I am the Monarch

By Cheol Jonggeum

Chapter 335

Chapter 335

The movement speed of the Lucia Empire group was as fast as the wind.

It seemed like it had been waiting for this moment.

Kuhle Hale and Nile Allen, including the vanguard Corps, had already reached the estuary of Estia Empire.

But there was a man who came to Rejium just one step ahead of them.

“What are you doing here?”

7 Fountain Moïse von Estia was surprised to see Veldrica suddenly appearing suddenly.

Veldrica laughed and bowed his head in a huff.

“I saw the wrong person. I should have listened to my Moïse boss ……. ”

There was a feeling of upset in the voice.

Moïse frowned.

“What do you mean by that?”

Veldrica answered with a low voice as she approached a footstep.

“Lucia Empire’s Kuhle Hale was a brilliant and cunning creature like a rat.”

He quickly explained what happened in the Holy Land just before.

“They have been advancing to the Yellow Island since they left Io Lancephil.”


Moïse raised her eyes in a circle and loudly spoke.

He grasped both fists within a few minutes.

“So I told you that I should not trust them. no. What good is it for now to come and see the past? ”

Moïse took a long breath.

Veldrica laughed with the expression of no face.

On the other hand, the two eyes of the presbytery shone with a sharp light.

‘I do not think it’s a lie.’

He did not miss Moïse ‘s facial expressions, colors, eyes and small gestures.

It was to see Moïse’s vivid response to the use of the transient Holy Technique while consuming tremendous sacred power.

‘This guy is really angry.’

I was sincerely sure that I had an antipathy towards Lucia Empire and Kuhle.

Of course this was an obvious misjudgment.

‘Disgusting old man.’

Moïse’s anger is not Kuhle but Veldrica.

But now it was not time to reveal the truth.

He looked around with an urgent look.

“If Lucia Empire is on her way to the ecliptic here, you’ll have to hurry and stabilize it …….”

The situation did not grow.

He was in a fierce battle with the surrounding siege now.

No, I was acting like I was punishing.

“As you can see, the authors, who seem to be the Amaranth Lodge, are occupying some parts of Hwangseong. My Corps and the Guardians of the Zodiac are all concentrating on defeating them. Of course, there are special Corps and Knights who defend the area of ​​Huangdo, but it is almost impossible for them to deal with Lucia Empire. ”

It was true.

No, it looked like fact.

Veldrica shook his head.

“Once I get to the ankle of Lucia Empire with the Holy Land Corps and the Castle Knights. As the Emperor, defeat the Amaranth Corps as soon as possible. ”

“Can you fight the Lucia Empire with only the Corps of the Divine and the Templars?”

Moïse went on with a hard, firm look.

He would, too. He had already encountered the Corps when he had a fight with Lucia Empire the other day.

Individual levels of force were significant, but the numbers were not comparable to the Lucia Empire army.

If it was wrong, the Corps of the Divine and the Templar could have been killed.

At that moment, a strange smile came to mind at Veldrica’s mouth.

“The Divine Corps, currently chasing after Lucia Empire, is only half the power. It was a gathering of the Divine Corps scattered north of the Empire. The other half is scattered south of the Empire. We have ordered them to call, and soon they will begin to head north toward the Yellow Thing. ”


Moïse blew out low elasticity.

I am glad that it is glad.

But the inside was completely different.

‘It’s also a cunning old man who has hidden half of his power.’

Roan Lancephil, Swift Clark, and Kuhle Hale.

This reveals the entirety of the Holy Land and Veldrica secret weapon, the Divine Corps.

But I could not be satisfied with that.

“It will certainly help if the southern Corps arrives, but even so, we can not guarantee winning. I do not know what the cunning Kuhle Hale is going to do. ”

“Uhm. That’s right ……. ”

Veldrica, which had already been seen once by Kuhle, had a low penetration.

But no more troops, no knights, no secret weapons.

“I do not have the right solution.”

A sad expression and voice.

At the moment, both eyes of Moïse shone and shone.

‘Apparently there are no more troops hidden.’

He opened his mouth with a smile with a slight smile.

“I have one way …”

Moïse was a bit cloudy.

“Ah! Is there a way? What is that?”

Veldrica raised her eyes in a circle and asked her to hasten.

Moïse hesitated briefly and replied cautiously.

“It would be quite helpful to call the districts I was commanding.”


Veldrica blew out a moderate resilience.

Moïse was left alone in the Yellow Throne, as several friars, including Prince Varrio von Estia of Estia Empire, led a prosperous army to join the temple.

In this process, Varrio and Veldrica, who supported him, regrouped the troops he was commanding to prevent Moïse from eating another heart, moving them away from the ecliptic.

At the same time, they had been watching closely so that they could not give orders to them.

“Yes, there were Corps of Moïse.”

Veldrica bit her lower lip.

Moïse was one of the most outstanding of the various fathers.

He led the Corps many times, and each time he made a remarkable victory.

Thanks to Moïse’s soldiers, they had a much greater ability than other Corps soldiers.

‘, You can defeat Lucia Empire and take Io Lancephil back. But…….’

If it was wrong, it could be a way to take a wolf and bring in a hungry tiger.

Veldrica looked directly at Moïse’s eyes.

‘Should I trust this guy?’

My head got complicated.

‘Damn it. If you leave it alone, the Estia Empire may collapse. Besides, I will lose a valuable hostage called Io Lancephil! ‘

I wanted to make a sound.

Veldrica tried to breathe.

‘Yes. Once you have assembled the Corps of Moïse, you have to fight them against the Lucia Empire. ”

The only thing that came to mind at the end was the plot of conception.

When the two forces were fiercely fought and wounded each other, they were planning to organize themselves into the Divine Corps and the castle.

‘I’m wiping two troublesome forces at once.’

It was not just bad situation because I thought like this.

“The Moïse bastard.”

Veldrica caught up with Moïse’s hands.

Moïse had a horrible apology for the moment, but he was tortured and persevered.

“Call the local forces scattered around.”

At the end, Moïse shook his head with a startled look.

“Yes?! He, it can not be. Before Prince’s prince went out on a journey, he never asked me to command a provincial army. ”

“It applies equally. It is an exhibition now. It is also a very urgent situation. The Amaranth Conquest occupied part of the Yellow Sea and the Lucia Empire army has been advancing towards the Yellow Sea Reemu. The Estia Empire could collapse if it was wrong. ”

Veldrica poured out urgent words with a lot of reminders.

“I will allow you to call the provincial army in the name of the fortune teller. If the prince-in-chief makes a problem later on, I will stand up and defend him. ”

Indeed, it was a voice of obedience.

‘Empire Army allows the summoning and commanding of the army? It looks like you own the Empire. ”

Moïse had a sulking rage but did not express it.

I was angry, but everything was going according to my will anyway.

“Are you really on my side?”

Moïse asked with a lot of anxious expression.

Veldrica nodded quickly.

“of course. Believe me only. ”

A dignified expression.

It was a convincing voice.

In the end, Moïse nodded as if he could not help it.

“good. Then we will invite local groups of people to believe in it. But this is not for my personal will ……. ”

There was a lot of power in my voice.

“For Estia Empire and Holy Land.”

Veldrica grabbed Moïse’s two hands with a grin.

“of course. I will never forget that noble will. ”

The two looked at each other and made a faint smile.

Hot eyes glowed in the air.

It was a smile and an eye with different meanings.

Veldrica, who led a sudden fire, returned to Holy Land.

The fast-paced army of Lucia Empire entered the breathing zone near the Yellow Fortress.

On the other hand, the Divine Corps and the castle chapters went crazy to catch the tail of Lucia Empire.

At the same time, the remaining Divine Corps scattered in the south of Empire and the scattered districts of each region were destined for the Rezium.

Each of them had a different meaning.

No, it seemed to have.

But eventually everything was happening on Roan’s palms.

* * *

“Mad Dragon Lunak and Telium Doctrine’s Latium are all disguises?”

“I thought Telian Doctrine would be a good place …….”

“It was Telian Doctrine where I made the seal tight. It’s really surprising. ”

With all the hair, eyebrows and pupils all in one color, the young men surrounded their tongue with surprised expression.

All their gaze turned to a young man.

Hair and eyebrows, all red eyes young man, Red Dragon Kalian was.

He returned to his lair shortly after taking Roan to Europas lair.

As expected from Kalian, his lair was occupied by several dragons guarding the gates of the border.

The hair, the eyebrows, and the pupils, all of which had different colors, were all dragons.

“Kalian. The door of the border is already open. In addition, the Demons are getting stronger and stronger. Soon, the Demons and the Mages will be on the way to Middle-Earth. ”

“Anyway before that, we have to close the door again.”

“Is there any way?”

The dragons poured out questions in an urgent voice.

Kalian laughed.

“I do not have a clear solution. I’ve never heard of how to close the border until now. ”


The dragons blew low penetration.

They were the same.

I did not think the door of the border would open in the first place, so I had no idea or need to know how to close it.

“Maybe you knew Europas.”

Kalian shook his head.

At that point, Berr, the Dragon Lord, now speaks with a slightly recalled expression.

“If I go to Europas lair, can not I get something?”

Scary to end.

“Yes. Originally, Rods are supposed to keep all the knowledge, books, treasures, and goods that have been passed down from the beginning. ”

“Europair’s lair may have a way to close the door of the border.”

Then Kalian, who was listening to it, shook his head.

“Now the Europas lair is banned from entering. He has put a powerful magic on him, and he can not enter unless he is allowed. ”

“Magic? Permitted? ”

The dragons frowned.

But they soon shook their head, looking at Berr.

“Yes, we are, but Berr is a load. It does not make sense that the rod can not fit into the lair of the whole rod. ”

“It’s Berr who has to take over Europas lair.”

The dragons raised their voices.

Berr nodded silently.

It was not a wrong word.

But Kalian still shook his head with a gentle and gentle look.

“It does not mean that you will inherit all of the load from being loaded. You have to give up your ownership as if the whole load is giving you the title of a load, but you can inherit lair, whether it is knowledge, book, treasure, or item. ”

He looked straight at the various dragons and was behind the scenes.

“Europas has handed Rod a position to Berr, but everything else he has is …….”

I had a strange smile in my mouth.

“I gave it to Roan.”



“Roan Lancephil?”

“The King of the Amaranth Kingdom you just told me about?”

The dragons stood up and screamed.

I can not believe it.

“Did Europas pass lair to a human being?”

“why? Why did you do that? ”

“Kalian. Since when did you know? ”

Now the voices were buried in a rage.

Kalian soon snapped at me.

“I am a human being ……. There is no different from Mad Dragon Lunak.”

He turned his head and looked at Berr.

“Berr. You do not think so, do you? ”

At that end Berr smiled faintly and shook his head.

“There is a reason for Europas to make such a choice. He has never done anything unnecessary until now. And…….”

The voice came in.

He looked at the various dragons and was behind the scenes.

“The expression of a human being is bad for me too.”

Originally Berr was also close to Biate, formerly known as Goddess of Water.

He was one of the dragons that was as good with human as Kalian.



The dragons sat in their seats again.

There was a sense of embarrassment on the face.

Kalian scratched his chin with both hands clipped.

“Europas has given Roan the lair, so let the door of the border go to Roan. If he is, he’ll find a solution. that’s…….”

Striking expression and voice.

“I promise.”

He looked at the dragons and was behind.

“We’ll focus on Mad Dragon Lunak and the Demons that will be pouring into Middle-Earth through already-opened doors. To do that, it’s important to recover mana once. ”

Kalian, who suffered great injuries, and the dragons who guarded the gates of the border, were all empty Dragon hearts.

It was important to regain mana faster to deal with more than the higher Demon.

Berr, who was listening quietly, spoke with a small voice.

“Will that be enough? Even though we are dealing with Lunak and the more advanced Demons, what about the Black General, the Black Corps, the Dark Elf and the Monsters? Can humans deal with it? ”

Several Dragons nodded as if they were fighting.

“And now humans say they are fighting each other?”

An anxious voice.

But Kalian smiled rather oddly.

“Do not ignore humans too much. They are stronger than you think. sure…….”

The smile became thicker.

“I’m going to give you a little help for them.”

Berr and many other dragons lamented at the end.

“help? What are you going to help me with? ”

Everyone looked at Kalian.

In both eyes, I was curious to wonder.

Kalian paused for a moment and then whispered in a very small voice.

“I’ll open the underworld.”

“Underground world ?!”

The dragons were surprised.

Berr’s tongue was covered with a calm expression.

“Underground world …….”

Kalian nodded.

He has already put out plans he had thought long ago.

“I’m going to ask the Dwarfs for help.”

A heavy voice shook the lair.

No, I hit the floor.

Like knocking …….

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