Legend of the Cultivation God: Immortal Realm Xiao Duan Tan Hua

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"On the journey to immortality, I set my foot in the Gods’ palace and enjoyed the supreme free!

Cultivating as a Nascent Wanderer, I casted an immortal body and obtained immortal marks!

Starry sky above, the war of Gods subsided, I headed for my home to return to in the morning clouds!

I am Xiao Hua. This is the story of my journey to immortality in the immortal world, where I removed mountains and drained seas, created all kinds of creatures, remained never die and finally became a supreme immortality!"

Table of Contents

Volume 17

Volume 16

Volume 15

Volume 14

Volume 13

Volume 12

Volume 11

Volume 10

Volume 9

Volume 8

Volume 7

Volume 6

Volume 5

Volume 4

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Volume 2

Volume 1