How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 31 Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Chapter 31

Lin Leyang was pushed back to his seat. He was full of resistance and shame, but he could not help. These people are humiliating me. Didn't you see Ji Ge? Why don't you help me out and let me stay here?

For a moment, he thought a lot, but he listened to Huang Zijin. "But this is your greatest advantage. Your face is very malleable. As long as the shape is right, you can play both decent and villain. The characters of the three ages are also fully held, and the road is much wider than others. With this face, you can naturally control many characters, and I will give you 9 points, out of 10 points. This is a suitable The face of a big screen, as long as it is equipped with the corresponding acting skills, it is not difficult to become famous."

If you look at one of the small meats, "I will give your face 5 points, why? Because your face is too tender, and this year has been 26, no longer possible, unless you participate in youth movies or campus idol dramas. Basically, you can't control other characters. Even the best acting with this baby face will be violated. The road is too narrow, unless you have a godlike acting."

The smirk on the face of the small fresh meat solidified, and the expression was like a lightning strike.

Huang Zijin pointed to another small fresh meat and said, "You are mature and handsome, but you have a knife on your face, it is not natural to laugh, and many expressions can’t be done. The face is barely able to play. People with tears are difficult. I suggest that you do not have hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxins. It will ruin the muscles on your face. How can you make expressions without muscles? I will give you 4 points for this appearance, too fake."

At the end of the look, Xiao Jiashu looked forward to the face and smiled softly. "Small tree, I will give you 7 points. Deducting 3 points is because you are too handsome, handsome and aggressive. Your face is simple. When the idol is definitely awesome, but if you want to film, many characters can't control it. Do you know the actor who just won the Oscar winner this year? It is because he is so handsome, he has been rejected by Oscar in the early years. In addition, the image of self-destruction has been successful for many years. You, like him, have been dragged down by the appearance. The film circle is different from other circles. Too handsome is sometimes a good thing."

Xiao Jiashu glanced at Ji Yan and argued that "Jie Ge is also very handsome, but he is already a Grand Slam movie actor. He can control his role."

"This is exactly what I want to tell you. Like Jesse, you also need God's acting skills to let the audience ignore this face and notice your strength. Others work hard, you have to work hard, others Try to double your efforts, you have to work hard for a hundred times. The role that others can easily control, you have to devote yourself wholeheartedly, can you do it?"

Xiao Jiashu not only was not asked to live, but also ignited two flames in his eyes. The harder he is, the more he does not want to give up. It may be difficult for others to enter the performance wholeheartedly, but it is a pleasure for him. He likes the feeling of entering another world through imagination and interpreting another life. It is so wonderful.

"I can do it. Zigong, I am going to sign a contract with the company, and later is a formal actor." He pointed to Huang Meixuan's briefcase.Huang Zijin laughed and bowed. "Then you will cheer later. I will analyze your form and temperament again. This will help you determine what route you should take in the future. You can also refer to the reference..."

In the following words, Lin Leyang had no intention to listen again. He looked down at his trousers and looked up at Ji Yan. His expression was ashamed. If he just left in anger, how badly Huang Zijin would be to him? Of course, even if he did not leave, the other party certainly did not like him. If you didn’t finish listening, you would change your face and then lose your mind. It’s too unsatisfactory. The result is that his score is the highest, it’s just awkward!

Ji Ge has already looked at his bad performance in the eyes? He must be very disappointed. Lin Leyang wants to be more and more frustrated. If not everyone is there, I can’t wait to cover my face.

Ji Yan knocked on the arm of the chair and whispered. "Teach the class carefully."

Lin Leyang quickly took back his mind, only to find that two small fresh meats were looking at themselves with envious eyes. After experiencing too many cold days, he certainly understands why they have such a change. It is because they are the artists of Ji Ge, and he personally came to accompany him to class. Based on this relationship, his starting point is better than them. A lot higher.

It turned out that some people rely on it, some people take care of it, and even some people feel that it is like this. Lin Leyang stunned and immediately opened the thought. When he concentrated on listening to the class, Huang Zijin had finished speaking and distributed the book list.

Ji Yan kept knocking on the armrests of the chair and couldn't call back Lin Leyang's mind. There was a depression in his eyebrows.

He looked at Xiao Jiashu, who was chasing after Huang Zijin’s buttocks, and looked at Lin Leyang, who was holding a book, and reminded him, “Tomorrow’s formal class, when you finish the movie, when you come over, Huang Zijin is not fixed. During class time, he is classifying according to the qualifications of each of you, learning fast or learning slowly and looking at yourself. There are only 60 classes in total, seize the opportunity, don't waste."

Lin Leyang wakes up like a dream and blushes. "You can rest assured that Ji Ge, I will work hard."

Ji Yan sent Chen Pengxin and brought people back to the office. This was slowly opening. "Le Yang, I found out that you have a problem today. It is too easy to think about it. If you think about it, you can’t get out of it. As a Actor, what you need is focus, don't solder yourself because of outside evaluation, because after the fame you will face more comments, good and bad, and even malicious. You think about it, now you The mentality, can you cope?"

Lin Leyang hesitated for a moment and had to shake his head. He can't stand even a few words of Huang Zijin, let alone the general commentary of the general public? But as an actor, these are all things that can't be avoided.

"Jie Ge, I understand. In the future, I will concentrate on filming, just as you said, just staring at the road under your feet, not looking at the people around you."

"Well, if you improve your acting skills, your path will naturally be wide, and the goal will be close. You will only be surrounded by a lot of detours by the people or things around you." Ji Yan waved his hand. "Well, you should go back first. Focus on it later." Point, put your mind on the act.""Good season brother." Lin Leyang stopped at the door, then turned back, and quickly kissed the pro-season lips.

Ji Yan looked at people who ran faster than rabbits, and could not help but shake his head and smile.

On the other hand, Xiao Jiashu is completely plagued by Lin Leyang. He only plays the act, and he doesn't worry about anything else. Anyway, the soldiers will block the water and cover it. What's the big deal. After signing the contract with the company officially, he returned home with the contract and announced, "Dad, brother, I signed with Guanshi, I want to be an actor."

"What do you say?" Xiao Qijie was shocked and angry, and his face looked black. "You want to be an actor? Yes, let's get out of Xiao's house first! Our Xiao family doesn't have such a shameful thing for you, good. Xiaojia two young masters are not appropriate, ran to be a play, if your grandfather knows that you have to drive you out of the house!" Xiao Jiazu is a royal doctor, holding a lot of valuable health care in his hand, the health museum opened It is responsible for the body of the country’s leaders. It is very important to the family rules and retains a lot of feudal ideas.

Xiao Qijie smashed Xue Yu, who was already a deviant, and the son who was born to be a drama was even more against the sky. If Xiao Xiaozi knows that he will definitely be thundering.

Xiao Jiashu is trying to distinguish, Xue Yu has been cold and open, "When we are rare, Xiao? Son, go upstairs to take luggage, I will go with you!"

"Mom, are you really going?" Xiao Jiashu was dumbfounded, and he never expected the mother to be so simple.

"When you call, I know that it will be like this. I have already prepared. Your dad and your grandfather can't make sense. Let's go directly." Xue Yu looked at Xiao Qijie, one word and one sentence, "You want to divorce." Or depriving the small tree of the inheritance rights, all with you. We have been a shameful thing for decades, and it is enough, and will not give you Xiaojia in the future. Xiaoshu, you are not willing to Xiaojia’s property. ?"

Xiao Jiashu thought and didn't want to shake his head. "I don't want to be anything of mine anyway. Is there anything I can't bear? My grandfather gave me the shares I have already transferred to my brother. The transfer contract is placed in the cabinet of my bed. You remember to collect it. ”

Xiao Qijie couldn't tell the words of the mother and son, and the fingers shook and shook like a stroke. Xiao Dingbang, who has been silent for a long time, said slowly, "I don't sign the contract, the stock is still yours. You have to be an actor to follow you, you have to live with you, dad and grandfather, I will persuade. Lao Li, to help Xue Ayi And two less luggage."

Xiao Jiashu did not expect that the elder brother would let himself go so soon, and it would be a bit embarrassing. Xue Yu is not surprised. Although Xiao Dingbang’s mind is deep, it is not bad. He is afraid that Xiaoshu’s struggle for family property is true, but he will not take advantage of his conscience to steal the original one belonging to Xiaoshu. If a small tree is an actor, it is a good thing for him, and he will not disagree. He was comforted by him, and Xiao Qijie and the father were not a problem.

The butler quickly carried two suitcases down and took the people away with due diligence. Xiao Dingbang stood at the door and looked at the far-away car. He hadn't moved for a long time. Xiao Qijie just returned to God and violently jumped. "You just let them go? You guys come together to try to suffocate me! Our Xiao family can't have such a shameful thing for hundreds of years...""Enough father, people have gone." Xiao Dingbang put on his suit jacket, faintly said, "I went back to the old house, my grandfather, I said, you don't care."

I don't know what Xiao Dingbang used. I thought that Xiao Laozi would send bodyguards to catch people in the middle of the night, but he passed safely. He woke up the next day. Xiao Jiashu still couldn't believe it, but looked at the area but it was very warm. The apartment, breathing in the air of extra freedom, he jumped up.

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