How To Say I Love You

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27. Chapter 27

27. Chapter 27

This evening, Xiao Jiashu was beaten by Xiao Qijie as usual, saying that he knew to play outside all day, not doing business, doing nothing, etc., but Xiao Jiashu did not feel sad and wrong as usual, but he was very peaceful because he I found a career that I am willing to fight for forever, and he will live a full life every day in the future.

When he was ten years old, he was sent abroad. He rarely paid attention to domestic news. He had never seen a few domestic movies. The understanding of Jiu, Shi Tingheng and other big coffee was limited to listening and never paying attention. But now, he decided to take a look at all the movies that Ji Yan participated in, and get to know this person.

It didn't take long before he turned on the computer and he got stuck. He didn't sleep until 4 in the morning, got up at 7:00 the next day, arrived at the studio at 8:00, and took a small book to wander behind Luo Zhangwei.

"What are you doing with me?" Luo Zhangwei looked back and forth with a smile.

"I want to learn from you." Xiao Jiashu replied seriously.

"Hey, your kid is open? Don't play the game?" Luo Zhangwei was surprised, but more happy.

“It’s fun to shoot, I like to film.” Xiao Jiashu shook his little book, which was filled with words that Luo Zhangwei inadvertently said, such as “actors use their own means and tools for creation” and “people without rich imagination” Can't be an actor, etc., it’s very embarrassing to have Luo Zhangwei.

He coughed and coughed, and he said, "You don't want to make these imaginary things. On the set, the best teacher is practice. It is much more useful to shoot more movies than to record me. If you really have time Find a quiet place to look at the script, back to the lines, study your own role, and theoretically study the leisure time. Your company has a acting class, Huang Zijin is the teacher, you go to the name, a few In the theoretical class, it is almost the same as knowing what the acting is. The real acting skills are to learn from life, usually read more books, go outside and go abroad to enrich your life experience."

Xiao Jiashu nodded while listening. He was afraid that he had forgotten to write on the book: In the afternoon, he went to the company to sign up for the acting class and buy a few theoretical books.

Luo Zhangwei smiled at him and waved his hand. "Experience the charm of the show? Go and go and study the script. Don't follow me. When I tell the actors, I will come over and listen. From others. Learn a little bit of experience."

"Good Luo Luo guide." Xiao Jiashu went to the side and picked up the script to study hard. At nine o'clock, Huang Zijin rushed to the studio and pulled Xiao Shaoye to the corner of no one. "How can you wait for me today? Did you eat breakfast? This is the movie you want to shoot the day after tomorrow. I will help you analyze it. You Let's take a look at it and ask if there is something you don't understand."

Xiao Jiashu stared at the information, his cheeks slowly rose red. "Zi Jinge, I want to tell you something."

"what's up?""You don't have to be an assistant in the future, go back to class. I want to try to study the lines myself. How do you play the role? I want to shape Ling Feng, which belongs to Xiao Jiashu, not Ling Feng of Huang Zijin. I used to be afraid of black, and I was afraid of being locked in a box. Yesterday I thought I would collapse, but no, when I got out of the role of Ling Feng, I also got rid of the fear. The performance gave me a powerful Strength, that power comes from reality, and it is beyond reality..." Xiao Jiashu thought for a long time, and then he patted his head and said, "I don't know how to describe it. In short, thank you for taking care of this time. I will I learned to perform by myself, thank you Zigong!"

He said that he was grateful, and his gratitude was beyond words.

Huang Zijin decided to look at him and suddenly laughed. "No thanks, then I was waiting for the premiere of "Apostles" in the cinema. Come on, little sapling." He watched Xiao Jiashu go far, and then threw the carefully prepared materials. Into the trash can, a corner of the mouth with a touch of helpless and gratifying smile, just turned around and saw Ji Ji standing not far away, the expression is a bit complicated.

"Jie Ge, come so early?" He took the lead to say hello.

"Is it fired?"

"Yeah," Huang Zijin shrugged unwillingly. "Although I was fired, I don't know why, but I feel very happy."

"Maybe because I saw him and I remembered myself when I was young?" Ji Yan took a subconsciously.

However, Huang Zijin did not hear clearly, and asked, "What?"

"Nothing. I have to film, go first." Ji Yan waved away and came to the studio and looked around involuntarily. He found Xiao Jiashu sitting in the rest shed to watch the script, and then he walked toward Luo Zhangwei.

He has not many plays today. There are two opponents of Miao Muqing and Shi Tingheng in front of him. At least until 11 o'clock, they can start shooting. Shi Tingheng seems to have aroused his fighting spirit, and his attitude is particularly serious. He has seized Miao Muqing's repeated play, and it is convenient to ask Luo Zhangwei's opinions without a smooth connection. The three people discussed it in full swing.

Ji Yan greeted them and went to the rest shed for breakfast.

Xiao Jiashu has put down the script and is wearing a headphone to watch a movie starring Ji Yan. He found that the Lord is coming. He stood up and squinted and said, "Good morning!"

"Sit down, don't be nervous." Ji Yanyin smiled.

Xiao Jiashu was just asking him if he had breakfast. He didn't eat it and waited for a while. He had already let the life assistant buy the luxurious breakfast of Yuqian Xuan, and it would be delivered in ten minutes. Yes, he came so early today, one is to learn, the other is to tie up with the season, the relationship between Lala. As a new fan, how can he let go of the opportunity to communicate with idols?

But before he spoke, Chen Pengxin pushed Lin Leyang, who had a sly expression, and walked over, smirking. "Ji, we bought more breakfast. Would you like to eat with us? Buns, dumplings, steamed buns, Hanamaki, everything. Have."

Ji Yan had a sneak peek at Xiao Jiashu, and he said, "Thank you.""Don't thank you. If you don't feel that I am in the way, I will send you breakfast in the future." Chen Pengxin is going to come, and his face is thick, and he will stick to the season when he doesn't say anything.

Lin Leyang was so dying that he had to look up for a long time and shouted "Ji Ge".

"It's all a company, don't be so rusty, sit down and eat." Ji Yan did not forget to greet Xiao Jiashu. "Have you had breakfast? Do you want to come?"

Xiao Jiashu’s good plan was disrupted, and he didn’t feel depressed. He took a look at the food bag and shook his head. “This is the breakfast that was bought outside the studio. How did the noodles turn yellow? Ji Ge, the restaurants outside are not clean. or……"

When he didn't finish talking, Fang Kun, who had parked the car, came over and ridiculed. "There are hundreds of staff members on the studio. They haven't seen anything to buy breakfast every day. The authentic flour is originally yellow, white flour. After the second processing, there is no old flour health. You rich two generations are more things, a little bitter can not stand. Ji Ge once went to Gansu to film, for more than half a month without water bath, you have to change it is you, you can not go Ape?"

He picked up a meat buns and stuffed it into his mouth. He said, "Good, I love this mushroom bag!"

Chen Pengxin was very comfortable, and he laughed. "Kun Ge, you can eat more if you like it."

Lin Leyang sneaked a sneak peek at Ji Yan, not knowing if he should take the initiative to pass the other favorite layer cake.

It takes a lot of bitterness to make a filming. This is why Xiao Jiashu naturally understands that Fang Kun suspected his professionalism in the face of Ji Yan and immediately picked up a yellowed hoe to eat. The first step to approaching the idol - watching his movie, the second step - eating what he loves. Well, this season, I don’t think I’m more emotional.

He did not explain that he had no intention of offending. He just wanted to ask Ji Ge to have breakfast. He lowered his head and sent a WeChat to the life assistant, so that the other party would give the luxury breakfast to Luo Dao and Shi Tingheng. Explain that more people not only do not appreciate, but also think that you show off wealth, why bother?

The season glanced at him and said warmly, "Don't send a text message, eat it."

"Well, thank you Ji Ge." Xiao Jiashu licked his old face and licked his head, but his heart was happy.

Fang Kun couldn't help but yell at him. "Breakfast is bought by Xiao Chen. What are you doing?"

"Thank you, Xiao Chen." Xiao Jiashu was not angry. Naturally, he turned his head and thanked Chen Pengxin. His expression was still happy. At the end, he looked down at the movie and thought about waiting for someone to disperse and then talk to Ji Ge.

Chen Pengxin disliked him, but he smiled very politely. Lin Leyang glanced at his mobile phone and said with amazement, "Are you watching "The Displaced World"?" How can a rich second generation like Xiao Jiashu see a literary film? Can he understand?

"Yeah, Ji Ge won the first award for the movie, but with this movie, I can watch it!" Xiao Jiashu shook his mobile phone, his face was full of display, as if Ji Ji’s success was his success, he completely forgot the Lord. The child is opposite.Lin Leyang sternly agreed, but his heart was full of disdain: another newcomer who borrowed the topic of film to come to the end of the season. He did not believe that Xiao Jiashu, a banana man who grew up abroad, could read the art films of the Republic of China. When the family rises and falls, the country is defeated, and the world is displaced, can he really understand? Can you really get into the eyes or even get into the heart?

There are also people who agree with Lin Leyang. He smiled and laughed: "Then you talk about which film is the best shot?"

Xiao Jiashu couldn’t tell for a moment, just put the film back and let Fang Kun see it himself. "I think this shot is the best. Kong’s two sons are all dead. He received the next day and he usually feeds. When the chicken feeds the duck, cleans the house, and sweeps into the empty room of his son, he stands at the window and squats, his cheeks are shining in the sun, but his eyes are full of turbidity and empty silence. I especially like this scene!" But he is embarrassed to say Every time he replays this paragraph, he will cry once, and his heart is sore, but he can’t tell the truth.

This movie Fang Kun has seen it no less than three times, but he did not notice the lens once, and he laughed. The second generation of the rich is the rich second generation.

Although Lin Leyang did not have such obvious performance as Fang Kun, he was doubtful about Xiao Jiashu’s eyes. This shot passed by in the movie. I don't even mention the director, even the director. It can be seen that it is just a kind of emotional rendering, nothing special. Thinking of this, he slowly said, "I most appreciate the fragment of Kong Wei’s wife who was crying when he was killed by the Japanese. This section shows Ji Ge’s control and appeal to the character. I see Cry again and again."

When he fell to look forward to seeing Ji Yan, he found that Ji Yan was staring at Xiao Jiashu with his eyes shining.

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