Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor North Night

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Formerly known as "The Most Reincarnation of the Emperor", her spiritual root was dug, and she was determined to be the demon demon! When she returned to her youth, she turned her arrogance and changed her life. The people who bullied her in the past lives will return it a hundred times! Self-repair blood, recast the best root! Run out of the rogues, and return to the first door! The rules of the world can't be divided into her. In this world, she wants to kill her own right path! He is the god of admiration, and he is so cold and arrogant, but sneak into the scent of night and force her to give birth to her baby. "Little guy, have you considered it?" "Can I refuse?" "You can choose to have one or a living." Two." "Why must it be me!" "Because you stole my heart!"

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