How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 45 Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Chapter 45

The black SUV has disappeared into the corner, and Lin Leyang is still standing in a daze. Chen Pengxin was one step later than him. He was in the dark and saw it for a long time before he came over. He asked with a wink and eyebrows, "What is your relationship with the season?"

"It doesn't matter." Lin Leyang slowly returned.

"Who is it? It doesn't matter if you can pull his clothes? It doesn't matter if you can talk in the car for so long? Are you two?" Chen Pengxin raised two thumbs and made a gesture of kissing.

"You don't talk about it, it's not good for Ji Ge!" Lin Leyang gave him a look.

"Well, I don't say it. If you tell me that the season is always your boyfriend, where do I still use the tired and tired to help you find resources, just go with the season or not? I can't help you." The film can work with the two great emperors. It turned out to be like this!” Chen Pengxin smiled excitedly. “Le Yang, do you have such a good backing, but you can’t be red? Can you hope that you will be able to fly!”

"What nonsense, I don't want to rely on Ji Ge..." Lin Leyang was dumb. He has no conviction at all, and he does not rely on the words of Ji Ji, because he has been relying on the road, the most dependent person is Ji Yan, he arranged the school for him, paid him enough tuition and living expenses, and laid it for him. A bright future. Without the season, there is no such thing as him.

"I have to take a good movie, like this cocktail party will not go anymore, you know? Ding Zhen is not a good person." Lin Leyang changed his mouth in time.

Chen Pengxin doesn't care either. "If you don't go, you won't go. Anyway, the season will always take you to a more advanced reception. Oh, no, you are serious about falling in love, not the relationship between the gold master and the supporter?"

"No, we are in love with each other." When it came to this, Lin Leyang finally showed a little smile.

The two returned home by elevator, only to find that Chen Pengyu had not returned. The tenth to twenty-two floors of this building were all rented and loaned to the artists. Lin Leyang used the relationship of Ji Ji to make a single room for Chen Pengyu, just opposite him. Chen Pengxin worried that his sister would not live safely and would come to see it every day.

He opened the door and found no trace of his sister, but found a new bag of L family on the sofa, and said that he had to pay for three or four thousand dollars.

"Le Yang, take a look, is this genuine or A?" Chen Pengxin shouted at the bag.

"Xiaoyu's money to buy genuine, is definitely A goods." Lin Leyang did not take this package seriously, tired, "I fell asleep, you wait for her."

"Go and go." Chen Pengxin now completely looks at the hair as a cash cow, and slams him to rest, so as to maintain his relationship with the season. Waiting for more than one o'clock in the evening, Chen Pengyu was finally back, and he still had a strong alcoholic spirit. Fortunately, Chen Pengxin was in a good mood and did not marry her. Instead, she told her about Lin Leyang and Ji Yan.

"I didn't get it wrong? Ji Yan is a homosexual, is he still with Le Yang brother?" Chen Pengyu immediately woke up, his face slightly distorted for a moment, and excited, "Is that brother you are not made? There is a season, you are happy. Yang Ge will be able to be red, when you are a gold medal agent, there are a lot of good draws!""Yes, my brother must let you live a good life." Chen Pengxin patted his sister's head and sat with her to think about the future.


After the reception of the reception, Lin Leyang's mentality was flat. He was only at home, in the company, on the studio, in three places, and when he was filming, he was very focused, which made Luo Zhangwei very happy. He privately thought that among the new generation of male artists, the two most potential non-Xiao Jiashu and Lin Leyang are, as long as they insist on walking on the right path, the future will be able to become a large device.

On this day, Lin Leyang’s plays were all finished. After saying goodbye to the crew, they returned to the company to stage a technical class. After a period of systematic training, Huang Zijin arranged a small test for the four students, and the title was hidden in the black box.

"Come, you take turns to draw lots, take what you play, you have to take the process and hand it over to me. I will give you a corresponding evaluation based on your performance. Note, you have three days of preparation time, if the test Someone has seen your disguise, and this assessment is not successful." Huang Zijin waved, "Small tree, you are the first to smoke, see how you are lucky."

Xiao Jiashu ran to the stage, put his hand into the box and stirred it, then took out a small paper group, which was written with three words - the tramp.

"This is not too difficult, go back and prepare." Huang Zijin laughed.

Xiao Jiashu nodded seriously and returned to his seat to take out his mobile phone to check the information.

The second lottery is the doll face Jessie, the third is the face-lifting face Jin Shijun, the two have drawn the elderly and disabled. Lin Leyang was the last one, and the woman was drawn.

"Hey, luck is a bit bad, but you have to be transgender. But your face is very faint, it is easy to make any makeup, it should be no problem. Well, go back and prepare." Huang Zijin took the lottery process and made a video. In order to archive records in the future.

Jessie and Jin Shijun were haha, and Lin Leyang went to the physical room, and Xiao Jiashu took the elevator down. After the elevator door opened, he did not lift his head and walked in. He turned his phone and thought about it: How should the tramp play? First of all, we must definitely fit the shape, and secondly, we must pay attention to the spiritual consistency. Only when the appearance and the inner are in place can we achieve the effect of both form and spirit. But what can we do to have both form and spirit? It’s impossible to rely on imagination. Every tramp has a sad heart behind it. If you don’t feel it, you can’t understand them. This depends on the most primitive method—experience.

Right, experience. Find a place where the tramp is the most, stay for three days and three nights, and watch their life, not to perform, but to integrate. Thinking of this, Xiao Jiashu wrote a line in the Baidu question and answer column: Which place in Beijing is the most tramp?

Waiting for the netizen to give an answer, a low voice came from behind him. "You can go to the West Bus Station and the South Gate Square, where the tramp is the most."

“Hey?” Xiao Jiashu turned back, only to find that Jiuqi stood in the side of the back. Because of his height advantage, he could see his mobile phone screen when he was coveted. “Thank you Ji Ge!” He happily put away the phone, no longer Consider the answer from the netizen. Can Ji Ge say that there is something wrong?The two were separated in the parking lot, one in the same place, and one went straight to the West Bus Station. After a while, Lin Leyang came down. After climbing into the car, he smiled and said, "Jie Ge, after three days, I have a cousin who wants to come to the company to apply for a trainee. Are you going to meet her?"

This idea is still Chen Peng's new one. He said that since he has to take the exam, he will pick the hardest level. It is nothing to be said that it is a real acting skill. Lin Leyang feels that this is very reasonable and immediately pave the way for himself.

Ji Yan smiled at him and did not hesitate to agree. "Yes, you let her come, but the ugly words are in front, if she is not good enough, I will not open the back door for her."

"Well, definitely don't open the back door." Lin Leyang wanted to laugh, and he held back in time.


Three days later, the company came to a newcomer, the devil-like figure with an angel-like face, it was a spotlight, and it was able to attract everyone's attention. Chen Pengxin followed behind "She" and placed a pinhole camera at the neckline, which was specially used to capture the performance of "beauty" and the reactions of people around him.

"Peng Xin, my chest is boring, isn't the silicone stick too tight? Let's go to the bathroom to adjust it later." Lin Leyang walked into the elevator with a red face and saw no one around, and said, "Why are you?" Do you want to broadcast live? Isn't it good to just take pictures of me walking on the road, don't shoot the company? Ji Ge doesn't like hype, and doesn't like others to take him hype!"

"When you put on makeup, I started the live broadcast. Now there are already more than 100,000 fans in the attention, and I have given a lot of rewards. If you don't record, you can't record it. Can they agree?" Chen Pengxin whispers, "anyway Ji Ge is your boyfriend, what is the relationship with your speculation? Don't say if you should not say it, I want to open the live broadcast." In order not to expose the address, Chen Pengxin turned off the live broadcast and told the fans half an hour later. Enter the room again and have more exciting content to deliver.

After Lin Leyang's women's makeup, the value of her face rose sharply. From a handsome boy to a white-looking goddess, the fans were incredible. Of course, in order to prevent fans from misunderstanding that they are transvestites, Lin Leyang also explained the reasons in advance, and also sent the video of the day of the lottery to everyone to prove innocence.

Everyone expressed understanding and looked forward to his next performance. Then he did not disappoint, every move was feminine and pure, even after visiting several clothing stores, there was no half passers-by to see him wrong, and even a boy ran up to talk to him, trying to His micro-signal code, called fans, almost laughed.

Lin Leyang originally thought that the end of the shopping trip was over, but did not expect Chen Pengxin to tell everyone that they had to go back to the company to see the boss's reaction, so please look forward to it. Who is Lin Leyang’s boss? It’s the season! As soon as the news came out, the little crowns were excited and almost didn't explode the live room.

Looking at the number of people who are soaring in the live broadcast room, Lin Leyang is really riding a tiger. Broadcast it, I am sorry for Ji Ge, don’t broadcast it, can’t compare fans, this is a trouble!"Oh, don't hesitate. You are not all good with the season? It's not a big deal, but let the season always give you a mirror to help you pull the popularity. He wanted to win you, but also Because this is angry with you?" Seeing the floor is up, Chen Pengxin decisively said, "I laugh naturally, I want to start the live broadcast, one, two, three, well, open."

Lin Leyang immediately pulled out a smile, then stepped on the high heels and went out. Ji Ge should not be angry, he does not always let himself rely on him more? Thinking about it, he settled down.

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