I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 341

Chapter 341

“Crack. Did you break down the gate of the border? ”

The grotesque voice shook the huge forest.

Two horns on top of forehead and a much bigger body than ogre, a furry muscular skin.

Sharp torn eyes, big mouth, four fangs rising lips.

The chest and main parts of the armor shone smoothly.

His identity was Hell’s finest Demon Cardor.

“Yes. I weakened the boundaries that sealed the door of the border. ”

A young man who is making a cool face with the best demon in front of him.

He laughed brightly and looked straight at his eyes.

“Crack. Is not I afraid? ”

Cardor laughed as if he was having fun.

The young man smiled and shook his head.

“There is no reason to be terrified. I am the one who called you Middle-Earth. ”

At that end, Cardor laughed bizarrely and nodded his head.

“Funny people. Did you name it …… Latium? ”


The identity of the young man was Latium, the archbishop of Telian Doctrine and the man who drove Middle-Earth into confusion.

Latium looked at Cardor without words.

Cardor laughed as much as he was funny.

“Good. Latium. I opened the door to the border and I would like to make a wish on behalf of Demon. What do you want? ”

At that point Latium replied briefly.

“The destruction of Middle-Earth.”

At the moment, Cardor’s face was visibly distorted.

An unexpected answer.

He liked the human in front of his eyes.

“Crack. Interesting. It’s really fun. ”

People like Latium were the first.

“Good. I will destroy Middle-Earth. I was going to do it anyway. Ckck. ”

Cardor laughed wisely and pushed his right hand forward.

“But it means that you too can not die.”

Maggie came out from all over the body.

It is a disgusting and ugly aura that the chest is blocked.

But Latium’s facial expression did not change.

He was still gentle and cool.

“Does not matter. There is no way in this world anyway. Kill. Kill me and destroy Middle-Earth. Do not leave a single human being alive. Thoroughly destroy and destroy. Make it into your world. ”

The voices were buried with terrible living and grudge.

Even the best Demon, Cardor, was a pity.

‘It is a terrible grudge that devours my life for the destruction of the world. Crew. Humans are really fun people. ‘

Cardor laughed and nodded.

“good. I will kill all humans. I will not keep any one alive. This is Demon’s promise. ”

Originally, Demon did not make a promise.

In particular, the promise of Demon was a very dangerous act that could have wiped out if not followed.

Cardor first proposed the promise of Demon.

That meant I was confident.

You are the one who will destroy Middle-Earth …….

“Well, I will kill you at once, especially with your heart so that it will not be painful.”

Cardor looked at Latium and smiled a weird smile.

In my own way, it was a gentle expression.

Latium looked straight at Cardor.

A strong aspiration arose from both eyes.

‘Be sure to keep your promise!’

Both eyes were saying that.

Cardor raised his horsepower.

As I said, I was going to cut off Latium’s life at once.

But right then.


A white light column rose up beside Cardor.

At the same time.


The light stem flashed with a cheerful sound.

The identity of the light stem was a colorful armored youth mixed with strangely red and white colors.

Fear it!

The young man’s fist struck Cardor’s side.

With a blunt sound, Cardor was thrown to the side.


The lips were pounding and the sound of the piercing sound burst.


Suddenly, Latium opened his eyes in a circle.

The face was surprised.

Kugugugugu palace!

Cardor, thrown sideways, knocked down the trees in the forest and rolled the floor.

A wild look.

It was totally unfit for Demon.

But Latium could not afford to worry about Cardor.

He was looking at the young man in the light.

A young man who blows off the finest Demon Cardor in a punching room.

“Roan Lancephil …….”

The youthful identity was Roan Lancephil.

Holy Land collapsed and Veldrica, the cardinals, and the Archbishops were punished before he appeared in front of Latium.

“Latium. It’s been a while. ”

Roan looked at Latium with a glance eye.

On the other hand, Latium’s two pupils were questioned with anger they could not hide.

Roan laughed.

“We were tired, too.”

At that end Latium smiled a cold smile.

“Now you know everything.”

In fact, Roan was thinking through Tempestas that he knew all the things of the past.

Mad Dragon Lunak and his black generals, the appearance of black corps, the dark elves and the monsters Corps, and the annihilation of the boundaries that sealed the gates of the border there.

Although all of this happened at the same time, Roan was calm and the Amaranth Kingdom had already responded effectively, with all preparations.

It was impossible if not known beforehand.

Roan nodded slowly.

“Latium. I know what pain you suffered. But this is the way to solve the problem ……. ”

When the horse came about.

“Shut up! I know what you know! ”

Latium yelled.

“My family, relatives, and friends all died terribly and horribly. Those who survived had to live a whole lot lower to avoid a tribal trial. Every day was hell. Everyone has abandoned us. My most precious people died horribly, starved to death, sick and killed just because they believed in Telian Doctrine without any mistake. No, I had to die. ”

He looked at Roan’s eyes straight.

“You never know! How painful and terrible we have lived! ”

The voice grew bigger and bigger.

“Man is cruel! It’s not worth living! I have to kill them all! ”

It was bad.

It was insanity.

Roan shook his head.

“Latium. You are also human. ”

Scary to end.

“Know. So I’m going to die clean. ”

His thoughts were steadfast.

Roan took a short sigh.

“I know you can not break your mind or change it. instead…….”

He also looked straight at Latium ‘s eyes.

“I will try my best to prevent it.”

“Are you blocking me? 큭! ”

Latium laughed.

“Do you mean to deal with Dragon and the Devil on a human subject? It looks like you’re out of your mind. ”

The smile on his mouth became thicker.

“Do not do anything wrong, but you will still accept death. that…….”

When the horse came about.

“There was another interesting person.”

A wacky voice dug through my ears.

The main character of the voice was Cardor.

The guy who rolled the floor in a wild way suddenly appeared beside Latium.

Cardor looked at Roan straight.

“Someone dared to give me a blow to the top-class Demon, and then … You were not a normal human being.”

He pushed his head forward and sniffed it.

“On the human subject, the smell of Dragon, the smell of spirit, the smell of Divine Tribe. Besides…….”

The sniffing sound grew bigger and bigger.

“This is Demon, it is also the smell of the finest Demon …….”

Cardor frowned.

Although it did not come to mind, it was obviously a very familiar smell.

Roan, who was sleeping at that time, laughed and laughed.

“It’s been a while.”

At that end, Cardor stared at her head.

“Long time no see? Have we ever met? ”

I did not remember at all.

Roan shook his head.

“No you and I have never met.”

A pretty voice.

“Are you making fun of me now?”

Cardor laughed.

Roan once again shook his head.

“If he was alive, he might have said that.”

He covered his chest with his right hand.

“Is it a guy? Who are you talking about? ”

Cardor asks hastily.

Roan took a short breath and then answered briefly.




Cardor burst out with a moderate resilience.

The eyes shook choppy between the torn eyes.

‘Yes. It was the smell of Flamdor. It was the smell of the guy. ‘

He made a wry smile reminiscent of a very old memory.

Roan looked straight at his eyes.

“Fortunately, you did not forget Flamdor.”

“I can not forget. That traitor guy. ”

Cardor smiled grimly.

The light of contempt appeared in both eyes.

Roan shook his head with his tongue as if he had no words.

“Are you a traitor? The traitor is ……. ”

He pointed his finger at Cardor.

“You were the best demons, including you.”

Suddenly Cardor trembled.

“Where do you know?”

A low-pitched voice.

Roan replied briefly.


Suddenly Cardor’s face was torn.

“Who knows you and knows you? No presence? ”

Again, the answer was short.


At the moment, Cardor’s face brightened again.

“Ckck. That’s a good thing. ”

He grasps both fists and raises his horsepower.

“If you kill only you will solve everything.”

A ghastly life sprang from my body.

Roan, on the other hand, stood still and smiled haze.

“die! die! Roan Lancephil! Die here! ”

Latium yelled at him as he supported Cardor.

At the same time.


Cardor moved.

It ‘s too early to get a blurred Boyle.

Suddenly he ran forward to Roan and fisted.

Roan’s fist bigger than his head split the space at a terrifying pace.


Latium screamed with a flame.

Just like his wind, Roan’s head was on the verge of breaking.

But right then.


Roan’s arm moved very slowly and smoothly.

He gently reached out to the giant Cardor fist.

Finally, Roan’s hand hit Cardor’s fist.

No, exactly, Roan’s hand caught Cardor’s fist.


A very small, blunt sound was heard.


Roan and Cardor were strong wind pressure.


Latium quickly raised the divine power, but it was not enough to withstand wind pressure.

He could barely stop until he was pushed back ten steps.

‘This is such a huge energy …….’

It was an incredibly powerful force.

Latium barely looked up and looked at Roan and Cardor.



He was unbearable.

Two eyes reminded me that I could not believe it.

“Do not be ridiculous …….”

My lips trembled.

My fingers trembled.

A firm belief that the Middle-Earth will perish …… trembled.

Latium was not only surprised.

“Oh, shit!”

The superlative Demon Cardor also could not believe what is happening right now.

A man ‘s tentacles palm was pushing his huge fist lightly.

No, I was holding on.

I did not push it even if I pushed it.

I could not feel like I was caught in the hands of the devil.


The more I tried to pull my fists out, the more I distorted my face.

A wild look.

At that time, Roan, holding a fist of Cardor with a gentle expression, gently twisted his wrist.

Cardor’s hard, thick wrists were unable to withstand.

Uddd Sucks!

My bones broke and my muscles torn.

Roan pulled his fist as it was.


With a terrible sound, Cardor’s huge fist was ripped apart.

“Ahh ah ah!”

Cardor was unbearable and screamed.

Ever since I became Demon, I was the first to experience the same terrible suffering I have had since I was born Demon.

Moreover, the fact that the person who gave this pain to himself was a humiliating person.

Cardor pounced on his throat.

“I am the Demon of the highest grade on the human subject …….”

But the words did not last.


Because Roan, who was in front of his nose, ran away from the floor.


Cardor swiftly waved his left arm.

But Roan, like a fog, passed his attack lightly, like the wind.


Roan poked in the bellies of Cardor in a blink of an eye.

At the same time, the right fist broke the space.


The fist struck Cardor’s face with a heavy sound.


Cardor screamed for the terrible shock and pain that his head would be pulled out.

It looks absolutely out of place for the best Demon.


He even fell as he was drunk and fell to his shoulders.

Roan moved softly and moved over his head.

He fired both fists toward Cardor’s face.

A break-through attack.


The rain of the fist was poured.

Burberry Burber! Fuck! Fur Burberbuck!

“Cuckoo! Get off! Hurray! ”

Cardor did not even fight back properly.

I was just drowning and getting hit.

To that extent Roan’s punch was fast and powerful.


Latium, who was watching the situation, swallowed dry saliva.

It looks like a stone statue hardened.

‘Well, you’re much stronger than last time …’

The last time was that Latium used Tempestas for the first time, pointing to Roan’s first life.

At that time, Roan had the title of being the strongest man on the continent, but Roan in front of me now …….

“It is God.”

It became a perfect being beyond human limits and categories.


Latium once again swallowed dry spit.

He staggered back and forth.

Extremely instinctive behavior.

Just then Roan stopped punching like a lie.

He turned his head and looked at Latium.


Latium did not know herself hiccups.

Roan’s eyes and momentum are perfectly constrained.

Roan looked at Latium like that and smiled haze.

“Latium. Next to this Demon guy is your turn. So…….”

The voice was as soft as a young child.

“Do not stay there.”

After the conversation was over, Latium nodded.

He was a child hearing well.


Burberry Burberry Burberry! Fuck! Fuck! Furberbuck!

Roan’s punch started again.

“Cuckoo! Ugh! What a shame! ”

The scream of Cardor, which stopped for a while, pierced his ears again.

The scream grew a little bit over time.

At the same time, Latium’s face also turned white as time went by.

Fuck! Furberbuck!

A heavy, blunt sound was blowing away in the wind.

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