How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Chapter 2

The atmosphere at dinner was awkward. As a grandson who just returned to China, Xiao Jiashu, who was supposed to be the most watched and eye-catching, was ignored by the old man. The rest of his grandchildren gathered around him to sell and talk. The two uncles and father talked about the business topic, and the two whispers, ignoring Xue Yu. In front of the old man, they will not show their disdain for Xue Yu, but they will not hide their indifference. After all, they are all famous, and Xue Yu is not a person in the world.

Both the mother and the child are obviously used to such treatment, and they only eat quietly and quietly, and have never revealed any strangeness. Three hours later, a family of four finally got on the returning car, seeing that the old house disappeared into the green shade. Xue Yan was relieved with a trace of relief. Xiao Jiashu was like a cat, and his belly was soft and soft on the back of the chair. A pair of long-legged committee members succumbed to the cracks.

Xiaofu stared at his jeans full of holes, accusing him. "What are you wearing? I have not given you enough living expenses? I can't afford even a decent clothes. I don't want to wear such a broken thing in the future." Child, it hurts me!"

Not waiting for Xiao Jiashu to refute, Xue Yu will first blow up. "What do you know? This is the new style of ACNE STUDIO this year. Jonny Johansson personally participated in the design of the main product. The small tree puts on the legs and looks long and straight. The model is handsome, where is it ugly? You are so orthodox with your dad, why not wear a robes? Daqing has already died, you wake up old antiques! So, if you are not satisfied, I will not call you a name in the future. Directly call you Kaijie Agecheng? Or call you Wang Ye? You are really shameless!"

Xiao Jiashu had no expression, but he quietly gave his mother a compliment. He said that he was very handsome wearing this pair of jeans, and there was no problem at all.

Xiaofu was so angry that he could hold his chest. "You are horizontally in front of me. Why didn't you see you refuting Dad? I am not here for a small tree? Dad likes to behave well, Xiaoshu can't understand and understand him." Old man, let him look a little more comfortable?"

"Like a ruler? Don't be funny Xiao Qijie! He is purely looking at the small tree is not pleasing to the eye! No matter what the little tree wears, what to say, what to do, he can pick out countless shortcomings. The small tree is just wearing a broken Hole jeans, revealing a kneecap, your two good nieces have exposed most of their chests, one can not even cover the side of the trousers, how can you not see the old man speaking? They wear fashion, fashion, the tree wears into a broken It’s not so bullying!”

"Are you saying enough? I find that you are more and more fond of swearing around..."

"Not enough! I am going to talk to you about it today, your family is too much..."

Parents, you are quarreling with one sentence, and you have a headache. He advised that no one listened for a while, had to stop the driver and got off the bus. Xiao Dingbang’s car fell behind him. After he passed the speed, he did not stop, and eventually he went away.Xiao Jiashu stood in the spot for a few minutes. I don’t know if it’s a little more relaxed or a little more. He thought that he was able to get the approval of his father and grandfather when he was admitted to Wharton. But he didn't. He thought that he could get their approval if he returned to the country, but he didn't. As the mother said, no matter what he says or does, it is useless, and some people will never be able to please.

What do you insist on? Xiao Jiashu felt that he was wronged and unruly. He walked aimlessly for a while, saw a modeling studio, and his eyes turned and went in.

"Dyeing hair, grandma ash, green onion, sallow yellow, what is the non-mainstream dye for me." He thought and added, "Right, give me a tattoo and tie a hole."

Green onion, yellowish? Are you sure you are not coming to our signboard? The stylist secretly vomited in the heart, but smiled and promised. Non-mainstream is not mainstream, but it must not be ugly! For the sake of his own sign, the stylist carefully looked at the young man and then blushed. This customer is also looking too good to see it? It’s not the present. The popular flower beauty is not a tough guy, but the combination of the two. The five senses are both delicate and cool. They look very aggressive, the nose is high and the lips are Thin and red, a pair of peach eyes slightly pick, can easily scream!

It is not ugly to dye the rainbow color with this magnificent beauty! The stylist said with confidence. "Then I will help you with the gradient, the roots are black, slowly turning into gray. Your hair is very good, very smooth, and the length is enough. When you pick up your hair, You can see the color transition and transition, very beautiful." While speaking, take out the iPad to let customers see the effect.

Xiao Jiashu stared at the video and watched it for a while, making a clue. "Just this color." Enough is enough to dazzle, the important thing is that the father can't accept it.

The stylist seemed very happy, and when he was debugging the dye, he also cheerfully picked up the song. He likes all the beautiful things, preferring to make them more beautiful.

Four hours later, the renewed Xiao Jiashu walked out of the styling studio with a gradient on his head and an obsidian on his ear, but there was no tattoo on his body. He was afraid of pain. The stylist just took out the tools and he smashed it. He couldn’t wait to swipe the card to pay the bill and fled. When she got home, Xue Yu was applying a mask and saw her son's new look. The mask paper fell on the floor.

"Dad?" Xiao Jia's face is very calm, but there is a lot of cold sweat in his palm. He grew up from a young age to a big one, and it was the first time to make a rebellious thing.

"How did you get this?" Xue Yu asked incredulously.

"Like it." Xiao Jiashu confuses her hair and lets her mother take a good look at her cool hair color. It looks like a relaxed way. "Is it not good?"

"Good-looking is good-looking, it is a little painful." Xue Yu helplessly help.

"Dyeing hair is not painful, I am not allergic to dyes." Xiao Jiashu changed the slippers and took a new mask paper from the refrigerator.

"I mean, when your father beats you with a stick, it may hurt. Son, you can go back to the house and hide." Xue Yu took the mask paper and pity.

Xiao Jiashu: "..."Xiao Jiashu, who had been hiding in the room for a day and a night, was still beaten. If Xiao Dingbang suddenly ran back and talked with Xiaofu about the acquisition of the company, his ass and calves could not be saved. But he still withstood tremendous pressure and did not dye his hair back and forth. When Xiaofu’s temperament passed, he did not force his son again. He just sighed as soon as he saw him, as if he saw a rising star in the world.

Xiao Jiashu has no friends in China. He usually does not smoke or drink, nor does he gamble. Bo, but he doesn't like to drive. The only hobby is playing games. Just give him a high-profile computer plus a network cable, and then prepare enough food, he can stay home for several months. Therefore, Xiaofu’s fears are completely redundant.

However, Xue Yu could not stand the decadence of his son. She knows that if she goes on like this, her son will get rid of it sooner or later, including her spirit and body. He lived without a little pursuit, and there was no goal. Just like walking dead, this is the most terrible. Thinking over and over again, she pulled out her son's cable, and took him to take a shower and put on clean clothes, which led him to go out.

"Guan Shi Entertainment? Mom, why are you bringing me here?" Xiao Jiashu looked up at the signboard on the skyscraper and wondered. In just a few months, he lost a large circle, with a thick black and black under his eyes, which looked unhealthy.

"Take you to work." Xue Yu walked into the elevator and smashed the keys on the top floor. When he closed the door, he said, "I have the shares of Guanshi Entertainment. I will pass your name in the future. You are also the major shareholder of Guanshi Entertainment. I have to come to my own company to see."

"Mom, are you still involved with the entertainment industry? If Dad knows..." Xiao Jiashu worried about her mother and completely forgot to ask her to go to work.

"He knows what's going on? It's a big deal. He won't let you into Shaw, I can't watch you abolish it? You are a high school student at Wharton. Can you graduate only to play games? You are Not afraid to be caught by your father and grandfather after entering the entertainment circle? If you are afraid, I will take you back."

"What are I afraid of? Anyway, they don't care about me." Xiao Jiashu was a little guilty in his heart, but his face was very calm, as if he was fearless.

They all said that "the Zhizi Mo Ruomu", with Xue Yu's understanding of his son, naturally knows how to force him out of the cage that his father and grandfather built for him. She sacrificed for half a lifetime for Xiao Qijie. Since then, she has been depressed and reconciled, and she never wants her son to repeat his mistakes. What about the regeneration of the father? Can you still eat their mother and son?

In a cranky way, the elevator door opened, and a middle-aged man in his forties came across the face with a pleasant smile on his face. He is very tall and looks handsome and beautiful. The contempt and evil spirits between the eyebrows not only fail to detract from his temperament, but make him more attractive. He hugged Xue Yu, and quickly let go, sighed, "Hey, I thought you would never come back again. How have you been recently?"

"That's like that." Xue Yu didn't want to make up some fairy tales to swindle his friends. He also paralyzed himself. He smiled and shook his head, then said to his son, "Small tree, this is your uncle, you are quick."Xiu Changyu, the helm of Guanshi Entertainment, is also the character of the entertainment circle. The mother signed him in the same year, and he was praised by him. The two were once the relationship between the boss and the subordinates. In the long-term cooperation, they became friends who had nothing to say. However, since the mother married Xiaojia, she broke away from the friends in the entertainment circle. Therefore, Xiao Jiashu was very strange to the uncle, but it did not prevent him from recognizing this handsome face of business and entertainment magazines.

"Uncle Shu is good." Xiao Jiashu nodded and bent.

He inherited the exquisite appearance of Xue Yu, but it is not like Xiao Qijie. Xue Yu’s first play in the same year was to smash the leading actor, and to show off a chic knight in the body of her daughter, and she has been popular with thousands of girls. Her female fans are much more than male fans, and Xiao Jiashu, who is like her seven or eight points, has been improved in her inheritance, and her appearance has been upgraded to a higher level.

Xiu Changyu suddenly fell in love with this spiritual sapling, not to mention his son.

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