How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Chapter 6

Because the strength of the players is very strong, the results of the game are naturally full of suspense. In the last PK, the votes of the two players were very tight, almost equal, but in the end, the female players with weak appearances won the championship. In the past, there will always be people who slammed the organizers after the draft, including black curtains, black-box operations, unspoken rules, etc., but this time they are all happy, and the strength of the championship is too strong, and she can win if she wins.

Ji Yan personally presented the trophy to the other party, and hugged her on the stage, saying something encouraging. The female player has tears in her eyes and nods frequently.

The game ended like this, the audience was slowly dispersing, but the backstage was full of people. The judges, contestants, journalists, and the organizers of the organizers had to stay to celebrate a feast. Xiao Jiashu struggled through the crowd and walked to the championship. She often wanted to talk to her, but she was interrupted. As the protagonist tonight, the female players are all around, there are friends and family members who come to celebrate, as well as journalists and scouts.

Fang Kun leaned on the door of the dressing room and smiled. "I said how I can't find Xiao Xiao's young master. It turned out to be a pick-up girl. He seems to be watching Li Jiaer, and he is going straight to the crowd. He is like that, for a long time. I can't even say a word."

Fang Kun seems to like to appreciate Xiao Jiashu's embarrassment, and I can't wait to grab a handful of melon seeds and watch it slowly.

"Call him back. You know that Li Jiaer's situation, she can't cope with this kind of thing." Ji Yan leaned against the circle chair, and the makeup artist was carefully removing makeup for him.

"Well, I will call him over here." Fang Kun immediately asked the assistant to call someone, seeing the other party arbitrarily refused, and his face was intolerant, and he also had a temper. "These rich second generations are bored. , not doing anything right."

He said this for a reason. When Li Jiaer first entered the finals, Fang Kun saw her potential, invited people out to have a meal, and had a deeper understanding of her. The child was only in his early 20s this year, but he dropped out of school in high school. The reason was that he was bullied by the rich second generation in the school and had to drop out of school to keep him safe. However, this is not the case. The rich second generation has been unwilling to suppress it, causing her parents to lose their jobs. It also forced her to work early to earn money and experience many hardships.

Later, her father couldn't stand this kind of hardship. He ran away from the money at home, and the mother became depressed and became a hospital for a long time. She took care of her mother while working, but she was still not beaten by the cruel reality. The whole person was full of energy, especially optimistic and cheerful. Fortunately, the second generation of immigrants went to Australia, and she has been better in the past few years.

After the meeting, Fang Kun told Li Jiaer about Ji Jia, Ji Xin was touched, and he was able to carry out the contract with Li Jiaer. Although the contract was not finalized, both sides have an intention, so Li Jiaer is also considered to be the default artist of the "Golden Studio", and they naturally need to protect.

Seeing that Xiao Jiashu was not willing to come and go, Fang Kun had to go to the monk himself.

"Are you interested in Li Jiaer?" After closing the door of the dressing room, Fang Kun asked with a smile.

"This is her stage name? What is her name? Where is the family?" Xiao Jiashu asked again and again."Do you check your account?" Fang Kun warned. "She will sign the crown studio in the future. Don't hit her mind. Let's take a girl to go outside and don't mess around in the company."

"I didn't mess around." Xiao Jiashu never expected Fang Kun to think about himself like this, and he was wronged.

"I didn't think so best." The seasoning that finished the makeup stood up and said gently, "Li Jiaer has great potential. I will cultivate her well. I don't want her to be distracted. I like her, but please don't bother. Her normal work and life, this point is not too much?"

"I didn't like her." Xiao Jiashu was so arrogant that he was also disgusted, and his face was invisible.

Ji Yan took a deep look at him and continued. "Although Guan Yu Studio is affiliated with Guanshi, I have 100% control. If you feel that you are not working well here, you can apply to other departments. ""

"No, there is no disappointment." Xiao Jiashu did not want to talk to these people. What did he do wrong? Don't you just want to put a word? Make yourself look like you are doing a good job! He feels that Ji Ji does not seem to be as gentle as the information in the information, but rather has the hegemony of my own.

Just at this time, someone knocked at the door outside, the assistant opened a door and whispered, "Kun Ge, is Li Jiaer."

"Let her come in." Fang Kun immediately put on a smile. "Jiaer, the interview is over? Don't be busy, wait a minute to accompany us for a stay up all night, and talk about the contract by the way."

"Good Kun Ge." Li Jiaer walked to Ji Yan and smiled. "Jie Ge, thank you for giving me the ticket. I never dreamed that I would win the championship!"

"This is what you deserve." Ji Yan smiled and waved. "Go, go eat late at night. These days have worked hard for you."

"It's not hard. This is the best moment in my life, I will never forget it." Li Jiaer followed the two to the parking lot and saw Xiao Jiashu, who was squeezed into the back seat of the nanny car, with curiosity in his eyes, but no Asked rashly. This person is so beautiful, should be a newcomer ready to debut?

Seeing Xiao Xiao, the younger brother who came to the dead skin, Fang Kun’s mouth was slightly pumped, and he said helplessly, “This is the assistant of Ji Ge, Xiao Jiashu.”

Li Jiaer smiled sweetly. "Hello brother!"

"I am twenty years old, how about you?" Xiao Jiashu looked straight ahead without expression.

"...I am twenty-one this year." Li Jiaer's sweet smile solidified for a second.

Xiao Jiashu, "Oh."

I am worried about the old iron! Will you pick up a girl? Don't hurry off the car, don't get in the way! Fang Kun was simply smirked, and looked back at Xiao Xiao’s young master. Even the seasons that are most adept at expression management can't help but frown.

Xiao Jiashu did nothing and continued. "Are you a plastic surgery? Your eyes, nose and mandible are unnatural."

Li Jiaer, "..."

Fang Kun also served Xiao Xiao. I have never seen a chat, but I have never seen it. If I changed to Li Jiaer, I would wave it in the morning.

Li Jiaer secretly luck, then looked at the quarters sitting in the passenger seat, whispered, "Jie Ge, I forgot to tell you before, my face is finished. I don't want to be found by that person, so after dropping out of school Going for surgery..."Season is warm, "It doesn't matter, this kind of thing is very common in the entertainment industry. The appearance of the star is also a commodity, you must pack it properly. You send your previous photo to Fang Kun, so that he can help you do PR in the future. ”

"Okay, thank you Ji Ge, thank you Kun Ge. I don't have any previous photos in my mobile phone. I will find it in the old mobile phone after I go back. If a reporter asks about this, I don't want to hide it, can I? Will it be black? I don't want to lie, just want to be a real one." Li Jiaer nervous.

"All facelifting also said what to be true to yourself, huh." Xiao Jiashu secluded.

Li Jiaer, "..." Who is this person? Neuropathy?

Fang Kun & Ji Yan, "..." Xiao Xiao's young master should not believe in the primary school class - who can be bullied if you like it?

After a while, Ji Yan only picked up the words. "I don't admit that I look at yourself. I won't interfere. The studio will prepare for the public relations, and it will not be afraid of being hacked. It will always be white."

"Yes, it’s a black and white, then it’s a way of becoming famous. If you don’t want to hide it, then it’s generously open. Now fans are very fond of straight stars. If you do it properly, you won’t necessarily get black.” Consolation.

Most of SUPER's new female players are full of tolerance, some are still very obvious, the face is cut more sharp than the awl, and the lower head can break the chest, unless the audience can't see it, but they refused. Admit. At this time, if Li Jiaer stands out honestly, it is equivalent to a clean stream, which is not annoying, but it is very popular. At that time, the public relations department will invite a group of water forces to guide public opinion. Li Jiaer’s image will soon be reversed. By the way, he can also create a person who dares to say that he dares to do it and has a straightforward character.

Fang Kun Yue thinks more and more feasible, secretly write down this matter, and prepare to go back to make people plan.

Li Jiaer was completely relieved. He took out his mobile phone and opened the gallery. He wanted to find a photo that was not cosmetic.

Xiao Jiashu once again said, "Give me a message, add me a WeChat friend." The phone was taken for granted, and the WeChat QR code was already on the screen.

Li Jiaer really served the Xiao assistant, and he came to add friends after he finished. Did he forget to take medicine?

"Where do you have a photo with the girl?" Ji Yan faintly said, "Xiao assistant, where is your family? I will send you back first."

Fang Kunfei quickly glanced at Ji Yan, and his heart secretly smiled: Ji Ge, this is unbearable, can't bear it anymore? Xiao Jiashu is also very powerful, even the good-tempered people of Ji Ge can also provoke.

Xiao Jiashu waved, "I will accompany you to stay up late."

Fang Kun almost let go of the steering wheel in disregard of danger, applauding Xiao Xiao’s thick face, and Ji Wei has already bowed his head and started to play with the mobile phone. After a while, he looked at the screen and read, “Dongtai Road, Dongcheng District, Xinhe Jiayuan.”Hello, what are you doing at my home address? For the first time in his life, Xiao Jiashu, who played rogue, felt extremely battered and frustrated, but could not prevent Fang Kun from driving to the entrance of Xinhe Jiayuan. This is a well-known wealthy area in Kyoto. It is full of villas, security measures are very strict, and foreign vehicles simply cannot enter. Of course, Fang Kun does not want to drive in. He looked back and looked at Xiao Xiao, the dark-faced young master, and urged him, "Get home, go back soon."

The car quietly stopped at the door, the security guard came out, and seemed to want to interrogate, Xiao Jiashu reluctantly opened the door.

Sending away the little ancestor, Fang Kun and Li Jiaer exhaled breathlessly, and Ji Yan slowly loosened his wrinkled eyebrows.

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