I’m The King Qiang Shou No.1

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The story is about a guy who was an expert fighting in close combat. After earning an enormous amount of money to live freely, he retires from the underground fighting club but because he ended up making many enemies, he ended up dying after he was betrayed by his boss. As a result he swears not be betrayed again…

After dying, he regains consciousness but this time in the body of a young 18 year old boy which also has the same name. This young boy was beaten to death as he tried to save a random girl…

The heavens gave me a second opportunity so I’m not going to let it happen a second time, I will not be betrayed again. This new life, I will use my iron blood as a sharp blade and I will defend myself and the important people to me. This is my world, in this world — I’m the King.


  • Male Protagonist
  • Transmigration
  • Betrayal
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