How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 35 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Chapter 35

After eating dinner, Shi Tingheng habitually opened the mobile phone to brush Weibo, and then saw a comment that caused a hot discussion. This comment comes from "Don't bow, the little crown will fall", and it is a lot of talk. It is about the different developments of myself and Ji Yan in the performing arts. There are many netizens who have left their words, have expressed their approval, and have a sneak peek. And fans chasing 骂, saying that the little crown is insulting Shi Yingdi, it is awful.

Shi Tingheng looked at the two lines with a joke, and then his expression became more and more serious, and his brows became wrinkled and tight. After a few minutes, he slowly said, "Who is this little crown? Really fucking..."

Xiao Jiashu, sitting aside, glanced at him and sneaked away. Although it is said that some people can't live with Heng Ge, Ji Ge's development is really more comprehensive than him. He can't talk with his conscience.

Shi Tingheng did not notice the abnormality of Xiao Shaoye. He bite his teeth and continued. "I really said that my mother went to my heart! Is the performance of Laozi worse than you? No! Laozi’s play is severely limited! And the fans don't let me play other roles. What can I do? My favorite movie is "Montenegro", but every time the reporter asked me a similar question, I dare not answer it. My heart is bitter! This little crown It’s very eye-opening, no, I have to give him a compliment.” As he said, he poked the phone hard.

His fans were still squirting a small crown, and they saw that the idol stood up and praised. They were quiet as a chicken, and some people asked silly. "What happened? Shi Yingdi was stolen?"

Pirate a fart! Shi Tingheng silently returned a sentence, and then happily opened the small crown of Weibo, found that this is a newly registered trumpet, concerned only one season, one can not help but some sour. It is said that Ji Wei’s fans are the highest in the number and quality of the whole network. This is true. As can be seen from the lines, the small crown should be a professional film critic. If he didn't read all of himself and Ji Yan's movies and understood them thoroughly, he couldn't say that.

Ji Yan stared at the comments for a while, and the fingertips stayed on the praise, and finally did not press. Netizens would have liked to compare him with Shi Tingheng. If he also stood up and responded, this would be a big deal.

"You should be transformed." He looked at his friends and said, "Thirty-four years old, just right."

"I am also thinking about it," Shi Tingheng said with a smile. "The next movie I want to play a villain is bad."

Season, I will recommend it to you if you have a good book. It should be very interesting to have a villain with a positive face."

Lin Leyang listened to the two people chatting while eating, and the suffocation that was compared with Xiao Jiashu by the netizens had already disappeared. Miao Muqing took a nap for twenty minutes. After waking up, the redness suddenly subsided. Only some bruises were left. I could barely see it with a cover of concealer. It was not as angry as before.

Ever since, the shooting in the afternoon started in a harmony. The play was only a few NG, and finally let Luo Zhangwei's coffin face ease. "OK, this is over, the next one is ready."

The crew moved to the basketball court outside the studio and continued to photograph the daily life of the Ling Brothers.Xiao Jiashu has changed his casual clothes and is chatting with several extras. They are very young, the oldest is twenty, the youngest is less than sixteen, one for a movie and one hundred for a line.

"Your parents agreed to let you out to film? Is the age of fifteen or sixteen still reading?"

"I don't agree, we sneaked out of it. The results are too bad. It is also in vain to read."

"That's not good, you still have to say to them, or they don't know what you are doing outside, it's safe." Xiao Jiashu is preparing to persuade them to persuade these small North drifts, but see Ji Yan slowly walking. Come over, wearing a casual wear on the body, the hair is not fixed with the mousse as usual, but fluffy and softly hangs on the horns, looks young and young, and the temperament is extra soft.

Ling Tao in the movie is also the same when facing Ling Feng. Before the people, he was the president of the majestic Lingshi Group. He was the leader of the drug trafficking group. He was cruel and ruthless. In front of his younger brother, he was the most intelligent and gentle brother. His life was cut into two sides, the dark side left for himself and the whole world, and the bright side was left to the younger brother.

Seeing his new look, Xiao Jiashu's eyes lit up, and he didn't worry that he couldn't find the feeling later. In order to fit the character's image, Ji Yan has taken into account all aspects, from appearance to look and temperament, there is nothing wrong with it, it is an easy job with him.

"Luo guide, I am ready." Xiao Jiashu confidently rushed Zhang Weibi with an OK gesture.

Ji Yan also nodded and walked to the side of the field to stand up.

"Action!" Luo Zhangwei ordered, the two started walking along the basketball court.

Xiaobei drift played the children in the community playing basketball games, and when the two came close, they pretended to be careless and flew the basketball. According to the script, Xiao Jiashu should catch the flying basketball and then throw it back and get a perfect three-pointer. The children clap their hands and invite him to play together. He also put Ling Tao on the court. The brothers played basketball while recalling the happy time of childhood. After the break, Ling Tao made the next decision - to reject the plan of new drugs and products flowing into Southeast Asia, because he did not want to destroy the beautiful world in his brother's eyes.

But the real situation is... Xiao Jiashu is a sports idiot, obviously basketball is flying over to him, he can hardly catch it, and he almost fell down with his head down. Fortunately, Ji Jifei quickly smashed him, which saved his handsome face.

"Brother, it's okay to have you!" Xiao Jiashu raised his face after standing still, and his bright eyes were full of gratitude and worship.

Luo Zhangwei, who had already raised his hand, saw his sweet and full expression and slowly let go, not calling CUT.

Professional actors have first-class ability to respond on the spot. As long as the director does not stop, even if the lines and plots are completely removed, they can still play as usual. The season smashed the head of Xiao Jiashu, and smiled lightly. "I didn't exercise well in foreign countries. I can't catch a ball." The words fell into the basket and were thrown into the basket.Originally, this lens will not be shot completely. No matter whether it enters or not, the crew will make up a close-up of the shot and edit it later. However, Ji Wei is a sports master. He can also throw a hollow three-pointer a few meters away from the field. The action is perfect.

Xiaobei floats really applauded. Xiao Jiashu stayed, and then eagerly said, "Brother, how can you do anything? I am a high-profile student in front of you is really nothing."

"What do you say stupid? Brother will not study, but my brother is a schoolmaster." Ji Yan was full of pride, and then in the Xiaobei floats enthusiastically invited to roll up their sleeves and pull Xiao Jiashu into the basketball court.

Xiao Jiashu is not a basketball player. He is playing basketball. Fortunately, there is a season to help him out, otherwise he will lose. The two brothers were very embarrassed, and they were more than capable. After scoring a goal, they slammed their hands and hugged them. The scene was more interesting than the script, and it also showed Ling Tao's softer, warmer and more life-oriented side. If you compare this aspect with his later cruel madness, the plot will be more contradictory and conflicting.

Xiao Jiashu played basketball seriously and completely forgot to act, until Ji Yan retired to the side of the field and looked at himself with a nostalgic look. Ji Yan's expression is very complicated, it seems very gratifying, and it seems to be a bit heavy. But no matter what, in the face of his younger brother, his mouth always has a smile, the smile is very warm, very soft, like rain and dew on Xiao Jiashu.

Xiao Jiashu somehow remembered the scene of "The End Road". Ling Tao used the blood-stained hands to cover Lingfeng's ashes over and over again, and finally died peacefully. He turned to think of the "devious" scene, he held Ling Feng’s body said in a desperate tone, “You don’t understand Xiaofeng’s hand. Once the human hand is black, it will never be washed.”

Why can't you wash it? Not that he doesn't want to wash, he can't wash. If he becomes weak, the first victim is definitely his younger brother Ling Feng. He has been caring for Ling Feng in his life, leaving him with the best and the brightest, but he eventually lost everything.

Xiao Jiashu’s heart was suddenly filled with this kind of unrequited love. He threw the ball to someone else and stood under the rim to smile at his brother. He didn't know how warm and pure his smile was at the moment. He just eagerly expected his only relatives to be happy. He ran to the side of Ji Ji, and sincerely said, "Brother, are you supposed to get married? You should not always look after me, but also consider it for yourself. I grew up and changed me from now on to take care of you. ”

Ji Yan patted him on the shoulder and said softly, "I will consider personal issues after you get married. Do you still play? Go back if you don't play?"

"Don't play, I am going to drink saliva." Xiao Jiashu waved his hand and ran to the drinking fountain on the sidelines.

Ji Yan stared at his back, his smile turned from deep to shallow, and finally settled as dignified. He took out his cell phone and said, "Terminating the Ebola plan." Because of his brother's existence, he did not want to bring disaster into the country, and the decision at the moment is the beginning of all tragedies.

"CUT!" Luo Zhangwei, who had not moved, screamed.Xiao Jiashu drank a couple of water and sat down on the basketball court. After a strong distressed feeling, he walked slowly to the director to watch the video. Ji Yan stood still for a long time without moving, and then slowly shook his head with his hands.

Fang Kun saw that the situation was not right. He quickly went over and asked, "What happened to you?"

Ji Yan puts his hands down and mute, "I just entered the show."

"Ah?" Fang Kun was so surprised that he looked up and down several times. Others don't know, can he still understand? Ji Ji is a typical performanceist. What is a performanceist? In the words of the famous French performing artist, Old Cogran, the actor must be able to make himself. Even though the characters he plays are passionate, he must be frosty. He must dissect every trembling nerve like a ruthless scientist. Exfoliate every beating pulse, and at all times make himself like an ancient Greek god, lest the blood of his heart rush to destroy his performance.

Ji Yan is such a frosty and ruthless performer. He can easily let others enter the show, but even if he has become the role itself, his heart is not fluctuating. His reason is always manipulating his body and emotions, making his external performance impeccable.

But at this moment, he actually said... He was brought into the play? That person is still Xiao Jiashu who just entered the line?

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