How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 11 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Chapter 11

Xiao Jiashu once had a very good friend, that is He Yi. They have a similar family and interest, grow up in a community, study in a school, and have vowed to come together to find a world. However, at the age of ten, Xiao Jiashu met some accidents and was sent out of the country. He Yi stayed in China. But their relationship is not alienated, but it is as it used to be. At the age of sixteen, He Yi suddenly sent a smug WeChat, telling Xiao Jiashu that he had a feast in the hotel today, and occasionally met a girl who was being thin, so he saved the person. He took the girl back to her suite to take a shower, change clothes, and send her home.

This message is the beginning of all nightmares. He Yi soon discovered that girls were originally their alumni. Because they were beautiful and tempered, they were often bullied by boys. The girl was grateful that he saved himself. Every day, he made a good lunch and stuffed it into his desk. When he went there, there was a rumor about the two people. He Yi does not care about this. He is a very focused and very determined person who is never moved by foreign objects. But he never imagined that after forty days of saving the girl, he would be taken away from the classroom by the police, on charges of rape and rape, and the fetus in the girl’s belly was evidence.

He didn't do anything wrong, he didn't recognize it, but his father decided to privately and gave the girl a million mental damages. Although He Yi did not go to jail, the crime was implemented. The family suspected that he was embarrassed and quickly sent him to the United States. Then it was the tragic car accident...

Friends who have just reunited for a few days, from then on, will Tianren always be separated, how can Xiao Jiashu accept? He remembered that he madly ran into the scene of the accident and went crazy and hugged his friend's body and cried. He never believed in the crimes that he did not need. He knew that his friends must have been defamed.

It turns out that his speculation is correct. He found that his friend was on the phone before the accident and recorded the sound. A female voice with a metal texture sneered. "He Yi, who told you to save me? I was not taken advantage of it at the beginning, we drank too much, together Play it! If it weren't for you, I didn't know how happy I was that night... The children in my stomach didn't know who it was, and they called the bastards. They didn't dare to recognize them. My parents must ask me. Say it, or kill me, what can I do... The people I know are the stupidest and the richest, I don’t want to find you. The surveillance video that you helped me back to the hotel room that night is the best. Evidence... Do you hate me? Hahahaha, say you are stupid, you still don't admit it! Your mother must leave me to my stomach for four months, so that I can check the DNA later, so that your innocence is proof, your dad is convincing your mother. Let me have abortion, and gave me a million to let our family move away, don't be found by your mother... He knows that you are not strong. I am, but he just wants you to be ruined... Your own dad wants to You are dead, you are still running, I am the culprit, He Yi, you are so pitiful. ... "The conversation ended here, and then there was an earth-shattering crash. He Yi couldn't stand the excitement. When he lost his mind, he stepped on the throttle and slammed into the pier. He couldn't easily find Li Jiaer's contact information. He wanted to provoke her to tell the truth and record it, and then hand it over to her father who was disappointed. But the father always knew that he was innocent...

Xiao Jiashu copied the recordings and listened to the night without sleep. The tears dried up quickly. He doesn't understand why some people can be bad to that level, they can start to help their own good-hearted people, and even ruin their own blood.

When He Yi’s relatives came to the United States to handle the funeral, he secretly sent the recording to his mother. It was thought that this would make friends look good, and what kind of mother would have a heart. I was sick, fainted, and I was sent when I was still awake. Into a nursing home, said that he had depression. Since then, the mother has disappeared, leaving only He Yi's grave to remain alone in the land of a foreign country, and even failed to move back to the motherland to return to the roots.

In a few years, Xiao Jiashu heard from his mother's network that his father immigrated to Australia. He had a family there, and his second son was only a few months younger than He Yi...

The more you know, the more unwilling Xiao Jiashu is. In the past few years, he always wanted to find Li Jiaer and let her pay for the things of the year. Seeing that she used the identity of the victim to gain the sympathy of the people around her; seeing her portray herself as a strong, optimistic, positive and new-age woman, he felt very sick and angry.

However, his education did not allow him to retaliate against women with radical means, so he only blocked Li Jia's future and did no further action. At the same time, he did not want to turn over the unfortunate past, let the dead friends be judged by outsiders. He had a clear conscience before his death and should have eternal peace after his death.

This is the end of the story... So far... a rock is finally over, replaced by a soothing drum, and Xiao Jiashu is depressed and slowly stands up. But he just took a step, the screaming male singer began to sing, the lyrics were both vicissitudes and sad, and instantly evoked a lot of memories, both good and bad, but the bad faded, leaving only good forever. Collected in my heart. The two little boys go to school together hand in hand; hiding in the tall tree, you can imagine the future with one sentence; the tall boy rides a bicycle with a short boy every day, and when he accidentally wrestles, he will put The little boy embraced his arms and gently touched the black hair behind his head... They were not brothers, but they were better than brothers.

The male singer is still singing, and Xiao Jiashu can't stand even. He huddled in the corner, his head buried in his knees, crying like a child, crying can't stop...


Fang Kun found that Ji Yan had been frowning and his face was very unsightly. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is it a headache? I asked the doctor to see it?”

"No, no." Ji Yan waved his hand and denied it.

Ten minutes later, Ji Yan began to press his temples frequently, and finally couldn’t help but say, "Look at the stairwell, I seem to hear..." But he only said half of it and then fell on the pillow, and then Can't check the ground and breathe a sigh of relief."What did you hear?" Fang Kun looked around and inexplicably said, "The ward is very quiet, should you not ring your ears?"

"It should be tinnitus, but it's good now." Ji Yan waved his hands tiredly, and he didn't know what to expect. His expression became ugly.

At the same time, Xiu Yu, who came later, pushed the door of the stairwell and said, "It’s really a small tree. How do you cry like this?"

"Repair, repair uncle, hehe..." Xiao Jiashu didn't want to cry any more, but he couldn't control himself. He spoke while talking and tearing his face.

Shuu Yu was shocked, and quickly took out the paper towel to wipe the face, Shen Sheng, "What happened? Said to repair the uncle to help you solve."

"No, nothing, I just listened to the song and cried." Xiao Jiashu quickly took off the headphones and wiped his face indiscriminately. He is now embarrassed and ashamed, and he can’t wait to dig a hole in it.

"What song is so tearful?" Xiu Yu was originally unbelievable. He picked up the headphones and couldn't help but laugh. "It turned out to be this song, no wonder." As one of the "also crying listeners", the slenderness is really It’s hard to say anything, but you can only bring the tragic boy into the public restroom to take care of it.

"It’s so big, I still hide in the stairwell and cry. Fortunately, let me see it, otherwise others have to laugh. The little tree, when you are young with your mother, it’s really like your mother’s face. Calm, but often hide and cry in the back, sometimes it is the roof, sometimes in the car, I found out that I still refused to admit..." Reminiscent of the past, Shuu Chang Yu smiled low, but his eyes were full of sourness.

"My mom also loves to cry?" Xiao Jiashu paused, and then quickly changed his mouth. "No, why should I use the word, I don't want to cry. I am a special case today."

"Well, you don't love crying. You are really like your mother, and you are more hard."

Xiao Jiashu, "..."

After washing her face, her eyes were still red and swollen. Xiao Jiashu had to wear a pair of sunglasses to wear it. This was followed by Xiu Changyu to visit Ji Ji. There were a few visitors in the ward, all of them were big emperors at the film and after the movie, and they were talking about the atmosphere and music. When they saw the slenderness, they quickly stood up and said hello. The attitude was very warm. Xiao Jiashu's nephews were crying and dumb, and their emotions were very low. So they didn't want to talk, they didn't want to socialize. They went to the bed and nodded silently.

"You are coming, sit." Ji Yan decided to look at him.

"Yeah." Xiao Jiashu sat down on the bed, opened the cool dog, and looped the song. This kind of behavior is almost self-abuse, which makes him hurt and regret, but there is no way to stop. If it is not that he is not cautious in doing things, privately sending the video to his mother will not cause her emotional breakdown. He controlled his facial expression, but he cried like a child. Some things can't be forgotten, and you can't forget...

Ji Yan gently pressed his temples and said with an unprecedented gentle voice, "Want to eat apples? Can I help you cut one?"

Xiao Jiashu looked at him through sunglasses, then waved his hand, and the stiff half of his face made him look cool and awkward. Fang Kun secretly sweared a dead boy.Ji Yan seems to be unable to understand and refuse, and still cut an apple and handed it over. Xiao Jiashu had to take it, and in the process of taking the apple seriously, the grief at the bottom of his heart was unconsciously diluted. He turned off the cool dog, took off the headphones, threw the bare apple core into the trash can, then sat back in place and continued to look at the seasons through the sunglasses. This person seems to have not suffered any serious injuries, just a concussion, this is good.

"What are your plans recently? If you have nothing to do, go back to the company? I was owed to you when I dismissed you last time. I apologize to you." Ji Yan said after a moment of silence.

Why should I apologize to me? I interfered with the normal operation of the studio, and the person who apologized was me. Your eyes are unclear, it is an IQ problem, and it has nothing to do with right or wrong. Thinking this way, Xiao Jiashu shook his head and refused.

Season, "..."

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