How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 46 Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Chapter 46

Ji Yan and Lin Leyang had an appointment to interview his "Cousin" at eleven o'clock. When the time was approaching, he heard the beep of high heels coming from outside the door. He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Hello, I am Lin Lele, the cousin of Lin Leyang. I am 20 years old, I am a university student, and I have only graduated one year. I will interview the trainees in your studio." Lin Leyang went into the office and looked like he was helpless. Do yourself. The secretary poured a cup of coffee for him and Chen Pengxin.

"At the age of twenty, I came to interview the trainees, and I was a little older." Ji Yan followed the normal procedure, what to say and say, no feelings.

Lin Leyang glanced at the phone and found out that the pot was blasted in the live room. Someone spit it out. The name he took was too casual. Some people spit him out of his way, but he treated the season gods. In reality, the season god is really no different from the one on the screen. It is always so serious and one-on-one. The beauty who faces the face value bursts doesn't even look at the eyes, and the work attitude can't be more praise. Reward and reward! Desperately reward the season god!

Seeing the extremely high amount of rewards, Lin Leyang's eyes flashed slightly. Ji Ge’s appeal is really terrible! No, I can't watch the phone anymore, he will doubt it. If he knows that I am on the air, willn't it be angry? In this way, he immediately put the phone into his bag.

At the same time, the joy of Ji Yan's eyes was slowly dissipating, but his expression was too serious, and no one found any abnormality. He continued. "Although the age is a bit large, but you are worthy of online, if you have a more outstanding talent, it is still worth training. Should you be prepared to come over today?"

Lin Leyang said with a hard scalp, "I sang a song by myself." Chen Pengxin immediately handed the guitar to him.

"You can start." Ji Yan waved his hand casually.

Lin Leyang's guitar is very good, this is a bright spot, but he has to sing in a slap in order to play a woman, the effect is not flattering. Ji Yan heard a brow, and the fans in the live room laughed a lot and sympathized with Ji Shen. This year, it turned out that someone singing is terrible.

At the end of the song, Ji Yan said straightforwardly, "I advise you not to develop in the music world, there is no future. Besides singing, do you have other talents? For example, dancing?"

Lin Leyang how to dance in high heels? He shook his head shyly. "Just always, I can't dance."

"Then will you act?"

"I will." Lin Leyang immediately raised his chest, and the whole person looked very confident, but after seeing the towering two squats, he squatted again and instantly smashed. His move made the fans laugh, and Chen Pengxin constantly moved in the office, just to get the best results, but also a big close-up on Ji Yan's face.

The season smashed Chen Pengxin's glance, after all, there was no seizure, Shen Shen said, "Then you play a crying scene."

Hey? Lin Leyang was stunned, then he shook his head firmly. "No, I can't cry."

“Why?” Ji Yan asked with patience.

"It will be a makeup." Does it take me to make up the makeup?Very good, this reason is very strong, I give 101 points! More than one point is not afraid of your pride. The fans laughed and then looked forward to the reaction of the season.

Ji Yan went to the door and said with a hand, "You can go. You can't sing, you can't dance, you are afraid of destroying the image. You can't really cultivate it like you. If you must enter the entertainment circle." I suggest you go to be a flat model."

Le Yang, Ji Shen is scorning you as a vase! Hahahaha, it’s a god of the season, it hurts people without dirty words. Faced with this level of beauty can also be indifferent, official business, don’t be too principled and determined! Give the season gods 10,000 praises! The barrage and the like all covered the live broadcast room, and the amount of the prize instantly created a historical record.

Chen Pengxin stared at the screen of the mobile phone and watched it all the time. The whole person almost excitedly pumped it. I rely on this, just a few minutes of interviews, he made a huge sum of money, the old saying is really right - back to the tree to enjoy the cool!

Lin Leyang was not happy at all. He went to the door and stopped. He gnawed his teeth. "Jie Ge, in fact, I am Le Yang. I am in the assessment." He suddenly spoke with a normal male voice, and the front and back contrasts called the fans laugh. Half dead.

Ji Yan raised his eyebrows and his face looked surprised.

Lin Leyang simply rip off the wig and reaffirmed, "I am Le Yang, Ji Ge. Teacher Huang asked us to exercise, and the topic I got was a woman."

Ji Yan only took up the surprised expression, and the support smiled. "It turned out to be like this. I thought you were a transvestite."

Seeing his smile, Lin Leyang’s nervous mood immediately relaxed and rushed to Chen Peng’s new hand. “Well, turn off the live broadcast and the assessment is over.”

Chen Pengxin turned off the live broadcast in the miserables of the fans. He went to the background to check the proceeds. He also logged on Weibo and looked at the number of fans of Lin Leyang. He found that he had risen hundreds of thousands, and he didn’t want to mention it. Lin Leyang started to ask, uneasily asked, "Ji Ge, Teacher Huang Zijin asked us to record the assessment process, so I opened the live broadcast, you will not be angry?"

"It's okay, but next time you have to tell me first." After Jiu returned to his desk, he waved. "I still have a document to deal with. Go back."

"I can sit here and wait, we have dinner together at noon?" Lin Leyang clearly feels that he has less time to get along with Ji Ge recently.

"Don't wear it like this to eat with me?" Ji Yan looked at him up and down.

Lin Leyang discovered that he still had a pair of wigs in his hand, with silicone on his chest and a short skirt and high heels. Don’t say that going out to eat, it’s more than a second. He ran out immediately, as if there were ghosts chasing after him. Chen Peng’s new music happily said goodbye to the season, and also went out.As soon as they left, the smile on Ji Yan’s face disappeared. He ignited a cigarette and slowly sucked it. His eyes were hidden behind the thin smoke and seemed to flicker. After a while, Fang Kun knocked on the door and pointed to the hot headline on the mobile phone. "You and Lin Leyang do the live broadcast together? What is your coffee position, ah? Going to do this live broadcast, and being blinded from beginning to end. In the drums, the endorsement business almost broke my mobile phone! Although your fans are very happy, but your fortune is all gone. He is borrowing you to take the position, take your hype!"

"Okay, occasionally picking up the gas, things are not as serious as you think." Ji Yan's tone is faint.

He was not confused by the beauty, and he did not open the door to convenience. The whole process was serious and public, and the impact was positive. The netizen’s evaluation of him is very good. A few black powders have not caught the handle, and the consequences are not serious. Fang Kun sat opposite him and was speechless for a while.

"I don't understand," he said slowly for a long time. "You treat yourself so harshly. Why would Lin Leyang condone this level? If someone secretly takes you to live, will you be so calm? You are not afraid to raise his appetite. After he bursts red, he will step on you?"

The season annihilated cigarettes, the voice was low. "Since I decided to start a relationship, I would not easily choose to end, but you can rest assured that I also have my own bottom line."

"You don't dare to take care of your own affairs now. You can count on your own." Fang Kun took out his mobile phone and looked at it, sneer. "Now the young people are more and more aware of hype and marketing themselves. Lin Leyang's live broadcast has just ended. Jessie and Jin Shijun began to follow suit. Damn, is this fast food restaurant not opened by his old wife?"

Ji Wei found two live rooms based on online comments. I saw Jessie’s old man wandering around the door of a fast food restaurant, saying that he had amnesia and could not find his way home. The fast-food shop owner immediately put down the business to help him find his loved ones, making fans very moved. But the truth is that the fast food restaurant is opened by the employees of Guanshi Entertainment. The boss is not doing good, but acting together.

Whether this is to promote positive energy or deceive the public, Ji Yan can't say it, but in addition to a burst of tiredness in his heart, he is still annoyed.

Jin Shijun’s routine is also the same. The disabled took the subway and met a good-hearted sister to help him buy a ticket and escort him home. Miss Sister is not only beautiful, but also more beautiful. But what is not known is that this young lady is a trainee of the company and will soon be debuted.

"The current speculation is really brilliant, like telling a story." Fang Kun turned over the comments on the Internet and was curious. "They have a total of four people in one class, and three of them have released the assessment video. Now they are worse." The team is so powerful that it should be more fierce."

Ji Yan immediately rummaged through the entertainment news and found that there was no news of Xiao Jiashu, and the chilly face was a lot softer. He waved. "What do you do with other people's affairs? Let the public relations department pay attention to the trend of public opinion, don't let the music go.""I know the size." Fang Kun shook his head while pushing the door. "I don't know how to do it when I play, I am advertising a fast food restaurant that helps the old Zhao's wife. One is helping the trainees with heat. In the future, the fans suspect that they are going to reverse. This is to smear on yourself."

Ji Shantou did not lift, apparently lost interest in these things. He had been busy until 8:30 in the evening to pack up the documents and prepare to go home. When he drove past the bus station, he seemed to think of something, turned around and then drove further to the South Gate Square.

At night, the neon lights in Beijing are shining, people come and go, and there is a bustling scene. However, behind the bustling, many homeless people are wandering around. They are ragged and embarrassed, don't know where the dinner is today, and don't know where they can go tomorrow. They have to live and live without hope.

Ji Yan stopped the car, circled a large circle along the square, and swept through the face of every tramp, but shook his head and laughed after searching for nothing. What was he doing? Who are you looking for?

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