How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 7 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Chapter 7

Xiao Jiashu stepped into the house with a sullen look and found that his mother had already waited in the living room, and he was looking at it with an iPad.

"Are you coming back? Go back to the room and change clothes. Your dad and your brother are talking in the study room. I told them that you went to the concert with friends." She waved her hand without lifting her head.

"Mom, what are you looking at?" Xiao Jiashu squeezed into the side of Xue Yu and found that she was refreshing the official website of "SUPER New Voice". The home page is a photo of Li Jiaer when he won the championship.

"This year's players are very strong, but I was very optimistic about Li Jiaer at the beginning. She looks sweet, has a good personality, and has a unique voice. She has accumulated a lot of popularity. If there are good works coming out, I will be able to get angry. Let you Su Ayi go to talk to her about the contract, but she seems to be less interested in Ruishui, but it is a pity to contact Fang Kun frequently." Speaking of this, Xue Yu shook his head regretfully, which is very appreciated by Li Jiaer. .

Xiao Jiashu, who was disgusted by the disgusting, was even more angry. "Mom, you know, she may be the high school girl I have been looking for in the past few years. If it is really her, don't sign her. I will not let Guan Yu and Guan Shi sign her."

Xue Yu looked at his son in surprise. "She is the person you are looking for?"

"It may be, but I have to check it out." Xiao Jiashu's face was very gloomy. When he said it, he went upstairs to contact the old classmates. This classmate is a very powerful hacker. He also studied in the United States. After returning to China, he opened a detective agency. As long as he is not a very high-profile person, he can check the other party’s old-fashioned within a few hours through the Internet. .

Xiao Jiashu paid a high fee, and the other party naturally speeded up, but in an hour, all the information of Li Jiaer was lying in his mailbox. Her original name, Wang Shiqi, a native of Kyoto, studied at the High School Attached to the National Taiwan Normal University. Later she was involved in a case and dropped out of school. After that, she began to work outside and began to work outside. The experience of these years is very rich.

Xiao Jiashu has never seen Wang Shiqi in reality. She only saw her photos, but because of the shooting angle, she could not recognize each other at a glance. But he is too familiar with Wang Shiqi's voice, and he is familiar with it. Those people, those things, those chaotic and cruel entanglements have never retreated in his memory. He has always been not the power to suppress people, but this time he wants to make an exception once, and personally cut off the other side's splendid future.

This evening, Xiao Jiashu was insomnia. On the next day, she went to the company with a pair of panda eyes. In the elevator, she encountered Fang Kun and Ji Yan.

"Jie Ge, Kun Ge, good morning." He politely said hello.

"Good morning." Ji Yan smiled, as if the unhappiness last night never existed.

Fang Kun looked up and down and looked at him. He said, "Small tree, did you go out to play all night after we sent you home last night? I don’t mean you, young people don’t know what to do. Moderation, in the future, old and guilty." Fang Kun is not a nameless person, do not need to wait for the ancestors to serve this little temper, mouth poisonous young master, when you are embarrassed, you must avoid grievances.

Xiao Jiashu seriously returned, "Kun Ge, I did not go out to play, I am a little insomnia.""Oh." Fang Kun smiled and did not speak.

Ji Yan went out at the moment the elevator door opened. His temper is warm, but it does not mean that he is good to get along with, and he has to look at people.

Found that the BOSS came, an assistant rushed to the front, "Jie Ge, Miss Li Jiaer has arrived, is in the reception room. The contract is ready, is it now?"

"Go to print, today should be able to finalize, by the way, call the general manager of the training department." Ji Yan took off his suit jacket while walking, the action is elegant and free and easy.

"Okay." The assistant promised to come down and see Xiao Xiao’s young man step by step behind the BOSS. He didn’t have to do anything, and he could not help but show his envious eyes.

Li Jiaer heard the conversation and quickly walked out of the reception room. His expression was very tense, but his smile was sweet. She politely said hello to Ji Wei and Fang Kun. When she saw Xiao Jiashu, she narrowed her neck slightly, as if she was afraid. Xiao Jiashu glanced at her and said faintly. "I saw your photo of no plastic surgery yesterday. It is ugly, but you are even more ugly now."

Li Jiaer, "..."

Ji Yan pushed the door of the office and didn't return to the ground. "Xiao assistant, please go to the president's office to help me send a document."

Xiao Jiashu unconsciously stood up and stood up seriously. "Well, which document is it?" The words squinted into a row of folders.

Ji Yanchong Fang Kun Yang Yang squatted, "Give him the "Super Partner" planning book."

"Super Partner" is a reality TV show that Guanxi Studio is ready to invest in. Guanshi also has artists to participate in the performance, and various matters have been discussed with Xiu Changyu, and there is no need to send a planning book. This shows how annoying Xiao Xiao’s role is. Even a good old man like Ji Yan can’t stand him. He has to find an excuse to send him away.

Fang Kun knew this and immediately handed the planning book to Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Jiashu looked at Li Jiaer, and looked at the planning book, showing his struggle. He wanted to leave a set of words for this woman, but this is the first time he has been assigned a task after entering the company. How can he deny it? In the end, professionalism defeated the soul of revenge, and Xiao Jiashu took the folder with care and assured, "I will go right away."

When he left, Fang Kun explained with a smile. "This is the company's relationship, and it is fun to be here. You don't care about him."

"I was a little scared at the beginning, but both Ji Ge and Kun Ge are here, and it will be better. I should get used to it later." Li Jiaer hugged himself and looked pale. Since the incident, she has had a fear of men, especially afraid of their pursuit and attention.

"This kind of thing doesn't have to be used. If he dares to harass you, you will tell me directly, I will deal with it." Ji Yan sounds mild and his attitude is very strong.

Li Jiaer’s pale cheeks were flushed and grateful. “Thank you, Ji Ge, it’s too much trouble for you recently. The last time you introduced me to me, I, I’m shoved away...” I’m ashamed to bow my head. go with. Ji Yan is so carrying her, but she does not know how to refuse, is personal dissatisfaction?

The season is still gentle, "Why is it pushed? Is there any inconvenience?""It is a bit inconvenient. The movie is closed. Once you enter the group, you can't get out. You have to stay in the mountains for more than two months. You know what Jige has done. I have done all the work these years, not eating. No pain, I am just worried about my mother's illness. If I am not around her, she really can't help. I want to make some money first, help her to raise her body, wait for her to move, where do I go? They took her, filmed her, and took her with the concert..." Li Jiaer said with a smile and laughed happily, and the haze of his eyes dissipated a lot.

I can see that she is very filial and looks forward to the future.

Her experience deeply touched Ji Ji, and Ji Yan did not think that she did not know how to be good, but she liked her. You must know that the drama he introduced is a big production, a big director, and a serious historical drama. If you haven't started shooting, you will definitely broadcast it in CCTV's golden file. I don't think it's a supporting role. The location is also too many people to grab. Li Jiaer’s push for the mother’s play is equivalent to a chance to burst red. The struggles and choices that have been experienced must be very painful.

Family and fame and fortune? Many people say their affection, but in the end they always put fame and fortune in front. It is really not easy for Li Jiaer to be able to do what most people can't do at a young age. Her heart, perseverance, emotional intelligence, and potential are far superior to ordinary people, and good training will surely become a big tool.

Ji Yan appreciates this kind of person, and his attitude is more gentle and calm. "It doesn't matter, push it off and push it off. I will help you find the right opportunity. Your shape is very good, and the acting is also very talented. You can take the amphibious route."

"Thank you, Ji Ge." Li Jiaer was grateful.

During the talk, the assistant sent the contract. Ji Yan was trying to hand it to Li Jiaer, let her take a good look, and she received a call from Xiu Changyu. I don't know what the head said, his expression changed from easy to serious, and from serious to gloomy.

"Why?" he whispered.

"She offended someone who shouldn't offend, Guan Shi and Rui Shui have no place for her. Xiao Yan, seeing that I have saved you, give up her." Xiu Changyu never mentions the previous things, not even It will be a narrow report, this is his first time to take the initiative.

What can Ji Yan say? His respect for Xiu Changyu is not false. After he put down the phone, he did not immediately overthrow the contract. He has to find a way out for Li Jiaer, and she can't let her ruin. Some people think that they can play with the fate of others. It is disgusting to interfere with other people's lives like God.

"Jia, I can't sign you here." He didn't just make excuses to send people away, and then people waited endlessly with full hope, but bluntly told.

"Why, why?" Li Jiaer was stunned.

"Someone wants to block you," said Ji Yan, "Is it from those people who used to?""Impossible!" Li Jiaer quickly retorted, seemingly aware of what, and quickly added, "Their family has immigrated to Australia, the industry has all sold out, it is impossible to come back to me. Ji Ge, can you help me to ask how it is back Is it something? I have not offended anyone, who wants to block me? How can they do this?" She was so angry that she was reluctant to tears.

"I will check it out." Fang Kun was also very surprised and immediately pushed the door out. Guanshi and Ruishui are the largest entertainment companies, and the top three brokers. Together, they block an artist. It’s hard to have a chance to turn around unless a heavyweight like Ji Ji Without the help of the rest, there is the possibility of slow release.

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