How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 21 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Chapter 21

On the display, two men fought in the dark stairwell, and the man with a slightly slimming body slammed the tall man on the floor, and his cheeks looked like he was going to eat. He repeatedly asked "Is it you?", but it was always pressed, so that the voice was dumb. Gao Zhuang man lay on his back and said in a word, "I don't have it, whether you believe it or not!" The voice just fell, and the two looked up at the same time and showed a nervous state.

"Undressing." The thin man began to take off his police uniform without saying anything. The tall man quickly responded and took off his uniform. After the tall man was dressed in police uniform, the thin man threw the cleaner's uniform on the floor, then grabbed his hair with his right hand and slammed it against the wall. After a muffled sound, he began to wobble, but his teeth were strong and refused to fall to the ground. A pair of half-open and half-closed scorpions stared at the corridor, and the light in the depths of the scorpion was slowly extinguished. Eventually he lost consciousness and planted his head down into the bin, while the stairwell was completely engulfed by the darkness.

Luo Zhangwei repeatedly reviewed this video and made a decision. "Yes, this one is over. The last full of struggling eyes is very good. When you put it in the garbage bin, it is not adulterated. You can hear this loud noise. More realistic? It should be this kind of professionalism to be an actor."

Lin Leyang was a big sigh of relief, and his face finally showed a little smile. Shi Tingheng patted him on the shoulder and said, "I thought I had eaten more NG. Your mentality would collapse. I didn't expect you to adjust it so quickly. Your performance is very aura, you have to keep your confidence. I first filmed. At the time, NG was more than twenty times, far worse than you."

"Thank you Heng Ge has always cooperated with me. If you are not so tolerant, my mentality will definitely collapse." Lin Leyang sincerely thanked his hands together. But no one knows, the person who really let him through this crisis is not Shi Tingheng, but the quarter that stands not far away. He repeatedly warned himself not to humiliate the season, which brought the feeling of collapse to a stable state. Ji Ji is his spiritual pillar.

At the thought of the man, Lin Leyang quickly looked up and searched for the other person's figure, only to find that he had already walked to his side, his eyes filled with gentleness. "It's a good performance, it is my artist. Luo Guide, I have to trouble you later." Teach him." The words fell and raised his hands, and he touched Lin Leyang's forehead extremely naturally.

"No trouble, Xiaolin is very smart, and he will teach." Luo Zhangwei said that it is not a polite word. Newcomers like Lin Leyang who have no performance skills have only passed NG several times, which is quite good. One time, he met a red and fresh meat. He cried for more than an hour without tears. In the end, he could only pass the eye drops and it was a dog. He almost picked up a big horn and beat him that day!

Ji Yan laughed twice and took a shot of Lin Leyang's shoulder. The frowning brow finally spread out.Xiao Jiashu did not know when to squeeze into the side of Luo Zhangwei, bent over to look at the display, secret: How come? If this time is also NG, Lin Leyang will definitely cry out. This scene is not difficult, just pull it, hit a dozen, and finally plant it in the garbage bin, and it’s done. I want to shoot, keep a pass. Having said that, I seem to have never eaten NG, it is a genius! He touched his jaw and bent his eyes into a crescent shape. Suddenly he felt that his face was a little cold. He turned his head and saw that Ji Xian was staring at himself.

"Jie Ge, are you having something?" He hesitated.

"You come over." Ji Yan pulled people to the side and reached out. "The phone is taken out and the video just taken is deleted."

“Why?” Xiao Jiashu quickly hid his mobile phone behind his back.

"You didn't sign a confidentiality agreement before entering the crew. The film is forbidden for actors to take videos or photos with their mobile phones, and it is forbidden to leak."

"I won't leak it..." Xiao Jiashu still wants to argue a few words. Seeing Ji Yan with a face, the sly sly sly staring at himself, the serious expression is a little scary, I have to put the phone Hand over.

Ji Yan deleted the video and sighed. "I just shouldn't care about you, but you still can't remember what you said to me on the day of the boot ceremony? You said that you have to finish the show well, no. It will waste the company's resources. Now, what are you doing? Every day, grinding and reluctantly coming, not doing anything, just playing games. I knew that I should advise you to quit early that day. The crew, don't waste each other's time."

Xiao Jiashu was very convinced and argued, "I have a good filming. I have never eaten NG. How can I waste the company's resources?"

Ji Yan took a deep look at him, did not speak, and then left after handing over the phone. Xiao Jiashu waved a few punches at the back of his head, and spit out the channel: the dog took the mouse to do nothing! Are you lazy? Did not eat your home rice! However, I didn’t expect the season to suddenly turn back, calling him his left foot and his right foot, almost falling a dog to eat.

Ji Yan looked at the young man, and he was disappointed to shake his head.

After this episode, Luo Zhangwei took a few more scenes in the police station. At the end, he raised a big horn and shouted, "Ji Yan, Xiao Jiashu, Zhou Fu... Go to the living room to shoot the "Apostles" Eighty-sixth mirror first game The first time!" The actor who was called to the name rushed to the destination.

The living room is also in the same building. In order to save money, the crew rented only one idle office building in the suburb, arranged in different areas, the drama of the police station, the drama of the Ling’s group, the drama of the International Police Department... almost all needs The inside scene of the real scene was shot in this building.

The props group has already arranged the empty living room, leather sofa, wool carpet, rosewood coffee table, each detail highlights two words - luxury. This is the office of the president of the Ling Group and the place where the elders of the group hold secret meetings.The scene to be filmed today is that Ling Feng officially entered the company and was responsible for a big project under the recommendation of Ling Tao. On the surface of the project, it cooperated with a multinational company in Europe to expand the import and export volume of the group. In fact, there is also an import and export line dedicated to transporting poisonous products. The European poison. The goods merchants invented a new type of poison, which can be addicted once, and it is difficult to quit for life. It is extremely harmful to human beings and has spread in Europe and the United States. Now it is ready to enter the Southeast Asian market. There is no doubt that the Ling Group will be their agent.

The elders of the Ling Group have been immersed in the gangster for many years. Naturally, these bloody money are not dirty, but Ling Tao has a younger brother to take care of, and still retains a little humanity. It is difficult to decide on this business. Ling Feng only saw the plan on the bright side, and he did not know about the transactions in the group's back. Only one person in this meeting was kept in the dark. Other veterans planned to use his life to threaten Ling Tao. All kinds of battles are hidden under the dark tide...

The night before, Xiao Jiashu had already turned the lines back, so there was no tension. Everyone here is a monk, only Ling Feng is silly and sweet, very good.

The actors were seated in their own positions, and the director made a sound and the game was played. Xiao Jiashu took the planning book and read it carefully. Ji Yan looked at him sideways, his mouth was filled with a gentle smile, but the three veterans were all sinking.

The prop group naturally won't really take a plan book to Xiao Jiashu. Although it is full of words, it is all downloaded by the props on the Internet. It doesn't make much sense. Xiao Jiashu looked at the show more realistically, and then looked at it and found such a joke - please use ABCDEFG to make a sentence. A bear child from the northeast raised his hand: A, this B child, C family, barefoot standing on D, EF did not wear, GG is still exposed.

puff! No, it’s going to spray! Xiao Jiashu wanted to laugh and didn't dare to laugh. He could only endure hardships. His expression was more and more serious. He couldn't help himself, his brow wrinkled, and even raised his index finger to press his two lips. Made a Capricorn action.

His time was too good. At this point, Ling Feng had already read the plan and worried about the group’s blind expansion of its business scale. Xiao Jiashu’s expression and movements are completely in line with the psychological state of Ling Feng’s anxiety. So Luo Zhangwei not only did not call CUT, but also nodded with relief.

Xiao Jiashu finally pressed the smile down, and this slowly opened. "Brother, this project is too risky. I suggest you consider it again. As far as I know, Europe is..."

Ji Yan made a listening gesture, and played an artist of the veteran, but he said with anger and anger. "Xiao Feng, you just graduated, and you have no work experience. If you have to intervene in such an important business, is it somewhat rash?"Another elder, coldly, said, "Ling Tao, you can't easily raise your brother to be safe, but you can't make him make mistakes. Some mistakes can be changed, some mistakes are terrible. We all put our lives on this project. On the top, you can't hang us." The words were covered with a scorpion-filled scorpion. This is suggesting Ling Tao, if he is not obedient, Europe will take Ling Feng to open the knife.

Ling Tao naturally understood, the expression was mild, but the scorpion was full of ice, Xu Xudao, "Because the project is too big, I have to be more careful. You uncle, you can rest assured, I have a few hearts."

Next, several people said some of the dark tides around Ling Feng's life, and as the focus of contradiction, Ling Feng was ignorant, but also when everyone was arguing for the project, several times to talk about mediation. As the son of Xiao's extra son, Xiao Jiashu always plays a similar role in front of his father and brother. As long as he sits stupidly, he can occasionally say a few words, and he can't interfere with the family or the company at all, so this scene is right. He also has no difficulty.

The other actors are old and not even wrong. After eight or nine minutes, the director made a decision. "OK, this is over, the next preparation."

I rely on it, have passed again? Don't be too easy to act! This time, Ji Ge finally saw it with his own eyes. How can I waste resources? I know that acting is first class! Xiao Jiashu was smug in his heart, but his face was calm and calm, and he seemed to have a glimpse of Ji Yan. He walked to the lazy chair and was ready to play a few games. He thought of rushing back and taking the plan book. It’s all funny, it’s pretty good.

"Zi Jin Ge, you found no, I have never eaten since the start of the shoot." He endured and endured, still couldn't hold back, and promoted his achievements.

Huang Zijin smiled and patted his head and encouraged him. "Our little saplings are the genius of acting! Come on, brother, look at you!"

The quarters standing not far away suddenly looked at them, and the dawn flashed.

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