How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 41 Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Chapter 41

"Lin Leyang, I have something to tell you." Everyone was in the lunch break, Xiao Jiashu called Lin Leyang to his dressing room.

“What?” Lin Leyang looked around and envied. “Your dressing room is really big, and there is a separate bathroom.”

Xiao Jiashu poured a glass of water on him and then took out his mobile phone and said, "Look, this is a photo taken by Chen Pengyu yesterday. If it wasn’t for my assistant to find it in time, she was ready to send it online."

Lin Leyang glanced at the phone and found that it was a photo of Xiao Jiashu changing clothes. He rolled up his T-shirt with his hands, revealing a thin waist and a white chest. The T-shirt blocked his face, and the pixels were not very high. Unless he was familiar with him, he couldn’t recognize who it was.

Lin Leyang felt that the problem was not serious. He was preparing to plead for Chen Pengyu. He listened to Xiao Jiashu and continued. "If she really sent the photo online, I have the right to sue her for violating my privacy. As an assistant, she acts like this. Very unprofessional, it makes me very angry, I ask you to fire her."

Xiaoyu is my assistant. What qualification do you have for me to fire her? This is Lin Leyang's subconscious reaction, but he did not show it, but a soft tone to explain, "Xiaoyu just came from my hometown, is still young, and many rules don't understand. Xiaoshu, can you give her another time? opportunity?"

"This is the second question I want to discuss with you. She is still a minor, you should not let her work." Xiao Jiashu said seriously.

"I understand, so after the summer vacation, I will contact her to contact her to let her go to repeat. In two months, do you forgive her this time?" Lin Leyang smiled, but his heart was very uncomfortable. Xiao Jiashu’s high tone made him resentful. He is not his subordinate, and there is no need to listen to his command.

I heard that Chen Pengyu was only a temporary worker. Xiao Jiashu’s serious expression was eased. He said, “That’s good. She is still young and reading is the right way. You tell her not to do it again, it’s illegal.”

"Well, I must educate her."

Lin Leyang just walked out of the dressing room, and the cheerful smile turned dark. He returned to his lounge and did not find Chen Pengyu's figure. He thought about going to the outside shed.

The shed was filled with staff who were eating lunch, and there was no shelf in the quarter. Chen Pengyu was squatting beside him, and he was looking up at his face. Ji Yan occasionally responded to her one or two sentences, the expression looks mild, but the light is cold.

Lin Leyang twitched in his heart and quickly ran over and told him, "Xiaoyu, help me make a box of rice."

Chen Pengyu grinned. "Le Yang Ge, you have no legs? The dining shed is there, not 20 meters."

"Don't come over, you don't come over! How do I take the three people's lunches?" Chen Pengxin, standing in the dining shed, muttered impatiently.

Chen Pengyu was reluctant and worried that his brother would be more fierce and let himself have no face. This was barely ran over.

“What did Xiao Jiashu say to you?” Ji Yan asked casually.Lin Leyang smiled and shook his head. "I didn't say anything, just follow me a few lines." He can't let Ji Ge know the things of Xiao Yugan, otherwise Ji Ge will blame him for public and private, and more likely to let him fire Xiaoyu. . But taking a photo, it’s not a woman, the face is still not clear, what is the relationship?

The hand of the season 冕 冕 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿 顿

"Why?" Lin Leyang couldn't smile.

"She has been here for three days. Is there anything serious about doing it? Let her stay at home to read books better than anything else."

"Then I will tell her later." Lin Leyang also thought that Chen Pengyu would not agree. She had said that she had just returned that day and would not return to school again.

When he thought about it, he began to help Chen Pengyu explain, "Isn't anyone saying that she is? She is young and just came to Beijing, and there are still many places that don't understand..."

"A seventeen-year-old person knows everything and fires her, otherwise you will be very troublesome." Ji Yan said with a prudent tone. Seeing Chen’s brother and sister came over with a box lunch and immediately put down the chopsticks and left. To be honest, he is also tired of Chen Pengyu's entanglement.

"Le Yang Ge, how did Ji Ge go? He hasn't finished eating yet. Isn't the food uncomfortable? I went to the restaurant outside to buy him a copy." Chen Pengyu said with enthusiasm.

"Right right, Le Yang, you have to ask a question quickly. The season will be filming in the afternoon, so it is not enough to eat so much." Chen Pengxin shouted.

Lin Leyang couldn't see their eagerness for Bajie Ji's thoughts, and suddenly he was annoyed. "Jie Ge has an assistant, you don't have to worry about anything. Xiaoyu, don't come to work tomorrow, stay at home and read a book. Xiao Jiashu asks me to complain to you. Say you violated his privacy, but also sue you." He will not let Ji Ge back this black pot, naturally he gave Xiao Jiashu. Moreover, this is true, not that he lies.

"What, isn't it a photo? Is it necessary to make a fuss?" Chen Pengyu was very angry, but he did not dare to offend Xiao Jiashu. After all, people are rich and have backgrounds. Her eyes turned, and then ran to the seasony dressing room. "I am looking for Ji Ge to help me."

"You are coming back!" Lin Leyang was shocked. He wanted to stop it, and Chen Pengyu had already run away.

Chen Pengxin also said that he is the boss of our company. It is necessary to dismiss Xiaoyu’s general opening. What is Xiao Jiashu?

Lin Leyang was stunned by this sudden change. After a long while, he returned to God and quickly chased it. He just went to the door of the dressing room and listened to Ji Yan’s words. "The person who wants to fire you is me, not Xiao Jiashu. From now on. At the beginning, you are not an employee of Guanxi Studio. This is your salary."

Chen Pengyu was burning like a fire, but couldn't help but stare at the money on the table. She came from a poor county town and was only a high school student. How did she get two thousand pieces at a time? There are two thousand wages in two days, how many will be in a month? She thought that she was more and more unwilling, and she was trying to say something. Ji Ji had no patience. She waved two assistants and waved her hand. "Give her back." Greed, selfishness, vanity, laziness, such a person is not suitable for any work at all.Lin Leyang watched Chen Pengyu being sent out, and watched her break away from the bondage and ran back and took away two thousand pieces. She left her eyes and looked at herself as if she was the chief culprit in which she was driven away. I really don’t know. What is the taste?

Afterwards, Chen Pengxin rushed to chase his sister and asked him, "What are you doing? Let go of Xiaoyu..."

The noisy voice gradually faded away, and Ji Yan lit a cigarette and slammed silently.

Lin Leyang tweeted, "Jie Ge, I found that you smoked very hard recently. Didn't you promise me to quit?"

"I told you to dismiss Chen Pengyu, why do you want to say Xiao Jiashu." Ji Yan's sharp eyes firmly locked him.

Lin Leyang instantly picked up, whispered, "I am afraid that Xiaoyuji hates you, so I said that it is Xiao Jiashu. Pengxin has to work in the studio, and the relationship is not good."

"I can't understand your logic, but I must tell you that being a man, especially as a man, has the responsibility and responsibility, don't shirk his responsibility to others. If Chen Pengxin hates me, he can also walk together. I am driving a company, not a small family workshop. Le Yang," Ji Yan said in a word, "You have recently let me down! If you feel that our feelings are your burden, I feel that I have given you pressure to let You sacrifice for me, you can leave at any time."

Lin Leyang panicked and panicked, hugged him to hug the season, and pleaded, "I am wrong, Ji Ge, you don't break up with me. You are not a burden, it is redemption, I want to be with you in my life." He is sincere. I really want to live with Ji Ge for a lifetime, maybe it was originally for the sake of repaying, but how can there be no true feelings in these years? What's more, Ji Ge is such a good person, it is too easy to fall in love with him!

Yes, he loves Ji Ge and is willing to adjust his sexuality for him. He has worked very hard and worked hard. Can you not see Ji Ge?

The frost in the scorpion is slightly melted, but there is always a trace of gloom. After a while, he rebelled against Lin Leyang and was tired. "After a while, I will apologize to Xiao Jiashu."

Is this forgiving yourself? Lin Leyang nodded and broke into laughter.


The next day, Chen Pengyu did not appear again. Xiao Jiashu learned from Lin Leyang that the incident was almost speechless. Dismissal if you dismiss, what do you say to me? Am I a back pot? But he did not say anything, but also accepted Lin Leyang's apology. Chen Pengxin also became very strange. He always looked at him with hateful eyes when he was not paying attention. He saw him smile and smile.

Xiao Jiashu is subconsciously away from this person. Two sides and three knives, sinister and deceitful, are the most dangerous kind of garbage people.

After another three days, Luo Dao took out a big red bag and shook it. "Small tree, did you see it? If you can finish the last shot without NG, the red envelope is yours, and you can't get the money."The last scene is that Ling Feng learned from Anne that the real money-making channel of the Lingshi Group is to sell drugs and products, rather than exporting them. I feel that I can’t believe it, and I can’t help but hack into the company’s network to check the secret account books. Then three views broken and almost collapsed. Ling Tao appeared at this time, Ling Feng had to converge on the surging emotions, to cover up this matter.

Luo Dao said the play once and then stressed, "Ling Feng is a young man with a strong sense of justice. He certainly can't accept this fact. Xiao Shu, make good use of every muscle in your face and try to restore his complex inner feelings. He I don't want to believe the facts at hand, but I have to believe, but also fear, disappointment, anxiety, and so on."

Xiao Jiashu pondered for a moment and nodded. "Luo guides you to rest assured that I will not save you money." The reason why he is so confident is that he suddenly thought that if Ling Tao was replaced by his brother Xiao Dingbang, he would imagine the Ling Group as Xiao. Pharmaceuticals, and suddenly one day I found out that the best and most capable brothers actually rely on selling drugs and products; the company produces drugs that are not drugs, but what kind of mood do they have?

For a moment, Xiao Jiashu’s blood was frozen.

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