How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 34 Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Chapter 34

After Miao Muqing got the medicine, she quickly asked the agent to apply it to herself. Every minute, she asked if the other person had swollen.

Xiao Jiashu was afraid that the bigger she was disappointed, the bigger the disappointment would be, and she could not help but pour a cold water. "Mu Qingjie, although this medicine works well, but it is swollen like you, one day can be eliminated, but it will definitely leave blue."

The anger that Miao Muqing had just disappeared began to burn again, and Lin Leyang was stunned with an eye knife. Her agent was so anxious that she quickly called the dermatologist. The expert did not have a particularly effective method. In the end, he even said to him, "Would you like to buy a box of Shaw Pharmaceuticals' production, which is specially designed for the national team's special effects to promote blood circulation and phlegm. It is very effective, foreign. Football superstars and basketball superstars all admire it, and don’t take a penny to help advertise."

The agent looked at the medicine bottle in his hand and really cried.

Xiao Jiashu especially saw the face of others crying, comforting, "Mu Qingjie, don't worry, the bruises left after the swelling are very shallow, can be covered with concealer. Or you simply let the advertisers change the plan, directly Let them shoot your nose and face, and then show the power of cosmetics in front of the perfect face of the lens."

He was just joking. He didn't expect Miao Muqing to shine with his eyes. He took the phone and left. Her agent quickly followed the past, and left the Xiao Shaoye to draw a thumbs.

Xiao Jiashu's face is inexplicable, and Lin Leyang's mood is overwhelming. He is very grateful to Xiao Jiashu for his help, but he also understands that he is looking at the face of Ji Ge and Miao Muqing, and he may be nothing in his eyes. He took out his mobile phone and turned over the message that the netizen taunted, and he was suffering. Although Chen Pengxin purchased the water army to guide public opinion in time, the effect was not significant. If you only look at the appearance, he does not have any point comparable to Xiao Jiashu.

When he was about to turn off his mobile phone and he couldn’t see it as a net, Ji Yan extended his arm and held him, softly, "laughing."

He habitually raised his face and revealed a sunny smile. The picture of the two heads touching each other and standing side by side is fixed on the photo. Ji Wei sent a photo on Weibo, and wrote: @林乐洋, this is a small newcomer I personally signed, very potential, please take care of it.

His fans are tens of millions, and they are very loyal. Before they were too much to disappoint Lin Leyang, now they have more support, one of them comes out and flattered, "Expand our little wings and hold them!"

"I believe in the eyes of the gods, the newcomers are actually very sunny and lovely, and there are two little tiger teeth when they laugh!"

“Super cute! Bring Xiao Meng to a new height!”

There are still many such remarks, and almost a moment has reversed Lin Leyang’s situation in which Xiao Jiashu was compared to the mud. Although there were still sprays that refused to give up, they were quickly swayed by the Little Crown, and the microblog was suddenly harmonious.

Lin Leyang was still in a daze, and Ji Yan waved at Shi Tingheng. "Come and take a picture, and push it by the way."Shi Tingheng knows, and Lin Leyang took a photo of a relatively close relationship, and then on the Weibo @方, and praised the newcomer acting well, the future is bright. The two great emperors came out to escort, and Lin Leyang's Weibo was naturally smashed by the fans who came here. They paid more attention and they passed the million in less than ten minutes.

Ji Yan brought Lin Leyang into the rest shed and personally gave him a box lunch. He said, "Eat, eat a meal and take a serious picture, don't think too much."

Lin Leyang only returned to God, and his red eyes filled with tears. He really wanted to say something to Ji Ge, but he felt that any language seemed to be poor at this moment. This is always the case, and he appears when he needs help most, and easily takes him out of the woods.

He nodded and cautiously said, "Thank you Ji Ge, I will work hard."

In this case, Ji Yan has often heard from Lin Leyang's mouth recently, and almost no feeling. He looked at him deeply and didn't say anything.

Chen Pengxin brushed Weibo and his face was proud. The season is always awesome. In less than a minute, the trouble that he can't solve in the morning can be solved. This is the influence of the superstar. If you can mix it to this level, it will be fine.

However, the next second, his proud smile was on his face, only because Xiao Jiashu came in with a box of lunch, naturally, "Jie Ge, Heng Ge, with me also have a shadow?"

What do you like most after a star photo? Of course, it is a microblog! Chen Pengxin almost put a box of cold-fried preserved eggs on Xiao Shaoye's face. How can you have you anywhere? People send Weibo, you also send Weibo, people are hot, you are also hot, you are not finished, right?

Lin Leyang’s face is also very unsightly. He understands that if Xiao Jiashu sends Weibo and @季哥和衡哥, the two will respond, and their relationship with him is not bad at all. If Luo Dao saw it, maybe he would encourage a few words. These days, his appreciation and love for Xiao Jiashu is well known.

Shi Tingheng boasted that his "acting trick is really good" is somewhat exaggerated, but if it is on Xiao Jiashu's head, it is just right. These big coffees responded one by one, and Xiao Jiashu’s heat soon surpassed himself. Seeing that the situation of reversal is not easy to get out of control, Lin Leyang is violent, and he really hates Xiao Jiashu.

Xiao Jiashu knew nothing about the hearts of the people and looked at Ji Yan with his eyes. After two seconds of hesitation, Ji Yan sighed. "Where is it? It is full of boxes and it doesn't look good."

"This is really true." Xiao Jiashu smiled and bent his eyes. He immediately took the box lunch and went to Jiyu, and said to the assistant, "Let’s take a picture of our meal."

"Well." The assistant took a few shots and was about to take a look at Xiao Shaoye. He had already ran to Shi Tingheng and held a box of rice. Shi Tingheng is very cooperative. A newcomer is pushing, and two newcomers are also pushing. Anyway, they are all a company and they are not guilty.After the photo was taken, Ji Wei and Shi Tingheng were waiting for Xiao Jiashu to send Weibo and @自己, but he didn't expect him to just look at the phone and pick up the meal. Xiao Jiashu stayed abroad for many years. Before he came back, he didn't even have Weibo. Where would he send photos to promote himself? He took pictures just to remember, there is also a photo album, what microblogging?

Only after eating two meals, Miao Muqing came back and said with a smile. "Actually, the advertiser is very interested in my suggestion and is re-planning. Xiaoshu, I will invite you to dinner later."

"Without Mu Qingjie, my mom bought ribs and melons. Now I am sure I have stewed them. If I don't go back to dinner, she can eat me."

Miao Muqing did not insist, and found that Shi Tingheng and Ji Yu joined hands to push Lin Leyang, and said with a sneer, "Xiaoshu, take a picture with his sister. Come, eggplant." After sending the photo directly to Xiao Shaoye, Waiting for him to send Weibo himself and respond to the response, give him a little heat.

If Huang Meixuan had already warned her not to entangle Xiao Shaoye to make an anecdote, she would send the photos to Weibo.

She refreshed the webpage while eating a box of lunch. Unfortunately, after waiting for ten minutes, Xiao Shaoye did not see any movement. When I looked back, I found that the other party had added a bowl of rice and was eating it. If you take photos without posting Weibo, what are you going to do? Do you understand hype? Miao Muqing really hates iron and does not become steel, but there is no way to take Xiao’s young and strong.

Lin Leyang and Chen Pengxin secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but did not dare to loosen them. I was afraid that Xiao Jiashu would send a photo after dinner. At the moment, netizens have already guessed from the photo that he and Ji Ge and Heng Ge are filming "Apostles". They are trying to praise his resources well. They are high. They have already covered Xiao Jiashu's limelight. If Xiao Jiashu also sent the same photo here, it was a face-lifting scene!

Where can Xiaojiashu think of sending a Weibo, everyone will have so many inner dramas, and a meal is delicious. During the period, Ji Yan frequently looked up at him, and he also looked back at the past and presented a smile without hesitation.

Ji Yan's face was stretched, and he couldn't help but laugh. Are all the people who are focused on living more carefree? No, maybe it’s more appropriate to describe it with no heart and no lungs?

After Xiao Jiashu finished eating, she picked up the phone and played with it, but did not send Weibo. Instead, she registered a trumpet and used it to sneak a screen. He thought about it and took the nickname as "Don't bow, the little crown will fall." Season's fans call themselves "Little Crown", the name is there, and everyone knows who he is.

After paying attention to Ji Ji, he began to browse today's news and found that Ji Ge pushed Lin Leyang, and quickly switched the size to praise this Weibo, and gave Shi Tingheng a praise. He did not know what Lin Leyang had been compared with himself by netizens. Even if he knew it, he would not think too much. He only managed filming, and the interests of many fans, high popularity, and little influence were completely out of his consideration.

He always believes in one sentence - for actors, good works represent everything.After using the large size, he switched back to the trumpet and continued to sneak into the screen. He found that the netizens actually compared the brothers and Shi Tingheng, from the appearance to the body, from the body to the temperament, from the temperament to the acting... noisy. Xiao Jiashu seldom pays attention to domestic news, and where he has seen such tearing dramas, he can't help but look at it with gusto. After reading itching, he pours a piece of time without pains: I am not blowing, the performance of Ji Shen is currently unmatched in China. There are few opponents in the international arena. Each of his films is a classic, Confucius in The Troubled Times, and He Yunlei in The Last Ocean...

After arrogant and well-founded boasting a lot, he is proud: the development of Ji Ji is better than Shi Tingheng, why? Because he is comprehensive enough, there is almost no role he can't control. In contrast, Shi Tingheng, who has been repeating himself over the years, talks about tough guys, heroes, and decents. The first thing that everyone thinks of is his role. He has been finalized and his play is narrow, which is his biggest shortcoming.

I have seen his filming of "Montenegro", which is about a story of a small staff member who is under the pressure of the boss and the blackmail but the revenge of his wife. The ending is very miserable, and with a little black humor, it is his box office. The worst movie with the worst reputation. But I want to say that Shi Tingheng, who got rid of the heroic image, fully played his highest super acting. He is a seriously underrated actor who can actually play more roles, but no one can recognize it. He did not lose to himself, but he did not lose to Ji Yan, but lost to fans.

After the words were finished, Xiao Jiashu sneaked a sneak peek at Shi Tingheng, and then clicked to send.

Ji Yan looked at Xiao Shaoye while eating, full of complexities.

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