How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 33 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Chapter 33

Xiao Jiashu’s Weibo “Small Sapling” was certified by the company. From now on, this is his size. Self-portraits and promotional information can be sent to the public. The attention bar is only one season, but also has to Guide, Shi Tingheng, Miao Muqing and others added.

He just opened the screen of the mobile phone, the bell rang, and the one who looked at it was a father who rarely called himself.

"Dad, do you have something?" According to past experience, Xiao Qijie will never take the initiative to call the younger son when he is fine. Even if his son encounters troubles that cannot be solved abroad, it is mostly handed over to the secretary. He is a father. It seems to have only authority and symbolism, and does not need to assume corresponding responsibilities. But for Xiao Dingbang, he was a good father who was meticulous and gave him almost everything he gave.

"Where is your mother? Let her come back soon! If she doesn't want to, she asks why she had to be careful to marry Xiao's family at the beginning. Don't think that if you have a son, you can have fear. I can always find someone younger than her. Beautiful." Xiao Qijie said with anger.

"Dad, why are you marrying you, don't you understand? Because she really loves you. She wanted money and money, she was famous, and she was surrounded by so many pursuers. Some people are not worse than you." You are still married, have a son, marry you have to help you take care of your son, take care of the family, and even quit the entertainment circle, how much sacrifice do you have in your heart? You ask, you really don’t know why she married You? You just want to be so harsh to her when she loves you. The one who has no fear is always you."

Xiao Jiashu said that the more uncomfortable, the lower his head wiped his eyes and continued. "But the maintenance of a relationship requires the efforts of two people. Mom has been working hard. You have been enjoying her efforts with peace of mind. More feelings have been Your indifference is clean. Yesterday, my mother slept very well, didn't take sleeping pills, and when I got up in the morning, I sang and cooked me noodles. After she left you, she was very happy. Do you know why?"

Xiao Qijie’s breath is somewhat unstable, and the silence has been silent for a long time. “Why?”

"Because she doesn't love you. She can sign a pre-marital property agreement for you. You should understand that she loves one person with no hesitation. If you don't love, how much is it. Dad, you..." Xiao Jiashu said nothing. After that, there was a hurry to hang up, and it was always busy.

What he didn't know was that Xiao Qijie, who had no fear, sent the divorce agreement to Xue Yu's lawyer. He thought that this was the means that his wife threatened himself. After listening to his son's words, he woke up like a dream and hurriedly intercepted it.

"It’s enough for a lifetime, and it’s enough." Xiao Jiashu sighed and sighed after hanging up the phone, but didn’t feel so sad. Parents are adults and they have enough ability to lead their lives.

Because the caller is Xiao Qijie, he is afraid of speaking is not convenient, so he went to the dressing room to pick up, hang up and push the door out, but heard the faint voice from the next door.

Miao Muqing’s agent complained, “Qingqing, you see that your arm is purple again. There is a cosmetic advertisement to be taken tomorrow. What can I do?”Miao Muqing: "With a cover with a concealer powder, you won't have it."

"You are a piece of purple, how many concealer powder can you use to cover it? I told you to ask for a substitute, you don't listen, if you annoy the advertiser, maybe you will be canceled!"

"What is the substitute? Heng Ge and Ji Ge are not as big as the VIPs. Can I please?"

"That's not the same, they are men, you are a woman!"

"In the crew, men and women are actors, there is no difference. Good women's substitutes are difficult to ask, please go to the play may not be better than me. I am a dancer, and there is no problem in the filming. If you invite a man For the substitute, the stout body can be seen? When I reach the face, I have to stop and change it. How much film is wasted? Luo can bother you! I didn’t know why I was popular. My word of mouth It is by my own sweat, even blood, not bad."

The agent seemed to be convinced, and for a long while he sighed helplessly.

Xiao Jiashu liked to investigate the actors of the same crew after filming, and naturally knew the background of Miao Muqing. At that time, she was only one of the thousands of North drifters. Nobody's pulse, no background, it was really a grassroots origin. Because of dare to fight and dare to do it, whether it is naked or play, it is a battle.

She has the status of today. As she said, she exchanged her sweat and blood. When she took a car show, she almost died in a car accident. She went out to the hospital and continued to shoot. She never retired. Although she loves to be a producer and investor, it is also understandable because there is no helpless background.

In this entertainment circle, everyone is wearing two skins, a skin is outside, a piece of skin is hidden, no one can say the sadness and secrets, so people can't just look at the surface. When she first came to the crew, Xiao Jiashu was very disgusted with Miao Muqing. She didn't like her always coming to her own, but now she is full of emotions. He sent a message to the life assistant, let him go to the research and development department of Shaw to take some special effects medicine to promote blood and phlegm, and then quietly left the dressing room.

Today, still playing the film, Shi Tingheng and Lin Leyang have already tied the WIA, listen carefully to the Luo guide, and only wait for Miao Muqing to come and start shooting. Ms. Mu's role in Annie is also undercover. She is an accountant in the Ling Group, but she is from Interpol. He Jin is not a system with Shi Tingheng. They didn't know each other, and they found each other suspicious during the investigation, so they got up.

It’s this scene that I’m going to shoot today. The three of them fight for a while, and they’re showing each other’s identity, and then they form an offensive and defensive alliance. He Jin is responsible for investigating the peripheral drug lords. Anne is responsible for investigating the Lingshi Group. Lin Yu, who plays Lin Leyang, is responsible for identifying the traitors of the police station.

Xiao Jiashu quickly walked over to listen to Luo. Every time a shot is a teaching, he is like a sponge, is absorbing the performance skills bit by bit at an amazing speed.

“Is Miao Muqing ready? When I am ready, I will start shooting.” Luo, who finished the play, raised a big horn.

"Ready." Miao Muqing gave a thumbs up.

"OK, all units pay attention, start shooting!" Luo guide made an ACTION gesture, and the game immediately hit the board.Xiao Jiashu moved a small horse, and looked at the display with a smug look around Luo. It didn't take long before he found himself covered in a shadow. Looking up, it was Ji Ji. He had a cigarette in one hand and a hand in his pocket. He frowned and stared at the field. He is more than 190 centimeters tall, and he is full of long legs from the bottom up. The straight back and the meticulous hair make him look extraordinarily cold and serious. However, the usual seasons are spring and rainy, and elegant and elegant, especially after wearing gold glasses, unlike an actor, it is like a famous professor at a key university. He is natural and changeable, and he can grasp every character.

Xiao Jiashu stared at him for a long time, and had to admit that Ji Ge was really handsome! Every styling, every expression, every movement is handsome! However, this is nothing. When he is seriously involved in the performance, the strong personal charm is not far away, handsome to the explosion!

Ji Yan stretched out for a while before going to see him, helplessly, "What do you see?"

Look at you handsome. Xiao Jiashu answered silently in his heart, but his face was very thin. He immediately looked at the field and was embarrassed. "No, I just stayed for a while."

Ji Yan gently hooked the lips and the expression was not as serious as before.

The fight on the field stopped. Lin Leyang once again ate NG, and Luo Luowei almost broke the big horn. "CUT, CUT, CUT! Where is the martial arts guidance? Take him and practice again! No kicks, you sports. Is the class taught by a language teacher?"

This time, Lin Leyang has already eaten twenty-six NG, and then brought a few of Shi Tingheng and Miao Muqing. This play is not very smooth. It can be seen that Lin Leyang himself is also very embarrassed, but it is difficult to concentrate, and his agent has been hiding in the shed to brush microblogging, fingertips licking the screen, I do not know what is busy.

Lin Leyang repeatedly apologized to Luo Zhangwei, Shi Tingheng, and Miao Muqing, and then looked at Ji Yan with a red face, and looked at Xiao Jiashu who was kneeling at his feet. He would still eat NG the next time he took it, and he would not know for a few hours. This is consumed.

"Ah! You have no long eyes?" Miao Muqing’s scream completely ended the morning shooting. She was kicked in the left face by Lin Leyang, and the skin quickly became red and swollen and looked a bit serious.

Her agent rushed to jump, and after Roan shouted CUT, he quickly ran over to view, and then caught Lin Leyang screaming, and even "rolling out of the entertainment circle" was smashed out. Lin Leyang was still stunned at first, and there was tears in his eyes and he was very patient.

The season annihilated cigarettes and walked over to personally apologize to Miao Muqing.

Miao Muqing licked her cheeks and expressed resentment, but Ji's coffee place was there, and she had to settle down. "Look at Ji's face this time. Young people should not be too impetuous. When filming, be serious." ”

"I know Mu Qingjie, I am really sorry!" Lin Leyang quickly groaned. When he bent down, two drops of tears fell from the eyelids, wet the ground, but did not leave traces on his face.Miao Muqing did not speak when he bite his teeth. If she can, she really wants to give Lin Leyang an unforgettable lesson. She still has to take a cosmetics advertisement tomorrow. Now it hurts to break the cheek. If the advertiser wants to stop the endorsement, who will pay for her loss?

Ji Yan was very helpless and was preparing to talk to her about compensation. Xiao Jiashu came over and was concerned, "Mu Qingjie, you should take some medicine and sleep for one night should be able to reduce swelling."

When Miao Muqing took the pill box and saw it, it was actually a special medicine for Xiao, and the face of Tieqing was alleviated.

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