How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

25. Chapter 25

25. Chapter 25

After the meal, Ji Yan picked up a ** mineral water and sipped it. When he finished drinking, he lay on the front seat. His brow was deep and his eyes were closed. I don't know what to think.

Lin Leyang was interested in talking to him. He was interrupted by Fang Kun when he just opened his mouth. "Don't quarrel with him. He simulated the rehearsal of the next few scenes to be filmed. This is his habit."

Having said that, Fang Kun has not seen Ji Jin in this long time. When I first entered the market, Ji Yan always took every scene seriously. Before starting the shooting, he must think twice and brew emotions, and then put in the most full spirit. It is with this seriousness and perseverance that his acting skills will be raised to the extent of today.

But it is precisely because he has risen too fast and climbed too high. In recent years, he has lost interest in acting, and a scene can be taken without a hitch. Eager. He is standing still, and he has no motivation to move on, so he will turn to the scenes.

Fang Kun felt anxious and distressed about his current situation, but he did not expect that when he was serious again, it would be because of a new person. Is Xiao Jiashu’s talent so terrible? Terrible, even the seasons are stimulated?

Lin Leyang only gave Ji Wei a few months as an assistant. After that, he went to university to study. He didn't know that he still had this habit, so he was quiet. After more than 20 minutes of rest, Luo Zhangwei’s shouts came from outside the car. “Start shooting, start shooting, everyone is here!”

Ji Yan immediately opened his eyes, put down his sleeves, put on his suit, and strode toward the studio. He didn't say anything without looking at anyone, his expression was very serious. Lin Leyang was frightened by such a season, and after a long while, he caught up with it. Afterwards, Fang Kun’s embarrassment was passed down. “Sure enough, I was stimulated by Xiao Jiashu and engaged in such a big battle.”

Suffered from Xiao Jiashu? How do you say this? Lin Leyang thought of a possibility, his face was slightly black.

Xiao Jiashu re-applied a makeup after dinner, standing next to Luo Zhangwei waiting to start shooting. Next, he has very few plays. Just dress up as a body and spend most of his time doing nothing. In the past, he had already moved to a lazy chair and hid in a quiet corner to play the game. Now he is looking forward to it.

Seeing that Ji Yan came over and let the makeup artist wet his suit jacket, Xiao Jiashu’s eyes immediately sticked, where Ji Xian went, where his head went, like a little wolf dog that locked the target.

Ji Yanfei quickly glanced at him, and the dawn was a bit complicated. When the director shouted, the softness on his face quickly faded and became cold.

The following drama is about Ling Tao's death to the head of the slaughter. I don't know that Ling Feng was injected with the new drug ebola and HIV. He was also framed by others and became a knife for others to retaliate against Ling Tao. Otherwise, it would not sway. Go to the Ling Group to negotiate. But Ling Tao did not care about this. In any case, his brother was in the hands of Tu Yu, he was going to pay for the slaughter, so he killed the other in the underground parking lot.The game was played and the actors started to perform. Before trying to use Ling Feng’s betrayal group as a chip to threaten Ling Tao’s agents of new drugs, he did not dare to speak again. When their car drove off, the slaughter came out of the elevator.

"Mom, Ling Tao is simply a madman, even his own brother and brother are killing! Go and go, hurry!" He knew that he was going to be bad, but it was already late. Just out of the elevator, a group of black people took it. The machine guns were directed at them and all the bodyguards were killed, leaving him unharmed.

Ji Yan came out of the shadows and slowly untied the tie. His expression seemed to be dull, but his eyes were full of madness. Tu Yu scared the urine, and he slammed his sigh. He was also pleading for mercy, and his eyes were sore and tearful. He looked like a singer of poisonous addiction.

Seeing this, Xiao Jiashu could not help but stunned. I rely on! This crew is simply a dragon and a tiger! Even an inconspicuous little supporting role can have this kind of acting! He touched Huang Zijin around him and sneaked a thumbs up.

Huang Zijin used a mobile phone to play a line: This is Fu Minglei, a professional villain, and has a gold medal in the industry. Not only him, but several of the former veterans are also the first-class old actors, and you will learn from them later.

Xiao Jiashu took the phone back: I seem to understand what is called acting. What is it like what is not acting, what is what is called acting.

Huang Zijin smiled and licked the head of the small sapling.

Xiao Jiashu also wants to talk about his feelings, but he completely lost his ability to respond after seeing Ji Jin’s performance. I saw the season lingering around the Tu Yu, and with a tie, I smothered each other's neck, and the teeth slammed so hard that the two jaws protruded from the mandibular angle, making him look like a goblin. The slaughter violently struggled, and he constantly exerted his strength. There were many blue veins on his forehead, neck, and back of his hand, like a beast that was about to mutate and mad. The slaughter of the slaughter became more and more powerless, and the legs that were constantly kicking were finally soft, leaving many messy scratches on the ground.

Ji Yan just released the tie and stood up.

“cut!” Luo Zhangwei shouted in abundance. “This is over, the emotions are in place, keep it! Where is the props teacher, the blood pack, and the season has not yet made a play and quickly take a picture.”

The props teacher promised, and then lifted up a doll, and covered the clothes of the slaughter, and there were many blood bags hidden in the chest and abdomen. Fu Minglei, the teacher who played the slaughter, quickly climbed up and looked at the fingers that he secretly resisted the tie. He sighed, "Ji, you just moved, you look at me, you are coming. It’s broken.”

"Sorry to pay for the brother, please drink after the filming." The season smashed the temple, the expression is a bit complicated. He was too serious in the scene just now, but it seems to be good?

"That's almost the same. You don't talk anymore, lest the emotions run away." Fu Minglei is a bit of a joke, and he will really care about him.

Xiao Jiashu stared at Ji Yan with a stunned heart. My mother, just scared to death! It’s better than the season’s performance, which is enough to hang these old bones. He is only in his early thirties! How can it be so good?The season seems to have a feeling, look at him quickly, and then go a little farther.

After the doll was ready, Luo Zhangwei once again called "power on", and Ji Yan followed the story of the last mirror and stood up and mammothed the body of the slaughter that had been strangled. A group of black men stood around him, and they bowed their heads and did not dare to look around. His face is very calm, unable to find a little angry or sad emotions, one foot and one foot, as if only repeating a simple movement, but a closer look reveals that his scorpion has long been occupied by darkness, no longer a trace The human nature can be said, even the animal nature is gone. He is still a person now, not a so-called devil or beast, but this person is already dead, and the body that has long been cold with his brother has died.

The blood bag hidden in the doll's clothes was kicked, and a lot of blood was sprinkled on the ground. It was also sprinkled on the nose and forehead of Ji Ji, making his beautiful and cold face extremely incomprehensible.

The staff standing on the sidelines looked down and Fu Minglei touched his neck and felt the skin was a bit cold. Where is this acting? This is a real abuse of the body! Ji Yan’s acting seems to be even more powerful. Looking at the entertainment circle, who else can compare with him?

Shi Tingheng was determined to watch for a while, then helplessly sighed. The season is not the season, the madness and despair expressed in this scene can scare the audience. If you change him, or any of the country's movie-level figures to play Ling Tao, you can't do this. The hatred that emanate from him can almost come out.

Xiao Jiashu quietly leaned against Huang Zijin and leaned on his arm, but almost jumped under the "cut" sound of Luo Zhangwei's shock. Luo, can you say hello before you speak? I am scared of urine!

Luo Zhangwei: "Okay, this is over! Ji Wei, you come back, you know?"

This sentence can not be understood by others, Ji Ji and Fang Kun are clear. What is back? The season that once treated the show as a life came back. His acting skills in the peak state are nothing more than this.

"It’s just a play." Ji Yan fainted.

"Keep it! Keep it! Xiao Jiashu, quickly dirty your face, the next one is ready!" Luo Zhangwei shouted.

The staff immediately adjusted the position of several **. The makeup artist smeared fake tears, fake nose and fake blood on Xiao Jiashu's face and joked. "You look at you, cry and cry, why do you have to runny nose, so that we have to give you a fake nose. You are not evil." nausea?"

"The nose of my own flow is not disgusting." Xiao Jiashu waved his hand, and when he finished painting, he walked to the side of Ji Ji. Sorry to say, "Jie Ge, I am a bit heavy, are you okay?" I didn't think so, but now As soon as he approached the season, he had a hot root and a fever on his cheek. Ji Yan let him play well, he doesn't listen, and he is also a self-defeating performer. It's so shameless! Compared with Ji Jin’s acting skills, what did he play in the past? There is no trace of technical content at all!

After being brought into the show by Ji Ji, he always had a sense of bureaucracy in his face, and he was still a little excited. Mei Xuan’s sister said that it’s a good opportunity to ask for a fight with Ji Ji’s companion. He’s great!Ji Yan decided to look at him, the light was a little flashing, and for a long time, "I have no problem."

Xiao Jiashu licked the red roots of the red, and this went. The brawny who played the bodyguard picked him up and walked silently to the side.

Just play the body as long as you close your eyes. It seems that there is no difficulty, but Xiao Jiashu just experienced the fun of filming, and where will he relax? He thought: Even if I play the body, I must also take out 100% of the acting skills. I can't breathe too much and lead to chest ups and downs, and I can't think of it and cause my eyes to tremble. In case I didn't play well, I don't want to play the game. No, no, he must not drag his hind legs, he is a man on the altar!

The Xu Xuan people walked to the foot of the quarter, and he almost fell. He sighed and sighed, then laughed inexplicably.

Luo Zhangwei was anxious, and quickly shouted, "Ji Yan, don't laugh, keep your emotions! You can't finish the show with this trick, you will do your best!"

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