How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 43 Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Chapter 43

Ding Zhen is the CEO of Skyworth Entertainment. There are some relationships between black and white. It can be said that it is a slap in the face that can make the entertainment circle shake. He is very bold and generous, and he organizes a cocktail party from time to time, inviting many big directors or popular idols to attend, not to speculate, just a picture.

Being invited to attend his reception, it is worthy of a glory for Lin Leyang, who is currently unpopular. He hesitated, but soon remembered Ji Ge’s instructions and refused again. “I will not go.”

"Why? You gave me a legitimate reason!" Chen Pengxin was dying.

"Jie Ge does not let."

"The season always knows that we can get Ding Zhen's invitation letter, maybe we can boast that we can do it! The season is always the boss, there are many employees under the hand, many artists, he can't use all his energy to cultivate you, you have to I want to find a way, find out the way. So many good resources are falling in the sky? No! It is by ourselves to fight, to grab it yourself! You are not red now, the season will not take care of you, wait for you red When he gets up, he will give you good resources. You have to work hard on your own!"

Chen Peng’s words touched Lin Leyang’s heartstrings. Yes, he has embarked on this road. Isn't he trying to catch up with the pace of the last season with his own efforts? How do you rely more and more on him now? In this way, he is afraid that even the self will lose it?

"Well, I am going. What time does the reception begin?" Lin Leyang gritted his teeth and agreed.

"At 7:00 in the evening, I will come to your house and pick you up at half past six." Chen Pengxin flew quickly. "I told you that Tango met Zhang Shi at the reception of Ding Zhen and then starred in his "Pear Blossoms". Rain, last year, there is still no reputation. This year, the fire has become a first-line star. You think about it, from the 18th line to the first line, the distance of a cocktail party, can you not seize the opportunity? What is in the entertainment circle? The most important thing is that the network is the most important!"

"I know, I will take good care of the opportunity." Lin Leyang's heart was hot, and he soon forgot the future of Ji Yan.

At the same time, Xiao Jiashu also got an invitation from Huang Meixuan, "Ding Zhen? I don't know."

"There is no need to know, I have to eat a meal in the past. Mainly Hu Ming will also go. He recently filmed a suspense horror film and purchased a film and television copyright of a famous foreign horror novel. Millions of books, fans are paying attention. You used to be familiar with Hu, because I am going to let you audition his male number one."

"Isn't it a "love by the lover"?" Xiao Jiashu came to an instant. "Lovers" is one of the representative works of the famous foreign horror novelist Stenven Abel. After the publication, the edition is reprinted. The circulation is close to 80 million copies. It has hundreds of millions of fans around the world and has a huge influence. Can take down its film and television copyright, enough to demonstrate the strength of Hu Ming director."Yes, it's "Love by the lover." Can you go?" Huang Meixuan does not value this opportunity. It is good to get the male number one. It is not a pity. Anyway, Xue Jie said long ago, let Xiao Shumiao go to develop himself. He wants to take a film and shoot what kind of film, without interference. Of course, if he wants to make a color, love, film, or something, without Huang Meixuan, Xue Jie can interrupt his leg.

"Go, I really like to watch "The Lovers"." Xiao Jiashu quickly agreed.

"After going to talk with Hu, let's just come out and don't wait. You are afraid that you don't know, that Ding Zhen is a famous hungry ghost. He likes to play with actors, and he works very well. Some people are being He didn't dare to say that he had been ruined in the next half of his life."

Xiao Jiashu touched his handsome face, worried, "Mexuan sister, I should be very dangerous this time?"

"Hey, he dares to try you, don't mention your parents and your big brother, that is, Xiu can also get rid of his two layers of skin!"

Xiao Jiashu shook his head and his face was complicated. "Mexuan sister, the entertainment circle is really chaotic. I don't want to step into this circle too deeply. Let's take a good movie, nothing else."

"Well, you just take a good filming, and all the other things are handed over to me. Go, I will take you to buy two suits." Huang Meixuan started the car and went out, and came out from the commercial building at 6:30.

Xiao Jiashu raised five or six bags each, and Huang Meixuan was refreshed and refreshed. His face was full of joy. Where do you look for such awkward child? Not only take the initiative to pick up things, swipe the card, but also give constructive opinions, the aesthetics is not straight male, it is a friend of women!

"Go, go to the dinner." Huang Meixuan smoothed the new skirt and walked toward the parking lot.

Xiao Jiashu is hard to follow behind like a mobile rack. It is hard to put a lot of bags into the trunk. The two came to the hall on time and walked into the banquet room under the guidance of the waiter.

Seeing the beautiful and innocent Xiao Jiashu, Ding Zhen’s eyes lit up, but did not immediately go to the past, but quietly asked the assistant, “Who is the person brought by Huang Meixuan? What background?”

"Ding Zong, that is Xiao Dingbang's younger brother, can't move." Assistant said the low volume.

Ding Zhen’s fingertips seemed to be able to imagine the scene where his hands were smashed by Xiao Dingbang. That person is a sly character, the network is even more connected, and he is not a character at all. But how can his brother come to the entertainment circle? Is it an illegitimate child? I have never heard of Xiao’s two young masters before!

"Is an illegitimate child?" he asked with great hope.

"No, I was born in the house. I went abroad when I was ten years old. I came back this year."

Is Xiao Qijie’s main house not Xue Yu? Ding Zhen completely dispelled the idea of ​​swearing. Don't mention Xiao Dingbang and Xiao Qijie. It is a Xue Yu who can't afford it. People who own the shares of Guanshi, Ruishui and Jiahe are also more powerful than him.He shook his head regretfully, but saw a male artist walk in the blink of an eye. At the age of twenty-five, wearing a simple white shirt and jeans, his appearance was just a delicate show, but he smiled like a sudden blooming flower. He fell in love at once and whispered, "Who is that?"

"I don't know either, Ding, you wait, I will ask for inquiries."

The assistant quickly left, Ding Zhen said the toast without any exception, and then announced the beginning of the banquet.

Lin Leyang discovered Xiao Jiashu, Xiao Jiashu did not see Lin Leyang, he was standing and chatting with a chunky middle-aged man, Huang Meixuan from time to time to make fun, amused the man laughed.

Chen Peng Xin Chong over there, whispering, "I don't see it? Xiao Jiashu also came. He is talking with Hu Ming, who just got the film copyright of "Love by the Lover." I dare to bet my head. Xiao Jiashu wants to play the "No. 1" male, this is the relationship. I didn't lie to you. At Ding Zhen's reception, you can meet many cows and get a lot of opportunities. Go, let's go around. Turn around."

For the first time, Lin Leyang saw what it meant to be a vanity fair. He walked aimlessly in the hall. Because no one introduced it, the big directors would not take care of him. Even one eye would not give it. This made him frustrated, but it also aroused fighting spirit. He doesn't have a family background like Xiao Jiashu, but he can work harder than him.

When he tried to get to know some people, a strong middle-aged man came over and asked with a smile and awkwardly, "I came to my reception for the first time?"

My reception? Is he Ding Zhen? Lin Leyang’s heart jumped, but he was not humble on the surface. “Hello, Mr. Ding, I am indeed the first time.”

"I haven't seen you before?" Ding Zhen said while handing him a glass of champagne.

"I just debuted and I don't have any fame yet."

Just out of the way, it is easy to get started? Ding Zhen’s expression was more heated, and he began to use his rich knowledge to guide this conversation, and by the way, explore Lin Leyang’s bottom. His assistant walked over to him and said a few words to the ear. He nodded. When he looked at Lin Leyang, he was not half-prudent. Instead, he was sure to catch the prey.

However, Lin Leyang did not know anything about it, and even had some joy.

"That is the actor of your crew? Look at some familiar." Huang Meixuan pointed to the back of Xiao Jiashu. Xiao Jiashu turned back and his expression immediately tightened. He still had some good feelings about Lin Leyang. He felt that he was very serious in filming and his talents were good. However, he had been respectful to him since the last Shabu-shabu incident. He felt that this person was different and did not take responsibility and was not worthy of deep friendship.

But the relationship is good or bad, the key is that he can't watch the people who know him fall into the fire pit. He handed the glass to the waiter and slowly walked over. Huang Meixuan followed Hu Ming’s director to go to the lobby outside to chat.They did not notice that Fang Kun also attended a cocktail party with a female artist tonight, and saw Lin Leyang being stared at by Ding Zhen. After several struggles, he picked up his mobile phone to inform Ji Ji. Ji Wei just talked about a very important investment, it was the time when both physical and mental fatigue, the news came to blow up. He was silent for a while before he told me, "I am nearby, you will help me look at him first, I will come right away."

Fang Kun repeatedly promised that he was preparing to take Lin Leyang with him, but found Xiao Jiashu walking over, first rushing Ding Zhen nodded, and then found an excuse to let Lin Leyang go with him, the two went out of the banquet hall. Chen Pengxin quickly chased after seeing it, and soon disappeared.

"You didn't ask the driver?" Lin Leyang asked with patience in the elevator.

"Please, but today is the yellow sister who brought me, she still has something, I can't drive the wine, I have to trouble you." Xiao Jiashu stared at the falling floor.

"I can't leave if I have something to do. You can find a driver. The following is more."

"I don't want to be safe, I am a star after all." Xiao Jiashu shook his head.

What star are you? Fans are only a million, and there is currently no work. Who knows you? The popularity is still not high! Lin Leyang boss is not happy, waiting for the elevator to go down to the first floor, and the people around him will protest. "Xiao Jiashu, I am really unfamiliar with you, you have to go home and find someone to send you? I am not your subordinate Or younger brother, you need to listen to your instructions at all times."

"You go to the parking lot with me first, it is not convenient to talk here." Xiao Jiashu looked at the guests coming and going, after all, it was not easy to speak. He can't tell Lin Leyang Ding Zhen to think of him in the public.

However, Lin Leyang seems to be annoyed by him. He said that he would return to the banquet hall. The two men are deadlocked. A tall man with sunglasses walks over and sighs. "What are you doing?"

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