How To Say I Love You

By Casanovanic Bookworm

Chapter 9 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Chapter 9

The boss called, how can Xiao Jiashu not go? As he touched the faint gang, he walked over to the table and bowed his head. "Jie Ge, Kun Ge, eat?"

"Sit down," Ji Yan pointed to the seat opposite him, and then hired the waiter. "Add another black pepper steak, five-point cooked."

"Mr. Good season, do you need anything else?" The waiter asked politely.

Ji Yan took the eye to see Xiao Jiashu, Xiao Jiashu quickly waved his hand, "No, thank you." It is a steak, but also sprinkled black pepper, this time really can't be better! He is through the eyes of the season, the temper, the temper, the generosity, the generosity, and the generosity. All of them are fake. He is a singer. He is used to treating the people around him in his own way and rarely gives them the right to choose. As for the experience of eating twice, he always puts the dishes and never asks what others like to eat.

Xiao Jiashu wants to categorically reject it, but good education does not allow him to do so.

"Hey, who made us Xiao Xiaoye? This face is black." Fang Kun deliberately brought the topic, he thought that Xiao Jiashu was still thinking about Li Jiaer.

Ji Yan is too lazy to say too much nonsense with the other party, open the door to see the mountain, "Where Li Jiaer offended you, you want to block her?"

"How do you know?" Xiao Jiashu was surprised. He still doesn't understand that there is no such thing as "confidential" in the entertainment industry. Just look at the people around you and want to preach it.

This kid can't do it, dare not do it! Fang Kun was born with contempt, but with a smile on his face, he lobbied, "Are you meeting for the first time? Is there any misunderstanding in the middle? Come here, you tell us, there is a misunderstanding that everyone will solve it as soon as possible. Open, don't make such a noise. The so-called people stay in the front line and meet in the future. The entertainment circle is very small, and there are still many opportunities to meet in the future. Don't force people to die."

If the hair is still small, he certainly does not want to mention Li Jiaer, and he has no need to explain to outsiders. Those embarrassing and dirty memories have been completely buried since then. Anyway, Li Jiaer has left, and he finally made the last thing for the small one. Thinking of this, Xiao Jiashu waved. "There is nothing wrong with me. I am her whole. I have never checked the wrong person before I checked it."

Fang Kun, "..." This is so straightforward that people can't pick it up!

Ji Yan put down the knife and fork, looked directly at the youth, the language is warm and the attitude is very tough, "I still talk about it. You hate her so much, there must be a reason."

Really overbearing! Xiao Jiashu grinned in his heart and showed some impatience on his face. Just at this time, the waiter sent a black pepper steak, the taste of salty scent straight into the nasal tube, but he could not eat, making him even more radiant. How can these people be so blind to one or two? Was the woman of Wang Shiqi playing around and rushing to speak for her, really angry! What's even more irritating is that this steak is super delicious, but you can't eat it, you can only watch it!

Xiao Jiashu picked up the knife and fork, cut the steak into squares of even size, and slowly said, "Let's do it, I will tell you a story."

Come here, and there is a story. Fang Kun raised his ears and prepared to collect gossip.

The season is slightly dagger, gentle and courteous, "early listening.""There was a farmer. He had a brother and a younger sister. He was the second child, so he was not very valued by his parents. When his parents died, they left a lot of good fields for their brothers, leaving many dowries for their sisters. When it was his turn to give birth to his family. With little left, he only got a dry land on the mountainside. He didn't feel that his parents were unfair to himself. He only said that this is life, so he accepted it silently. But he is a very intelligent person who used his spare time to learn woodworking. I started to build furniture for the people around me, and slowly accumulated some money. His brother and sister saw him getting better and better, and he was very embarrassed, and he found a beautiful girl..."

Xiao Jiashu’s story is very long. After listening to the beginning, Fang Kun and Ji Wei secretly thought that his and Li Jiaer’s grievances began to compete with the giants. Li Jiaer might have been his brother or sister who came to seduce him. He did not expect him to be seen by him. It is. Well, this reason is plausible, and it is very story-telling. When they listen, they become fascinated.

As a result, Xiao Jiashu turned his head. "The girl was influenced by the farmer's actions, and fell in love with him sincerely, abandoning the former fiance..."

Oh, it seems that it is not a trick for the giants to compete for production. It may be the grudge of the previous generation. Hearing here, Ji Yan and Fang Kun's brows are slightly wrinkled, and the truth of the heart is still in the following story, and I can't help listening more carefully.

Xiao Jiashu used ten minutes to tell how the farmer manages his family business, how to love his wife and children, and how to love his neighbors. This is the way. "On this day, the farmer who has become a well-known Daxiang village passes a piece of farmland and sees a lying next to the field. The frozen snake was very sympathetic, and he took the snake back to his chest. The snake snake woke up not only did not know gratitude, but also bite him, he died. You see, this is a messy person. Next."

"Dangdang!" This is the sound of Fang Kun’s knife and fork falling to the ground.

The season that was preparing to drink water almost squirted out, but fortunately it was held back in time.

The story in front is so wonderful. The farmer hits his brother and sister and regains his own family property. The farmer and the beautiful spy fight each other and fight each other. The husband and wife fight from the poor to the middle peasant into a small noble, high tide. Don't be too good. When you end up, you actually tell us that this story is actually a fictional version of "Farmer and Snake".

Finally, I realized that Fang Kun, who was being played, felt that his hands were a little itchy and wanted to beat people. He picked up the knife and fork and screamed at the youth.

Ji Yan wiped the water stains on the corners of his mouth with a napkin, calmly said, "Xiao assistant, let you be my assistant is too sturdy, you can actually be a screenwriter. Your ability to tell stories is very powerful."

“Really?” Xiao Jiashu did not realize that the other party was sarcastic. Instead, he said, “I still have this potential. People really need to be experienced, otherwise they don’t understand what they are good at, and where is the limit.”

Ji Yan, "..." After a moment of silence, he continued. "You are a farmer, is Li Jiaer a poisonous snake?"

Xiao Jiashu put down his knife and fork and shook his head firmly. "I am not that stupid." The words suggestively raised the chin, meaning: If I don't block her, you are the farmer who was killed.Ji Yan will not easily believe anyone, so he carefully checked Li Jiaer, also met her mother and friends, and spent several months examining the other's conduct. Compared with the young master who is a mystery in the background, he naturally prefers Li Jiaer. However, in the current situation, the young master does not seem to explain his reasons for doing so. Also, how can he understand the mood of the little people who struggled at the bottom, like his son, who is well-dressed and high-spirited. He only knows - whoever can't get used to can let anyone disappear.

If I go on, I will not plead for Li Jiaer, but will hate her. Ji Yan simply interrupted the conversation. "I have eaten well, Xiao assistant also please use it slowly." Put down the knife and fork, take off the napkin, and leave the dagger.

Fang Kun smiled casually and followed it up.

Finally, I don’t have to eat the steak in front of the boss. Xiao Jiashu is a big sigh of relief. He doesn't want to say such a long story, but he has to eat without telling the story... that is still a story. He called for the waiter, whispered, "Give me another creamy pumpkin soup."

"Okay, please wait a moment." The waiter carefully wrote the list.


The top ten female singers of SUPER's new voice gradually found their home, and the champion Li Jiaer was slow to see good news. Even the concerts that gave back to the fans did not attend, which caused a lot of people's attention. Some people speculate that she is definitely doing something big, and maybe the signing of the club is too strong. I have to find a Huangdaojiri to announce that by the way, a signing ceremony will be held to invite the media to attend. With Li Jiaer's current popularity, this is not exaggerating at all.

Seeing all kinds of news about himself, Li Jiaer felt very uncomfortable. She has met with Zhou Nan, the president of Tiantian Entertainment, and talked about the contract. She also auditioned the female No. 1 in "Cold and Cool Prince" and was appreciated by the director because of her superb acting skills.

Before leaving, the director said to her, "You can really come to me with a sigh of relief. We have almost no famous actors in this crew. The funds are very limited. The whole show depends on you. You can see We can't afford even the decent clothes. All the friends of the president are hand-stitched for us. The cosmetics have to be brought by your actors. We don't give them. The makeup artist is not enough. If you have a good makeup technique, You can also take the handle and help the actors to paint."

Li Jiaer listened carefully, and then one by one, the appearance of clever and sensible things is very flattering. The director was very impressed with her. After the audition, she was finalized as the female number one, and she called Zhou Nan and praised her. Zhou Nan was also very satisfied, appropriately relaxed Li Jiaer's contract, and then sent a WeChat to his friend, telling him that things were done.

Ji Yan just let go of his heart, and went to Wuyishan to take a big IP Xian Xia drama the next day. He is now slowly retreating behind the scenes, rarely starring in the protagonist, this time just a guest, a few lines, a few games can be done. After staying in the crew for three days and completing his own play, he took the nanny car back to the city that night and then took the plane back to Kyoto, but he did not expect to encounter strange things on the road."Jie Ge, do you see that the light in the sky is not like a flying saucer?" Life Assistant pointed out the window.

“Where?” Ji Yan leaned over and saw that there was an elliptical light group moving in the sky. At first, the speed was very slow, but the blink of an eye came to the front.

"Not good, it crashed!" The assistant voice just fell, a huge shovel fell from the sky, just hit the nanny in the speeding. The nanny car rushed out of the fence, fell to the hillside, rolled a few laps and stuck in the middle of two big trees. Life assistants and drivers have long lost consciousness in the violent impact. The severely injured cockroaches passed through the blood of the eyeballs, and saw a thin, humanoid creature with a big head slowly approaching itself. It went to the broken window, stretched out the fingertips, and clicked on the forehead of the season, and a sudden sudden pain finally made him completely faint.

The author has something to say: Cautiously reaffirming that I am still there, I have not soared, and I have no soul to wear. I just want to write something different from before. Shuang is still cool, sweet or sweet, but the rhythm may be slower.

By the way, this article only has this little sci-fi component. There is absolutely no alien invasion, and there is no one from the stars. It eliminates the psychological activities of people who can see through and dislike. There is no other golden finger. There is no giants to compete for production, no family grievances, no overbearing president to play with cool, only one old oil that decided to retire is infected by Xiaomeng and re-love the story of acting. Well, there is another tragedy in which Xiaomengxin, who loves acting, is eroded by the entertainment circle and eventually loses his initial heart.

Don't look at the piles of my stalks in the early stage. In fact, they are all abolished. I just introduce the background. The text is not involved at all. The story is very simple, it is to attack and film together, then I secretly love you thought you don't know; I know that you secretly love me but I pretend I don't know if I am going to alienate you; suddenly one day I found out, hey, you don't secretly love me. No, I have a crush on you, don't go, let's talk about love! Is not it simple?

PS: If there is any sister paper on the emotional life requirements of the attack is particularly strict, before the encounter is absolutely not allowed to attack and fall in love, then you can retire, some plots may not match the taste of sister paper, we will revisit the next book .

Thanks to the readers who have supported me until now, what!

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