How To Say I Love You

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29. Chapter 29

29. Chapter 29

Xiao Jiashu took out a small book and ran to Luo Zhangwei. Ji Yan stared at his back and shook his head and laughed. The young man really has a lot of energy and he just doesn't know how long it will last.

When Fang Kun and other two finished speaking, they came over and complained, "Jie Ge, you actually went to Xiao Jiashu to say that his point of view is right. We are all wrong. You are not interested! He wants to face, we don't want to face? A shot And there is something to fight for, you can't get it if you don't hear it."

"You are still discussing my movie. I can't express my opinion?" Ji Yan put down his chopsticks and slowly wiped his hands. "You always think that you don't feel embarrassed with a child? Xiao Jiashu invites you to provoke you, you want to be directed at him?"

"Then tell me why I have to help him to block Li Jiaer from inside. What do I don't know inside?" When talking about this, Fang Kun was trying to dig out the truth.

"Since it is insider, how can I tell you? You have to go to Xiao Jiashu to ask." Ji Yan will not expose others to the **. He is trying to talk to Lin Leyang and see that he has already walked to Luo Zhangwei. Also like Xiao Jiashu, holding a small notebook in his hand.

He shook his head and laughed at Chen Peng's new beckoning. "I heard that Le Yang came to the studio at 7:00 every morning to help?"

"Yeah, we are happy to be busy. In the early morning, we will help the field to move the props, arrange the venues and the lights are busy, then we will hide and go back to the lines, and we will not let go. I am always yours. Artists, you have to ask for more care in the future. It is not easy for him to come out and fight hard. He lived in the underground passage in his early years." Chen Pengxin said that he was red-eyed, and the skill of lyricism was not worse than that of the first-line actors.

Ji Yan had some headaches and raised his hand to interrupt him. "Okay, I know that Le Yang has not been easy in these years. You should not bring him to the studio so early. He is an actor, not a handyman. Those who do not need him to do it. ”

Chen Pengxin nodded quickly, but his heart was sharpened. What does this mean for the quarter? Is it painful to be happy? He hasn't figured out that Ji Yan has stood up and walked toward the make-up room. Later, he had a play to shoot, and he had to put a seat belt in his clothes beforehand so that he could hang Wia.

In order to save costs and catch up with the schedule, the production director often arranges some shots to be concentrated for a period of time. For example, temporarily renting a villa, all the plots happening in this villa must be photographed during the rental period, otherwise waste money. Today, most of the shots that Luo Zhangwei wants to shoot are played, because the equipment of the crane is very troublesome to build, and it can avoid the waste of human resources after being photographed.

It is well known that it is difficult to shoot than a literary drama. It is necessary for the actor to achieve the transmission of emotions, but also to achieve smooth and realistic movements. Without prior rehearsing dozens or even hundreds of times, it is impossible to pass a mirror. Xiao Jiashu did not learn any skills in acting, but realized the hardship as an actor. To play each role well, they must learn a little bit in all aspects. It is no exaggeration to say "18 martial arts mastery".Miao Muqing, who had previously been impressed by him, was very desperate to shoot and was beaten by Shi Tingheng. He did not wrinkle his brows. As long as the director said that she would come again, she would immediately climb up and play again. There are no complaints.

Xiao Jiashu looks at it one by one, and the perception of everyone is constantly refreshing.

Two paragraphs of the filming took more than two hours to pass, Miao Muqing left with a blue-green, Shi Tingheng stood on the sidelines waiting for the next scene.

"Hey? I have to take a lunch today?" Xiao Jiashu looked at Luo Zhangwei's notebook, which recorded the contents of the next play, which turned out to be the scene of Ling Tao being killed by He Jin.

"Yes, I shot the main drama first, and I can slowly come back to the rest of the play, so there is no pressure." Luo Zhangwei is the color. "You will have a good look at how Ji Yan is filming. I can be with him." It’s a play that is more useful than your last year’s acting class.”

Xiao Jiashu nodded and nodded and agreed.

During the talk, Ji Yan came over and tied Wei Ya while listening to Luo Zhangwei. The title of the play is called "The End Road". It is said that Ling Tao used the male owner He Jin and the female host Annie to destroy the Lingshi Group and the Southeast Asian drug trafficking circle, and even arrested a big drug lord in Europe, so he was ready to take a helicopter. The casket of the younger brother was placed in his hometown, but he did not expect to receive the news from the informant and rushed to arrest him. The two men fought on the rooftop, and finally he smashed Ling Tao, only to find that the nameplate he wore on his chest engraved two flower English letters &p;p;p;, and this is the mystery that gives clues to He Jin in the dark. Human code.

At this moment, all the truths were revealed. The biggest contributor to the destruction of the transnational drug trafficking chain was not the police, but a drug dealer.

This scene is very difficult to shoot. First, the fighting action is too difficult. Second, the emotional conflict is too fierce. The drama and the martial arts are mixed together. It is impossible to lighten the head and it is quite effective. If it is possible to successfully shoot this scene, Luo Zhangwei dare to pack the ticket, there must be no police film to surpass it in 20 years.

"Ji Yan, Shi Tingheng, you both gave me the spirit, to know that we are not filming, but to create a classic, don't give Laozi a drag!" Luo Zhangwei waved his big horn.

Ji Wei and Shi Tingheng were not nonsense, and the pressure was tied up.

Xiao Jiashu put his hands in his pockets and stood in a chic position. In fact, the little man in his heart was active early, while he screamed and shouted: Ji Ge cheers! Lin Leyang is full of worry, for fear of any accident on the way to Weiya.

Luo Zhangwei hired the most famous martial arts coaching team in China. The design movements showed a strong enthusiasm, but it was very elegant, and it was very pleasing to fight. Ji Wei and Shi Tingheng rehearsed many times in private. It can be said that they cooperated with each other. The two men were punched and kicked. Occasionally, they jumped like a dragon, but they only passed n** times. Le Luo Zhang Weihaha laughed.The second mirror is then photographed by the action of the first mirror. Shi Tingheng lost to the season, he went to snatch the wooden box he held tightly in his arms, accidentally kicked the wooden box, only to find that it was not cash or jewelry, but Lingfeng's ashes. The wind on the roof is big, the ashes are blown all over the sky, and the calm expression of the season is instantly distorted, almost to the death of Shi Tingheng. His eyes were blood red, and the blue veins on his forehead and neck were like a mad beast.

The surrounding staff were frightened by the sudden outburst of his emotions, let alone the Shi Tingheng who faced his acting skills. Shi Tingheng was beaten back and forth, and he was about to fall off the rooftop, and a strong wind blew. In the madness of the season, a slight glimpse, the subconscious will loosen the hand of Shi Tingheng neck, changed to see the casket. Shi Tingheng seized the opportunity to kick him off, rolled over two laps and picked up a pistol, hitting his heart from behind.

There was a blood in the mouth of the season, and the man fell down, but he slammed the ground, crawling one inch and one inch to the side of the casket, and using the blood-stained hands to gather the scattered ashes, little by little, over and over again. When I got to one place, I finally didn't move. The blood-red eyes always opened, and there was no trace of madness in the slowly spreading pupils. With his brother died, this is the best destination in his end.

The deputy ** gave his eyes a close-up of a minute, no makeup at all, his eyes could show a sick scarlet because of madness, the light slowly broke, and eventually turned into permanent darkness.

This scene took the heart of Luo Zhangwei and took the soul of Xiao Jiashu. He stared at the display, his face full of worship and eagerness. What kind of feeling is this? The only person who cares about when he was born was his younger brother. The only thing he remembered when he died was the ashes of his younger brother. It was only after witnessing the scene that Xiao Jiashu really understood what Ji Wei said before. Ling Tao is not not in love with Ling Feng, on the contrary, his love is deeper than anyone, almost carved into the bone marrow. Ling Feng is his life, Ling Feng is dead, his life is gone, so he can do all the crazy things for him, including destroying his hard-working foundation.

With his superb acting skills, Ji Yan performed this kind of thorough love. Great! It is really amazing! Xiao Jiashu was crazy in the heart for the season, and saw him untied. Wia came over, and his legs and feet could not help but be soft. Ah my mom! Although Ji’s hair wet with sweat is messy, it is super-shaped! The close-fitting white shirt outlines his strong muscle lines, plus a slightly scarlet eyeball and a trace of blood on the lips. It is a walking hormone, wild and full!

Ji Ge is not only handsome, but also good in acting, martial arts, and even temperament is so extraordinary, no, I have to give Ji Ge! Xiao Jiashu involuntarily went two steps forward, and his rapid heartbeat made him breathless. Ji Yan originally avoided him, but somehow came over and held his arm.

Xiao Jiashu, who was fascinated by the five fans, was instantly awake, and his cheeks rose red. "Jie Ge, are you having something?"

"Nothing." Ji Yan let go of him, his face was a little dumbfounding.Lin Leyang, who was hiding in the crowd, saw this scene and his face went away in vain. Ten minutes later, Ji Yan returned to the lounge to remove makeup, as if he thought of something, the other side said, "You go to call Le Yang, I have something to tell him."

"What?" Fang Kun is somewhat reluctant. Although the relationship between the two of them is from the outsiders, one is the boss and the other is the employee. There is nothing to doubt about getting along a little more, but it can't be glued together at all times.

"You call." Ji Yan's tone is very cold.

Fang Kun went, and found a big circle to bring people back. Lin Leyang just adjusted his mentality and collapsed when he saw the season. He can't stand the season, always put his eyes on Xiao Jiashu. The first person to watch the show is Xiao Jiashu, and he ran to pull his arm. What do you mean?

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