji Yan brows.

"Needle drops, thank you big pot!" Xiao Jiashu continued to be awkward and humble.

Ji Yan couldn't bear to look at it again. He said that he had to pay for a hundred bucks. "Get it and buy it."

"Thank you for the cauldron, you are four good people in the cauldron!" Xiao Jiashu’s muddy eyes burst into tears. Three days, this is the first warmth he felt.

Ji Yan raised his hand and tried to touch his head. He saw the blocky hair tangled down and turned into a wave, then slowly walked away. Just at this time, the clock tower also reached 12 o'clock, the three-day wandering life ended, and the bodyguards hidden in the neighborhood came out, and there was a lingering fear. "Mr. Xiao, I said that you have to keep up with you. I just got something wrong."

"The few people who just ran away?" Xiao Jiashu had a snakeskin pocket in one arm and a hundred dollars in one hand. His expression was awkward.

"All the old six twisted to the police station, Mr. Xiao, I opened the room in the opposite hotel, you have to take a bath, eat a meal?" Bodyguards to the Xiao Er Shao admire. He originally thought that this person could not last for three days. It is expected that he not only persisted, but also performed so well. He was thirsty to drink tap water and was hungry and turned the garbage bin. He had to work harder than when he was a mercenary."Thank you, these days have worked hard for you. Didn't the video be taken? Show me." Xiao Jiashu did not forget that this was an assessment.

The bodyguard sent the video to him quickly. "All of them were photographed. The students in your class uploaded the video to the Internet. Do you want to pass it on?" He really felt that the performance and effort of those few people could not match. Xiao Er is less than half. If these videos are sent to the Internet, they will definitely subvert the impression that people have inherently. He is not proud and not too expensive. On the contrary, his attitude towards work and life is more serious than anyone else. Once the goal is determined, he will spare no effort to do it.

"Do not send." Xiao Jiashu decisively refused, and then walked into the five-star hotel with a snakeskin pocket.

The doorman’s expression was a bit cracked at the moment he saw him. He was preparing to swear, but he found that he was followed by a strong man. It seemed to be a bodyguard, and suddenly he was in the same place. "This gentleman, you..." The mind is confused and the line is black.

The bodyguard took out a room card and shook it. The doorman immediately let go, and secretly spit out: Nima, now the rich people are getting nervous!

Another bodyguard followed, and went to the second and second to explain the situation. Due to the monitoring on the road, several alcoholics have been detained and may have to stay in the detention center for three or four days before they can come out.

"Well, I know." The group entered the suite. Xiao Jiashu quickly took a shower, and then gave Xue Wei a safe report. After a while, he said, "Mom, I want to donate money to build a homeless home, and I want to set up a special What kind of road do you have to help the wanderer's charity fund? Ok, good, I'm fine, I know, thank you mom." He paused, then mute, "Mom, thank you for creating such a good for me." The living environment and my healthy growth, I love you."

The two bodyguards were so wet that they were so wet that they did not damage the image.

Xiao Jiashu got the kiss of his mother's love. The wounds of the three days were completely calm. He took out the hundred-dollar bill and looked at it. After all, he did not hold back. He took a photo and sent it to Weibo. The comment is: This is me. The warmest gift I have received in 20 years, thank you for the cauldron!

Ji Yan hid in the dark to observe Xiao Jiashu and found that he was following the bodyguards. He was relieved to go home and took out his mobile phone and turned over. He accidentally saw a picture of a hundred dollar bill. Because he and Shi Tingheng have paid attention to "Don't bow, the little crown will fall", Xiaoguan now has more than 100,000 fans. The news is all inexplicable and asks if he wants money to be crazy.

This bag! Ji Yan was speechless and took a lot of effort to keep his fingers on the like option.

On the following day, four students handed in the assessment video one after another. Huang Zijin seemed to laugh and laugh. "Well, the speculation means one more than one. Some people can actually call the season emperor, great! Xiaoshu, why have you not been moving?"

"I am a tramp, the image is too ugly, and I am willing to go out." Xiao Jiashu handed the U disk up and shouted. "You can see it privately. You must not rumor, ah!""Oh, I am not a big mouth, your results will be reviewed later. Jessie, Jin Shijun, you are not passing, I will not use it later, I can't teach you such a falsified student." Huang Zijin looked at Lin Leyang, " You are reluctant to pass, the performance is very natural in the early stage, but it is very emotional in the late stage. I don’t think of myself as a woman at all. If I am a season, I can recognize you at a glance. Maybe he recognized it early, but he played with you. Only, who did you fool the skill?"

Jessie and Jin Shijun were very angry. They left now and said that they were looking for complaints from the boss. Huang Zijin did not care, opened the computer and plugged in the U disk, began to watch the performance of the small sapling. He said that he would give the students three days to prepare, but did not expect that the saplings would wander in the South Gate Square from the first day. He fully integrated into the life of the wanderer, and experienced their hardships and pains. He even beaten, but he adhered to the norms of the wanderers, and did not resist at all.

He is obviously experiencing, but he has lived a real appearance.

The video has already been played, but Huang Zijin has been unable to speak for a long time, because Lin Leyang left behind because of curiosity is even more shocking.

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