How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 19 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Chapter 19

Xiao Jiashu's role Ling Feng is a returning student, majoring in business administration, and his brother Ling Tao is the biggest villain in this drama. The Ling brothers were born in the underworld family. The father was the leader of the largest drug trafficking gang in the area. He died of vendetta and his mother was desecrated. What is even more frightening is that when the parents are devastated, the two brothers hide in the safe house built by the father's secret, and watch it all through the monitor.

There is no doubt that this has brought them a psychological shadow that is indelible for life. After being rescued, the two brothers made the next decision together - this life will never enter the underworld. Howard took the two and helped them compete for family property. What they don't know is that Howard is also involved in drug trafficking groups. When Ling Tao has not yet grown up, he slowly turned the Ling Group into a tool for money laundering.

Ling Tao inherited the company after the age of eighteen and found that if he did not enter the underworld, his brother would encounter poison. The revenge of the merchandiser had to be on the thief boat. His body was filled with wolf-like blood, and because of childhood encounters, the means were particularly hot, and gradually laid a piece of heaven and earth. In the end, Howard was not his opponent, and he had to leave the group to avoid the front.

Ling Feng is five years younger than Ling Tao. He has been living under the protection of his brother. He has studied abroad for many years and he does not know about the affairs of the group. If Ling Tao is a dark apostle, then Ling Feng is a day walker. Everything is sunny and positive. He is full of all the longings and sustenance of Ling Tao.

Xiao Jiashu seriously studied the script and found that this role was not too difficult for himself, so he was full of confidence in the next shooting. His gradual gray hair has been dyed back to pure black, the perfect facial features with the noble temperament that has been cultivated for a long time, and the peak of the family that is well protected and well protected. What's more, his eyes are very clear, and he has a sense of greenness that has just entered the society. When he stands with Ling Tao, who plays Jiu, one is bathed in the sun, one is hidden in the shadow. Formed a very weird tension.

The director shouted "Action", the two hands clasped each other and looked at each other, with a smile on their faces for a long time, then hugged together, then sat down in the garden and talked about each other's current situation. In the middle of the conversation, Howard's actor joined, and the three walked into the villa from the garden. This scene was over. This is also the first time Ling Feng has appeared in the movie. In this conversation, Ling Tao and Howard kept whispering and whispering each other, and Ling Feng was out of the situation from beginning to end, even thinking that his brother and sister-in-law had a good relationship.

To be honest, Xiao Jiashu really didn't use much acting skills. He just had to put in a state of conversation with Xiao Dingbang and Xiao Qijie. Anyway, he is always excluded from the one, laughing like a carefree fool is right."OK, this is over!" Luo Zhangwei stared at the display for a while, and then he waved his hand. Originally, he was extremely dissatisfied with Xiao Jiashu's joining. If he had not made a ticket and added investment, he would never nod. Fortunately, the first article has been successfully filmed, but it does not make a joke that can't even walk, and from the picture, these two people are a young sunshine, a dark and forbearing, and the conflicting atmosphere creates a strange The tension, and this tension is what the film plot needs.

It should be known that although the role of Ling Feng is not a lot of drama, it eventually led to the destruction of the Ling family, and even the entire Southeast Asian drug trafficking group. It is the fundamental reason why Ling Tao turned from humanity to animal nature. Whether his plays can be taken well is directly related to the quality of the entire film.

Luo Zhangwei put the video back and looked at it again and again, Shen Shendao, "Yes, the next one is ready." For now, it seems a good decision to push away other small meat and choose Xiao Jiashu. I really want to talk about the sunshine, the positive, and the "small fresh meat" that has been playing in the entertainment circle for many years is comparable to a real newcomer.

Huang Zijin and Ji Yan also stared at the display to test the results. When Xiao Jiashu was idle, he lay down in the lazy chair. Huang Zijin reluctantly said, "Small tree, come over and see your performance."

“Can you watch it?” Xiao Jiashu quickly turned off the game interface on the phone and walked over. I rely, is this me? Is it so handsome? He looked at the big screen movie emperor and looked at himself on the screen. He said: "Well, it is not worse than Ji Ge!" That is, the height difference is a bit big, and the next time I can let the director give me a brick under my sole.

Ji Yan just looked at him at this time, and his mouth seemed to be upturned. "It's a good shot and keeps it."

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu stood up subconsciously.

"Well, the mood is in place, the lines are also good, but the latter part of the play will become more and more difficult. After going back, study the script well. If you don't understand, ask." Luo Zhangwei encouraged a few words.

"Good director!" Xiao Jiashu is getting straighter, like a primary school student facing the teaching director.

Huang Zijin smirked and patted Xiao’s stiff back and took him down. Others think that he is a newcomer as an assistant who is forced by power and humiliation, but who knows the fun? Xiao Jiashu is a very intelligent student. He can teach almost everything, and he seems to know how to read a line. He can't use post-processing without any post-processing. In time, he will be successful in the entertainment industry.

However, unfortunately, he seems to have no interest in acting, and only regards this shooting as a task that has to be completed. Huang Zijin shook his head, and he had to think of a way to inspire Xiao Jiashu's love for the film, lest he should finish the filming and waste the arrangement of Xue Jie.

The filming of this day was successfully completed. There was no Xiao Jiashu's play in the next week, but Huang Meixuan did not give him the opportunity to be lazy. He sent him to the studio early, and he carefully studied how others acted."You awake me a little, don't sleep." A slap in the face of Xiao Gongzi's confused face, Huang Meixuan hated iron is not a steel tunnel, "Look at the entertainment circle, which newcomer can be like you, debut A play is cooperating with the two most famous movie stars in the country. Others ask the grandfather to tell Grandma that he can't get the chance. You don't know how to cherish it. If you say that you will be beaten by the thunder, do you believe it or not? Then roll me off the car!"

Xiao Jiashu was forced to finish the coffee and pleaded. "Mexuan sister, I opened black until 4 am yesterday. What time do you look at now? Where is the four-hour sleep enough? Besides, just debut with the big There are more than one person who plays the movie, and Lin Leyang is also."

"What do people's affairs have to do with you? You know that there are your plays today, you still play all night games, do you want to die?" Huang Meixuan is even more angry, is preparing to shell small saplings, but Huang Zijin is taking people directly down The car, round the road, "Don't be embarrassed, the more he swears, the less he has the spirit. Today's play is not difficult, I help him watch it, you can rest assured."

"Can you teach him all the time? Can you replace him for acting? Don't be accustomed to him!" Huang Meixuan screamed out his head and screamed at the window, but only changed his head and waved his hand. She sulking herself for a while, and then she stepped on the gas and went away.

Ji Yan also came to the studio at the same time, just to see this scene, can not help but frown. Fang Kun shook his head. "With this attitude, I will not give him a hundred years to learn how to act. The young people are now more and more impetuous, and there is no professional ethics."

"Le Yang?" Speaking of young people, Ji Yan naturally remembered her little boyfriend.

"Oh, he came at seven in the morning." Fang Kun's impression of Lin Leyang was greatly improved, and he applauded. "I listened to Wang. He said that he came here so early every day to help arrange the studio, check the props, and stand down when he is free. While watching how others act, or sitting in the corner to recite words, study the script, very hardworking."

"Le Yang is very hard to bear." Ji Yan smiled and seemed to be honored.

The two talked and talked. After walking to the studio, they found that Lin Leyang was preparing to play a rivalry with Shi Tingheng. Shi Jinheng’s role in He Jin’s appearance seems to be a small leader of the drug trafficking group. In fact, it is the undercover of the police dispatch, and he has already found the Ling’s group. Ling Tao also had eyeliner in the police station. He was informed of the identity and movement of He Jin, and he revealed a false news to him, causing the police to be ambushed in a seizure operation, causing heavy casualties.

He Jin was therefore identified as a traitor by the police. Not only did he fire the police, but also the nationwide. The drug trafficking group also issued a river and lake killing order. At the same time, He Jin, who was chased by both black and white, escaped and tried to wash his grievances for himself. In the end, he had to venture into the police station to find traitors.

Lin Yu, who played by Lin Leyang, was a newcomer to the police station. He was also a childhood playmate of He Jin. The two were like-minded and passionate, and their feelings were very deep. Shi Yu has never believed that He Jin will betray his colleagues, so he deliberately let him go when he was discovered by the police and suffered from the chasing. This scene is currently being prepared for filming.Shi Tingheng was full of scum, with a sly expression, wearing a cleaner uniform and standing on the sidelines waiting for the filming. Lin Leyang is wearing a smart police uniform, holding a script in his hand, and looking down at it from time to time, chanting a few words, seems very nervous.

Ji Yan was trying to walk past to comfort him a few words, then listened to the director shouting, "Action!" The two quickly entered the show to prepare for the performance, and listened to the director yelling, "Cut! Lin Leyang you passed, the sub camera did not shoot Go to your face and come back again!"

"I'm sorry for the director!" Lin Leyang put his hands together and his expression was awkward.

"Nothing, you are almost at this position." Shi Tingheng has a good relationship with Ji Ji, and naturally he will point to his artists.

"Sorry, Heng Ge, even tired of you to eat NG." Lin Leyang repeatedly apologized, found that Ji Yan stood on the sidelines, his face was white. He then realized that he was very happy to be filming with Ji Ji, but it was awful when he saw him in NG! He avoided the other's line of sight and returned to the position he was about to play.

"Action!" The director gave a command, and the two men grabbed each other's collars and quickly hid into the unmanned stairwell. Lin Leyang pulled off the mask on Shi Tingheng's face and whispered, "Sure enough!"

Shi Tingheng is preparing to pick up the following lines, the director is another "Cut", Lin Leyang's expression suddenly froze.

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