How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Chapter 3

Said to come to the company to see ... In fact, it is really a look, Xiao Jiashu just sat down in a few minutes was sent by the mother, was carried by the secretary on various floors. When passing through the corridor, many people stretched their necks to look at him, and my heart sighed that the boss had dug a newcomer with a potential value of max. This looks, this temperament, a little push can burst red.

After all, Xiao Jiashu is a descendant of Xiao family. He has attended many big scenes. This concern is not a big deal for him. He went without a squint. At the same time, Xue Yu took out a pack of cigarettes and asked, "Put one?"

Xiu Changyu took a good shot and sighed while swallowing clouds. "I thought you had already quit."

"A person who doesn't have a good time can't stop the cigarette." Xue Yu was slightly coveted, so that the smoke would not smudge his own eyes. The slender fingertips sandwiched the cigarette holder, and the gesture was both elegant and melancholic. She has not lived well, and this has won others, but she can’t help but cultivate a long Yu. It’s better to tell me. What's more, they have nothing to say. After a moment of silence, she continued. "I just said that letting you arrange a position for the tree, don't take it seriously. I don't want him to be a nine-to-five office worker."

"What do you mean?" What Changu Yu realized, it is inevitable.

"Yes, I want him to go to the acting." Xue Yu slowly spit out a smog, and the delicate lips were screaming in the fog. "You should help him to arrange a position for him, let him stay in the crew for a while, familiar with familiarity." Process, then help him find a suitable role."

"You are too arrogant? You don't ask Xiaoshu if you want to? He is Xiao's young master, but you let him enter the entertainment circle. Will his father and grandfather get rid of him in anger? The inheritance right? You have endured it for so many years, why bother you!" The slenderness of the sorrowful dissatisfaction.

Xue Yu did not appreciate it. In the face of Xiu Changyu, she is completely different. She is as strong as fire and strong, and this is her original appearance. "I can bear it myself, but I can't bear it for my son. You know how hard he works, how much. Is it good? In the end, his so-called relatives forced him to cover up his own light and make a waste of mediocrity and mixed eating. In these few months, he locked himself in the house and played games every day. I don’t sleep, I don’t want to sleep, I love people who are so smug, but I make myself a ghost. I looked like a heart-breaking pain! In your eyes, he is really rich. I don’t have the money to spend a lifetime, but who knows what he really wants?”

"How do you know that he wants to act? The actor is not saying that you can be a singer. You are more difficult than me in the hardships." Xiu Changyu repeatedly persuaded."My own son, I still don't know. Do you remember? When he was three years old, your company was going to shoot a children's fantasy show, and wanted to find a suitable little actor. I used the script as a bedtime story. Listen to him, he can immediately imitate the plot inside, and learn the tortoise grandfather walking on crutches for a while, even if he has not seen the script, he can feel that he really carries a heavy turtle shell on his back; Hold me crying, say mother, mother, you can't die, feelings are full and true. He just learns what it is like, and he is born to be acting. If I don't want to take him to the crew to audition the news is the maid When I got to the old man, it was definitely my son because of the drama. I sent you a video at that time, even you boast that he inherited my genes, and he told me himself - mother, acting It’s very interesting, I will be a big star like you in the future!” Speaking of here, Xue Yu finally showed a happy expression, but quickly fell to his face. “But the old man looked down on me and even looked down on the small tree. When he heard this, he beat him with a cane and rebuked him for not having a good time. After a long time, he became more and more reticent, never again imitating small animals, little old man, little old lady... no longer Watching TV. When he grew up, even he himself forgot what he was like in his first place. They just killed a child’s innocence in such a way, and now his future must be cut off."

Xue Yu used force to annihilate the cigarette, and said with a red eye, "Long Yu, I am not an arbitrariness, nor is it a cross-interference. I am looking for a way out for my son. You look at him, he is destined to release Splendid, not a family abandon. They want to abolish him, I will save him!"

“Children always have all kinds of dreams. How many of them have actually grown up? Oh, I understand your mood, but you have to choose the right for Xiaoshu.” If you change to someone else, slender Yu had already agreed. Isn't it a newcomer? It is not too easy to rely on the conditions of the small tree. But he can't break the mother-child relationship between the little tree and the tree. If a small tree enters the entertainment circle and is removed from the family, he must not hate death? This kind of unremarkable thing Xiao Xiaozi must do it!

"I know what you are worried about. Don't worry, Xiaoshu is born to me. How do he think that I know best? No one, anything will destroy the mother-child relationship between us." Xue Yu is now a desperate, Xu Xudao, "In this way, you should help him find a suitable role and let him give it a try. If he really doesn't have that cell, he is not interested in filming. I will come up with something else."

The slender man took a moment to take a moment and nodded. "Let's do it."

"That little tree will ask you to take care of it." Xue Yu Chang breathed a sigh of relief.

"He is your son, that is, I... scorpion, of course, I will take good care of him." Xiu Chang, a little thought, continued, "This way, I asked him to give Ji Ji as a assistant for a while, find the right book and let He is on.""Ji Yan?" Xue Yu is no stranger to the Grand Slam movie empire. The temper is gentle and the means are harmonious. It is a good way to get along, and he agrees. "Yes, under the hands of Ji Ji, you can open up your eyes. Listen. Said that he is ready to take pictures?"

"It’s not a bit of a shadow, but it’s not a good show in the future. You know, he is also a major shareholder of Guanshi. There are still a lot of investments outside. They are big businesses that make money. My temple is a bit small, I can’t afford this. Respect Buddha. If I had saved him back to China in the past, he would not stay in the world for so many years. He is a person who is empathetic and wise, and he can rest assured that he will give him the small tree." Yu picked up the phone and said, "I will call him up, do you talk to him?"

"No, let Xiaoshu handle these relationships by himself. I can pave the way for him and even choose the road for him, but I will not teach him how to walk." Xue Yu put away the metal cigarette case, put on sunglasses, waved go away. Xiu Changyu sent her to the underground parking lot and watched her car go far, and then returned to the office.

Xiao Jiashu strolled around the company. I heard that my mother left me and left, and she was not happy. He walked into the elevator with a slap in the face and found someone inside, glanced subconsciously, and faintly removed his gaze, but his heart whispered, "Rely, it looks even more handsome than me!"

Xiao Xiao’s young seldom met someone who was handsomer than himself. His heart was even more uncomfortable. He moved a little farther. When he put his hands into his trouser pocket, he leaned against the wall and looked awkward. The man who was dismissed by him also gave him a look and then smiled. He is half a head taller than the 183-cm Xiao Xiao, and his height is above 190 cm. His eyes are deep, his eyebrows are long, his nose is high, his temperament is even more outstanding, and his expensive and elegant black suit wraps him upright. The strong body has brought a sense of oppression. He stood on the side of a young man, his appearance was ordinary, his body was ordinary, but his eyes were particularly bright, and he looked like a ghost.

There are only three people in the elevator, and the space is still very large. Xiao Jiashu feels that it is extremely embarrassing, and the emotions that are not happy are all written on the face. The young man glanced at him and then sent a WeChat to the man next to him: "Which is this?" The dark circles and the small body, the girls do not know how to control, the kidneys are very bad!" If it is not a small family The son does not dare to take this attitude toward Ji Yan.

The season glanced at the phone and didn't reply. When the elevator door opened, he stepped back and reached out and made a gesture of "you please first". He grew up in England and the gentleman's demeanor was almost carved into his bones.

Xiao Jiashu was so comfortable, and he took the elevator slightly. This person is not only handsome, but also very graceful.

Xiu Changyu saw the three people who walked into the office one after the other, and the expression was a little surprised. "You met? Just, I will introduce the introduction. Xiaoshu, this is Jiyu, you will give him an assistant in the future. He is the crown. Shiyi Ge, the only grand slam movie actor in China, can learn a lot from him. This is his agent Fang Kun, the leading gold medal agent in China, with rich resources. Ji Wei, Fang Kun, this is Xiao Jiashu, The son of my best friend, who studied abroad a few years ago, has just returned, and you are bothered to bring a belt."Hey? It turned out to be my boss? Xiao Jiashu's face was a little stiff, swiftly swept the other side, then nodded. He doesn't care if his position is high or low, as long as there is something to do. When he has accumulated enough experience, he has a deeper understanding of the entertainment industry, and then slowly climbs up. He has never been a tall, far-reaching person, and he is not a rich family who can't afford to suffer.

Ji Yan smiled and daggered. "You can rest assured that you can take care of Jiashu." The young man reached out and said gently. "If something happens in the future, if you don't have time, look for a small party. Don't be afraid of trouble."

"Thank you, I would like to ask Ji Ge and Kun Ge to take care of it in the future." Xiao Jiashu quickly shook hands with him, and he was very reserved on the face, but his heart secretly admired: It turned out that he is a Grand Slam movie actor, no wonder the gas field is so strong! Xiao Jiashu went abroad very early, never looked at domestic film and television dramas, and naturally did not know Ji Ji.

After the two sides met, they ate together again. Seeing that Shuu Changyu took the person away, the ardent attitude was like taking his own child. Ji Kun, the agent of Ji Ji, wondered, "Which person is coming, it will not Is it a slender illegitimate child?"

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