How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 17 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Chapter 17

Luo Zhangwei is the general director of the "Apostles", and is also a famous saying in the circle. A toast is hard to talk for more than 20 minutes. From the film's intention to the later propaganda to the box office, Lala is a whole lot. However, he is very prestigious in the circle. He has won several best director awards at the most influential international film festivals, so the main creative staff can only listen and listen to the applause from time to time.

But in the face of many or worship, or respectful, flattery, or smiling, there is a face that is getting stinky, that is, Xiao Jiashu who just entered the line. In order to catch up with the Kyrgyzstan, the start-up ceremony is scheduled to be held at 12:30, which is just a meal; the ceremony is over at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, everyone familiar with each other, chat, Lara relationship, and then rushed to the hotel, time has passed seven thirty. Xiao Jiashu used to eat at 12:30 and 6:30. That is to say, all day today, except for the bowl of porridge in the morning, he did not eat anything, and his stomach was already hungry.

He also wants to smile and wait for a meal, but when the stomach is empty and the food is full of delicious food in front of him, it is impossible to do it! He looked at a roast chicken that couldn't be seen in the distance. I imagined that I suddenly stood up and stuffed the roast chicken into the director's mouth, letting him stop the scene. Well, it seems to be much more comfortable, and I can still bear another five minutes.

He nodded, then grabbed his stomach, did not pay attention to sitting in the opposite side of the big film emperor suddenly looked at himself, the expression is a bit weird, as if trying to laugh, and control.

"... I wish the film a big sale." The director finally finished the conclusion, and everyone stood up.

Xiao Jiashu almost couldn't wait to lift the glass, touched Huang Meixuan and Huang Zijin, and then put a piece of duck into the bowl. Huang Meixuan quietly pulled his sleeves. He ignored him. He even looked at the past after a few meals. He whispered, "Yellow sister, is the director not finished talking? Can you eat?"

"Have a drink with the director, Ji Ge, Heng Ge, go quickly." Huang Meixuan said while pouring Xiao Xiaoye.

Shi Tingheng and Ji Wei are the male No. 1 and No. 2 of the film respectively. They are also big coffees of the film-level. The younger generations should respect them, and they can drink or drink another thing. Although Xiao Jiashu has been abroad for many years, he is no stranger to the table manners in China. He took the glass and respected the director, Shi Tingheng and Ji Yan. Apart from a phrase "a lot of care", there is nothing else.

In contrast, other small newcomers have come to the trio, and they are toasting and pleasing. The words of compliments are one after another, and the more and more Xiao Shaoye is proud of his character.

Huang Meixuan had some headaches, but she was helpless. She took a look at Xiao Shaoye who was suffering from bitterness and then asked, "What are you eating?"

"Spicy chicken diced." Xiao Jiashu raised his head, his lips were red and bright, and his eyes were still hung with a few drops of sparkling tears.

"Whoever allowed you to eat spicy! Xue Jie said that your mouth ulcers are good, the fire has not yet fallen down! Eat green vegetables!" Huang Meixuan said while holding a bunch of green vegetables, put into Xiao Shaoye bowl.Xiao Jiashu moved the vegetables to the side and continued to eat the spicy chicken. After eating, the chopsticks were extended to the boiled pork. After drinking the porridge for half a month in a row, he only wants to eat something heavy. Huang Meixuan saw that he was disobedient. He picked up a clean spoon and knocked on the back of his hand. He screamed and screamed, but he still firmly gripped the boiled meat and ate it.

"How can you not listen to this child? Be careful, I told Xue Jie!" Huang Meixuan threatened.

Xiao Jiashu smiled at her with a good smile, and then continued to put the "sin" hand to the spicy shrimp not far away. Huang Meixuan called it a gas, and he hit the back of his hand with a spoon, but he could not stop it. The interaction between the two is very close. Unlike brokers and entertainers, they are more like elders and juniors. Everyone looked in the eyes and did not mind the behavior of Xiao Jiashu.

Without a strong background, the legendary big devil Huang Meixuan can serve Xiao Jiashu like a small ancestor? impossible! Since there is a background, then you can't afford to sin. He loves to play with him. In this way, several of the founders began to look for Xiao Jiashu to speak, but only got him um, ah, a few perfunctory, and he was so eager to show his death.

Xiao Jiashu is very good to eat, but also specializes in spicy dishes to stretch chopsticks, so that Huang Meixuan blinks straight. Her younger brother Huang Zijin suddenly smiled and took the initiative to give Xiao Shaoye a spoonful of Mapo tofu, and said to him in his ear, "Eat, just let go of eating, you will be comfortable when you are large in the morning."

"Ah?" Xiao Jiashu looked at him dumbly.

"Tomorrow morning, large." Huang Zijin repeated it, but the volume was very low, except Xiao Shaoye and his sister Huang Meixuan, who did not hear.

Xiao Jiashu has a place different from ordinary people, that is, the imagination is particularly rich, and others can easily say a word, he can use imagination to construct it into the most colorful picture. Right now, in his mind, he unconsciously emerges that he is sitting on the toilet and rubbing his face hard, but he can't pull out the scene. After ten minutes of inhumane torture, it is hard to get through, but it is a group. The fire, the flame came out from the toilet, burned his hair, something exploded, the ground was yellow, sticky and suspicious objects... The background music echoed in the mind at the same time - chrysanthemum , full of bruises, your underwear has been yellowed, flowers fall off your anus, you can only lie down...

Vomiting... I want to vomit... Xiao Jiashu slowly put down the chopsticks, slowly covered his mouth, and looked at Huang Zijin with his complaint.

Huang Zijin confuses his cool gray hair and smiles. "Hey, keep eating, brother help you."

"Brother, I am wrong, I eat light things." Xiao Jiashu quickly bowed his head and honestly eat green vegetables.Huang Zijin single-handedly looked at him, smiling at him with a smile, his eyes full of pets. He looks extremely handsome and can even be described as a demon. The only shortcoming is that he is less masculine and has been a little bit mad at a young age. But it was because of this face that he was later controlled by a black gang that forced him to shoot the film. If Xue Jie arrived in time, he might have been crazy, dead, or could not die. And Xue Jie took such a big risk to deal with the gang, but it was because she just saw her sister hiding in the company corridor and crying. She didn't even know who they were at the time.

After so many years, he stepped out of the stage and changed his post. The sister also mixed up with the gold medal agent from the handyman, but they did not dare to forget who rescued them from hell and gave them a better tomorrow. Mo said that Xue Jie just let them bring Xiao Jiashu with them for a while, that is, let them give Xiao Jiashu a nanny for a lifetime, and there is nothing wrong with it.

When Huang Zijin fell into recollections, Ji Yan’s face was a little weird. He first covered his mouth with a napkin, then slammed a glass of wine, and at the end he shook his head and laughed, and scorned a "live treasure". Fang Kun noticed his abnormality and asked, "What's wrong? Is it a headache?"

"No, I am very good." Ji Yan put down his glass and looked back at Lin Leyang, who was sitting at another table. He found that he was very harmonious with the people around him, and he went out with confidence.

Xiao Jiashu wanted to release water after eating, and went out. After washing his hand and returning to the box, he saw that Ji Yan was smoking at the window at the end of the corridor. He could not help but walk over. "Jie Ge, can you give me a cigarette?"

"Do you smoke too?" Ji Yan was surprised. Don't look at Xiao Jiashu's tall and beautiful, but in reality he is a little boy, very young.

"I smoked less." Xiao Jiashu did not dare to smoke in front of her mother. Once she was discovered, she was not smoking but himself. Fortunately, he was not addicted to cigarettes and was not exposed after returning home.

Ji Yan laughed slowly, and then handed the whole package of cigarettes to the past. His heart was long. "Chinese people often don't fill their stomachs when they are having dinner, but they are socializing. Others are talking, but you are burying your head and eating. No one is talking. This is too eye-catching. People with strong backgrounds also need contacts, especially in the entertainment industry, to communicate with others and to have a good relationship. There is no harm to you."

"I know this, thank you Ji Ge." Xiao Jiashu did not feel that Ji Yan was nosy. He is a clear person, knowing that Ji Ji is really sincere to say these things for himself, otherwise who cares for you? In this circle, the coffee bar decides everything. In order to climb up, anyone can step on it. Like Ji Ji, who doesn't trample on his peers, but also thinks about the future generations, there are too few and too few people.

Ji Yan really is like a Baidu data, is a good person! Xiao Jiashu’s affection for Ji Yan has risen. Although he once guarded Li Jiaer, everything he did was from his heart and from good intentions. It was really rare.In the face of him, Xiao Jiashu suddenly had a desire to pour, whispered, "Jie Ge, in fact, I will not act at all, I don't know if I can shape Ling Feng's role, so I dare not follow the crew. You think, I want to jump up and down in the crew all day, let everyone know me, and because of the bad performance, I have to quit, it’s a shame! Not as good as I didn’t care at first. Come quietly, walk quietly, so you can still have some face for yourself."

He took a sip of cigarette and continued. "I have already thought about it. If I can play this role, I will play it. If I can't play it, I will leave early and leave the position to the real acting artist. I am compensating for the loss. There is a saying that 'accounting for the pits and not pulling. 屎', I feel that I am the kind of person who occupies the squatting. It is especially bad."

Ji Yan took a deep look at him and advised him. "What stupid thing? You can compensate the crew for the loss of money, but can you compensate for the loss of time? Because of you, the crew temporarily changed the corner, all the scenes were retaken, the schedule was It is a mistake, this is money can not make up. You don't think about what to do if you don't play well, but you have to play it well if you try your best. This is the first step to success. I have seen this role of Ling Feng. The setting is very similar to your own. It is not very difficult. You only have to play in the same color."

“Really?” Xiao Jiashu was comforted, and the original gray dice became sparkling. Xue Yu has said this many times, but Xiao Jiashu always thought that it was a mother's preference for her son, wearing a filter. However, even the season 冕 said so, he was relieved at once, feeling that he was greatly encouraged and affirmed.

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