How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 22 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Chapter 22

After the filming of the morning, Ji Yan went to Luo Zhangwei's side, and looked like an inadvertently. "Luo guide, everyone came together, just take a picture of the show." Cigarettes and take out the lighter.

Luo Zhangwei rushed to ignite the cigarettes and took a few mouthfuls. He said, "It’s OK, that is the main event, and it’s good to shoot early. I’m watching Xiao Jiashu’s skin is too loose these days, don’t take the show as a thing, come. I only know how to play games, the scripts don't look at them, and the lines don't go back. I have to screw them up. If he can't shoot well, I can change people early, so as not to waste the time and cost of the crew. I have never seen a teacher in my life. If you come to the studio to teach, this is not the case with my general director!"

Ji Yan did not answer, he also lit a cigarette, slowly pumping.

Xiao Jiashu has only one scene today. It has already been filmed. At this moment, he is preparing to leave, but he listens to Luo and shouts. "Xiao Jiashu, Zhou Fu, Lu Hao... don't hurry to eat, eat lunch. Continue to shoot the "Apostles" one hundred and eight mirrors."

"Good 导罗导!"

Several old play bones have long been accustomed to the director's temporary change of the game, and the land continued to agree, but Xiao Jiashu felt a little guilty in his heart, and asked Huang Zijin to ask, "Zi Jinge, what is the content of the hundred and eightth mirror? let me see."

Huang Zijin sneaked in his heart, and his heart was broken. The 108th mirror was a major event. Ling Feng took the lunch in this scene. The drama is very conflicting. There is no deep performance. He is currently preparing to collect information and privately supplement the saplings so that he can have a concept of the scene, but he did not expect the director to advance the time.

"The script is here, I made a point, wrote a comment, and you have a good look when you eat." Huang Zijin said seriously, "I told you, this scene..."

When he didn't finish talking, he was interrupted by the slow-moving season. "Huang Zijin, teaching people is not like this. You can let go of it and let him know how it is going to be acting, or advise him to go early. Changed."

Huang Zijin just wants to refute a few words, Luo Zhangwei also came over, his face is a bit ugly, "Huang Zijin, this is my studio, the actors should play only I can teach, you can not intervene. If you talk more, believe it or not, let the security guard you Take it out."

A film that condenses the director's thoughts, reflects the director's understanding of art, and most taboos. Huang Zijin also knows that his own practices are not good, so he only teaches Xiao Jiashu how to walk, find light, read lines, etc., and does not say much about the plot. But this scene is different, this scene is too important, if he does not guide at all, it is estimated that Xiao Jiashu will be forced, and then spent the whole afternoon in NG.

But now Luo led the real anger, and it was obvious that he couldn't bear it. He had to do a mouth zippering action to avoid being framed.Xiao Jiashu is not a fool. How can I not know that the situation is wrong? I quickly took over the script and turned it over. When I didn’t turn it to the page, Luo Zhangwei broke into the rest shed. “You will eat with me at lunch, and the season will come, I will give You talk about drama. This scene is the focus of all contradictions. Whoever does not perform well, whoever fucks gives me away!"

The shed was filled with actors who were eating lunch. Fang Kun had already prepared a few boxes of lunch, and placed them neatly on the table, hiding the emotion of gloating.

"All take the script out and take a look. Huang Zijin, you stand a little farther, I don't want to see you!" Luo Zhangwei shelled. No director can tolerate an outsider's more and more to guide his actor how to perform, it is awkward and offensive to this work!

Huang Zijin raised his hands and made a surrender, and then handed Xiao Jiashu a self-seeking blessing. Sitting on the side of Shi Tingheng shouted with a funny smile, "Zi Jin, come to accompany the brother to eat, don't go to Jalan, Luo guide today took the gun."

Luo Zhangwei did not take care of them, and stared at Xiao Shaoye. "Have you studied this drama?"

"Researched... ......" Xiao Jiashu stretched his neck and stared at the script, and his expression was very guilty.

Luo Zhangwei’s hand was a little itchy, looked up and found that his big horn was placed on a high chair in the distance, and he had to press and hold the impulse to hit someone.

"If you have seen the script, you should know that this is the most important drama of Ling Feng. If you change it to me, the first time you get the script will focus on how to play this movie. You are good, even a little bit I don’t have any impressions, you are so damn big! Look at the script, look at it now, don’t eat lunch if you don’t see the show!”

When it comes to acting, Luo Zhangwei incarnates the tyrant in a second, scaring Xiao Shaoye a glimpse. His heart is full of dissatisfaction, darkness is not a collar, is it so difficult? Then I picked up the script and turned it over. There was no sense of urgency at all.

Luo Zhangwei secretly took a sigh of relief, and when he finished reading, he asked, "Is there any idea?"

"What should I think?" Xiao Jiashu knows nothing about acting. How can he see the doorway and answer the secret while observing Luo's look.

"What point do you think is the most difficult thing to perform in this scene?" Luo Zhangwei followed the trick.

"It's very difficult..." Xiao Jiashu didn't dare to brag this time, and replied cautiously, "Would you like to tell me to talk about it?"

Luo Zhangwei’s hands were lifted up, and he was trying to smoke, but he was gently held down by his shoulders. “He is a new person, he doesn’t understand anything, you teach slowly. The more you violent, the more confused he is, the more time he will be there. I don’t have to shoot. The director and the actors are not in the state, and they are definitely not good."

Luo Zhangwei thought about it too, and this was just a temper, and Xu Xudao, "Xiao Jiashu, I told you about this scene in detail, you will follow the show. Will you follow the gourd painting?"

"That's too easy." Xiao Jiashu is full of confidence in himself.Luo Zhangwei’s eyes were slightly pumped and continued. “After the start of the shooting, you will be carried into the office by the bodyguards. Since you were passively sentenced, you were also injected with a mixture of blood containing new drugs and AIDS patients. I have been addicted to poison. I have been addicted to drugs since I came to the office. At first I didn't feel strong, just a little cold, so my body is very stiff, it is best to have a little trembling. Your mental state is very fearful and desperate. This is even more true after seeing Ling Tao’s true face, but you are a brother, and you have the last hope for him. These two emotions are contradictory. You have to show it, first fear, then Hope, you have to control the physiological reactions of drug addiction, you must have a sense of hierarchy."

Xiao Jiashu listened seriously and listened, and nodded frequently. It seems to have understood.

Luo Zhangwei did not worry to ask, "What are you most afraid of?"

Xiao Jiashu actually had a circle, and consciously replied, "I am afraid of two things, I am afraid that." This is the small piece he saw in the plan book.

Luo Zhangwei: "..."

Luo Zhangwei silently rolled up the script and silently lifted it up. He slammed Xiao Shaoye’s head and yelled. "I tell you the drama, you tell the old man, or the old paragraph ten years ago! Do you think that Lao Tzu does not dare to beat you? ?"

Xiao Jiashu hugged his head to avoid it. After Luo Zhangwei was opened by Ji Ji, he was asked to succumb. "Is this piece of time already out of date?"

Luo Zhangwei’s head sighed and almost fainted. Is this the point? Believe it or not, Lao Tzu is with you?

The actors around me watched and sneered, and they were amazed at Xiao’s unclear and irresponsible attitude. These rich second generations will not play and still occupy a lot of good resources, simply arrogant!

Shi Tingheng had a good relationship with Huang Zijin. When he saw this scene, he shook his head. "Zi Jin, I suggest that you go back and continue to be your master of star making. Don't put the sign on Xiao Jiashu. So far, his performance has no aura at all. There is no place for color, relying on the face for a few more years, it is hard to say. It is a newcomer to the company. Compared with him, Lin Leyang’s talent is much better, and people are diligent and worthy of cultivation.”

Lin Leyang was sitting not far from the two, heard the words cheeks red, then bowed his head. Today, he is really a little envious of Xiao Jiashu, and he will not be able to improve his acting skills if he is a slinger. He is only suitable for being a vase.On the other hand, Luo Zhangwei exhausted people and continued. "What do you fear most in your mind? Bring the emotions of fear into it. You are brought into the office and returned to Ling Tao. Ling Tao is giving you a sin. Let another traitor pack it for you. When he kills the traitor, he will pull you into his arms and wipe you face, but in fact, at this time, he knows that you are infected with drugs and AIDS, and these two Everything can't stop being cured. I have decided to kill you and keep the last dignity for you. After you are hugged into his arms, the addiction is getting deeper and the body's trembling is getting stronger and stronger. Intimate infection, trying to persuade him to surrender. After finishing the lines, Ling Tao will slap a knife in your back, feel the back is poked, you stop shaking, the whole person is first stiff, then relax, the eyes lose focus, Haoren It started to collapse, but it can't be too scattered, because I have to put a memory here, you have to make a look of memories, as if the line of sight penetrated time and space, saw Ling Feng and Ling Tao hide in a safe house, swearing that Yong Don't enter the scene of the underworld. Then you Eyeball does not move, and are still left with a deep sense of sorrow, this time, you have completely no gas. Does that make sense, right? "

Xiao Jiashu listened more and more confused, cautiously bowed, "Director, I have heard it." Oh, Mom! I understand it! What is it that you can't be too scattered? What is the eyeball that does not move, but still has a deep sorrow? Luo, are you talking about the Bible?

Luo Zhangwei knows that he did not understand, bite his teeth, "what to eat, do not eat, start to shoot!" Today must let Xiao Shaoye understand what is called high heaven and earth, or else he thought that filming is a joke! If you don't understand, you can learn from practice!

The crew quickly stood up and prepared the equipment. Several young actors gathered together and whispered. "Come and come, let's open a plate and bet xiaojiashu NG several times."

"I bet ten times."

"I bet fifteen times."

"I bet twenty times."

"I gamble today NG all afternoon." The last sentence is said by Shi Tingheng, after finishing the rush of Huang Zijin squeezed his eyes.

Huang Zijin is very empty in his heart, but his mouth is on the road. "Xiao Jiashu is very talented. If you teach, you will look away."

Shi Tingheng laughed and said nothing. Other actors saw that Shi Daying Emperor joined the gambling bureau and became more and more scrupulous. They all gathered around the studio to prepare to see Xiao’s jokes. No way, whoever called Xiao Shaoye never looked at people with positive eyes, this attitude should have been drawn long ago.

Fang Kun took a few steps and quietly said to Ji Yan, "Are you deliberately let Luo Dao shoot this scene in advance?"

The season glanced at him and chuckled. "I am teaching bear children how to behave."

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