How To Say I Love You

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

Xiao Jiashu just returned to China, and now he is sitting in his living room. Several servants are hiding in the stairwell and pointing at him. You don’t have to guess and know what to say. It’s nothing more than “Why are you coming back? It’s not good abroad. If you come back, you will only fight with the big and the young, and you have to make a lot of things."

Yes? Why are you coming back? Xiao Jiashu also asked himself, and then slammed his lips. The wanderer always has to return home, here is his home, why can't he come back?

The upstairs quarrel is still going on, it is his father and mother. After a few years, my father was a lot older, his hair was white, his voice became hoarse; his mother was still the same, smooth skin, delicate eyebrows, gentle temperament, and the years never left on her. trace. Right now, she is angry and geologically asked, "Why can't I arrange a position for Xiaoshu? The juniors of the second and third rooms can enter Xiao's position without a graduation. Why can't they be a small tree? Is he a high school student at Wharton? Can't you compare with his cousins ​​who graduated from college or even dropped out of school?"

Xiaofu reluctantly said, "This is not a question of academic qualifications. Dad does not agree. No one can casually enter Shaw. Dad promised to give Xiaoshu a 5% stake. Isn't this enough? He doesn't have to do anything, every year. It’s a lifetime to take the shares comfortably.”

Hearing here, Xiao Jiashu’s straight lips were slightly trembling. He does not lack that share of shares, and he does not want to do anything for a lifetime. In his opinion, it is not comfortable, but rather mediocrity. He is a descendant of Xiao family. Why can't he contribute to the family?

Xiaomu is almost crazy, feeling that she can't communicate with her husband anyway, and she can't help but scream. "Isn't 5% of the shares a small tree? Your father gave the second and third rooms a few days ago. % of the shares, that is the case of the descendants of Xiao family, must give, why go to Xiaoshu here is a special grace? He is not your son, not your father's grandson? He is my The wild species that others have born? Xiao Qijie, you can't be so eccentric, you can only see the state in your eyes, don't take the small tree seriously! He studies hard so hard, just to help you after graduation, help him. Big Brother. He is a good boy, you can't do this to him!"

"Well, what are you talking about! He is my son, of course I will take care of him. Is it eccentric to not enter Shaw? He has 5% of the shares without doing anything, and who is not envious when you say it? You don't think I don't know what you are thinking, you want to borrow him to fight for a family property, you are entirely for yourself! When we first got married, we signed a pre-marriage property agreement. You said that you would not be greedy for Xiaojia’s penny. Have you forgotten it? If you are not willing to talk to your dad, don’t be fooled here!”Xiaomu was out of anger and screamed. "Xiao Qijie, you bastard! I did sign a pre-marital property agreement. I married you not for your money. This is true. But I am me, the little tree is a small tree. I can't leave you Xiaojia, but Xiaoshu is your son. He deserves to get his own things! You can't leave anything if you can't throw him abroad. He is a part of this family!" The cries of the cicada came, and there was a deep sorrow and helplessness.

Xiao Jiashu has no expression at all, sitting on the sofa like a statue. The father is married, and there is a wife before the mother, who died of stomach cancer. The two men met half a year after the ex-wife’s death. There is no marital derailment, and there is no small three. But because of the mother’s special occupation, others How can she refuse to believe her innocence, always think that she deliberately seduce her father, and then by the power of the Xiao family. Xiao’s true power, Xiao Laozi, was deeply misunderstood by his mother, and he was extremely fond of the long-term grandson of the original match, so he was extremely squeezing the mother and son.

Xiao Jiashu thought that he had graduated from Wharton and graduated with honors. The grandfather would change himself, but now it seems to be a delusion. Xiao’s temperament is very stubborn. If he likes a person, he can’t wait to be heartbroken. It’s too superfluous to hate a person. Xiao Jiashu’s half-brother Xiao Dingbang is the one who is favored, and he himself is superfluous.

The upstairs quarrel came to an end, only the mother's vaguely crying came; the father's temperament also disappeared, and the voice became much slower and seemed to apologize. As the eldest son of Xiao's family, he should have set off the task of standing on the top of the portal, but his ability to be helpless is limited, and he is indecisive and insignificant. The old man has crossed his choice of long-term Xiao Dingbang to inherit his family business. Today's Xiao family has the final say, and others have no right to speak. The old man refused to let Xiao Jiashu enter Xiao's, one would not see his origin, and the other would be afraid of the brothers smashing the wall.

Xiao Dingbang’s attitude towards the mother and the child was not very hot. He saw that he had no choice but to help Xiao Jiashu. So the previous question came again, why did you want to go back to China? Why would you give up your favorite profession and change to business administration? Is the sweat and effort that I have paid so in vain? Xiao Jiashu slowly leaned his head on the back of the chair, and his expression could not be said.

Just at this time, Xiao Dingbang came in with a briefcase. Before that, he immediately greeted the two less hot and cold servants. One helped take the bag, one helped take off the coat, and one took out a pair of slippers from the shoe. Respectfully placed at the feet of the big and the young, no one knows better than them who is the real master of Xiao.

"Big Brother, you are back." Xiao Jiashu immediately stood up and his mouth turned upside down unconsciously. He is still very respectful to this big brother. He has the ability and strength to expand Xiao's industry more than twice in his first few years. No one is more suitable for him as the helm of the Xiao Pharmaceutical Group. He is a natural leader. Xiao Jiashu never thought about what he would like to compete with his big brother. He just wanted Grandpa and Dad to be proud of himself, and he also wanted to worry about his big brother. What is the ancient saying? Oh, yes, let the brothers work together to break the gold.But Xiao Dingbang doesn't seem to think so. He first groaned, then he gave a cold look and heard the cry from the building, and his eyebrows wrinkled. But he did not say anything. He did not express the welcome of his brother's return to the country, nor did he care about the quarrel between his parents. He turned to the second floor.

Looking at his tall and straight background disappeared into the corner of the stairs, Xiao Jiashu slightly dizzy eyelids dim down. The servants standing in the corner hang their heads, but they exchanged a contemptuous look at the eyes. The third is Xiaosan, and the illegitimate child is an illegitimate child. Even if he enters the room, he can't ask for it. Xiao Jia also understands that as long as Xiao Laozi and Da Shao are not loose, the second will never be able to get out.

Feeling that this is full of oppressive crowding, Xiao Jiashu is very upset. For a moment, he really wants to buy a ticket back to the US immediately, never come back again, but thinks that the mother upstairs is hard to bear. . What should I do if I am leaving my mother? Her relationship with her father seems to be getting worse and worse. My father’s suspicion of no reason is like a sharp knife. She cut her mother and bruises, and she could have lived better...

Once again, Xiao Jiashu feels sorry for his weakness. He can't do anything, and he can't help his mother. In frustration, Xiaomu red eyes narrowed down, but her face was elegant and gentle, as if nothing had happened. "Small tree, go take a shower, change a suit, and later Go to the old house to accompany your grandfather to eat."

Even if he knew that he could not enter Xiao's decision as a grandfather, Xiao Jiashu could not produce the mentality of resistance. If he reveals a little bit of dissatisfaction, Grandpa will be furious and then angered his mother, and in the face of his uncle, he will use his most mean words to swear by his mother. He didn't look at the play and thought they were the next thing.

Xiao Jiashu is full of resistance, but he still stands up. "Well, I will go right away."

Xue Yu touched his son's head, his smile was gentle, but his eyes flashed through his eyes. She didn't know whether it was right or wrong to send her son to go abroad. Is it right or wrong to encourage him to change his business administration? Is it right or wrong to marry Xiao Qijie? But she knew that she had done the most correct thing, and that was to bring her son to this world. He is her best gift, the warmest comfort.

A family of four quickly packed up and went to the old house. Xiao Xiaozi sat in the main position surrounded by his sons and grandsons. He was laughing loudly and saw Xiao Jiashu entering the door. His face immediately cooled down. "What are you wearing? What is the ruined body!" The crutches pointed to the grandson's pants.

Xiao Jiashu looked down at his ripped jeans and his face was full of question marks. This is the new model of ACNE STUDIO this year. It is very cool and cool to wear. It seems that your legs are longer and straighter. If you don’t be too handsome with white T, how can it become broken? He was trying to explain a few words with his grandfather, and he heard the calm voice of his older brother. "Grandpa, I have several questions to discuss with Sun Micro Pharmaceuticals."

Xiao’s face immediately eased down, and he said, “Go, go to the study room. Hong Ying, let the chef start cooking.”"Hey, I will let them get it." Hong Ying smiled and promised. She is the wife of Xiao Lao Er. She is a proud family, and she is smart and capable. She is very important to the grandfather, and her family affairs are almost completely handed over to her. It is a pity that the sons she gave birth to did not live up to expectations, and the ability was inferior to that of Xiao Dingbang. Otherwise, the house of the Xiao family was not sure. She especially hated Xiao Dingbang, but she couldn't get rid of each other. She had to take Xiao Jiashu's mother and son out of her breath. She always spoke with a thorn and went to the most painful place.

Xiao Jiashu doesn't like the two uncles, but if he doesn't come to the old house, he will be reprimanded by his grandfather for no rules, no filial piety, an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf, etc., so he has to come. Xiao Jiazhi to him, to his mother, is a huge cage...

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