How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 37 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Chapter 37

On the monitor, the picture of the eldest son and the mother who was shot by Wang’s deputy director was being played. In order to prevent the two children from being scared, the pixels were low and the sound effects were not realistic. Later, the editor had to re-edit.

But the younger brother entered the play very quickly, and suddenly he shook up, while crying and buried his head in his brother's chest. My brother pressed his head and then realized what it was, immediately blocking his ears with his hands, but he couldn't take his eyes off the monitor anyway.

His eyes were so wide that it was not an exaggeration to see the cracks. The darkness of the scorpion was first filled with fear. After the parents' bodies were cut into pieces, this fear became a raging hatred. He bite the root of the tooth tightly, lest he should cry out, but because he is too hard, he bites his gums and sheds a trace of blood. His eyes became more and more dull, and eventually turned into two deep pools, engulfing all the light.

It was the brother’s trembling that awakened him from the konjac. He slammed his brother’s skinny body with one hand, and wiped the blood of his mouth with a handkerchief. The distorted face slowly returned to calm, but there was no light in the scorpion. . This scene is over...

Luo Zhangwei took a few breaths, and then raised his hand and said, "OK, this is over!"

The onlookers applauded and Xiao Jiashu was already shocked. He thought that such a difficult drama was played by two children. How do you get NG twenty or thirty? However, I didn’t expect the two to be there once. The feelings are still in place, it’s shocking!

When the little actor walked hand in hand, he hurriedly greeted him and asked with a smile. "You two look like a brother, what is your name?"

"Hello brother, my name is Wei Borong, he is Wei Boyi." The older teenager is very polite to introduce himself. The little boy who was held in his hand was called "brother" with milk, his eyes and nose were red, his body was full of blood, and it was very painful to see at first glance.

"My brother has a bathroom in the car, the water is hot, take you to wash it well?" Xiao Jiashu decided to take the nanny car into a RV after taking a serious filming. What equipment is there, just where to shoot is the same as at home. Convenience.

The brothers looked at the nanny, and the nanny took a look at Xiao Jiashu’s dress and finally agreed. Such a expensive RV, such a expensive line, should not abduct children?

Xiao Jiashu happily took the brothers into the car, and pulled out a lot of snacks from the various cabinets, then rolled up the sleeves and asked, "Auntie, would you like me to help?"

The nanny was flattered and waved. "No need to use it, the art is very embarrassing, you can wash it yourself." While saying that Wei Boyi stripped light and pushed the bathroom.

"That line, you just sit. It’s not easy to shoot out on a hot day. There is no air conditioning in the studio. You have to make this blood-filled makeup. You can’t get it quickly.” Xiao Jiashu puts a fruit bowl on the table. On the other hand, Wei Borong, who greeted the cautious, ate something. "Come and come, drink some cold drinks, there is ice cream in the refrigerator, I will give it to you."He opened the refrigerator and took out three boxes of ice cream. The cool and sweet food immediately bought the hearts of the nanny and Wei Borong. Even Wei Boyi in the bathroom found a half head and said with a red face. "Xiao Ge, I also want to eat ice cream."

"Well, keep it for you." Xiao Jiashu was too happy, and then began to ask Wei Borong to ask questions about acting.

Wei Borong had a very good impression of Xiao Xinye, who was enthusiastic and eager. Seeing that he simply asked about acting skills, he couldn’t help but relax a lot. He said that the topic was opened, professionally, ", let’s play all our children. By imitating, watching more classic movies, more exposure to a variety of people, to carefully observe their behavior, eyes, expressions, you can gradually improve your acting skills. We are young, have less experience, really want to adopt the experience The way to film, it’s really not to draw a tiger, but it will be killed by the director."

"Yes, it makes a lot of sense. The experience and performance parties can actually be combined to perform. Hey, you wait, I take a note." Xiao Jiashu thought about taking out a small notebook and writing, see Wei Borong. Grinning and laughing.

At the beginning, he thought that Xiao Ge was a high-fashioned handsome man. After all, his appearance was too beautiful, even with some sharp aggression. But the more you get along, the more you find that this is actually a stupid, not too simple.

Wei Boyi quickly took a shower, then waited for Xiao Ge to take ice cream for himself. Wei Borong was not restrained at all, taking off his jacket and entering the bathroom. Although he only got along for ten minutes, he liked Xiao Jiashu very much, and he could not afford to guard him. This is a very pure joke, just like Dad.

Xiao Jiashu wrote the notes and found Wei Boyi's eyes straight and straight, and quickly took out a box of ice cream from the refrigerator and handed it to him. Wei Boyi was a little talk, he said that he was an interesting thing about filming, and then pointed to a studio not far away. "Look, my father is also filming there. I am playing a world, my brother is acting." ”

"What do you say?" Xiao Jiashu suspected that he had auditory hallucinations. Is this two kidts right? How do one play a son and one play a father?

Auntie nanny smiled. "You didn't get it wrong. Mr. Wei took a children's play. The actors in it are all children. It's fun. Oh, yes, they remake the drama "One Dream Hundred Years."

Xiao Jiashu licked his ears and became more suspicious of his hearing. "One Dream and One Hundred Years" is one of the most famous classical masterpieces in China. It is about the rise and fall of a certain ancient family. There are many characters and complicated plots. So far, eight versions have been filmed, but only the original version is the most classic. , known as the eternal that cannot be surpassed.

Now Wei Dad not only wants to remake, but also invites a small actor to play, so bold! Xiao Jiashu immediately became interested, and touched Wei Boyi’s head and said, “When your brother takes a shower, let’s go see your dad’s filming?”

"Okay." Wei Boyi nodded.Wei Borong naturally would not refuse Xiao Jiashu's request, and took him to the studio after showering. Wei Dad is filming a palace feast. The little actors are dressed in costumes and sitting behind the long table. There are several small people in the open space covered with red carpet. The beautiful women are dancing, and they are all under the age of ten, and they are dwarf melons. The expressions and movements are very serious. After a while, the sleeves are twisted and twisted. The little actors who play the nobility each drink, chat, shake their heads, and bear their beards. If you ignore their age, it is a classic reappearance.

Xiao Jiashu couldn't help himself. He turned his back and slammed his mouth. He was afraid that he would laugh. He just walked to Wei's father and stared at the monitor he was watching.

"Okay, this is over!" Wei Dad clap his hands, the little actors stood up and loose, and the quiet scene instantly became noisy.

"You are?" Wei Dad turned to look at Xiao Jiashu.

"My name is Xiao Jiashu, I am filming in the studio next door, and I have cooperated with Wei Borong and Wei Boyi." Xiao Jiashu pointed to the monitor. "Wei, can I see what you have recently taken?"

"Of course. Bo Rong, let Xiao brother move a chair." Wei Dad called out the previous video, and he was very excited. "I have already taken seven or eight episodes, and there are ten episodes that can be filmed. After all, actors They are all children, many plots are inconvenient to shoot, and energy can't keep up. You have to compress the script."

"Yes, like the original, I patted 80 episodes, the children couldn't stand it, and the audience didn't have the patience to watch." Every summer before the age of ten, Xiao Jiashu will be re-visited by Xue Yu, how can this drama be played? Not familiar with it? He looked at him and became fascinated. He was amazed at Wei Dad’s directorial level and the superb performances of the little actors.

Although they are young, they are good at imitating, and they almost absorbed the essence of the first edition. Eighty, a doll face made or tragic, or pungent, or rogue expression, can easily evoke the hearts of the audience. Xiao Jiashu couldn't stand it anymore. He felt that if he read all the plots, he would never want to have a baby.

When he saw the second episode, a group of big men walked in and shouted, "Wei Jiang, told you at three o'clock, how are you still here? When will the rest of the rent be handed over? Tattered things are all smashed!"

The little actors were so horrified that several adult women quickly stopped and stopped. The two sides pulled up and smashed several props boxes. Clothes, shoes and antique jewellery spilled over the ground. Wei Dad ran away to protect his female employees while evacuating the little actors, and the scene became more and more chaotic.

Xiao Jiashu quickly took Wei Borong and Wei Boyi to a safe place and whispered, "What is going on? What are they doing?"

"This studio was rented by my father. Those people who have expired have let him return. My father is not not paying. He just wants to finish the movie of the palace." Wei Borong was scared and frequently went to Looking in the studio, I was afraid that my father would be beaten. Wei Boyi clung to his brother's clothes and his eyes were red.

"Expired and renewed." Xiao Jiashu patted the brothers with distress."How can I renew my contract without money? We rented the camera and the props. Some of the rent in the studio could not be paid. Dad also borrowed a lot of money from others. If you don't pay back, the movie will not be filmed. A few days, my father is about to contact the buyer to buy my house. After that, we have no place to live." Wei Borong, a young boy, finally lowered his head and wiped his tears.

Can such a good show not be filmed? What a pity! After three seconds of thinking, Xiao Jiashu made a slap. "You are staying here and don't move. I am going to talk to them. I will invest, we must finish the show." The words fell into it.

His life assistant quickly followed, and he did not forget to call Xue Yu to explain the situation.

Xue Yu didn't take it seriously. "You said that Xiaoshu wants to invest in the children's version of "One Dream One Hundred Years"? Let him vote, the money is not enough for me to come out, do some investment in the filming. What? I am afraid that he will lose I am not afraid, my eyes are all trained, and it will be better. You don’t say that I almost forgot, the studio is very messy, I have to find him two bodyguards, I will arrive in ten minutes, don’t let those not The long-eyed injury to the small tree." The words hurriedly hang up the phone.

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