How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 39 Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Chapter 39

Xiao Jiashu pushed the porridge bowl in the direction of the season, and introduced, "Seafood porridge, very sweet and fresh."

"Is there shrimp?"

"Yeah, a lot of big shrimp, you see." Xiao Jiashu stirs the porridge with a spoon and fishes the shrimp that sink to the bottom of the bowl.

Ji Yan brows slightly wrinkled, seems to hesitate, about two or three seconds before taking a bottle of medicine from his pocket, simply said, "Is there? Give me a bowl." While pouring a pill into the mouth in.

Then Fang Kun, who was coming, yelled at the big eyes. "How do you die again?" Seeing that Xiao Shaoye is looking up at himself, his face still has a look of inquiry, and he has to swallow the rest of his words.

Xiao Jiashu took a bowl of porridge from the incubator and handed it to Ji Ji, and then continued to read the script. Fang Kun glanced at him and suddenly smiled. "How do you have the script and plan book of "Cold and Cool Prince"? It will not be Zhao Chuola's investment to bring you here? I told you, you can Don't listen to him, his crew is too strange, obviously a costume drama, the shape is more than the modern fashion drama, please also take some students who have not graduated to shoot, as long as they are beautiful enough to be on , don’t look at acting at all..."

Tu Kun started the new drama of Zhao Chuan, and Fang Kun could keep talking for hours.

Xiao Jiashu was not listening at all, and his concentration was concentrated on the script. The story of this play is really God! The prince is a woman dressed as a man, and Wang Hao is a man dressed as a woman. Two strangers who have their own difficulties have become a pair. After marriage, a lot of things happened. The female prince wants to fight for the throne, the male prince wants to fight, and the last one is the emperor. One became a general and gave birth to a large group of children. At the beginning of the day, the thunder and the middle of the dog's blood poured, the ending is very vulgar, it is simply a challenge to humanity!

But what is even more amazing is that Xiao Jiashu feels very interesting in this kind of thunder story. He almost laughed a few times. He pumped out a paper towel and pouted, and then continued to look at the stills, and finally began to meditate. How to say it, this play is completely a spoof, but it is easy, fun, and breaks the routine, and Zhao Chuan is also shooting in a conventional way. He has adopted a new style, a new actor, a new scene, dazzling at first glance, but can show some special taste and even beauty.

His composition skills, color usage, emotional rendering, and plotting are all unique. They are not like the new director of the first filming, but rather a new artist. His aesthetic may be a little niche, but it is not lifeless, but full of dreamy appeal.

Xiao Jiashu turned over the stills and said, "Thank you, Kun Ge reminds me, but I think this drama is very interesting and worth trying."

He is preparing to put the information back into the file bag. Ji Yan has reached out and smiled. "Let me see."

“Well.” Xiao Jiashu handed over the two paper bags together and explained, “Jie Ge, this is the planning book of the “One Dream 100 Years” crew. You also have a look. I think these two dramas have great potential. , ready to invest.""Wei's "One Dream One Hundred Years"? Is it like a children's play?" Ji Yan said slowly. "The children's dramas in these years are not easy to sell. The children's dramas on the market are very illusory, either Superman or Monsters are either small animals, like this historical drama, and the audience is not well defined."

“I made a new plan, and the audience is mainly adults.” Xiao Jiashu found out the plan that he spent a night of time to make the season look first. If he said that he had doubts about these two investments last night, he now made up his mind. He believes in his own vision and judgment.

Ji Yan turned over the investment plan, and when he looked at Xiao Jiashu, the light was a little flashing. He can only give two evaluations: one, beyond the imagination of professional planning; second, the extraordinary precision positioning.

"Yes, it's very feasible." He said.

"Jie Ge, are you kidding?" Fang Kun laughed and screamed. "On those two drama groups, I still invest? I used a child to shoot a historical drama, and a strange costume to shoot a costume drama. I didn't lose my underwear. It’s not bad. Xiao Jiashu, Ji Ge is comforting you, don’t take it seriously.”

Is Ji Ge comforting me, can I not see it? You know, Ji Ge was the full-time scholarship for the Harvard University Department of Mathematics. Although he couldn’t graduate because of family reasons, IQ is enough to open up dozens of streets! Can I listen to you from Ji Ge? Xiao Jiashu was very dissatisfied in his heart, but he did not show it on the surface. He said, "Jie Ge said, it is true."

"If you are really optimistic about these two projects, you let him also vote for one?" Shi Tingheng slowly came over and snarled, "Ji Yan, light said not practicing fake, your support. Tickets Come out soon."

The season is really out. The ticket, seriously, "Do you want to be a sole proprietorship or a joint venture? I am also very optimistic about these two projects, but the script is brought by you, the planning book is written by you, can I have a cup? You have to ask your opinion."

Everyone thought that he was teasing Xiao Jiashu. After the jokes were over, he would definitely stop the other party from throwing money into the water, suddenly squinting and grinning.

Lin Leyang also came, sitting quietly listening to the two talking, happy on the face, but the heart is not comfortable. Ji Ge has never made a joke with himself like this. He is always gentle and considerate. It seems to be close at hand, but it is far away. When he faced Xiao Jiashu, he was much more real than facing himself! What did he think?

When Lin Leyang was thinking about it, Xiao Jiashu nodded happily. "Well, Ji Ge, let's do these two projects together. I don't have any experience, I can learn more with you. What are we going to talk about at night, I will Wei Guided by Zhao and Zhao, they came out to have a meal together." While talking about opening WeChat to invite two people, the style was vigorous and vigorous.

Fang Kun saw Ji Ji’s jokes and opened up. He quickly went to grab Xiao’s mobile phone. “Hey, you wait...”

"Don't wait, it's about noon, I have something to do at night." Ji Yan put away the support. The ticket, the tone is faint, "Don't watch the fun, eat your breakfast."

Although everyone was amazed, they didn’t say anything. They took breakfast and scattered. People love to throw money into the water to hear a ring, what is it about you?Xiao Jiashu opened Fang Kun and sent a text message to Wei Jiang and Zhao Chuan. They went to a nearby restaurant to eat at noon, and talked about the investment.

Ji Yan is Lin Leyang's lover. How can Lin Leyang, who is destined to make a splash? When Xiao Shaoye ran to the neutral space of the bathroom, he secretly pulled the sleeves of Lajiu, and advised, "Jie Ge, do you really want to invest in these two dramas? I went to the nearby studio when I was resting. I found that their crew was really rudimentary, the plot was wonderful, the director and the actors were not professional, it was just a mess! You are not, is it..."

If he didn't finish the rest, he wouldn't dare to say it.

Are you looking to invest in Xiao Jiashu's face? Do you have a special feeling for Xiao Jiashu and want to attract his attention? Do you think that I don't have Xiao Jiashu's excellent, so I hate me? All kinds of worries filled his heart, but there was no way. Xiao Jiashu was under his eyes and he was as enthusiastic as Ji Ge. How could he not think about it? He even keeps on guarding each other all the time, always likes to compare him with himself, and then more taboo.

The season smashed the temple, it seemed to be very tired, and the wrinkled eyebrows indicated that he was forbearing some kind of emotion. But after all, he didn't make it out, but he explained calmly. "These two plays have their own characteristics, which are very suitable for today's entertainment market, and also cater to the taste of the audience. Now people's life is getting faster and faster, life pressure is getting more and more Big, going home and watching those anti-Japanese dramas, Gongdou operas, and home fighting dramas will definitely cause fatigue. These two dramas can make people relax, even smile, and the quality of shooting is not bad, then they are audiences. Face-to-face, can establish a good reputation, even if you don’t make money, you can’t lose much. If you promote it later, it’s not difficult to make a promotion.”

Lin Leyang nodded and smiled. "Zi Ge has not failed to make so many investments. This will definitely work, I will support you." But in fact he does not believe a word. Children's scripts are unpopular, plus a literary drama that can be blamed for nothing! What caters to the taste of the audience, Ji Ge is just catering to Xiao Jiashu.

Ji Yan decided to look at him, completely unable to find a trace of hypocrisy from his eyes, the twilight can not help but deepen. Is Le Yang's acting worse than Xiao Jiashu? No, he has the acting that he does not lose at all, even far beyond Xiao Jiashu, but this does not make him happy.

Lin Leyang was seen scalp and numb, and was about to say something to ease the atmosphere. Xiao Jiashu came back, along with Miao Muqing. As she walked and looked in the mirror, she eagerly asked, "Small tree, do you look at the bruise on my face?"

Lin Leyang was worried about offending Miao Muqing, and he was the first to speak. "Mu Qingjie is early, I see the bruise on your face seems to be a lot lighter than yesterday."

Miao Muqing's face turned black immediately, and she was about to open her mouth. Xiao Jiashu tweeted her eyes. "Mu Qingjie, the bruises are not light, have you forgot to rub the medicine last night?"Life Assistant Xiao Zhou is also eyebrows and eye-catching, but I do not expect the second to still give the most honest answer, can not help but help. Second, I have stayed abroad for a long time, and I don’t know how to deal with the interpersonal relationship of Datian. Face a woman, especially a female star, can you tell her face? Your answer is not a bonus but a fate!

Miao Muqing's blackened face turned fine immediately, and she shook her face with a smile. "I didn't lose it! Yesterday I went to the headquarters of Laiya. They were very satisfied with the purple color on my body and repeatedly asked me to keep the color and Shape, today is a good video to make a perfect transformation. If I smashed the bruises, I really got rid of the job. Now people are more and more hypocritical, they like to squint and say the most cute tree ""

She rushed Xiao Shaoye to pick up an eyebrow, and then went into the dressing room, and did not give Lin Leyang a positive eye. Lin Leyang subconsciously hides behind the season, full of grievances. He just wants to give Miao Muqing a comfort, why is it hypocritical?

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