How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 18 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Chapter 18

Xiao Jiashu only smokes when he is depressed. Now he is in a good mood and naturally does not need the comfort of nicotine. He annihilated the cigarette butt, and did not worry about picking up a little bit of the season. Ji Yan stared at the back of his music Tao Tao, could not help but shake his head and laugh.

"How did you chat with him?" Shi Tingheng walked out of the box and held a pack of cigarettes in his hand. "I just filled Luo Zhangwei a few glasses of wine and heard something. The Xiao Gongzi family is rich, the background is very It’s awful, even if the audition didn’t go, I took the role of Ling Feng directly. No wonder no one at the wine table would take care of it. Even the director would dare to squint.”

"Luo Zhangwei's old. The problem has not changed?" Ji Yan smiled in disapproval. Luo Zhangwei, this person usually has a lot of words, but what should be said should not be said to have a number of hearts, but once you drink too much, that mouth becomes a big horn, ask what to answer, just broke the news. As a result, he has also been sacked several times by unidentified people.

"Now it is much better than before. I hired an assistant to help him stop the wine." Shi Tingheng lit the cigarette and continued. "I heard that Xiao Jiashu just graduated this year, reading financial management, and there is no basis for performance. The crew played with him. The most people are you, you have to be mentally prepared."

"It's all a company, just take a group of younger generations, nothing." Ji Yan waved.

"You really have a good temper, I am most afraid of bringing new people, troubles and fucking more! A college graduated, studying in the finance department of the son of the son, do you have any performance in your heart? If not his background is too strong, Director Luo will not agree to hire people. No wonder who is toasting director Luo every day, he is drinking, this is a fire in his heart." Shi Tingheng seems to think of something, can not help but shake his head, "These rich second generation is really ... reading, reading is not good I can't work or work. I find that the entertainment industry is going to make a lot of money when I make money. They think that being an actor is easy? It can be red by a face? Hehe..."

Ji Yan was silent for a moment, then annihilated the cigarette butt and seriously said, "He is good at acting, and he still has a lot of thoughts in his heart. Didn't you find out clearly? He graduated from Wharton, a master's degree. Yes, he just this year. Full twenty." The words fell and stepped away.

Shi Tingheng had a long time before he spit out his eyes. "I. Fuck, since I can get into the Wharton School, and I am a master's graduate, what kind of entertainment is there? I can't think of it!"


Xiao Jiashu returned to the box and found that the director had already drunk high. He was left by two assistants and was preparing to leave. The remaining founders were still socializing. It seems that he did not intend to leave early. If you know that Shi Tingheng and Ji Yan have not gone, whoever is the chance to let them go is a fool.

Huang Meixuan finally waited until Xiao Shaoye came back, and quickly pushed the full glass of wine over and whispered, "Go, know the actor in the crew, and everyone will pay tribute, don't drink too much."

"I don't like to drink," Xiao Jiashu pushed the glass away and added a tone. "I don't want to know anyone in the crew. I left after the filming. Who knows who I am?"

"You are this child..." Huang Meixuan was interrupted by Huang Zijin when he didn't finish talking. "Sister, don't force the little tree. He just got into the circle and had to adapt to it first.""There is something to adapt to, it is basic communication..." The two brothers and sisters quarreled because they did not respect the wine. Fortunately, the voice was not loud, and the expression was not ugly, which did not attract the attention of others.

Xiao Jiashu sighed with relief and quickly picked up the chopsticks to eat. He hasn't started acting yet, he is tired of this circle. It's no wonder that outsiders are in charge of the entertainment industry called Vanity Fair. You don't see the body here, don't pay attention to education, and don't care about morality. As long as you have a face that reverses the sentient beings, you can skyrocket. In this circle, you can climb very fast and climb very high, but the speed of falling is equally amazing.

Xiao Jiashu does not like the glitz and ambiguity of this circle, and naturally does not like acting. Fortunately, his plays are not many, if it is smooth, it can be done in a month. When he buryes his head and eats, the actors at the next table are watching it frequently.

Since it is a vanity fair, there will be a distinction between the primary and the secondary. When arranging a banquet, the creative staff and the ordinary employees who are dispensable will naturally not be in a box; the director, starring, producer, investor and actors with few plays will not be at the same table. If the position is arranged according to the coffee position, Xiao Jiashu can never sit between the director and Ji Ji, but he is sitting, his attitude is still so arrogant, he has to be eye-catching.

The female No. 1 Miao Muqing of the crew should have been sitting in the position of Xiao Jiashu, but before the banquet, she found that her famous brand was actually placed next door, and she had already caught a fire in her stomach. She embraced her chest with both hands and her face was blue and green. Only when the person who took the seat came, it was difficult. As a result, the person came, but it was difficult to make it, only because the other agent was Huang Meixuan and the assistant was Huang Zijin. What is this top match? I also know that the background of Xiao Gongzi is definitely not simple with my knees.

Miao Muqing became full of fire in the twinkling of an instant, and did not bother with the people at the same table to entertain, only concentrate on waiting for the opportunity to approach Xiao Gongzi.

"Miao sister, I respect you. I heard that you are also a graduate of the Communication University? I am your schoolmate..." Lin Leyang filled a glass of wine and handed it to Miao Muqing with respect and respect, but the other party did not appreciate it, even Still some impatient, push a glass of wine, cold road, "You drink it yourself, I have a little dry skin recently, can't drink too much."

The spilled liquor sprinkled Lin Leyang, but he had to hold his temper and warmly sigh. "Miao Miao sister must pay more attention to the body. I drink this glass of wine, you are free." Drink it all. But he did a good job, but Miao Muqing did not look at it. He held a glass of red wine and walked toward Xiao Jiashu at the next table, with a bright smile on his face. She leaned down. She leaned into the ear of Xiao Jiashu and talked. Xiao Jiashu raised her glass and touched her. Then she took a sip of her mouth. The attitude was not hot, and she gradually showed her intolerance. She seemed to feel it, and after a few words she walked away and spoke to several investors.Lin Leyang looked at this scene as if he were looking at a mirror, but his role with Miao Muqing was changed. Suddenly he felt very unfair, and there was still a resentment of nowhere to vent his anger. This grievance made his eyes start to turn red. But he soon saw the big step into the season, he was so handsome, so elegant, and exuding an extraordinary gas field, it is eye-catching. Miao Muqing, who was hooking up with investors, could not stand the lure and confusion. He walked over to him, but he was lifted by his hand and his attitude was very cold.

Seeing this, Lin Leyang's heartfelt grievances suddenly spread out, and the corner of his mouth quietly slammed a touch of curvature. It seems that there is a heart, and Ji Yan also looks at him, his eyes are full of gentleness. He did not go to the second table, whispered, "Go, I will take you around and know a few seniors."

"Okay, thank you Ji Ge." Lin Leyang picked up the glass and followed him, his attitude seemed to be cautious, but he was trying to laugh. If these people know that Ji Ji is their own lover, what kind of expression will they show? Will you be scared of your eyes? Lin Leyang wants to be more happy, almost laughed out loud.

Ji Yan looked back at him, his expression was helpless and petting.

When other actors are busy expanding their connections, Xiao Jiashu has already eaten enough to take his butt and leave. Anyway, he does not intend to mix in this circle. It doesn't matter if people are not connected.


On the following day, the "Apostles" crew officially started, and the director deliberately concentrated the lesser plays on this day to avoid too much NG tricks.

Xiao Jiashu stood in the periphery with a cup of coffee, his face was careless. Huang Zijin pointed to the site being photographed. "You see, it is the main camera. It is a panoramic view. It is a sub-camera. It is a close-up. You have to walk over there and stand on the wall." A few cameras can capture your expression. This is the position, the walk is not good, the acting is good, because you can't find your picture on the screen. Also, you have to pay attention to the lights when you stand. Go to which side, try not to let yourself back light..."

Huang Zijin pointed out and demonstrated at the same time. At the end, he comforted. "No need to be nervous. This scene is very simple. You can shoot well."

Xiao Jiashu’s IQ was not low, and some people taught it by hand. Naturally, he quickly learned it and nodded. “You can rest assured that Jin Ge, I understand.” Not just returning home, seeing my brother, talk Talking about the family, talk about business? The true color can be done completely.

When he was full of enthusiasm, Fang Kun, standing not far away, shook his head. "If you have never seen an artist acting, please ask the teacher to teach on the spot. Xiao Shaoye is truly unique."

Ji Yan smiled and didn't speak. Lin Leyang looked at Xiao Jiashu and was envious. He is not a graduate of the class, but he has to learn while filming, but he does not have the conditions like Xiao Jiashu. He can ask the master of the star to give instructions on the spot. In the future, I will be a little more diligent in the studio. I have a good relationship with the director and several deputy directors. I can learn a lot, see more, ask more, and learn more. In this way, his slight imbalance disappeared, leaving only a firm belief.

At this time, Ji Yan patted him on the shoulder and smiled lightly. "Do you say that Huang Zijin is awesome in acting? Or am I powerful?""Of course, Ji Ge is very powerful." Lin Leyang showed his worship.

"Xiao Jiashu has Huang Zijin as a teacher, you have me, there is nothing to envy." Ji Yan's boyfriend's forehead.

Lin Leyang didn't think that his careful thoughts were actually seen by Ji Yan, his cheeks were inevitably red, and he whispered for a long time. "Thank you Ji Ge. If you don't understand anything, please teach me more than me." Even if there is no surrounding People, he does not dare to show his love, lest he will be tired of the season. How can Ji Yan be so good, so he can't describe it!

"OK, this is over, Xiao Jiashu, Ji Yan are ready to play!" Director Luo's big voice interrupted this warm and touching moment, and also made Fang Kun secretly sigh. If you can’t behave intimately, how can these two people not stand it? He immediately pushed Ji Ji up and urged him, "Go, go, and experience Xiao Shaoye's acting skills." If he really has that stuff.

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