How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 30 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Chapter 30

Ji Yan originally had a lot of words to say, seeing Lin Leyang like this is silent for a while. He rubbed his temples exhausted and called, "Come and sit, let's talk."

Lin Leyang subconsciously showed a cheerful smile. No matter how flustered and tangled in his heart, he always habitually keeps the sun in front of Ji Ge, because he knows that Ji Ge can't resist such people, he likes pure things.

The first season is a glimpse, then the brows are getting wrinkled and tighter, and then I look at Lin Leyang with a look of gaze, as if I don't know him. A few minutes later, he sighed. "I heard Chen Pengxin say that you come to the crew every morning to help? You don't need it later. You are an actor, not a handyman. It is your job to play your role." jobs."

"Good season brother." Lin Leyang promised to go down, but his heart was uncomfortable. He has a youngcomer who has no background, no resources, no qualifications and just debuted. Of course, he has to have a good relationship with other people in the crew. Otherwise, how can he stand in the future? Does he love to do those chores? Still not to broaden the network, leaving a good impression on the crew? If he has a tough family background like Xiao Jiashu, or climbs to the heights like Ji Ge, he can do nothing, and no one cares.

But he has nothing now, can't climb up step by step? Which of those people in the crew can offend? Make-up artist, lighting engineer, editor... Anyone can give him trouble, and Ji Ge can't understand his situation.

Lin Leyang is full of grievances, but he can't show it in front of Ji Yan. He has to laugh and have no sorrow and sunshine.

Ji Yan shook his head and helped him, and he was even more exhausted. He thought that you are eager to expand your network and understand that you want to perform well and give Luo a good impression. But I want to tell you, I am Your network, the resources I have are also your resources, you don't have to grieve yourself to do things you don't want to do. You like acting, then do you have a set goal?"

Lin Le Yang said after a moment, "I want to be a Grand Slam movie actor, standing at the same height as you." This is the real reason why he does not want to rely on Ji Ji. He is also a man. What is the difference between eating and eating soft food if he relies on the care of the season? Even if it is successful, it makes no sense to him.

Ji Yan shook his head and didn't know how to continue this topic.

"Since you want to be a Grand Slam movie, then seriously act, keep an eye on this goal, don't look at the road under your feet, and don't look at the people around you. I have sent you a acting class and will send you back later. The company is in class. Your acting skills are still very green and need to be honed.” As for Xiao Jiashu’s question, Ji Wei didn’t want to talk more, but he was alienated in the future.

Lin Leyang nodded and seemed to be grateful, but in the end it was a bit unsatisfactory. Ji Ge actually said that his acting skills are still very green, why? Didn't you say that he is very aura? Is it because I have seen Xiao Jiashu’s acting skills and have a comparison? Unconsciously, Chen Pengxin’s remarks that “it’s not because the east wind overwhelmed the west wind or the west wind overwhelmed the east wind” rooted in his heart, and I don’t know when it will come out.Ji Yan frowned, but had no words, had to lick the head of Yu Lin Le Yang, the eyes are full of helplessness and exhaustion.

Just at this time, the door of the dressing room was ringing, and Xiao Jiashu’s polite voice came. "Zi Ge, are you there?"

Ji Yan hesitated for half a second, replied, "Come in."

The smile of Lin Leyang’s mouth solidified and quickly returned to normal.

Xiao Jiashu pushed open the door and walked in. Seeing the alienation between Ji Yan's look, he immediately put down the things in his hand. "Jie Ge, this is a broken injury medicine, you take it. I heard that it will hurt when you hang it. You use it. This kind of ointment will be much better."

Although he worships the season, he is only a circle of self-emergence, and he has not been crazy until he wants to stick to others. Xue Yu has also been a star, and it is a super-line. He naturally understands that what they need most is a private life, not an endless chase. The filming is already very tired, and it is better not to bother the other party or not bother.

With such an idea, Xiao Jiashu quickly added, "Jie Ge, I will have something to do later, go first. You have a good rest." The words fell and waved, and Lin Leyang smiled, not paying attention to the season The face is a lot softer, and the alienation of the eyes is also a lot faded.

"Okay, thank you." Ji Yan sent the man out of the door, turned around and saw Lin Leyang picking up the pill box and was surprised, "is the special injury medicine for the bruises produced by the Shaw Pharmaceutical Factory. It is difficult for pharmacies to buy, only for athletes of the national team. Ji Ge, Xiao Jiashu really has a heart."

That being said, he is even more uncomfortable in his heart. Ji Geben had an inexplicable affection for Xiao Jiashu, and he always pays attention to him. Now Xiao Jiashu also wants to please Ji Ge, and they will continue to develop. Will they know that their ideas are just groundless and unfounded, Lin Leyang can not stop.

Ji Yan wiped his face and said helplessly, "You change clothes, I will take you back to the company."

"Okay, Ji Ge, I put the medicine in your bag." Lin Leyang can't wait to throw away the medicine, but it is usually self-abuse.

"Do you help me at night?" Ji Yan can only use other methods to divert her boyfriend's attention.

The smile on Lin Leyang’s face froze. He did not like Xiao Jiashu's behavior close to Ji Ge, but he was also afraid of having a close relationship with Ji Ge. He is not born with homosexuality and it is difficult to get physical satisfaction. The reason why he fell in love with a man is because he helped him out of the desperate situation in the most difficult time, and because this person is too attractive, he ignored the same gender problem. But neglect does not mean forgetting. Sometimes, especially in bed, the problem of gender consistency makes him particularly uncomfortable.

"Well, I come over at night, by the way, help you make dinner. What do you want to eat?" Lin Leyang agreed without hesitation, but the hand of the bag was tight.

Ji Yan took a deep look at him and changed his mouth. "I almost forgot. At night, director Zhou Fangfang asked me to eat. We have to talk about a cooperation."

Lin Leyang sighed with relief, but it seemed to be very disappointing. "Well, let's make another appointment. You go back to yourself and don't forget."The first time the season promised, his face immediately sank when he turned his back to his boyfriend. The two returned to the company by car, and they didn't talk much on the way. Instead, Chen Pengxin kept on getting close to him, and he was so noisy that Fang Kun was a little annoyed.

"You go to the 12th floor to report, I will come later." Ji Wei pressed the 12th floor and pressed the 26th floor. The 12th floor is the training center and the 26th floor is the crown studio.

"Okay." Lin Leyang and Chen Pengxin got off the elevator on the 12th floor. After the two men left, Ji Yan leaned against the metal wall and wiped his face hard.

"What's wrong? Looks like a mournful look." Fang Kun looked back at him.

"I found out that my boyfriend is a straight man after the exchange, what would you do?" Ji Yan put his hand in one hand and took out the cigarette in one hand. He realized that it was an elevator, could not suck, and had to put the cigarette box back. The whole person was awkward. .

Fang Kun almost smiled and sighed, "Is this unlucky one not to be you?"

The season is cold and cold, he does not speak.

Fang Kun thought for a moment, right color, "In any case, you have bent the straight man, and still care about so much? Lin Leyang is now dead to you."

Ji Yan did not explain too much, just a long sigh. It is not a good thing to survive in such a serious car accident.

The two returned to the studio to process several documents before they went to the 12th floor.

At the same time, Lin Leyang is sitting in the classroom waiting for the class. Since the tutor of this acting class is Huang Zijin, a famous star-making master in the circle, it is not an ordinary person who comes to the class. Two of the students are freshly-recognized meats that have just returned from Korea. Chatting in Korean, I didn’t care about others. When I saw Lin Leyang, I smiled ridiculously, and then I said what I was doing, and I said that Lin Leyang, who was depressed, had a fire.

The other is even more unfortunate, it is Xiao Jiashu. He scored higher than the two popular red meats, and walked in without squinting, followed by the big devil Huang Meixuan. After Huang Meixuan sat down, he took out a contract to help him explain. He was afraid that he would chase a few words when he did not understand. The voice was very low, and others could not hear.

Lin Leyang sat close, could not help but glanced at it and found that it was a S-level contract, almost no restrictions on Xiao Jiashu. The two small fresh meats didn't talk, and they quickly stood up. Their agents yelled at a "Yellow Sister" and their attitude was respectful.

This is the difference between people and people, this is the entertainment circle that is low. Lin Leyang was full of injustice, but was pulled up by Chen Pengxin and greeted with respect and respect.

Huang Meixuan arbitrarily waved his hand and then put the contract into his briefcase. Not long after, Huang Zijin came, and no one looked at it. First, I went to observe the state of Xiao Jiashu. I found that his light was clear and bright, and he smiled. "Come and sit." Everyone can see that he only has Xiao Jiashu in his eyes. No one else.

The four students sat around with the agent and handed in the information. A secretary came in and asked politely, "What do you want to drink? Coffee or juice?"

Some people want to drink coffee, some people want to drink juice, Lin Leyang only needs a glass of white water, Xiao Jiashu has nothing to do, take out the mobile phone to brush Weibo.Huang Zijin, this gap, looked at their information, and there was a good number in my heart. Most of the newcomers who can be handed over to him are the focus of the company's training. He has to reinvent them in the shortest possible time. After reading it, he pointed to Lin Leyang and said, "You look like ugly and ugly, saying that handsome is not particularly handsome. It is too common to catch a lot in the entertainment circle. The only advantage is that you laugh at the sun..."

After he had not finished speaking, the small fresh meat that came back from South Korea had "snapped" and laughed, and the other squeezed his eyes.

Lin Leyang unconsciously clenched the cup, but did not expect the cup wall to be too slippery, and the palm of his hand was sweaty, sprinkling water on the pants. Embarrassment and anger climbed from the bottom of my heart and burned his face, but he could not only vent, but also had to endure, because this is a company, and the opposite person is Huang Zijin. He stood up stiffly and muttered. "Sorry, Teacher Huang, I went to the bathroom to clean it up."

Chen Pengxin is preparing to take him away, but sees Ji Ji reclining at the door, his eyes wide. He strode in and took Lin Leyang back to his seat and said, "You are not a woman, you can wet your pants. Don't rush to clean up. Sit down and listen."

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