How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 13 Chapter XIII

Chapter 13 Chapter XIII

Ji Yan looked at Li Jiaer, who was sitting on his bed and smiled brightly and sadly, and could not help but reveal an eccentric, unpredictable expression. He looked directly at her, word by word, "This is over, you can stop."

Just right? This is not a good word! Li Jiaer’s heart was awkward. He thought that He Yi was already dead. He’s become a seller and went abroad. He’s mother didn’t know where to go. He really didn’t have to worry about anything, and he settled down. She didn't dare to mention Xiao Jiashu, but she wanted to get some protection from Ji Ji, so I looked at the phone.

Just at this time, her pre-determined alarm clock rang, and she immediately stood up, anxiously. "It was the phone call from the hospital. It should be something my mom had. Ji Ge, I will pick it up."

"Let's go." Ji Wei slightly daggers, then close his eyes and fake.

Fang Kun sighed, "Li Jiaer is not easy..."

"Don't talk." Ji Yan raised his hand to stop him.

Quiet outside the corridor, where is someone talking on the phone? Li Jiaer took her mobile phone and hid in the stairwell, violently rubbing her eyes, and then ordered two drops of eye drops, and made the eyelashes semi-wet, and took time to go back to the ward.

Fang Kun was worried about her mother. She seemed to cry when she saw her. She asked about it, but she was interrupted by Ji Yan. "Jia, I am a little tired, I want to sleep for a while. Go back first."

Li Jiaer, who is planning to play a bitter drama, "..." This script is wrong! She also waited for Ji Yan to ask why she was crying, and she could tell him that his mother was sick and needed a large amount of surgery. If he proposes to borrow money, he will firmly refuse. When he changes to Aurora in a few days, he can use economic constraints as an excuse to obtain his understanding. Ji Yan was born in a single-parent family and is very filial to his mother. This is known to the people all over the country.

Li Jiaer plans very well. This can not only push away the invitation of every day, but also completely offend the season, it is the best of both worlds. The so-called "increased condition" mother is now lying in the sanatorium to count the money. As long as she gives her enough money, she can do anything with her daughter, just as He Yi fell in the same year.

But the helpless season does not follow the cards, even ask questions, directly swearing? What is wrong with this? Li Jiaer is blind, and he doesn't even know how to leave the hospital.

Fang Kun looked at Ji Yan thoughtfully. "You didn't see Li Jiaer crying? Her mother must have an accident."

"What is the relationship between her mother's accident and you, with me? I am her dad or are you my father?" Ji Yan cold.

"This is not what you said." Fang Kun frowned.

"I really love talent, but not everyone can help. I am really old, my vision is not good." Ji Yan sincerely felt.

"How come again! Your eyes are very good! Li Jiaer not only sings well, but also has a very good acting style. He has the potential to burst red."

"Take your life as a play, every minute is shown to others to show, such a person's skills are poor? You say to Xiaotao, don't contact Li Jiaer again, if she does not want, you let She left."

"You are going to draw a line with Li Jiaer? You are not afraid of Xiao Jiashu?" Fang Kun was an accident.Ji Yan ignored him and picked up the phone and dialed the phone. "Zhou Nan, have you contracted with Li Jiaer? Is it ready? Then let's put it first, don't rush to contact her. She is already looking for it. East, Aurora, right, already negotiated. No, I don't know, or I won't introduce her to you. I don't understand what she thinks..." Speaking here, Ji Yan's expression is slightly strange. After a pause, I said, "I am sorry this time, let you live a busy life. I will invite you to dinner the next day. OK, see you."

After hanging up the phone, he sighed for a long time, his face showing a tired expression.

Fang Kun said with amazement, "Li Jiaer does not sign every day entertainment, to sign Aurora? Where did you get the news? I have never heard you say it!"

"I naturally have my message channel." Ji Yan waved his hand, "Give me a pen."

Fang Kun quickly pulled out the book and the pen from the bag, and the emotion in his mouth kept going. "How can Li Jiaer sign the Aurora? Why is she so cautious!"

Aurora is known for its malicious speculation, crushing artists, and ethos. Even rumors that Aurora's agents like to pimp the artists and even tempted them to take poison to achieve complete control. The artists who signed the Aurora have one thing in common - good looks and young ages. Once they fall in the age, they will be abandoned immediately.

But at the same time, Aurora has its own advantages. Its behind-the-scenes boss is very big, with many top resources in his hand, and who wants to win the red is a minute. If Li Jiaer is trying to raise money for his mother's illness, it is also excusable to sign the Aurora. After all, the signing fee there is very high, but it is a pity that such a little girl...

Fang Kun was secretly sighing, but he listened to Ji Yan and sneered, and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"No. I thought that my eyes were poor, I didn't expect you to be worse." Ji Yan shook his head while writing, and the twilight was cold.

Fang Kun is not convinced, "I can hold you into a Grand Slam movie, which is enough to prove my vision. What do you write? You can't read it."

I saw two rows of names on the notebook. The first row of people had nurses, sisters, Chen brothers, etc., and they all played a fork in the back; the second row of names were Fang Kun, Xiu Zong, Xiao Jiashu, Li Jiaer... Hit a tick. There are comments after the hook and the fork, only two words, not "dislike" or "appreciation", at the end of the rewrite the "good value, bad value" six words.

What is this with? When you open it, you can understand it all, and you will get caught together! Fang Kun is very inexplicable, just want to ask, but listen to Ji Yan, "You slowly go out, the phone does not hang up, I let you stop, you stop, and then estimate the distance between you and me. "When I said, I called Fang Kun’s phone.

Fang Kun picked up his mobile phone and went out helplessly. He said in his heart: Could it really hurt his brain? This is how to do? Do you want to ask brain experts at home and abroad to check it out? As he thought about it, he walked slowly along the corridor and walked out for a distance and listened to the command of the season. "Stop, test how far you are from me now."

"About 15 to 20 meters.""Yes, you can come back." Ji Wei hangs up the phone and listens to the ear for a moment. This is to write a line on the book - the effective distance is fifteen to twenty meters, and at the end, gently press the temple. When Fang Kun came in, he found that he was leaning on the hospital bed, his expression was a little sad.

"What happened to you? Is there something happening?" Fang Kun was really flustered.

"Do you know?" Ji Yan slowly said, "I remembered last night that I was the most seriously injured. A piece of metal stuck in my heart, blood kept flowing, and then five minutes, no, maybe only three minutes, I It will die. But I am still alive now, there is no wound on the whole body."

"You must have made a mistake." Fang Kun interrupted him. "You don't think about it. This is the aftermath of concussion. Living is the most important thing. You should be thankful now, not doubtful about life."

"Yes, living is the most important thing." This sentence gave Ji Yan great comfort. He seemed to figure out what he was doing and slowly spit out a sigh of relief.


Three days later, the two men dressed up and dressed up, and when they got home, they received a call from Zhou Nan. He seems very helpless. "Li Jiaer really pushed my contract down and is not going to participate in my play. The young people are really real, only know the money and money."


"Do you have any good apologies, that is her own choice. I am going to find a candidate, I will hang up first."

"Don't hurry. I heard that your drama is lacking in investment?"

"Don't stop, you don't vote. I honestly tell you, that movie is shot by Chuanchuan. He is purely funny. He invited Jess as the artistic director. The actor's shape can be Rayman, color matching. I was so dizzy that I was dizzy! He asked the actor to look at his face only, not to look at acting, and to throw it into the crew when he was good, nothing else. I am mentally prepared to lose money, and I can’t hang you any more.” Xiaochuan, a little boyfriend, Zhou Nanzhen is crying and laughing.

It is clear that Zhao Chuan’s unreliable and Jess’s intriguing aesthetics, Ji Yan immediately dispelled the idea of ​​investment, and sighed, “I can only pray for you. I hope you will lose less.”

Zhou Nan reluctantly said, "Chuanchuan is happy, it doesn't matter if you can't pay for it. Li Jiaer's thing is not awkward. If you have a good candidate, continue to recommend it to me. I am extremely lacking now!"

Ji Yan was full of promises, hang up the phone and shook his head and laughed, the smile was not converged, and another call came in. The screen showed the words "Li Jiaer".

"Hey, Ji Ge? I, I am sorry, I have signed an aurora." Her voice sounded heavy and seemed to have a lot of thoughts.

"Yes? Congratulations. People go to the heights and go down to the low, I can understand. Nothing I hang first, then you can do it yourself." Ji Wei hangs up the phone and directly pulls people black.

Li Jiaer, who is preparing to play a "forced helpless" drama, "..." She immediately called back, but the one was unable to get through, and the WeChat was also sinking into the sea, and then went to Weibo, the system prompted her to cancel the season. Concerns, several blog posts that have been sent to praise her have also been deleted.Soon after, some netizens discovered this and wrote a message below Weibo, saying that Li Jiaer was offended by the Great God and was hated. Because Ji Ji’s reputation is very good, the fan group is huge, and all the blame has come to Li Jiaer.

Li Jiaer was so anxious that he was sweating. The seasons have become more and more low-key, and they rarely publish on Weibo, so every news about him will be on the hot list. Whether this matter can be resolved as soon as possible, the hot search headline will definitely become "the season to pick up Li Jiaer", which has a great impact on her popularity. You must know that the reason why many people powdered her at the beginning was to see that she had praised her for many times in the season, and it was really Xiao He’s defeat and Xiao He.

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