How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 5 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Chapter 5

Xiao Jiashu finally got to work, and was preparing to find a coffee shop to spend the lunch break, but was stopped by Fang Kun, saying that Ji Ji asked him to have a meal together. The boss has an appointment, Xiao Jiashu can not agree, went to the destination to look up, his face suddenly changed.

As a movie actor, the seasons are all high-end places with strong privacy and security. This western restaurant is an internationally renowned brand, and the chef of Michelin Michelin personally sits in the town and tastes great. But this is not the point, the focus is on the front, the rare-cooked steak... Before Xiao Jiashu’s house for several months, I ate potato chips, instant noodles, spicy strips and other junk food every day, and there were seven or eight ulcers in my mouth. Drinking water every day is torture, not to mention eating meat. He can already imagine that when these extremely chewy and extremely rough beef enters his mouth, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing against his own broken wounds... it will be a sour feeling.

As a workplace, Xiaomengxin, in front of BOSS, Xiao Jiashu reluctantly suppressed the fear of being dominated by oral ulcers, twitching and cutting a piece of meat into his mouth, and chewing as usual. He thought he was hiding up very well, but in the eyes of Ji Wei and Fang Kun, his expression was like taking poison.

"Steak does not fit the appetite?"

"No, the taste is very good!" Xiao Jiashu quickly waved his hand, then swallowed the unchewed beef, and his eyes and eyebrows were squeezed together.

Season, "..."

Fang Kun smiled and rounded the field. "Drinking? This red wine is very good, can you taste it?"

liqueur? When you drink it into your mouth, it will corrode the ulcer like sulfuric acid, which makes you feel uncomfortable. Xiao Jiashu had tears in his heart, but he smiled on the face. "Okay, thank you Kun."

Fang Kun poured a glass of red wine to Ji Wei and Xiao Xiao, respectively, and was about to talk about the signing of the contract through the tasting of wine tasting, but he saw Xiao Xiao’s expression revealing a sly expression, and then quickly bowed his head.

"How? The wine is not appetizing?" Ji Yan smiled at him.

"No! mouth, feeling, very, praise!" Xiao Xiao, the young master, has been so painful that he said that it is unfavorable. A handsome face is darker than the bottom of the pot.

Season, "..."

Fang Kun laughed, "I like to drink a little more." The words fell to Xiao Xiao’s youngster and poured some wine.

Xiao Jiashu, who is guilty of sin and death, feels that he is just like a year, and the hands of the cups are shaking. He swears that as long as he can walk out of this restaurant alive, he will never eat junk food anymore. When his heart exudes a strong SOS signal, a middle-aged woman in her forties came over. She first greeted Fang Kun and Ji Yan, and then the relatives pinched Xiao Jiashu’s face. Sapling, don't come back to see you Su Aunt?"

"Auntie? Are you eating here too?" Xiao Jiashu almost cried, and quickly stood up and gave the woman a bear hug. He wanted to introduce to everyone here, and he listened to Su Ayi’s strong voice. "Xiao Kun, I borrowed people." You are eating, I have already buried the order."

"Oh, Su Sister, how is this so interesting?" Fang Kun also wants to be polite. The woman has already taken away Xiao Xiao, who is a tall man, leaving only an empty seat and a glass of red wine."Xiao Jiashu even knows Su Rui, the resources are very strong!" Fang Kun said a red wine, Xu Xudao, "It seems that I may not sign him. But this is also good, temper, poor performance, poor management. The expression is still difficult to serve. When this meal comes down, I can dispel the previous thoughts as soon as possible. He is like that, it is easy to think red, it is difficult to be red for a long time, just take part in a reality show, reveal the true character in minutes, then be Black Chengxiang."

Ji Yan did not answer, only gently shake the red wine glass. Eating your favorite steak in your favorite restaurant, drinking your favorite red wine, no one is disturbing is the best state.

"Forget it, in fact, I don't really like to sign an ancestor back. You are too good to bring, and I will not get used to bringing others." Fang Kun cut a piece of cattle into his mouth and suddenly squinted his eyes. "It's delicious, Xiao Jiashu's tongue must be broken."

On the other hand, Xiao Jiashu followed Su Rui into the box and immediately made a painful expression with his eyebrows. "Auntie Su, give me a cup of water and wash my mouth!"

"What's the matter?" Suri quickly picked up the white water on the table.

"I have a sore mouth and just drank a drink." After Xiao Jiashu cleaned the mouth, the tears also came out. It looked like a grievance, and made Surihaha laugh. She used to be Xue Yu’s agent. Later, the two jointly opened a brokerage company. In the past few years, they also planned a female singer drafting event, which opened up the domestically-sounding draft market and made the company stand firm in the entertainment industry. The heel. When talking about the relationship, the two are still close to the sisters. Su Rui is a single person. If he is not married and does not have children, Xue Yu’s son is no different from her son.

She grew up watching Xiao Jiashu. Naturally, she was very concerned about him. She immediately asked the assistant to buy the medicine for the fire. He taught the person a lesson and let him pay attention to his body. Then he began to ask about the work.

"They didn't arrange work for me at all, and I used it as a decoration." Xiao Jiashu was a little wronged, and then licked his mouth and took a creamy mushroom soup. Just now he wanted to order soup, but Ji Yan seemed to be overbearing. He said that he was a treat. In fact, he decided to order the dishes in the morning and did not give him the right to order.

"Then I talked with Xiu Changyu." Su Rui immediately picked up the phone.

"Don't stop," Xiao Jiashu quickly stopped. "I am a new person. They don't trust my ability, so it will be like this. Su Ayi, if you let Shuu Shushu help me out, my colleagues will look down on me more. I will definitely study hard." Work hard, have a job and rush to do it. After a long time, everyone will understand what kind of person I am and will accept me slowly. This is the stage that every newcomer in the workplace has to experience. I can handle it well. ”

Su Rui looked at his face with a sacred sense of mission, and suddenly smiled. "Small sapling, how are you so sweet? Just don't do it in the world, come to me."

"No, Mom said it to Shu Shushu, and can't be untrustworthy. Work is a very serious matter. How can I say that I can change jobs when I change jobs." Xiao Jiashu shook his head and drank soup."Well, our little saplings have grown into towering trees." Su Rui loved his head and touched his head, and said, "You will come to the company to play tomorrow afternoon. SUPER's new finals, the finals, very exciting. ""

“SUPER New Voice Generation” is the trump card program of Ruishui Culture Brokerage Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Su Rui and Xue Yu. The originator of the domestic draft industry has great influence and is held every two years. This time, Ruishui and Guanshi jointly held a joint venture. The event was unprecedented. Once it was broadcast, it broke several ratings and the fire was a mess. Even Xiao Jiashu, a turtle who just returned to China, knows a little about the news of "SUPER new voice."

"Is it in the finals? I haven't seen it in the past few weeks." Xiao Jiashu didn't know that the way he talked was very careful.

Fortunately, Su Rui understands his character and does not think that he said, "The finals are the most exciting. You see, I will give you a VIP, this singer is very good."

"No, I have to work. I am an assistant to Ji Yan, and I can't neglect my duties." Xiao Jiashu refused seriously. As a young and new workplace, he can not fish for two days in three days.

Su Rui Fu, "... Ji Yan also came, he is the judge of the finals."

"Oh, that's almost the same. I don't have to give me a VIP ticket, I will stand on the side of the judges' table. If there is something in the season, I can find me at any time." Xiao Jiashu thought about it carefully, and he agreed.

Su Rui, "..."


On the first day, I spent the night doing nothing. On the afternoon of the next day, Ji Yan really took Xiao Jiashu to the Ruishui headquarters. As a company that has just started in less than a decade, Ruishui's performance has surpassed many established brokerage companies and ranks among the top three in the industry. Its headquarters is located in the city center, and the finals are held in the adjacent gymnasium, which can accommodate 50,000 spectators at a time.

"Jie Ge wants to wear makeup, you sit here waiting, don't run around." Fang Kun said to Xiao Xiao, and the other side is looking left and right, like Liu Wei entered the Grand View Garden.

"Okay." Xiao Jiashu sat on the sofa at the door, and still remembered the big stage that he had just seen in his mind: it was so high, wide and wide. The following is a crowd of people. What would it be like if you sing a song on the station? However, he can only illusion, there is no way to know the answer in this life.

Ji Yan seems to be very tired, and his eyes begin to falter as soon as he closes. The makeup artist's movements became more cautious, and even the breathing slowed down a lot. Half an hour later, the stage was ready, the judges also played grandly, and the players began to perform in singing and dancing.

Xiao Jiashu stood on the stage of the judges and was crowded with a group of photographers. Fang Kun is sitting in the back of the judges' desk, and can make a fuss with Ji Ji a little forward. The players who can reach the finals are very strong, and the performances are also brilliant. The audience frequently screams and applauds, which drives the atmosphere in the field.

Xiao Jiashu was infected by the atmosphere, and he couldn't help loosening the loose tie, and the burning eyes of the calm eyes. He likes this feeling, as if the blood is burning and his mind is bubbling.The last player came on the stage. She was very beautiful. Her temperament seemed to be very weak. However, when she sang, she was extremely explosive. The voice contained metal texture, heavy and cold. She is the most popular winner, and she has a lot of fans before the game is over. Even if she loses the championship, the future is not good.

The audience was more enthusiastic and almost overturned, but Xiao Jiashu stunned and stared at the female player with a straight look. Through this unique voice, he was brought back to a long, unforgettable, unbearable memory.

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