How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 23 Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Chapter 23

Lin Leyang walked around Ji Ji, and naturally heard this conversation, and his heart was slightly sweet. Ji Ge will ask the director to shoot this scene in advance, and it must be for himself. Don't think that he doesn't know that Xiao Jiashu was just stealing his own picture of NG. This time is good, you can you up, see if you can make it.

There are still many people with this mentality. As soon as I heard that Xiao Jiashu was going to make a big show, people around the studio were full of people, waiting to see him ugly, which shows how bad his popularity in the crew. However, it is no wonder that his dress, talk, and behavior are incompatible with the people of the same crew. It is not like acting, but it is like playing. The top resources that others can't ask for, he can easily get it, and don't cherish it, which is too tempting.

When everyone guessed that he would NG several times, Luo Dao began to talk about the third time. He really wants to give Xiao Jiashu a tight skin, but he will not waste film for him.

"I will give you a few key words, you remember. One is fear, the other is restraint, the third is expectation, the fourth is despair, the fifth is sad. What is fear? Because you give the group's evidence of crime to the police, The group has taken the lead in intercepting the evidence. You don't know what you will encounter next. What's more, you have been arrested by Ling Tao's death, and you have injected a poison, a product and HIV. You have no future. You said that you are afraid of fear? What are you restraining? You are addicted to drugs, but you can’t show it in front of your brother, and the way you receive education from small to large does not allow you to show awkward posture in front of people, so you have to restrain What are you looking forward to? You expect your brother to have a little conscience and be able to change his evil spirits. What is desperate, your only relatives will kill you, you said that you are never desperate? Sad, you are dying, or you are being kissed. Brother killed, you are not sad, who is sad? So you understand?"

"Understand it." Xiao Jiashu, who had made up his makeup and dressed in costumes, nodded again and again, but his eyes were full of circles. He didn't have a bit of performance at all, but where did he know how to express such complex emotions?

The director decided to look at him and quoted him. "If you still don't understand, you will bring yourself into the play with reality. You imagine that Ji Ji is your brother, he wants to kill you, what is your mood?"

"Then I will definitely collapse." Xiao Jia smiled. Ji Yan and his brother are completely two types of people. They have nothing in common. How do you associate? He paused and asked, "Director, I have one last question. What does the drug addiction make? You always say itchy inside the bones, I can't wait to scratch myself, but my bones have never been itchy."

Luo Zhangwei pressed the heart of the fire, and then yelled, "Wang Dao, find a video to let him see, hurry!"

Deputy Director Wang immediately found a live-action video for Xiao Shaoye to observe. Xiao Jiashu held the IPAD and watched it carefully, but his heart was secretly relieved – and it could be delayed for a while. Luo said that he couldn’t understand it in a short time, let alone go to the show. But is the drug addiction made like this? Rolling, wailing, crying, tearing hair, smashing, and sour eyes! It is no wonder that Ling Feng wants to restrain this physiological reaction.Xiao Jiashu just finished watching the whole high-energy video and was promoted by Luo Zhangwei in a big box. Then the two actors who played the bodyguards covered the lid and prepared to start shooting.

There is a description in the script, Ling Feng was seized by Ling Tao's death, used to compete for the agency rights of new drugs. An addiction, it is difficult to quit life, such a poison. Once the product spreads, it will bring poison to the drug dealer, and who can resist this temptation?

Ling Feng was used as a bargaining chip in the negotiations, and was put into a large box to be brought into the venue. At the same time, he was known by the elders to sell the group's interests. These people are prepared to force Ling Tao to agree to the cooperation. Ling Tao had already prepared a scapegoat for his brother, and he was sitting in the office, waiting for the people to come to the door. This is the scene to be shot today.

When Xiao Jiashu was pushed into the box, he was already stupid. The whole person curled up and fell into deep fear. Due to his childhood experience, he had suffered from a very serious claustrophobia and healed after several years of treatment. But no one knows, he is still afraid of darkness, fear of the suffocation of the body trapped in a narrow space. He was lying still at the bottom of the box, his brain, his throat, his ears, his eyes, blocking a group of ice, and all the breath was cold, not to mention the struggle, even the call could not be called.

He is scared!

Luo Zhangwei knew nothing about this, and all the actors and singers screamed "Action" slowly. Two brave men who played bodyguards carried the big box into the office, opened the lid, and pulled out Xiao Jiashu, forcing him to squat with the actor who played the scapegoat. Ling Tao, the opposite of the head, and the elders sat around, ready to start negotiations on this.

Xiao Jiashu still remembers how to act, the whole person is wooden, his face is white like paper. After a while, he feels the ear has consciousness, and hears a low voice calling, "Xiaofeng?" He looks at the sound source. Going, Ji Yan’s face became clear from the blur, and his eyes filled with concern and distress.

Xiao Jiashu wants to respond to a "Ji Ge", but the ice of the throat has not been changed. He can only make a mouth shape, and his knees move forward slightly. He wants to be close to the only person he is familiar with, and he is stuck because of the numbness of his legs and feet. . He only returned to God, looked down at the bloody clothes, looked around, and finally realized that he was acting.

The onlookers thought that he would be NG when he appeared, but he didn't expect him to be a man who was tortured, and thus fell into fear and numbness, and he couldn't help but be dumbfounded. Even Luo Zhangwei gently snorted and his face was full of surprises.

Realizing that he was acting, Xiao Jiashu did not dare to move, but the fear in his heart was too strong. He could not get rid of it for a while, and his limbs were somewhat stiff. However, this rigid state coincided with the situation after Ling Feng was tortured, and it passed smoothly.

Ling Tao, who played by Ji Yan, did not dare to express his concern for his younger brother. After shouting, he silenced. He placed a hand and a gun on the coffee table, and slowly said, "Fang Ming, the rules of the road, you understand, you can do it yourself."As a scapegoat, Fang Ming was naturally dissatisfied and picked up his hand. The gun was aimed at his temple, but he turned the gun at the moment he pulled the trigger and shot Ling Tao. After several triggers, the gunshots did not sound, and Ling Tao was unharmed because there were no bullets in the magazine. Fang Ming’s expression changed from awkward to unbelievable, and then it was deep fear.

Ji Yan sipped half of the cigar on his face, and when he closed his eyes to avoid Mars, he slipped a sharp dagger from his sleeve and cut his throat. The expression of fear was so solidified on Fang Ming’s face. The props teacher hid a lot of blood in the organs in his neck, splashed around and splashed on Xiao Jiashu's side.

Ji Yan's lens also stained a few drops of blood, had to take it off and wipe it with a cloth towel, all the hair combed to the back of the brain messed up a few, slightly draped in the corner, which made his elegant face add a bit of wildness. The true face that he hides with the lens is finally revealed at this moment. His expression was cold and awkward, and the scorpion exudes fierce radiance, like a wolf who is tearing his prey, and there is no human breath on his body.

He does not seem to be acting at all, but the living Ling Tao comes to reality from illusion. He is the biggest drug lord in Southeast Asia, his heart is hot and murderous, but when he wears his glasses and looks at Xiao Jiashu, all the ferocious moments retreat and become a gentle and affectionate expression.

"Xiaofeng, come over." He reached out and his tone was a little cautious.

Xiao Jiashu, who was forced to attack the whole process, made a shock, and suddenly he understood the meaning of Luo Zhangwei. What is called a play, what is the season brother as his own brother? No, not like that. His relationship with Ji Ji is not Xiao Jiashu and Xiao Dingbang, nor Xiao Jiashu and Ling Tao, but Ling Feng and Ling Tao, a pair of blood brothers.

"Brother?" He whispered involuntarily, his face was full of confusion, as if he could not be sure that the former fierce like a wolf would be his own brother. Because of a look of Ji Xian, he entered the show.

Ji Yan pulled him to the sofa, took out his handkerchief and carefully wiped his face. Several people present were stunned by his hot behavior, and he did not dare to speak for a while. Two bodyguards dragged the body down, and another one whispered into the ears of the season. "Big brother, they gave Ebola and HIV to the second."

The cockroaches of the season trembled, and the back of the hand of the handkerchief burst out with the blue veins. The mandibular angle was tightened at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even the muscles on the sides of the jaws shook. This kind of acting has reached a level of ecstasy. Xiao Jiashu looked at his eyes, but he was forced into his arms in the next second. A big hand pressed his head back, forcing his jaw to rest on his shoulder and the other hand tightening him. The waist makes him completely unable to move. The seasons are coveted, and it is easy to find a pinhole hidden in the back of the younger brother. The news is confirmed.Xiao Jiashu does not know what it feels like to be addicted to drugs, but he can fully understand the mood of Ling Feng. The reason why Ling Feng wants to restrain the physiological reaction is not to be afraid of shame, but to not worry more about his brother. What he retains is not his own dignity, but his brother's dignity, even if he is a murderous devil.

Drug abuse is not what he wants. On the contrary, he is more than anyone eager to get rid of the control of drugs. But he also understands that this poison can not get rid of, just like Xiao Jiashu can never get rid of the fear of darkness and box. Converting these two kinds of fears is the mood of Ling Feng. Xiao Jiashu thought a lot. In fact, in an instant, he closed his eyes and forced himself into darkness. Then he imagined Ji's hands as a space for imprisoning himself. The fear that had already been buried in the deepest part of his heart would surge.

He began to trembling uncontrollably, twitching, white as paper, tears falling down his cheeks, his nose blowing into silk, and slowly falling down. He looked very embarrassed, but his hands were always clenched into fists, stiffly placed on both sides of the body, not afraid to go back to his brother, because the trembling fingertips would reveal his status.

His upper and lower teeth collided with each other and made a slight rattle, but they tried to control the voice, and they opened smoothly, slowly and sadly. "Brother, you said, this life, forever, no, into, underworld. You forgot, Mom and Dad, yes, how are you dead?” In the irregular sentence, there are occasional broken air spurs.

The season is hoarse, "I have not forgotten. But Xiaofeng, you don't understand, once the human hand is black, it will never be washed."

When the voice just fell, Xiao Jiashu felt that his back was poked. It was Ling Tao who broke the dagger into the heart of Ling Feng. He immediately bit the blood bag hidden under his tongue, blood mixed with tears and snot, and slowly slipped on the quarter jacket. His eyes looked straight ahead, but there was no focal length, and there seemed to be a scene when he was young – he and his brother were hiding in a safe house, and their parents were suffering from inhumane torture, and my brother kept him from beginning to end. Eyes, not allowed him to look at even a look. He said: "Don't be afraid, my brother will protect you."

Nowadays, they grew up, but it was only then that they found out that they had been trapped in the darkened room and could never come out. Thinking of this, his eyes finally dried up, no tears rolled down, no radiance, but there was a sorrow in the scattered scorpion. he died.

The lens slides down his back to the back, and a white-skinned hand holds a dagger and plunges into his heart.

This scene is over.

The scene was quiet and the needle was audible. Luo Zhangwei stared at the display screen and couldn’t return to it for a long time.

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