How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 42 Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Chapter 42

Luo Zhangwei saw Xiao Jiashu's expression change, and immediately, "OK, this is the same state, just like the dead child. Every unit pays attention, ready to shoot! One, two, three, action!"

Xiao Jiashu's fingertips moved fast on the keyboard. After a few seconds, he stopped stiffly, his eyes were slightly condensed, his brows were wrinkled. A secret account book appeared on the computer screen, recording the amount of the drug sales of the Ling Group in the past six months. The business scope covers almost all of Southeast Asia, and the variety of drugs is as many as hundreds.

There is no doubt that the Ling Group is a big cave, as Anne said. Ling Tao is not a private entrepreneur, but the most powerful drug dealer in Southeast Asia. Xiao Jiashu, who found the hard evidence, couldn't believe his eyes, but had to believe. He stared at the computer screen, his eyes seemed to be caught by something terrible, and he couldn't move at all. After a while, his eyelids began to tremble. He completely forgot that this was acting, and he could not make a frightened expression. If he falls into the abyss, he dare not face it. He can only hold his face, as if he is not facing it. Everything in front of him does not exist.

The action of the face violates the original intention of Luo Zhangwei. In this way, how can the audience understand the feeling of desperation of Ling Feng at this moment? However, when Luo Zhangwei was preparing to call the card, he saw the back of Xiao Jiashu’s blue-stretched hand, and the more he bite the force, the tension was completely tightened to the mandible that was about to be deformed. Finally, his slender neck began to dye purple. The texture of the muscles floated out one by one and seemed to be about to crack his head.

Only extreme fear and anxiety can make a person have such a physiological reaction. It is so realistic and so distorted that the emotion expressed is far stronger than a vivid expression. Luo Zhangwei raised his hand and slowly put it down, indicating that Ji Yan played.

Ji Yan immediately took full of shock and pushed the door into the office.

Xiao Jiashu's body was slightly stiff, and then quickly adjusted his mentality. He didn't immediately put down his face, but continued to lean on the back of the chair. It seemed that he was just closing his eyes and keeping his eyes shut. The other hand held the mouse and moved the account book off. When the season came to him, he naturally put his hands down to reveal the bloodshot eyes.

"I haven’t gone so late?" The season looked like a casual glance at the computer.

"Don't make a plan. The risk of this project is too big, I am not sure." Xiao Jiashu sighed exhaustedly. What is displayed on the screen is not the book, but a plan that is being perfected. The data that is stacked on his hands is also the corresponding data, which further proves his words.

The season was quiet, but the light was softened, and he patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don't do it, go to bed with me, remember the barbecue stall in the south of the city? It's still open now."

"Is it still open now?" Xiao Jiashu exhausted and looked like a relaxed voice. "Then wait for me, I will save the file.""Well, I am waiting for you." Ji Yan stood opposite the desk, Xiao Jiashu saved the document and closed the computer, which stood up to reveal the back. His pale blue shirt has been soaked by cold sweat, a large piece of water stains printed on the back, it is very eye-catching, and the indoor air conditioning, the temperature is only about 18 degrees, not to mention wearing a shirt, even if you add a coat I don't feel hot.

If the season saw this shirt, maybe he could guess some clues. However, Xiao Jiashu did not panic at all. He picked up the blazer on the back of the chair and naturally put it on, covering up the only flaw.

He walked to Ji Yan and smiled, and Ji Yan pressed his hand on his back and patted it. The brothers walked out of the office, and the sensor lights began to extinguish one by one after a few seconds...

This is just a simple scene of the plot, but the emotions that the actors want to express are strong, horrible, and even subversive. why? Because the whole world of Lingfeng is collapsed at this moment, leaving no ash. If Xiao Jiashu can't show his helplessness and fear, this scene will completely fail. However, when Ji Yan entered the office, he had to control this helpless emotion in time, so that it could not bother in the body, nor can it be exposed on the surface. This is a test of the actors' acting skills.

Luo Zhangwei originally worried that Xiao Jiashu could not interpret the feeling he needed, but he did it and did a good job. When he stood up and exposed the sweat-sucking back, the shooting effect of this scene can almost be described as perfect.

The more inconspicuous the details, the deeper the emotions can be expressed. Therefore, as a good actor, not only the physical movements must be accompanied by drama, but also the eyes must carry the play, even every cell of the body must participate in the performance. Come in.

"CUT!" Luo Zhangwei took out the red envelope, pretending to be reluctant. "Get it, take it, this one is over!"

"Xie Luo guides to reward!" Xiao Jiashu took the red envelope, and then sat on his special small horse, ready to check the shooting effect. Ji Yan also came over and stared at the monitor.

Luo Zhangwei replayed the previous video. Ji Xian saw Xiao Jiashu's sweaty back, and the light could not help but flash. As a partner, he did not find this flaw at all, and I believe that Ling Tao in the movie is the same. This is not a play, but a real fear, helplessness, and anxiety, so it will produce such a physiological reaction.

Xiao Jiashu is really... He coveted to see the youth, but found that he had a face, his lips were slightly white, and his condition was extremely bad.

Xiao Jiashu entered the show very quickly, but the play was very slow. He couldn't escape from Ling Feng's feelings at all, and even doubted his life. The Ling Group is so profitable because it sells drugs. What about Shore Pharmaceutical? It is necessary to know that Shaw Pharmaceuticals has started to produce drugs and synthesized several drugs. It is simply easy! If they do a few poisonous product lines in private, then they will be mixed in a large number of drugs and shipped to the whole country...

The more he wants to be afraid, the more his body starts to shake.

Ji Yan forbeared for a moment, eventually bent down and patted the young man's cold back.

Xiao Jiashu did not respond, he was completely frightened by the unsuspecting imagination.Ji Yan wiped his hair, his expression seemed helpless, and then he squatted. He and Xiao Shaoye looked flat and patted his cheek gently. "What do you think, huh?"

Xiao Jiashu took a nap and almost fell off the pony. His eyes without focal length gradually reflected the figure of the season, and this was taken away from the illusion. It was difficult. "Nothing, just in a daze."

"Go to the make-up room to rest and have a hot drink." Ji Yan pulled him up and saw that he did not forget to bring a small horse, and his mouth flew a smile. When did Xiao Shaoye, who was mad, become the little silk that took the pony to wherever he went?

Xiao Jia’s trees were dragged away by the seasons until a cup of hot milk was slightly better.

"Into the play is too deep, the most taboo, waiting for someone to stay, the more you love, the more you think about it. What about your mobile phone? Give a call to your family." Ji Wei proposed.

Xiao Jiashu's eyes widened and seemed to be enlightened. Then he ran to the door and whispered to Xiao Dingbang. "Brother, where are you?"

Xiao Dingbang’s serious voice came from the receiver. “In the company, is there anything?”

"Brother, what is the family doing?"


"No sales. Goods?"

Xiao Dingbang was silent for a long time. It seemed to be secretly lucky. After a long while, he gritted his teeth and fangs. "Go home at night, I will wash your brain."

"No, no, I don't go back. I don't sell poison. Goods are good, brother, you must not go the wrong way!" Xiao Jiashu hangs up before the big brother's anger, this is a sigh of relief. He pushed open the door and went into half of his head, thankful. "Jie Ge, thank you for your milk, I am fine."

Ji Yan arbitrarily waved his hand, "No thanks. Filming is about filming, don't get confused with reality."

"I know." Xiao Jiashu nodded and promised, then closed the door and went out for more than ten meters before remembering that Xiao Mazha still stayed in Jige's dressing room and ran back to get it. Before knocking on the door, he seemed to hear a low laugh, but after opening the door, Ji Ge’s expression was very serious. "What else?"

"I forgot my little Mazza." Xiao Jiashu looked at him strangely.

Ji Yan mouth corner unconsciously hooked up, and quickly straightened, handed the little horse to him, ridiculed, "Hey, your exclusive throne."

Xiao Jiashu's cheeks were slightly reddish, and once again thanked, he ran away. When he stepped on his forefoot, Lin Leyang came to the back of his foot and pressed his heart and discomfort. He asked inadvertently, "Jie Ge, Xiao Jiashu is looking for you?"

"He entered the play too deeply, I let him slow."

If you can, you can't slow it down. Do you have to bring it into the dressing room? Lin Leyang couldn't stop thinking like this, but he didn't dare to ask. Fortunately, Xiao Jiashu’s plays have all been filmed, so I don’t have to see him again in the future.

Ji Yan washed the cup and didn't explain much. Sometimes the more you explain, the more complicated the situation will be.

"I have an investment to talk about, and I have to ask for three days off with Luo," he said slowly. "You should be filming, don't be distracted, and don't go to dinner with unfamiliar actors or directors. This circle is too messy.""I know." Lin Leyang happily promised to go down and wanted to give her boyfriend a kiss, but was pushed away by Ji Ji. "I will go first. You will have more time to eat at noon and take a few more shots in the afternoon. Play. Let the props check the Weiya several times before shooting, pay attention to protect your own safety. If you can't shoot it, use the substitute. Don't be afraid of shame."

Lin Leyang nodded and nodded, my heart was sweet. After sending Ji Ge to the car, he went to the greenhouse to eat, but he saw Chen Pengxin and a deputy director squatting together, his expression is somewhat mysterious. After the deputy director left, he ran over with two boxes of rice and excitedly said, "Le Yang, I will take you to a reception at night."

"I won't go." Lin Leyang subconsciously refused.

Chen Pengxin hated iron and refused to be a steel squad. "Do you know what a cocktail party is, can you say no? Tell you, it is the bureau of Ding Zhen group, and invited a lot of big directors. I have finally helped you get through the relationship! You know Don't know how many chances you will miss? You are stupid!"

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