I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 340

Chapter 340


The rooftop of the soil rose with the roar.

The bows flew all over the place.

Kugugugugu Palace.

I could not stand the hard floor and sat down.


The sides of the hilly terrible hills were torn out.

Pouring dust.


Let’s go! Two-headed pigeon!

The terrible and devastating bodies of the floods poured down like rain.

“Trivial things. Everyone die! ”

A vocal voice shook the heavens and the earth.

The main character of the voice was the black dragon, Mad Dragon Lunak, with the black fuselage and huge wings impressive.

He fled hundreds and thousands of human soldiers with a single flap.

In addition, they destroyed the Five Corps of Pershion Kingdom and Istel Kingdom with a magical attack that ignores the limits.

“Ckck. Kill! ”

“Now Middle-Earth is our world!”

In addition, black Corps, Dark Elf, Orc, and the Corps Corps, led by black generals, grew gently on the ground.

The Pershion Kingdom and the Istel Kingdom armies fought back with a determination to die, but the battlefield flowed into the unilateral dominance of the black Corps.


“Me, damn it. Turn it off. ”


Every time the battle took place, dozens and hundreds of human soldiers fell into helplessness.

Nevertheless, I could not find fear in the soldiers’ faces and eyes.

They stepped forward, stepping on the body of the fallen fellow.

Even if it was pushed out, it advances it with a hiccup.

“Fight! Fight even dead! ”

Pershion Kingdom Viscount, the Corps Commander of Corps, encouraged soldiers to stand in the vanguard.

“If we fall, our families become dangerous! When we fall, Middle-Earth becomes dangerous! ”

He knew the weight of the victory and defeat of this war.

The defeat was the end and the extinction.


Golan shook his head again as he broke through the rushing Orc.

“charge! Charge! stone…….”

Right then.

“It’s loud.”

I heard a cold voice in my ears.

Golan was surprised and instinctively sworded.



I blacked out a blank space.

At the same time, a sharp light gleamed from the lower waist.


A narrow blade of sword penetrated his abdomen.


Golan was bitten by the pain that the chest was blocked.

“It’s quiet now.”

I heard a cold voice again.

The main character of the voice was the owner of a long sword penetrating the chest of Golan.

Light green hair with light brown hair, a little darker gray skin, beautiful appearance and a tall kidney.

“Da, Dark Elf …….”

Golan frowned.

The Dark Elf, who stabbed his abdomen, was very talented, and the armor he wore was no exception.

‘The minimum is general …….’

Both eyes shone and shone.

“You’re losing your life. I have penetrated my abdomen completely and live. ”

Dark Elf laughed and twisted his sword handle.

It’s a pic.

A horrible sound and a sharp scarlet knotted his abdomen.

“Ahh ah ah!”

Golan screamed in extreme pain.

My eyes were dizzy.

Death was right in front of me.

Dark Elf looked at it and pulled the sword.

Trying to find another game.

But he could not move as he intended.

“Where to go.”

Golan caught the Dark Elf’s blade with both hands.


The scarlet swept his palms.

Deep wounds that would not be strange if the hands were cut in half.

But he did not leave his blade.

“Looks like you’re out of your mind.”

Dark Elf shook his head with a smile.

He once again gave strength and tried to get the sword out.

Golan, however, stretched out his hand and caught the inside of the blade.


He continued to pull the blade.

A sharp blade again pierced the abdomen.

“It’s really crazy for you to sword yourself in your abdomen.”

Dark Elf ridiculed.

But Golan did not stop.

He continued to pull the sword and finally.


The dangerous hand reached out to the Dark Elf’s hand holding the sword handle.


Then Dark Elf was trying to pull his hand out of surprise.

But Golan ‘s move was a little bit faster.

I love you.

I heard a wrist twist.

Golan grabbed the Dark Elf’s hands with both hands and went into his arms.

At the same time, he locked his leg with his two legs and closed his waist with one arm.

It looks like looking at a cicada.

Dark Elf frowned as though it was cold.

“It is such a wild look ……. Human beings do not know the shame.”

At the end, Golan burst into laughter.

“I do not think the pride will say anything. Coolluck. ”

A coughing spout came out with a cough.

Golan was really about to die.

“Dare to be humorous …….”

Dark Elf frowned and tried to pull Golan off.

But then, the more the Golan was, the more vile it was and embraced the Dark Elf.


He squeezed the remaining power and yelled.

Appearing in a bad way.

Dark Elf laughed and nodded.

“Yes. I do not want to die now ……. ”

When the horse ‘s words came about.

“Kii Viscount! Sorry!”

Suddenly, a loud voice came from behind the Dark Elf.

“Hmm ?!”

The Dark Elf tried to look back, but he could not move his body because of the clinging Golan.


Stick it!

The elongated spear stabbed the Dark Elf ‘s back.

The sharp spear pierced the body of Golan, which was stuck with the piercing body of the boy.

“After, it was a great blow …….”

Golan laughed and shook his head.

He finally left the world after he had finished his work.

“Turn it off. Do not tell me ……. ”

Dark Elf shook his head looking at the spear that penetrated his body.


With a deep cough, a poppet popped out.

Then he soon shook his head without power.


I know that humans are ridiculed and arrogant, and my life is lost.

“Dark Elf who lost pride. Be honored to die in the arms of the hero! ”

The young spearman, the master of the spear, screamed with a lot of reminders.

“Wow ah ah!”

“Follow the instructions of Kiner Corps Commander!”

“Let’s learn his bravery!”

The knights and the soldiers around them shouted and raised the momentum.

It was a totally unconcerned appearance.

Lunak, looking at the battlefield in the sky, was very unhappy with his appearance.

“Things like worms.”

He spread his giant wings wide.

Black Corps, Dark Elf, and Monster Corps, both of whom had been waiting for the fight, waited behind.

It looks like a chore.

In the battlefield, Pershion Kingdom and Istel Kingdom remained.

“I’ll sweep it all with breath.”

Lunak opened up his long mouth.


There was enormous aura in my mouth.

It was like all the aura of the world was sucked in.


“Is this the end …….”

The soldiers sigh.

Dragon Breath was not a level of attack that humans could do.

I could not even run away.

Pershion Kingdom and Istel Kingdom soldiers gathered together.

I will die with death, but will continue to be with me.

A firm and dignified momentum emerged.

“Pretty things.”

Lunak laughed and laughed and tried to breathe.


Uwow Uwoo Uwow!

With the sound of bluster and bluntness, the bluish light stem came out from the western sky.

No, it was not a light stem.


Lunak wore a defensive spell by looking at his breathing breath as he pierced his torso.

At the same time, he gently twisted his huge body.

Thanks to a lot of mana around the breath that brought the power of the breathless disappeared.

Pershion Kingdom and Istel Kingdom were saved just before their destruction.


Uwow Uwoo Uwow!

Breathing toward Lunak was not one.

After a while, a heavy and dumb sound rang the battlefield.

Each time, several colored breathes flew towards Lunak, staring at the space.

“It finally shows up.”

Lunak glowed mana with his huge wings wrapped around his torso.

A gigantic shield of black light hid the breath.

Kuwoong! Koo Woo Woo Woo! Kuwoong!

Whenever Breath hit the shield, enormous wind pressure rushed along with the roar.

“Kha ha ha ha ha!”

Lunak suddenly burst out.

“The power of the breath is not normal in my body!”

A voice of a barbarian rang the battlefield.

That moment.

Pat! Pat! Aah!

Around the Lunak, the lights glowed and the dragons of various colors appeared.

It was the very dragons that guarded the gates of the border, including the Blue Lord Dragon Berr and Lunak’s Red Dragon Kalian.

Kuo Oh Oh Oh!

They wriggled their necks and burst into a domineering roar.

Dark Corps, Dark Elf and Monster Corps on the ground shook their heads.

Because the dragons’ momentum only worked for those who were not human.

“huh! Where dare you! ”

Lunak, who was watching, opened his Dragon Heart and spewed out his mana.

Lunak’s mana was laid low, protecting the Black Corps, Dark Elf, and Corps of the ground.

Then the guys who were shrugged off were lifted up again.

“You guys put me ahead …….”

Lunak ridiculed at the dragons that surrounded him.

“Is there room to worry about other places?”

Affordable attitude and voice.

At the same time, the mana flourished on the ground and flew to the various dragons.

I did not even attack magic attacks.

He poured out powerful but powerful attacks with overwhelming mana.


“Stop it!”


The dragons who were besieging Lunak also started to fight back with mana.

But their physical condition was not as normal as Lunak said.

The moment the door of the border opened, the mana poured out was still not fully recovered.

On the other hand, Lunak, who had been a big blow to Roan’s stamina, has regained his former strength.

He continued pushing the dragons on and off.

“The Dragon! Get your mind up! ”

At that time, Lord Berr broke out.

Lunak, however, shrugged and shook his head.

“I do not mind …”

Berr frowned.

“Do you know what the situation is now? The gates of the border are open and Demons are pouring into the Middle-Earth! If we can not stop the guys together, Middle-Earth is completely over ……. ”

When the horse came about.

“That’s what I want. Purification of Middle-Earth. Ckck. ”

Lunak laughed a weird laugh.

Kalian, who was beside him, cried out with a mana attack pouring over him.

“This stupid bitch! It is not purification but destruction! The Demons that you hated and disgusted would destroy Middle-Earth! ”

At that point Lunak shook his head.

“You’re welcome. That does not happen. I’ll stop it. ”

Arrogant voices and attitudes. The dragons, including Berr and Kalian, seemed silly.

“Are you blocking?”

“What number?”

“Can you deal with all the Demons alone?”

Lunak also seemed to be silly.

“huh. You’re making a dumb sound. You do not know what kind of people Demon is? ”

He had a confident look at the end.

“You only have to kill the devil. You only have to defeat the devil. Then the lower ones will escape to Hell with no tail. Demons are like slaves who are subordinate to the devil. ”

It was true.

For the Demons, the devil had more than his own life.

“huh! You are making a dumb sound! Can you deal with the devil alone? You look so ridiculous! Even if all of us come together, we can not guarantee victory! Besides, while you’re dealing with the Devil, do you think the other Demons will just suck on your fingers? This crazy idiot! ”

Kalian hit the shit.

The face was full of laughter.

Originally Dragon was famous for its pride.

Among them, Kalian’s pride was quite strong.

He was such that he was able to fold into a few.

King of Hell.

He was not even able to deal with the dragons.

But Lunak shook his head with a smile.

“That’s not something you guys should worry about.”

Very confident look.

‘What the hell are you thinking?’

At this point, the various dragons wondered what lunak had to do with Lunak.

But Lunak had no intention of revealing his plans.

“I will take care of my affairs, and your children will worry about your life.”

Lunak’s aura became more powerful after the end of the word.


“It’s crazy!”

The dragons shook their heads in front of a powerful attack that seemed to break their wings.

Lunak looked at the other dragons who could not open the flame and burst the miners.

“Kha ha ha ha ha!”

He folded his wings and ordered Dark Corps, Dark Elf, and Ground Corps.

“Sweep the humans!”

Black Corps, Dark Elf, and Monster Corps were about to kill the humans on the ground while you were dealing with the Dragons.

“huh! Let it be so! ”

Kalian hit the shit.

Unfortunately, Kalian and other dragons could not help the earthly people.

It’s a lot of trouble just facing Lunak.

“Hahaha! If you can stop it, stop it. ”

Lunak poked fun at him with a fresh face.

At that moment, Kalian’s face was distorted and a bright smile came up.

It looks like a guest who has just arrived has arrived.

“If you can stop it, stop it?”

He resumed his silent voice.

Lunak frowned.

I felt strong momentum and confidence in Kalian’s Tear.

‘Suddenly the momentum has become equal …….’

When you think about it.

Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh!

A magnificent horn sounded the battlefield.

At the same time.

I’m sorry! Fuck it! I’m sorry!

The ground ran out with the roar.

Soil pillars soared and dust ran up.

A round hole was drilled in the ground.



A tremendous shout came out of the hole.

“What, what ?!”


The Black Corps, Dark Elf, and the Monster Corps, who were forming the formation near the hole, frowned upon the situation suddenly open.

I could not figure out what was happening.

Right then.

Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh!

Once again, the sound of a magnificent horn was hitting my ear.

At the same time, soldiers wearing black armor poured out of deeply drilled holes.

The numbers were so daring that they could not be counted by the eyes.

Stick it! Stop!

Soldiers in black armor quickly covered the black Corps in a black armor.

The black Corps soldiers, who were defenseless with a terrible sound, fell into helplessness.

“This, this is what …….”

Looking down at the battlefield from the sky, Lunak frowned.

He saw his soldiers pouring out of the ground and circled his eyes.

He looked at Kalian quickly.

“Yes, you’re a girl …?”

I can not even finish the horse.

Kalian smiled and nodded.

“Yes. I…….”

The voice came in.

“I opened the underground world.”

Pooh Pooh Pooh!

The sound of the horn was heard.

It was the sound of a horn trumpet that showed the emergence and advance of the underground world.

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