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Chapter 38 Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Chapter 38

Xiao Jiashu knows that the entertainment industry is very chaotic, but I don't know how to be so chaotic. However, it is a company that rents a studio. The staff who come here are like the triads. They have tattoos, tattoos, and customs. They dare to start with children. There is really no royal law.

But he also knows that he can't be okay with his own small body. While walking, he will pay for it. The ticket book, shouting, "What is the trouble! The rest of the rent I pay, how much is the number!"

The big men who were fighting around turned their heads and saw that he wore a million-dollar watch on his hand. The clothes and shoes were also famous brands, and they stopped slowly. One of the brawny men reported a number. He brushed a few times to fill out the tickets. He slammed it in the air. "Fast, or I will call the police."

A few brawny men are hired by the boss. They can get the money. Whoever wants to fight in the big summer, is as tired as a dog, and now they will pick up the money. The ticket leaves, there is nothing extra.

Wei Jiang, who was knocked down to the ground, stood up with the help of two employees. He said with a bloody forehead. "Xiao Xiao, I just lost it to you. I will write a loan to you to ensure that within seven days." The money is returned to you." His house has found the buyer and should be able to get it within seven days.

Then he looked around and worried, "Is the children all right?"

The staff responsible for taking care of the children quickly waved their hands. "We will let you rest assured that the children are outside and not injured. Just smashed three cameras, you see..."

Wei Jiang looked stunned and then sighed. Those cameras are also rented, one tens of thousands of pieces, and the ruin of the three sets at least tens of thousands of dollars, is also a small expense. But in any case, "One Dream One Hundred Years" has to be filmed, because this is not only his dream, but also the dream of the children.

Xiao Jiashu saw that his spine was bent. He immediately asked, "Wei, I just saw the sample. I think your drama has great potential. I want to give you some money. What do you think?"

"Ah?" Wei Jiang realized for a long time that Xiao Jiashu was talking about something, and he said, "This, Mr. Xiao, you have to know, our drama is a children's drama, or the remake of the timeless classic "One Dream Centennial", currently No one has done this in the entertainment industry. It is very problematic to sell it. If you invest in this drama, you are not afraid of losing your money?"

He also used to invest in it, but when people heard that they were shooting children's dramas, they first shook their heads. Then they heard that the remake was still "One Dream, One Year," and the head was shaken like a rattle. The investor who likes to come to the door like Mr. Xiao is still the first one. He has to explain the situation clearly anyway.

Xiao Jiashu didn't take it seriously. "I have seen it, I feel good, so I will invest. You and the children just filming, can you sell it is my business. So, you give me a planning book, a budget statement. I will take it back first."

Wei Jiang's back was straight and straight, and he squatted in the studio for a few laps. Only then did he think of the plan book in his car and quickly took it.Xiao Jiashu grabbed him and said, "Don't worry, first deal with the wound on the forehead, the children are outside, don't scare them."

"Hey, good!" Wei Jiang immediately sat down and asked the two female props to help him with the wound.

Just at this time, a group of people rushed in with a stick, and the leader shouted loudly. "Who is the mother who is coming to the scene? This is not to put me in the eyes of Zhao Chuan! I tell you, I have already called the police, no longer. Go, take all of you into the game and eat the rice! Lao Wei, Lao Wei, how are you? Bo Rong and Bo Yi are with me, don't worry."

The bodyguards sent by Xue Yu just arrived, and they were surrounded by hooligans.

"Everyone, misunderstanding, misunderstanding! We are not coming to the market. We are Mr. Xiao's bodyguards." Xiao Jiashu's assistant explained with great sweat. The bodyguards don't do anything with ordinary people, just make a gesture of defense.

The leading young man was wearing a flower shirt, and he was wearing a ripped pair of jeans with his toes on his feet. The half-length hair was tied up in a block because he hadn’t washed for a long time. He looked more like a rogue. He used his index finger to order a life assistant, and he sighed. "Mr. Xiao? Which Mr. Xiao? Fudge your grandfather?"

"Zhao Gui, misunderstanding! This is Mr. Xiao. The person who just collected the money, Mr. Xiao helped me evacuate the children and paid the rent for me. Mr. Xiao is a good person, and those hooligans have already left." Wei Jiang squeezed into the youth and eagerly said, "They are Mr. Xiao's bodyguards. Just arrived, I still haven't understood the situation. Misunderstanding is a misunderstanding, trouble everyone!"

The young man named Zhao Chuan looked at Wei Jiang's Wei Jiang and looked at Xiao Jiashu's expensive line. This brought the people away. They also filmed in the nearby studio and arrived as soon as they received the news.

"I was really embarrassed just now." The young man turned his face very fast. He just got 28,000, and now he has laughed heartily.

"Nothing, you are also kindly helping." Xiao Jiashu took a look at the watch, Shen Shendao, "Wei guide, or you send the planning book to my mailbox, I will give you a contact information. Your forehead is bleeding, best. Go to the hospital to take a film and see if there is a concussion. It is not a joke to hurt your brain."

He hesitated for a moment, added, "Your house is best not to sell, where did Wei Borong and Wei Boyi live? I will be responsible for the follow-up investment, you don't have to worry."

Wei Jiang was moved to tears. The stranger who met the first time, who cares that you can not sell? Who cares how you care for your child? Mr. Xiao is really a good person! He nodded and sent people to the door of the studio, but did not find Zhao Chuan's eyes like two searchlights, brushed up and lit up.

"Mr. Xiao, wait a minute, come here, just go to my studio and have a look? Not far away, just a few steps, I told you that we are also shooting a costume drama..." He is like a monkey The children usually went to Xiao Jiashu's side, and with the three-inch tongue and bullets, they couldn't wear the cheeky face, and finally fled the God of Wealth to another studio 100 meters away.Xiao Jiashu only heard him squatting, oh oh yeah, his head was stunned by him, his arm was still stunned by him, he couldn’t walk, he finally went to the studio of. What is this with? How can an actress in a costume drama wear a tube top step skirt? The white inlaid pearl is a wedding dress? There is that shoe! Although I have less reading, you don't lie to me. I am a big man. The ancients of the dynasty never wear Roman strappy sandals!

Xiao Jiashu feels that his eyes are sore, and he still wants to cry. It should be spicy. He was trying to firmly push the script that Zhao Chuan handed over, but he listened to the other party's indignation. "Our team is a conscience team. The stylist hired is a famous international designer Jess, who has won American fashion design. The Best Women's Designer Award of the Year and the Best Jewelry Designer of the Year Awarded by the Teachers' Association are very popular in foreign countries. You look at the shape of our actors, it's not beautiful? It's not creative? I can't figure out how, there will be people. It’s too unreasonable to say that our style is so spicy!”

"You look at these scenes again. They are all built according to my ideas. They combine the architectural essence of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The low-key is full of luxury, the luxury is both elegant, not too perfect! The actors are dressed in exquisite One stop for the costumes is a fantastic oil painting!"

He also pointed to several actors who were licking their shirts and eating lunch. "These actors are newcomers who have not yet debuted, but they are worth a game. They can be mad at people without talking! His mother came to the air. A while ago, there was a female artist named Li who came to interview the heroine. The voice was with a metallic texture and her appearance was also very good. It was very suitable for playing the prince, so I was ready to hire her. As a result, she turned around and ruined her. I said that my mother is sick and needs money, but I don’t pay enough for the film. I will say that, I will give you a share, she will not do it, or go, and chew on the back with others, saying that I am a grass team, shoot It’s not a play. His grandmother’s, I’m so mad at me! My drama scene is fantastic, the actors are beautiful, the style is novel, the plot is interesting, and I’m sure the fire will be in the fire. I won’t regret it when I look at her!”

Xiao Jiashu pushed the script's hand unconsciously and held it, and tried to test, "Li surname female artist, Li Jiaer?"

"Do you know her?" Zhao Chuan, who was dancing with a brow, became cautious, fearing that this Mr. Xiao had anything to do with Li Jiaer.

"I don't know." Xiao Jiashu collected the script and said seriously, "I will first look at your project. I will not give it to me. I will reply tomorrow. My mobile phone number is 139XXXXXXXX. If you can't get it, you can come to No. 6 Looking for me in the studio, I was filming there during the day."

Zhao Chuan's face is thick and thick, but it is not a person who is entangled in the hustle and bustle. Seeing Mr. Xiao's expression is cautious, not like a bluff, and quickly remembered the phone number happily.Xiao Jiashu, who passed through the confusion and rebellion, resumed his nature. He is serious in his work and has a firm goal. Otherwise, he will not complete his undergraduate and master's degree studies in just four years. He said that it takes a night to invest in the study of the script and planning book of "One Dream and One Hundred Years" and develop a new plan. . The "One Dream, One Hundred Years" crew is in danger of stopping shooting at any time. How can he not do it?

The next morning, he took a short break for two hours before he went to the "Apostles" crew. He also did not forget to bring the planning book and script of "Cold and Cool Prince" to the scene. As usual, I bought breakfast for Luo Ting and others. He stirred the seafood porridge and opened a thick piece of information. The eyebrows were full of fatigue.

"I didn't sleep well yesterday?" Ji Yan sat down beside him.

"I stayed up late last night." Xiao Jiashu honestly confessed and greeted, "Jie Ge, crab yellow bag in the second food bag on the left, you take it yourself."

"What kind of porridge do you drink?" Ji Yan sucked his nose.

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