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Love what you say is a very good urban novel, reprinted by the Gege Party (, and has been updated to the latest chapter 137, the copyright belongs to the original author.
Literary version of the copy: Some people hate at first sight, the more they get along, the more they like it.
    Some people loved at first, but the more they understand, the more helpless they are.
    Popular version of the copy: Xiao Shaoye has a strong background and awkwardness; Xiao Shaoye has a bad relationship and mouth poison; Xiao Shaoye blocks artists and plays big cards; Xiao Shaoye is covered with black spots. The great master of the season who had occasionally got special abilities was found in the bit by bit - Xiao Shaoye seems to be the most lovely person in the world.
    Simple version of the copy: attack and film together, then I secretly love you thought you do not know; I know that you secretly love me but I pretend not to know that I am also prepared to alienate you; suddenly one day found, hey, you do not secretly love me, no I have a crush on you, don't go, let's talk about love!
    Mine clearance:
    1, the main subject, 1V1.
    2, the current day is more, into the V double.
    3, open pit time on November 19, 9:30 in the morning.
    4, the roles are adults, CN control carefully.
    5, no third party to insert.
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