How To Say I Love You

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26. Chapter 26

26. Chapter 26

Ji Yan went a little farther, and waited for the smile to be held by the person who was covered in blood, and Zhang Wei played an ok gesture.

"action!" Luo Zhangwei gave a command, several ** at the same time began to operate.

Ji Yan’s original hair that had been meticulously combed was completely chaotic, his face was covered with blood, and his eyes were cold. Before, he always loves to wear a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. The appearance looks elegant and handsome. Now he is arrogant and mad. A group of bodyguards were stunned by his momentum, and they did not dare to carry them.

He threw away his tie and wiped his hair. Then he took out his mobile phone and spoke quietly. "Come to collect the corpse of the slaughter. I will divide you into 30% of this big sale."

It was the dedication of the slaughter, and it was also an ambitious family. He immediately rushed over to Ling Tao. With the support of Ling Tao, he can take over the position of the helper of the slaughter, and he can get huge benefits. Why not?

After hang up the phone, Ji Yan walked toward the bodyguard holding Ling Feng's body. He was trying to pick up the person and saw the smudges on his face. He quickly took out his handkerchief to wipe it. His movements are very gentle and very careful, but the tears and blood stains have already condensed into pieces, and how to wipe them is not clean. He stunned. After a long time, he folded the quilt back into the suit pocket and then slowly walked forward with Ling Feng’s body.

The light in the underground parking lot was very dim, surrounded by shadows, and only a light was on the exit. Ji Yan greeted the lamp, step by step, heavy and slow footsteps echoed in the empty underground parking lot, oh, oh, oh...

The camera slowly pulled away, and the figure of his body holding Ling Feng disappeared in the long passage, and the play was completely over.

"cut!" Luo Zhangwei stood up excitedly. "This is over!"

The brave men who played the bodyguards sighed with relief, and Xiao Jiashu did not respond at all. His eyebrows are serene, his expression is quiet, and even his eyelids are not trembled, like dead. Before he started shooting, he repeatedly hypnotized himself, and he succeeded in letting himself sleep. This is a trouble...

Ji Yan was afraid to wake him up and had to hold him to Huang Zijin and whispered, "Give him a lazy chair and he fell asleep."

Huang Zijin’s mouth was slightly pumped, but when he saw the small sapling, he slept so sweetly that he couldn’t bear to wake him up and had to move the chair.

The onlookers laughed and laughed, but they had to admire Xiao Shaoye. When I play the dead body, I can sleep myself. How good is this psychological quality? He completely entered the psychological state of the dead body, that is, there is no state.

Luo Zhangwei picked up the big horn and seemed to want to smoke Xiao Shaoye, but he just lifted it up and gently fell down, his face showing a dumbfounding expression. "Let him sleep, don't quarrel with him. Come over and watch the video." He deliberately lowered. The volume and tone are full of tolerance and appreciation for the outstanding younger generation.In the end, this mirror still hasn't said that Ji Jin's acting hold lived in the audience, especially when he held Ling Feng's body toward the faint light, it was so sad. He didn't have a single line. He simply walked, but he performed a drunken mob.

Luo Zhangwei played several shots of today's film in order, first of all, "Yes, I shot the effect I want. I will finish the work ahead of time, and everyone will pack it and go home. Huang Zijin, this is the red envelope of Xiaoshu, you are waiting Don't forget to give it to him. His performance today is amazing. It is a good seed, you and Huang Meixuan should cultivate it!"

"Thank you Luo, he is now in your hands, cultivation is also your cultivation." Huang Zijin received a red envelope and sincere thanks. Luo’s attitude toward the saplings has been seen. He has been screaming in a “Xiao Jiashu” before, and his tone is very intolerant. Now he has changed to “small tree”, and his words and deeds are revealing a few relatives. The heart of love. In this way, the young sapling was finally established in the "Apostles" crew, and he did not bear the responsibility of Xue Jie.

"I definitely want to cultivate him. Since his acting can reach this level, I can't agree with the original performance. Just the first time I filmed, I can achieve the subconscious creation through the conscious psychological technology. Talent is rare.” Luo Zhangwei pointed to the young man who slept sweetly, and he said, “As long as he does not relax himself, he will definitely become one of the top actors in China in the future.”

"Luo guided you to praise." Huang Zijin was happy to open the flowers, but he was modest. When they talked, Ji Yan had walked to Xiao Jiashu and looked at each other silently. Just set yourself to be a corpse, the next second will fall into deep sleep and get rid of all psychological activities, such talent is indeed terrible.

Fang Kun came over and wanted to call him, but he was lifted up and blocked the unexported words. He had to make him get on the bus. When the two passed by Lin Leyang, they asked politely, "Let's go together?"

Lin Leyang's gray eyes were slightly bright, I wanted to promise, I saw a lot of staff around, I had to shake my head. He promised before that he would not be too close to Ji Ge under the public.

Ji Yan handed him a look back later, and he got on the bus. Chen Pengxin, who had a relationship with several deputy directors, ran over and blamed. "How come you don't go back with Ji Ji? More than an hour's drive on the road, enough for you to say a lot. He is your boss, you have to follow He doesn't understand his relationship?"

"I understand, but it’s too bad to be rushed." Lin Leyang walked toward his nanny car, and Chen Pengxin followed him all the way. After closing the door, he was just right. "Xiao Jiashu is a company with us. At the same time, the first drama was hit, and it was like a family. I have a hunch that in the future, others will take him to compare with you. You must find a way to overshadow him, otherwise he will be pressured by him for a lifetime. ""

"I was crushed by him for a lifetime. Is it so serious? We don't even cross the border, we don't care about him." Lin Leyang smiled like a relaxed smile.Chen Peng is in a hurry, and he said, "You think it is too simple. You two companies, a period of debut, are mainly film-making, fans do not take you both to take people? Far away, say this A movie, one of you who plays the first time into the society, a small policeman who plays the first time in the workplace, the role setting has a similar place, and the audience will be noticed after the screening. If you can crush him in acting Or, if you are equal to him, if you are swayed by his acting skills, do you think about losing yourself? If you debut, you will be defeated. Will you be better in the future?"

Lin Leyang’s smile is barely strong. “You mean that my acting is not as good as him?”

"No, how come!" Chen Pengxin quickly waved his hand. "Your acting is also very good, but you can't relax. It's awkward to be lax. That Xiao Jiashu still has two brushes. I tell you, Luo Zhangwei's actors hired this time are all In the entertainment circle, he is known for his acting skills. He wants to play a big ticket. If you want to sell a seat, you have to win a prize. If you are a little inferior, you will definitely have no residue left in seconds. Played some time ago. The finished "Bohai" you watched? The female No.1 inside is a flow of flowers, the popularity is outrageous, because the drama for her is all the old play bones, "Bohai" just finished broadcasting her fans, it fell a few 100,000, because her acting skills can not be seen by those old bones. And your situation is worse than her, you can only count one, the performance can almost use the excuse of just debut to block, but if there is Xiao Jiashu's contrast, you said you are not guilty?"

Lin Leyang took out his mobile phone and looked at it. The news that "Qian Qianqian's acting skills were killed by a lot of old tricks" still occupies the first place in the hot search list, and he can't help but feel the pressure doubled. Xiao Jiashu’s performance today really sounded the alarm, but what made him unable to let him down was Ji’s reaction. He seems to appreciate Xiao Jiashu, and even he is inspired by his fighting spirit.

Can make the increasingly indifferent Ji Ge become more eager and focused, no one knows how difficult it is than Lin Leyang.

"Peng Xin, even if you don't say me, I won't let go." He turned off the webpage with a dignified expression.


Xiao Jiashu slept back home, and when he woke up, he found himself lying on the sofa, and his mother Xue Yu was sitting next to him drinking tea.

"Wake up? How do you feel today? Isn't it hard to shoot a movie?" Xue Yu put down the teacup and asked as if he had inadvertently. How the son performed, she had already learned from Huang Zijin, but did not prevent her from listening to her son. What you see in the eyes of others is no deeper than what your son feels.

Xiao Jiashu quickly climbed up and said with great enthusiasm, "Mom, you don't know, I entered the show today. I finally understand what kind of experience I put into my role. The acting is really interesting. It can even put the original in your life. Very heavy, terrible things turned into an art, making it lively and interesting. Mom, I decided, I want to be an actor, I like to film."

"Your claustrophobia is not cured at all?" Xue Yu worried."If I don't lock me into the box, I won't be afraid." Xiao Jiashu evaded the weight and said, "I was really scared when I was pushed into the box, but I saw Ling Tao, who played Ji Ji, and realized that I was In the filming, the fear is naturally transferred to Ling Feng, and I am Ling Feng, I have to use his body to talk and act. Once I play, the fear disappears, this is The most wonderful place to perform, it makes people forget!"

Xue Yu looked at the son with bright eyes, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. The son must not know that what he said now is exactly the kind of performance that the experience master Stanislavsky most admires, both "starting from self and eventually achieving selflessness." But this is only his first filming! He is still so young, his heart is undecided. If he is too deep into the play, will he not be able to get out one day?

It is a sweet distress to have a genius son!

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