How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 15 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Chapter 15

The name of the person is Lin Leyang. He used to be Ji Jin's life assistant. After just two months of employment, he turned into a boyfriend of Ji Wei. Now he is a senior in the broadcast of the Communication University. His personality is very cheerful and optimistic. But now, like a fire-breathing dragon, he is licking the season. He did not expect to kill him. He just went out to play for a few days. The boyfriend had such a big thing. If the driver Xiao Liu said that he was leaking, he may not know the truth until now.

He hasn’t lived a few days since he was a child, so he knows better than anyone that “there is nothing wrong with the weather.” If Ji Ji really had an accident, but he knew nothing, he came back. Will it crash in the future? Along the way, he was contemplating all kinds of situations that might happen. As a result, he became more and more afraid, and became more and more uneasy. He wished to insert his wings and fly home, so that he could see that this person is still absent. However, when I saw the real person, the anger in his heart broke out in an instant, and I really wanted to beat him up, so that he would never dare to catch up with the night.

He threw the suitcase away and was about to open his mouth. Ji Yan came forward one step at a time, forced him to hug him, and blocked all his words with soft lips. He was dumb, and he couldn't help but respond to each other. The fear and worry were slowly dissipated in this spring rain.

"Why didn't you tell me when you had something wrong?" Lin Leyang's tone has become very soft after the end of the kiss.

"I am afraid that you are worried." Ji Yan gently erased the water stains in his mouth and said, "But I found out that not telling you will make you more worried. I am wrong, I will correct it later. You know this one. Did the matter end before the trip?"

Lin Leyang couldn't make a fire, and muttered. "Yeah, I came back early and wanted to see you as soon as possible. I know that I am wrong. You should tell me whatever happens in the future. Don't let me be the last one in the world." That, it’s very tragic. Also, I can’t catch up with the night, especially when I’m filming in a remote place.”

"Well, I must learn the lesson." Ji Yan broke his little boyfriend into his arms and smiled lightly. "Come and take a shower. I will take you to a big meal later."

Lin Leyang made a happy look, but his heart was somewhat reluctant. Ji Yan grew up abroad and used to eat Western food. Because of his special status, he went to the high-end places that ordinary people could not enter. He must be dressed in formal clothes. The rituals must be strictly observed in the food. There are also waiters watching the eyes. That feels really hard to say.

Every time he eats western food with the season, Lin Leyang has not eaten enough. Every move is under the supervision of others, and it is even more troublesome. If he can, he would like to tell the other party loudly: What Western food to eat! Let's find a hot pot restaurant and eat more than these Michelin restaurants!

However, at the beginning of the relationship between the two, he was not only embarrassed to show his dislike of Western food, but also pretended to like to win the identity of Ji Ji, and the two of them became deeper and deeper, and he was afraid to say that he was saddened by the season, so he was Patience.He smiled and kissed the season, and immediately went into the bathroom and licked his face. He remembered a novel by the Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, named "The Man in the Cover." When eating western food with perfect etiquette, he felt that he was the one in the cover, and every cell was screaming.

Ji Yan stood outside the bathroom, staring at the sliding door of the misty water, and the smile at the bottom of the eyes slowly converges and becomes contemplative. After a long time, he suddenly shook his head and sighed, his face showing a helpless and gratifying expression.

An hour later, Lin Leyang, who washed away the dust, and the dick dressed up in a disguise, sat in the box of a hot pot restaurant. There were many small dishes in front of them, including tripe, duck intestines, fans, potatoes... also had sesame sauce and hot sauce. Mushroom sauce... The red and bright soup base rolls in the pot, giving off a hegemonic aroma.

Lin Leyang sighed and smelled the aroma, and his expression was awkward. "Jie Ge, how do you suddenly want to eat hot pot? Can you eat spicy?"

"I ordered it is slightly spicy, it should be no problem." Ji Xiaochao's little boyfriend's hair, smiled, "you must say something after you like to eat, don't be me. Two people live together, not relying on They will communicate with each other, but communicate with each other, understand each other, and be tolerant of each other."

Lin Leyang’s cheeks slowly rose red and shouted. “Jie Ge, do you see that I don’t like Western food?” He was very shy, but he was also moved. Ji Ge is very gentle, just like the beginning of the exchange. He has never changed, he is not brave enough.

Ji Yan shook his head. "Your acting is very good. I have been smashed by you. I like what I like in the future, I don't like anything, I must say it, don't be bored. Of course, I will be honest with you."

Lin Leyang nodded again and again. "Well, I will not lie to you in the future. You are very good in Ji Ge. I have accumulated a lot of virtues in my life. I can find a boyfriend like you in this life." It is just lucky than drawing hundreds of millions of lottery tickets!

"What a stupid thing, you are also very good." Ji Yan once again messed up his hair and smiled. "Come on, I hear your stomach screaming."

Lin Leyang rubbed his face, then picked up the chopsticks to eat, what to cook and what to cook, not enough to call, the two lips are hot and red. Ji Yan didn't eat much, and spent most of his time taking care of his little boyfriend. He helped him hand the paper towel in a while, and helped him with the food. His eyes were full of tenderness.

After eating half full, Lin Leyang sighed refreshedly, feeling that today's date is more happy than ever. He wiped off the oil stains in his mouth, couldn't help but kiss the season, and exchanged a laugh.

"After a few months, you will graduate, and where are you going to go to work? I have a friend in Beijing City, can help you get through." Ji Wei poured a cup of tea for his little boyfriend.

"Let's see it again, I will write the graduation thesis first." Lin Leyang habitually lowered his head and concealed his expression. He didn't really want to be the anchor, but he even liked acting, but he was afraid that Jiuyi would misunderstand him to borrow him. So he never dared to mention it.The action of Ji Yan drinking tea was a slight meal, and at the end he had no choice but to sigh. He put down the teacup and seemed to be thinking about it, but he didn't say anything at all. Lin Leyang was afraid that he really helped him find the work of the broadcast host, and he did not continue this topic. The two used the meal silently and returned home silently.

"Le Yang, remember what I said before, just tell me what I want, don't be bored in my heart. You should think about it for work. I can help you." Wash off a hot pot of seasons from the bathroom. Out of it, the delicate waist was surrounded by a small bath towel, which looked very sexual.

Lin Leyang realized what would happen next, his cheeks flashed red, then circumvented the seasons and ran into the bathroom to wash his body.

The two naturally held together, and Ji Yan kissed the little boyfriend while touching the condom in the bedside table. Lin Leyang was dizzy by his superb kiss skills, but he tightened his nerves as he touched himself. The seasons in life have a gentle side and a hegemonic side, but the seasons on the bed are simply a beast, which is difficult for Lin Leyang to suffer.

His two hands arrived on the chest of Ji Ji, seemingly caressing, but in fact gently refused, this action is completely subconscious, even he did not find himself. But Ji Yan quickly stopped, covered himself with a quilt, dumb voice, "Do you have to go back to school to submit papers tomorrow?"

Lin Leyang saw the slope, "Yeah, I have to get up at seven o'clock tomorrow, Professor Han asked me to meet at eight o'clock."

"That's not tonight. You have to rest and try to pass the thesis defense." Ji Yan stood up and patiently said, "You should sleep first, I will take a shower in the bathroom."

Lin Leyang did not ask him why he had to take two baths, and while he nodded and retracted into the bed, he was relieved.

Ji Yan stood under the shower head and tried to use the cold water to smother the fire. The expression on his face was unpredictable.

Half an hour later, Lin Leyang was already asleep, and his body curled up like a baby, which was an extremely insecure sleeping position. The cold season of the whole body stood on the edge of the bed and watched him for a while. Then he raised the temperature of the air conditioner and gave him a thin bed, then went to the next door to call.

"Master Shu, I want to recommend a person to the "Apostles" crew... He is not a professional actor, but the acting is very good. Can you give him a chance to audition? Ok, ok, I will take him to audition on time. Thank you, Xiu Shu. You should go to bed early so late, drink less wine and pay attention to your body.” After hanging up the phone, Ji Yan stared at the script placed on the desk and sighed long.

The next day, I heard that Ji Kun wanted to recommend Lin Leyang to the crew of Fang Kun. It was almost crazy. "My season big movie, you are not kidding? What is your relationship with Lin Leyang? You are not sure? You still want him to enter the entertainment circle, but also want to take him to film together, you are suspected that those paparazzi are not enough magical powers?"

"When I completely fade out the entertainment circle, I will not open the cabinet publicly, but I will not cover my sexuality again." Ji Yan said seriously, "I have been too tired to live for the rest of my life. I want to be relaxed in the rest of my life.""Well, you have to pay attention to it anyway, you don't care, but how old is Lin Leyang? If he is red, you don't think about it for him? Homosexuals are hard to mix in the circle, you don't know." Fang Kun is bitter Dissuasion, "Moreover, now Lin Leyang is single-minded with you. After he sees the colorful entertainment, can you be sure that he will hang on your neck tree? Love him and keep him away from entertainment. Circle, here is hell!"

"There is one more sentence to say - love him to take him into the entertainment circle, here is heaven." Ji Yan said one word, "Whether it is heaven or hell, all depends on personal choice. I believe Le Yang, I am willing to give him a chance, I am happy to win, and I accept it with ease. This is my attitude."

Fang Kun was so angry that he was shaking for a long time. "Oh, I see how long you both can toss!"

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