How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 10 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Chapter 10

Xiao Jiashu resisted the pain and finished the creamy pumpkin soup. When he returned to the office, he learned that he was fired. Several assistants were helping him pack things up. Seeing the colleague's sneak peek at the gaze, he felt that he was wronged, but he also understood that he was arbitrarily advocating the ban on Li Jiaer's behavior and touched Ji Jin's bottom line. He would make such a reaction without any awkwardness. After all, Guan Yu is his studio. He wants to sign which artist to sign which artist, and there is no room for others to set aside. If he didn't owe him a big man's feelings, this matter may not be able to be done.

Xiao Jiashu did not have any dissatisfaction with Ji Yan. He took the paper box that the assistant handed over and left the company.

"Are you leaving?" The assistant seemed to be very surprised. He tried. "You are not going to the president to help you transfer your position?"

"No, goodbye." Xiao Jiashu shook his head and took the elevator directly to the parking lot on the first floor. This incident was originally that he did not do it right, and where is the good intention to go to the uncle to complain? Stir-fried squid will be fried squid, and then go to find a new job. With an optimistic attitude, Xiao Jiashu returned home and continued to play in the house. But this time he learned, he didn't dare to eat junk food, he only drank white porridge every day, and the mouth ulcers began to heal.

A few days later, Xiao Dingbang looked at the younger brother sitting across the table and suddenly said, "You seem to be bored recently? Do you want to come to work at Xiao?"

"Ah?" Xiao Jiashu was concentrating on licking the chicken legs. Hearing this words, he was not able to return to God, and his stunned look was a bit silly.

"No, Xiaoshu just returned home, let him play first." Xue Yu smiled and refused. When the son just returned to China, she really wanted him to stay in Xiao's work, but after being beaten by the old man and Xiao Qijie, she suddenly figured out - instead of letting her son stay in the cage of Xiaojia, Without freedom and no bones for a lifetime, let him let him fly.

Xiao Dingbang looked at her deeply and immediately stared at his younger brother. "You think so too? Do nothing, play all day?"

"No." Xiao Jiashu did not understand why Big Brother would arrange to enter Shaw. Is Grandpa and Dad not firmly opposed? But he was not stunned by the pie that fell from the sky. He thought about it and explained, "I don't have to go into Shaws to find a job myself. I find other industries interesting."

“Is it?” Xiao Dingbang said first, “Everything is based on your wishes. If you have any thoughts, please let me know.”

Xiao Jiashu was not sure if this was his brother’s temptation for himself, but he still managed it. Xiao Qijie, who is sitting in the main position, is not very airy. "I have been back for a few months. I only know how to play every day. When can I be sensible? When your brother is 18 years old..."

Xue Yu couldn't listen, and chopped the chopsticks on the table, sneer. "When the small tree comes back, I want him to go to work for Xiao. You said that he will take the stock and stay at home honestly. Now he is old. Being honest at home, you are jealous that he is not sensible, only knows to play. Xiao Qijie, I ask you, what do you want?"Xiaofu, "I just said this, how excited are you? This child keeps playing in the room all day to play games, and the rice does not come out to eat. I am afraid that he will ruin his body. I am also concerned about him."

"You care about his fart..." I don't know if it was the menopause. Xue Yu's temper is getting bigger and bigger, and he is quarreling with Xiao Qijie in front of the two children. Xiao Jiashu hurriedly took a few meals and ran back to the second floor room. Xiao Dingbang, as his name suggests, is full of strength. After eating breakfast carefully, he slowly opened his mouth. "There are still ten minutes, and there is noisy. After quarreling, we have to go to the municipal hall to participate in the tender."

Xiaofu, who is blushing and thick, "..."

Xue Yu picked up the napkin and wiped the corner of her mouth. When she looked up, she was already elegant and sorrowful. "I am sorry, Dingbang, Auntie is out of order. I don’t think you eat too much. The tender will not know how long it will take, you can eat again. I don't have to wait for a while. I asked Xiao Li to go to the garage to get the car." She didn't have much opinion about this stepchild, and she didn't have any disgust or abuse. The care and care should be done meticulously, but the stepchildren have already been meticulous. I am sensible, and I can’t get close to her. It’s just a matter of life for twenty years.

"Thank you, Auntie, I have eaten." Xiao Dingbang politely deducted, then said to Xiaofu, "Go." Xiao Qijie stood up in dismay.

The father and son just left the front foot, Xiao Jiashu ran down the stairs, running while wearing a jacket, looking very anxious.

"Where are you going?" Xue Yu chased and asked.

"I have a car accident in the season, I will go and see." His voice has not fallen, and people have already taken a sports car to drive far.


In the VIP ward, there was a circle of gauze wrapped around the head of the season, looking at the phone with a blank expression. Fang Kun came over and took the phone away, blaming. "You are all concussed, what news? Look at the rest. Your repairs have been suppressed, don't worry."

"Little Liu and Xiao Tao? Are they okay?" Ji Yan steadily lay down and closed his eyes.

"They are fine, only a little bruised, they were discharged from the hospital last night." Fang Kun said in his stomach, and saw his tired appearance and stunned. Xiao Liu and Xiao Tao really took the wrong medicine. They even told the traffic police that the nanny car was hit by a flying saucer and the traffic police not only took them to do alcohol testing, urine testing, but also did a mental examination. At the same time, Ji Yan was also affected, and he also had a blood test in the coma, lest he should take poison. Shit flying saucer! This excuse is too much! If you have any problems, be sure to fire the two confused eggs.

Fang Kun was full of depression, but he did not expect the season to suddenly open. "They didn't drink or use drugs. I saw the flying saucer."

“Ah?” Fang Kun said with amazement. “What did I say?”

"You didn't say anything?" Ji Yan opened his eyes and looked unpredictable.

"I said? I didn't say it?" Fang Kun confused, and then screamed, "You must not say anything about the flying saucer. The traffic police investigated the scene, there is no trace of impact, no flying saucer, only babysitter. The brakes of the car. Xiao Liu should be speeding, and the tires slipped down the mountain.” Then, on the UFO, the headline of tomorrow is the spirit of the season.Ji Yan decided to look at him, Shen Sheng, "You help me call a nurse, I have a headache."

"Good." Fang Kun quickly slammed the call button.

Several nurses immediately ran into the ward, one for the quarters to check the bandage on the head, one to measure his blood pressure, his face was red, his expression was both excited and ashamed. They are still the first time in the real world to meet the season movie emperor, I am a hundred times more handsome than the screen! Wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, male hormones are bursting! Ah, faint, faint!

They took out their notebooks and stuttered and signed the signature of the season, and the trembling fingertips leaked the inner turmoil. Ji Yan was very cooperative. He signed both the name and the shadow. He did not show an impatient expression from beginning to end. The hospital's VIP ward is often occupied by a nobleman, with a first-class confidentiality and no fear of leaking news.

As soon as the person left, the seasons showed a relaxed expression, as if he had removed a big stone from his heart.

Fang Kun said, "Your temper is too good. It is obviously a patient, but you have to wait for these nurses. It is also a signature and a photo. It’s no wonder that if you can’t sleep, you can watch a few movies. I will give a repair to the general manager. Phone. He kept watching you last night and left at five in the morning."

"Do not bother him, let him rest well..." Ji Yan did not finish, Fang Kun has already gone out. At the end of the corridor, the ward is left and the door is turned to the stairwell, no more than five meters apart. Fang Kun called in the stairwell, but he could hear his voice in the ward of the ward. Occasionally, one or two sentences, unlike communicating with others, it was more like a narration. He didn't feel strange at first, and when he realized that the soundproofing of the hospital was very strict, his face began to whiten slowly.

It’s really good for Xiu’s to Ji Ge! If it is not the age, I will think that Ji Ge is the son of Xiu. Fang Kun went into the ward while feeling guilty, but he saw the season squatting staring at himself.

"What's wrong? I am not right?" Fang Kun wiped his face.

"You didn't move your lips just now?" asked Ji Yan.

"No. I didn't eat anything, what did my mouth move?" Fang Kun felt inexplicable, and then he was shocked. "Jie Ge, I will let the doctor do a brain check for you later." I suspect that your brain is being Crashed.

Jiuzui mouth pumping. Move, it seems to want to say something, but did not speak. He took off the medical record hanging on the bed and looked seriously.


After all, Ji Wei was his own boss. He had a car accident and Xiao Jiashu had to take a look. But he just met Li Jiaer at the door of the ward. The other hand raised his hand and prepared to knock on the door, holding a bouquet of lilies in one hand.

"It's you!" When she saw Xiao Jiashu, she forgot to knock on the door, and opened her eyes with red eyes. "I heard that you are blocking me, why? I have never seen you before! Mr. Xiao, we can talk about it. Do you think there is a misunderstanding between us."

Xiao Jiashu’s anxious expression was replaced by a gloomy word. “I have nothing to say to you. I only ask you a word, do you remember He Yi?”

"He Yi?" Li Jia's lily in her hand fell to the ground. She looked at Xiao Jiashu with suspicion, and turned around and ran a few seconds later.There was still a lot of swearing words, Xiao Jiashu who wanted to spray, "..." He sighed in his heart, unable to spit out and swallowed, saw the flowers on the ground, could not help but step on his feet and found it coming. The often-used nurse is looking at herself with a weird look, and quickly throws the flowers into the trash can and then hides in the stairwell.

He also wore headphones on his ear, listening to the recently downloaded songs, and the screaming hysterical singer of the rock singer made his backlog of suffocation all over the moment. He slid down the wall and sat on the ground, his mind was full of dark memories...

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